Symposium on Patient empowerment (part 1) - ICMCC

Symposium on Patient empowerment (part 1) - ICMCC

ong>Symposiumong> on Patient empowerment

(part 2)

ICT as an enabler to empower citizens

in their health management

Human conditions

good health

and well being

illness / disease



ICMCC 2005 2

Monday, September 04, 2006


• Increasing demand for healthcare resources

• more chronic diseases, new technologies

• Shortage of healthcare professionals

• Rising costs

self management is needed

• Increasing number of ICT facilities to support

prevention, monitoring, cure, rehabilitation, care

self management is possible

ICMCC 2005 3

Monday, September 04, 2006

What can WE do ourselves?

• Being in good health try to maintain it

• live a healthy life-style

• perform regular check-ups yourself

• get your vaccinations / screening / preventive measures

• Having symptoms & complains try to get rid of it

• pay a visit to the healthcare system

• follow advices & treatment given by professional

• look for support and suggestions of fellow patients

• Living with a disease try to cope and manage

• look for support and suggestions of fellow patients

• monitor our conditions

• pay a visit to healthcare system

ICMCC 2005 4

Monday, September 04, 2006

What do WE need

• General information

• about determinants of good health and risk factors

• about patient-support groups

• Specific and taylored information

• about our own risks factors,preventive measures

• about effectiveness and difficulties of changing & coping

• from fellow patients with similar features

• Support in setting goals and making plans

• Instruments to monitor our goals and evaluate


ICMCC 2005 5

Monday, September 04, 2006


• From the citizen / patient perspective

• Is the information trustworthy?

• Is the ICT application trustworthy?

• Is the situation of the fellow patient comparable with mine?

• From the healthcare professional perspective

• Is the ICT application grounded by theory & evidence

• Is using the ICT application safe?

• Which patient groups can benefit form the ICT application?

• From the health-insurance perspective?

• Is the ICT application effective and efficient?

ICMCC 2005 6

Monday, September 04, 2006

The focus in the workshop: theory and practice

• Information on the Internet

• Laurence Alpay, LUMC

• Selfregulation theory

• Stan Maes, FSW Leiden

Coffee break

• Casus A Digitaal Ervaringen Dossier

• Rene van Melick, TNO Leiden

• Casus B : Cyber training in Rheumatology

• Marleen van den Berg, LUMC

• Casus C: SeniorGezond: fall prevention via Internet

• Nicole Ezedam, LUMC

ICMCC 2005 7

Monday, September 04, 2006

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