1. How does the University obtain my address data? All HWR ...


1. How does the University obtain my address data? All HWR ...

1. How does the University obtain my address data?

All HWR graduates provide an address during their studies, which is then stored in electronic

form. Such address data is used exclusively for conducting graduate surveys and is forwarded

to the project co-ordinators responsible for performing the study. As many of these addresses

are no longer current, we update our databases using official sources (the Einwohnermeldeamt)

and internet searches.

2. Why is the university entitled to use my address for survey purposes?

Address data may only be circulated within the university to serve the ends of academic tasks

or the tasks of the university. The current study fulfils both criteria:

1.) The HWR graduate survey is conducted within the framework of a nation-wide

programme of academic research conducted by an alliance of 70 universities co-ordinated by

INCHER-Kassel. The programme is funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and

Research. Working within the framework of the nation-wide project “Study Conditions and

Professional Success”, INCHER is engaged in the compilation of an inter-university data set

encompassing data on all graduates from the partner institutions. They process the anonymous

data and use it exclusively for the purposes of academic research.

2.) The results of the study are to be used for the purpose of research and quality assurance

within the framework of teaching and learning in the University. The addresses saved in our

database will not be put to any use other than issuing invitations to participate in the survey

and sending reminders. At no point will the address data be connected with responses to the

questionnaire. The processing of the address data will be performed exclusively by members

of staff of HWR and will not, under any circumstances be passed on to INCHER. All

members of staff given access to personal data are subject to the requirements of data

protection law. In this context, it is strictly forbidden for any such members of staff to pass on

the address data to third parties. This also applies after any of the members of staff leave the

employment of the University.

3. Why do I need an access code?

Every graduate is issued with a randomly generated access code (TAN) which provides access

to the online survey and thus rules out the possibility of completion of the questionnaire by a

third party. Moreover, it means that participants in the study can save their entries and return

to a partially completed questionnaire at any time using their TAN code. By tracing the TAN

codes, we can find out who has completed the questionnaire and thereby avoid sending them

further reminders (we plan up to four contacts during the inquiry phase).

4. What happens during the online survey?

In order to participate in the online survey, you need first to register online using your access

code. Access is always entirely anonymous. The survey is run on a secure server maintained

by INCHER Kassel. The questionnaire data is transferred via an encoded connection. Your

answers are initially saved on the server during the inquiry phase.

In a separate questionnaire, we ask you:

a) Whether you are prepared to participate in a follow-up study in 3-4 years.

b) Whether you would be interested in receiving a summary of the results of the study.

If you are prepared to participate in the repeat study / would like a summary of the results, we

will request that you enter your address. This address data is in no way connected with the

survey data and will be saved on a separate server. The university will use this data

exclusively for the purposes stipulated by the respondents (e.g. participation in the repeat

survey or for receipt of a summary).

Your address data will never be saved together with your survey responses in a single file. As

such, your survey responses remain anonymous at all times. The HWR will never provide any

address data to INCHER Kassel. After completion of the inquiry phase, INCHER Kassel will

transfer the anonymous survey response data to the HWR Berlin. The data will be sorted

according to department and will be used for the purposes of quality assurance. INCHER

Kassel will evaluate the data collected from all the universities within the framework of the

research project.

5. What is INCHER-Kassel?

The International Center for Higher Education Research (INCHER-Kassel) is an

interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Kassel. With 30 years of experience in

the field of university research, the institute enjoys an excellent international reputation.

Further information regarding all aspects of the research project and INCHER is available at:

http://koab.uni-kassel.de/. All members of staff at INCHER are subject to the provisions of

data protection legislation. They are forbidden from passing on address data to third parties.

7. Publications

As well as being published in report form, the results from the questionnaire are incorporated

in the HWR quality assurance program for teaching and learning. Results for individual

courses will only be published if the number of replies is sufficient to maintain respondents’


INCHER Kassel is engaged in the process of compiling a supra-university set of data

incorporating the responses of all graduates from the participating universities. This

anonymous data set will be evaluated and used exclusively for research purposes within the

scope of the university and graduate research project. The results will then be published. None

of the INCHER publications enable inferences concerning individual universities or persons.

8. To whom can I address any further questions?

Should you have any further questions, please contact Ms Kaiser by telephone (+49 (0)30

30877-1265) or e-mail (cornelia.kaiser@hwr-berlin.de).

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