Landmarks of Excellence - Hyder Consulting

Landmarks of Excellence - Hyder Consulting

Landmarks of Excellence

British Expertise International Award 2009 – Innovation

Cityscape Awards for Real Estate MENA 2010 – Best Mixed Use Built Development

Image: Samar Jodha, Spectra Maxima International

Project Burj Khalifa

Location Dubai, UAE

Sector Property

At 828m, Burj Khalifa is now officially the world’s

tallest building. Its 110 levels will house up to

35,000 people in offices, apartments and hotels.

For us at Hyder, as lead design consultants, it is

a perfect example of the trust our clients have in

our ability to deliver a massive project with huge

engineering challenges.

The client imagined the unimaginable.

We rose to the challenge.


It’s part of human nature to want to make your mark.

It’s certainly in the DNA of Hyder Consulting.

For over 150 years we have helped create the buildings,

bridges, roads, railways and infrastructure that shape our

world. We aim for excellence in what we do, for our clients,

for society, and for the environment we all live in.

Our challenge is to make a difference.

Here are just a few of our landmarks.

Ivor Catto

Chief Executive



04 MGM Grand Casino

06 Fu Hwa Jinbao Center

08 Taiwan High Speed Railway

10 Chi Feng Bridge

12 West Rail – Sham Shui Po Section

36 Emirates Towers

38 Museum of Islamic Art

40 Dubai Fountain

42 The Gate

44 Dubai Marina Yacht Club

46 Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Causeway

Marine Bridge


14 Sydney Harbour Bridge

16 Federation Square

18 The Wave

20 Westpac Place

22 Sydney Tower

24 Melbourne CityLink

26 Te Wero Bridge

48 Westminster Bridge

50 Cardiff Canoe Course

52 Paddington Bridge – Bishop’s Bridge Road

54 M25 Improvements

56 Tower Bridge

58 Stratford Station


28 Berlin Hauptbahnhof

30 O 2 World

32 A100 and A113

34 Berlin Brandenburg International Airport





Rapid economic growth creates a huge demand

for new cities, buildings and infrastructure, but

culture and the environment are respected too.


Project MGM Grand Casino

Location Macau, China

Sector Property

MGM wanted a striking visual icon for their prime

waterfront site in Macau’s Van Nam gaming and

tourist district. Hyder was involved from the concept

stage in the design and construction of the glittering

glass façade of the 35 storey tower and its casino

and entertainment podium.

We hit the jackpot.


Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects 2006,

Excellence in Landscape – Silver Medal

Project Fu Hwa Jinbao Center

Location Beijing, China

Sector Property

This award-winning landscape design reflects

traditional Chinese culture in a highly contemporary

setting. Elements like wood, trees and bamboo are

represented abstractly in granite and cast bronze

and a path to the main entrance is bordered by

light beacons. A water wall helps screen noise

and fumes from the road in one of the city’s

busiest commercial districts.

A memorable and poetic space.



Project Taiwan High Speed Railway

Location Taiwan

Sector Transportation

Taiwan’s 345km north-south rail link was the

world’s largest civil engineering undertaking at the

time. Hyder was lead designer for two sections that

include tunnels, viaducts and bridges, involving

complex construction planning and computer-based

seismic and dynamic analysis. The completed line

was designed to carry over 76 million passengers

a year at up to 350km per hour.

The whoosh of progress.



Chi Feng Bridge International Design Competition 2005 – Winner

Project Chi Feng Bridge

Location Tianjin, China

Sector Transportation

This bridge in the ancient port of Tianjin takes

the shape of one of the junks that used to ply their

trade on the river below. Because the deck is curved,

the tower is offset outside the bridge envelope

and the ‘bow, mast and rigging’ form an ingenious

counterweight arrangement to support the 175m

span. Hyder worked alongside the architects, from

the original concept and design stages.

Now every city in China wants an iconic bridge.



Project West Rail – Sham Shui Po Section

Location Hong Kong, China

Sector Transportation

This electrified line, running both underground

and overground, connects the western section of

The New Territories to the urban centre of Hong Kong.

Hyder’s remit involved the design of two stations,

2.7km of railway and the extensive re-design of

roads and utilities.

Our award winning expertise enabled us to overcome

the challenges and demands of the project’s location

in the environmentally sensitive West Kowloon

Reclamation Area.

For Hyder, the journey was the reward.



