2nd talk. The Mott transition


2nd talk. The Mott transition

Summary I

Independent electrons: Odd number of electrons/unit cell = metal

Interactions in many metals can be described following Fermi liquid


Description in k-space. Fermi surface and energy bands are

meaningful quantities. Rigid band shift

There are elementary excitations called quasiparticles with

charge e and spin ½

Quasiparticle have finite lifetime & renormalized energy

dispersion (heavier mass). Better defined close to Fermi level & low T

Quasiparticle weight Z , it also gives mass renormalization m*

Increasing correlations: smaller Z. m* (and Z) can be estimated

from ARPES bandwidth, resistivity, specific heat and susceptibility

~ 0 + A T 2

A ~ m* 2

C ~ T ~

~ m* ~ m*

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