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Ideal-ist Success Story: Indiamentor (PDF, 1.206KB)

Ideal-ist Success Story: Indiamentor (PDF, 1.206KB)


2 Ideal-ist | Success Story Ideal-ist Success Story Ideal-ist - your worldwide ICT support network Project Details INDIAMENTOR | India | submitted in FP7 ICT Call-1 What Is the Project About? A significant difference from the 6th EU RTD Framework Programme (FP6) to FP7 is the new emphasis placed on international research cooperation. This new strategy from the European Commission aims at better integrating international research collaboration throughout the Framework Programme. The European Union is specifically seeking long-term Science and Technology (S&T) cooperation with emerging economies such as India. As first priority theme this S&T agreement is focusing on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), where an active support was already provided during FP6 by the projects MONSOON and INCITE followed up in FP7 by the project INDIAMENTOR. INDIAMENTOR aims at reinforcing the Euro–Indian S&T cooperation in ICT research by promoting the participation of Indian research institutions and companies in FP7 ICT. Various mentoring workshops held in India by INDIAMENTOR project partners help to raise Indian stakeholder’s awareness about the opportunities arising in this programme. In particular, INDIAMENTOR closely cooperates with Ideal-ist which mission is to find appropriate partners for ICT project ideas. How Did Ideal-ist Help? Thanks to a training programme given by INDIAMENTOR held in Bangalore in March 2007, Sanjay Kadam from the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) became aware of the Ideal-ist partner search service. “Ideal-ist helped me to find interested and suitable partners across international boundaries for my project idea on multimedia information retrieval. My project idea received 39 responses thanks to Ideal-ist – your worldwide ICT support network

3 Ideal-ist | Success Story Ideal-ist. I started getting the first responses immediately after launching the partner search. Within two weeks I got most of the replies”, says Sanjay Kadam Those overwhelming responses allowed him to form a consortium with 7 appropriate partners from 6 different countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom and India) and to find a coordinator from the University of Lincoln, UK. Sanjay Kadam’s motivation to participate in a FP7 proposal is the opportunity to work with researchers across the globe. He expects the project proposal to be evaluated favourably considering the credentials of the project partners and the relevance of the project objectives within the topics addressed by the FP7 ICT Call 1. Further Information on the Project Website: Contact: Mauro Bianchi, Further Information on Ideal-ist Ideal-ist is the first quality-labeled international ICT partner search network, part-funded by the European Commission. Ideal-ist supports ICT research organisations and companies worldwide to find partners for their project ideas, to join projects or to find services which help to succeed in FP7 – with a special focus on SMEs and newcomers. The Ideal-ist network consists of 49 national partners from EU Member States, Candidate Countries and Associated States, as well as the Western Balkan Countries, Newly Independent States and Mediterranean Countries. Ideal-ist also collaborates with partners in Third Countries such as China, Brazil, India, and South Africa in line with the international cooperation strategy of the European Commission. More Information on Ideal-ist Website E-Mail The Ideal-ist project is part-funded by the European Commission under the IST Priority. Ideal-ist – your worldwide ICT support network

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