We have a long history Down Under, and our iconic

buildings and ground breaking projects are changing

the future landscape to this day.


Project Sydney Harbour Bridge

Location Sydney, Australia

Sector Transportation

The world’s largest single span steel arch bridge has

been a symbol of Sydney since the day it opened in

1932. Its final design was the work of civil engineer

Sir Ralph Freeman of Freeman, Fox and Partners,

now part of Hyder Consulting. It has become a

familiar sight around the globe as the centrepiece

of spectacular firework displays to herald in the

new year.

Truly a bridge across time.


Association of Consulting Engineers Australia, Awards for Excellence 2003 – Building Infrastructure


Project Federation Square

Location Melbourne, Australia

Sector Property

For years, Melbourne’s city centre was cut off from

the Yarra River by rail yards. Not any longer. With Hyder’s

design and construction supervision, a 35,000m 2 deck,

the largest above-rail structure in Australia, created

Federation Square. In addition to a series of public

spaces hosting over 2,000 events a year, it houses

concert venues, museums, galleries, restaurants,

retail and commercial buildings.

Federation Square draws the city back together again.



Project The Wave

Location Gold Coast, Australia

Sector Property

The architect’s concept for the Wave was ‘a ribbon

caught in a stream wrapped around a stick’. Its

undulating form was designed not only to capture

the imagination of buyers but also to give each one

a panoramic view of the ocean at Surfer’s Paradise

from a private balcony. Hyder’s task was to make

this dream a buildable reality.

We like to make waves.


Emporis Skyscraper Awards 2006, Best New Skyscraper – Silver Medal


Project Westpac Place

Location Sydney, Australia

Sector Property

When Hyder first saw this waterfront site, overlooking

Darling Harbour, it was being used as a car park. We

provided conceptual advice to the developers, supported

the architects in the design competition and produced

detailed engineering and façade design for its two

linked towers. Variable ground conditions and the close

proximity of the elevated Western Distributor Freeway,

part of which had to be demolished, added to the

complications. Now it is the headquarters of Westpac

Banking Corporation, set in a landscaped urban park

with several restored historic buildings.

A transformation on the waterfront.


New South Wales Chapter Royal Australian

Institute of Architects – Lloyd Rees Award

for Civic Design 2007

Association of Consulting Engineers,

Australia, Awards for Excellence 2007 –

Building: Certificate of Recognition


Project Sydney Tower

Location Sydney, Australia

Sector Property

At over 300m, this guyed steel tower is the tallest

building in Sydney. Its original designers, Wargon

Chapman Partners (now part of Hyder), were involved

in the development of leading edge wind modelling

and analysis as part of the design. It was one of the

first buildings to use mass dampers and an innovative

use of steel materials and cables.

Today Hyder’s relationship with the building remains

strong, with Hyder appointed as designers for the

major retail and commercial redevelopment at the

base of the tower. Complex finite element modelling

has been used to analyse any impact that the

redevelopment has on the tower.

New life for an old friend.



Project Melbourne CityLink

Location Melbourne, Australia

Sector Transportation

Melbourne CityLink loops over and under the city

in a continuous free-flowing route that cuts up to

an hour off previous journey times. For Hyder, as

traffic engineers and joint design managers, it was

a technical challenge. The team had to incorporate

road, bridge and tunnel design, traffic modelling

and careful planning for minimal disruption to

existing road and rail.

An easier journey for Melbourne’s commuters.



Te Wero Bridge Design Competition 2008 – Winner

Project Te Wero Bridge

Location Auckland, New Zealand

Sector Transportation

In Maori, ‘te wero’ is a challenge. The international

design competition for this bridge was certainly that.

Auckland wanted a symbolic link between a harbour

regeneration area and the city centre, to carry

pedestrians, cyclists and passenger transport, yet

still allow the passage of tall yachts. The winning

entry, by architect Denton Corker Marshall, M&E

consultants Kenneth Grubb and Hyder, is for a

dramatic counterweighted twin bascule bridge that

is ingenious, low maintenance and sustainable.

A challenge well met.



After reunification, the words ‘freedom to travel’

have a special meaning in Germany, a feeling

reflected by many of our projects there.


Project Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Location Berlin, Germany

Sector Transportation

The new central station in Berlin is a busy place.

It has trains leaving every 90 seconds at peak time,

taking over 100 million passengers a year from north

to south, east to west. This landmark project involved

Hyder’s team in planning, construction supervision,

technical equipment and transport interfaces.

A moving symbol of unity.


Project O 2 World

Location Berlin, Germany

Sector Property

O 2 World is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose arena,

hosting everything from rock concerts to home games

for the local ice hockey team, so the movement of

large numbers of people is a prime consideration.

Crucially, Hyder’s wide-ranging brief included the

transport facilities, light signal systems and crowd

safety design as well as earthwork management,

construction plans and site supervision.

It’s nice to have such a big audience for our work.




Bundesvereinigung der Straßenbau- und Verkehrsingenieure e.V. (BSVI) Award for Sustainable Road Design 2010

Project A100 and A113

Location Berlin, Germany

Sector Transportation

These arteries to the south of the city are vital now

the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport will

open soon. But all major roads have an impact, so

Hyder’s remit on the 10km of motorway, junctions

and tunnels also included soil filters, noise protection

and 120ha of landscaping.

It’s not just about the healthy circulation of traffic.



Project Berlin Brandenburg I nternational Airport

Location Berlin, Germany

Sector Transportation

Berlin’s new high tech international airport will

handle around 27 million passengers when it opens,

but modular construction allows expansion to

45 million a year. It will have direct motorway links

and an underground rail terminal that will be just

30 minutes from central Berlin. Hyder has been

involved since the start, in the design and site

supervision of runways, taxiways, aprons and

buildings, refuelling and drainage, and guidance

and lighting systems.

It wouldn’t take off without us.


Middle East

This was the place where science began, and

incredible new constructions continue to push

the boundaries of the possible today.

Project Emirates Towers

Location Dubai, UAE

Sector Property


Everyone who flies into Dubai has seen the stunning

Emirates Towers. The twin triangles of the 355m office

tower and 305m hotel tower are linked by a three

storey granite clad podium and stand just 82m apart.

As lead consultants for the project, Hyder undertook an

extensive programme of wind tunnel testing as part of

our design development. But in truth the engineering

was only part of the challenge.

Hyder design teams from around the world worked

on the project round the clock, connected by the

latest technology.

A revolutionary approach for a groundbreaking


Institution of Structural Engineers – Structural Special Award 2000


Middle East

Project Museum of Islamic Art

Location Doha, Qatar

Sector Property

The Museum of Islamic Art appears to float on the

waters of Doha Bay. In fact, as Hyder’s supervising

engineers could tell you, it is built on piles up to 100m

offshore. It houses exhibitions, galleries, an auditorium,

library, conservation labs and artefacts from weapons

and early science, to carpets and calligraphy.

A reflection of the rich history of Islam.


Germany Middle East

Project Dubai Fountain

Location Dubai, UAE

Sector Property

Set in a lake at Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Fountain

is an amazing spectacle. In nightly performances, set

to music and lit by coloured lights, it can shoot jets

of recycled water dancing in the air up to 150m high.

Hyder has a long history in the structural and MEP

design of water projects, but this is something

else again.

Engineering taken to magical heights.


Middle East

Project The Gate

Location Dubai, UAE

Sector Property

The Gate is appropriately named. This impressive

building, for which Hyder provided civil and structural

design, forms the entrance to the Dubai financial

quarter. The ‘gateposts’ are twin 11 storey towers,

27m apart, linked by a bridge that is itself three

storeys high. The entire structure is clad in glass

and stone and stands on an extensive podium

making a powerful statement.

A gateway to the future.


Middle East


Project Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Location Dubai, UAE

Sector Property

With its timber frames, large glazed areas and

cantilevered decks that jut out to the water, this

signature building has a suitably nautical theme. It

was designed by Hyder’s architectural team not only to

serve the boat berthing area but also as a visual and

social focal point for the entire marina development.

So an innovative design was launched.


Middle East

Project Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Causeway Marine Bridge

Location Kingdom of Bahrain

Sector Transportation

This 401.5m marine bridge, with a 121m bow string arch

main span, forms the centre of a causeway linking the

Al-Hidd peninsular to the capital city of Manama. Hyder

Consulting’s design and construction not only had to carry

a six lane highway but also power, water, telecoms and

treated sewage effluent.

An important connection in more ways than one.


United Kingdom

Through innovative technology and cutting

edge skills, the spirit of our pioneering

engineers lives on.


Project Westminster Bridge

Location London, United Kingdom

Sector Transportation

When the 19th century wrought iron fascias of a Grade II*

listed bridge need replacing, it’s a problem. Especially when

it’s a major road crossing over a busy river, right beside the

Houses of Parliament. Hyder’s ingenious solution allowed

the work to be done in situ, while passengers travelled on

the buses above, tourists enjoyed the river boats below

and MPs worked in the House opposite.

Our legacy continues.

Institution of Structural Engineers – Heritage Award for Infrastructure 2008

Institution of Civil Engineers London Merit Awards 2009 – Communication


United Kingdom


Project Cardiff Canoe Course

Location Cardiff, United Kingdom

Sector Utilities

Hyder has a lot of experience with water but this was

one of the toughest challenges to date. Our structural

and M&E designs for the proposed canoe and white water

rafting centre in Cardiff included an Olympic standard

course, all the associated infrastructure and facilities.

It’s a white knuckle ride proving that we were

up to the challenge.


United Kingdom

Project Paddington Bridge – Bishop’s Bridge Road

Location London, United Kingdom

Sector Transportation

This road crosses 13 mainlines, two London

Underground lines and the Grand Union Canal at

Brunel’s historic Paddington station, but had to be

improved for better access. After extensive studies

our optimum structural solution involved launching

the 3,200 ton 120m spans as a single unit. The traffic

flows freely now.

And through the job 800 trains a day kept running.


British Construction Industry Award 2006 – Civil Engineering Project

National Rail Awards 2006 – Best Civil Engineering Project

The Institution of Civil Engineers – ICE Merit Award 2006


United Kingdom

Project M25 Improvements

Location London, United Kingdom

Sector Transportation

The M25 is the UK’s busiest motorway. So the

contract to design, build, finance, operate and

maintain it for the next 30 years is no easy ride.

Hyder is administering and managing the contract

in a joint venture with Halcrow. It’s not just

the Highways Agency which is counting on us.

Around 200,000 drivers rely on us every day.


United Kingdom


Project Tower Bridge

Location London, United Kingdom

Sector Transportation

Tower Bridge is now one of London’s most famous

tourist sights and instantly recognisable around the

world. But when engineer Sir John Wolfe Barry, a key

figure in the early history of Hyder, presented his idea

for a bascule bridge lifted by hydraulic power, it was

revolutionary technology.

The bridge opened in 1894. It has been

opening (and closing) ever since.


United Kingdom


Project Stratford Station

Location London, United Kingdom

Sector Transportation

The structural planning and design of a complete

new station is never simple. When it has to provide

a key access to the 2012 Olympic Park from an

extended Docklands Light Rail network via a new

subsurface station, interchange with the high speed

Channel Tunnel Rail Link, and phase in with extensive

construction work throughout the area, the task

is massive.

Hyder takes Olympian challenges in its stride.


Bridging Time

In the early 1900s there was no greater challenge than the

construction of the Victoria Falls Bridge. Indeed one of our early

engineers, Charles Beresford Fox, was lucky to survive a fall from

the rope harness carrying him across the chasm. A lot of water has

passed under the bridge since then. But at Hyder our appetite for

a challenge is undiminished.


Elbeu Waterway Project, Germany

Victorian Desalination Project, Australia

Crossrail, UK

Greening Master Plan, Hong Kong

Tameer Towers, Abu Dhabi


The Future

However proud we are of our achievements, Hyder Consulting has never rested on its

laurels. There are always new heights to scale, new bridges to build and new challenges

to be met. Here are just a few of the projects in which we are currently involved that

will shape the environment of the future.

There will be many more.

The Greatest Prize

Over our 150 year history Hyder has won many awards for groundbreaking projects, our engineering expertise,

our ability to manage, and the commercial success which has allowed us and our clients to prosper. Only the

most recent are listed here. It’s very flattering and rewarding for our talented people to be recognised by their

peers. But the best accolade by far is that so many of our clients come back to us again and again.

That is the prize we value the most.



NCE/ACE International Firm

of the Year

Institution of Civil Engineers

Merit Award

M4/M5 Improvement Scheme

Water Efficiency Award

Envirowise Industry

& Business Category

Tyseley Underframe Washer

Association of Consulting

Engineers Australia,

Awards for Excellence

Certificate of Recognition

Dubai Festival City

Association of Consulting

Engineers Australia,

Awards for Excellence

Certificate of Recognition

Building Westpac Place

Royal Australian Institute of

Architects, New South Wales

Chapter Lloyd Rees Award

for Civic Design

Westpac Place

Concrete Institute of

Australia Excellence in

Concrete Award – Building

Projects Circle on Cavill

Association of Consulting

Engineers Australia,

Awards for Excellence

Gold Award of Merit

North South Rail Corridor

RoSPA Gold Award

Quality in Construction

Award Ski Dubai

Queen’s Award for Enterprise

International Trade

Ground Engineering Awards

Highly Commended

Burj Khalifa Foundations

Institution of Structural

Engineers Heritage Award

for Infrastructure

Westminster Bridge

Replacement Project

Hong Kong Institute of

Landscape Architects

Award of Merit, Landscape

Best Practice

Beijing RF You Yi Cheng Park

The Institution of Highways

and Transportation Awards,

Centre for the Protection

of National Infrastructure

Security in the Public

Realm Award

Whitehall Streetscape

Improvement Project

Urban Development Institute

of Australia (NSW)


New Rouse Hill

RoSPA Gold Medal

Considerate Constructors

Awards Gold Award

A479 Talgarth Relief Road

Auckland City Council, Te Wero

Bridge Design Competition


Sustain Magazine

International Project of the Year

Hong Kong Greening

Master Plan

Institution of Civil Engineers

London Merit Award for


Westminster Bridge Street

Lighting and Refurbishment

Olympic Delivery Authority

Health, Safety and Environment

Awards, Environmental Project

Performance Team Award

2012 Olympic Sailing

Academy Project

MEP Middle East Consultancy

of the Year

Engineers Australia

(Victorian Division)

Engineering Excellence Awards



Concrete Institute of Australia

Excellence in Concrete –

Engineering Projects


Engineers Australia

Engineering Excellence Awards

(Sydney Division)

Engineering Reports

Woodburn to Ballina

Urban Taskforce Australia

Development Excellence Awards

Development of the Year

Jacksons Landing

RoSPA Gold Medal

Urban Taskforce Australia

Development Excellence Awards

Residential Apartment


Jacksons Landing

Association of Consulting

Engineers Australia,

Awards for Excellence Certificate

of Recognition – Building

167 Turbot Street, Brisbane

Association of Consulting

Engineers Australia,

Awards for Excellence Gold

Award of Merit, Transport and

Civil Infrastructure


Birse Railway Supply Chain

Awards Occupational Health Award

British Expertise International

Awards Innovation Award

Burj Khalifa


Sustain Magazine

Award for Public Realm

South Milton Sands

Cityscape Awards for Real

Estate MENA Best Mixed Use

Built Development Burj Khalifa

and Downtown Dubai

RoSPA Gold Medal

BSVI Award for Sustainable

Road Design

A113 Landscaping











MGM Grand Casino

Fu Hwa Jinbao Center

Taiwan High Speed Railway

Chi Feng Bridge

West Rail – Sham Shui Po Section






Macau, China

Beijing, China


Tianjin, China

Hong Kong, China









Sydney Harbour Bridge

Federation Square

The Wave

Westpac Place

Sydney Tower

Melbourne CityLink

Te Wero Bridge








Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Gold Coast, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Auckland, New Zealand






Berlin Hauptbahnhof

O 2 World

A100 and A113

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport





Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany



Inside cover







Burj Khalifa

Emirates Towers

Museum of Islamic Art

Dubai Fountain

The Gate

Dubai Marina Y acht Club

Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Causeway Marine Bridge








Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Doha, Qatar

Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Kingdom of Bahrain








Westminster Bridge

Cardiff Canoe Course

Paddington Bridge – Bishop’s Bridge Road

M25 Improvements

Tower Bridge

Stratford Station







London, United Kingdom

Cardiff, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

We would like to thank all our people at Hyder

who have contributed to the stories we have

told in these pages.

There are too many to mention everyone by

name (some 4,500 worldwide) but it’s your

passion and hard work that make it all possible.

An apology to all those whose many projects

have not been included, but had we included

every piece of fine work, this book would have

been large enough to need its own engineering

feasibility or environmental impact study.

Finally, thank you to all our clients, whose

challenging briefs make it worthwhile coming

to work every day.

Design –

Key photographic content – Glenn Hester, Gavin Jowitt, Tony Yip and Barry Willis.

If you would like more detailed information

about any of the projects featured in this

book or elsewhere, contact us at:

Hyder Consulting PLC,

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