The Study on Sports Teaching based on Research Learning Model ...

The Study on Sports Teaching based on Research Learning Model ...

2012 International Conference on Economic Management and Engineering Technology

Lecture Notes in Information Technology, Vol.18

ong>Theong> ong>Studyong> on Sports Teaching based on Research Learning Model

Yang Jun

Art and Sport Institution of SiChuan Agricultural University, SiChuan, Yaan, 625014, China

Keywords: Universities; Sports Teaching; Learning Model

Abstract. Inquiry learning is a process of subjective initiative students into full play. ong>Theong> article in

higher school sports teaching research learning characteristics and significance is expounded, and on

this basis, combining with teaching experience made: cultivating students' interest, clear learning

objective, grasps the good learning opportunities, to broaden the study space for the specific measures

for the realization of sports teaching research study to lay the foundation. ong>Theong> paper also has pointed

out in the sports teaching the investigative study the commonly used methods: focus debate research

method, evaluation method, observe the law, constructional point debate, for teaching practice and

related research provided valuable information.

1. Introduction

In our country present stage of college physical education, research learning plays a very important

role, it is a kind of special design for students of and scientific research similar way and pattern, so

that students can through similar scientific research methods consciously to knowledge acquisition,

actively use knowledge, solve the problems of learning, so as to achieve good results. In the new

situation of the teaching mode, the teacher can't adhere to the traditional education method, put his

prepared knowledge infusion to students, as knowledge "authority", with the dignity, shall not be

infringed. And in the education process should act as a partner, assistant or guides. In the special

knowledge of learning and research process and the students explore and learning, together complete

the knowledge comprehension, achieve education students, to improve students' level of the goal of

teaching. At the same time also require students to change the role of their initiative, the change of

traditional passive acceptance of learning forms, actively participate in the knowledge of exploration,

together with the teachers for information and knowledge of the investigation, the problems of

learning and teachers, students and the scientific knowledge exchange, which will study and learn

together. Such as the professional basketball tactics of traditional and may at the same time will be

knowledge extension, supplement the human movement of scientific knowledge, so as to further

improve their professional level; Sports dance, martial arts and other professional students in learning

and research performance at the same time can complement the routine dance art and other related

content, so as to develop own knowledge level and improve their professional quality. Only by the

teacher in the classroom down professional knowledge is far from meeting the demand of modern

knowledge. In the universities sports teaching process, on the basis of student inquiry learning is to

the progress of the society and the public to "learn" to understand the concept of improvement, and

then set up a new learning ideas, and create a new study methods, to meet growing demand, inquiry

learning in the modernization of our country college sports teaching process has irreplaceable


2. Inquiry learning in the universities sports teaching significance in our country

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ong>Theong> teaching idea is education workers, even to the society to teaching student’s knowledge, view and

understanding. To adapt to the new era of talent demand, must change the traditional teaching idea,

set up the students' self-study consciousness. Research learning to dialectical materialist doctrine is as

the foundation, to meet modern social knowledge level to teaching ideas for new explanation, direct

impact of the traditional teaching idea and teaching methods. Use "teaching life view" replaced the

traditional "teaching understanding view", the sports teaching level, referring to a new height. Sports

teaching to the body will be by motor learning process, for change in behavior and mental exchange as

the starting point of the student's life. Thus will learn from stadiums and the classroom expanded to

the campus, family and society. Learning way also to diversification development, from the

traditional books learning and body movements to interpersonal, using multimedia and electronic

communications. Above change further enhance the students in the process of learning autonomy.

ong>Theong> traditional college physical education, teachers' professor to give priority to, they occupied the

absolute leading role, they used in the study of standardization of knowledge will tactical approach,

and technical movement method and the concept of sports and infusion to students, the student is by

imitating, the memory of their theory and action for learning. This will make full of life and the vivid

physical education learning become boring, boring, boring duck is education. In this kind of

traditional education process, the teacher to often ask students to learn the theory of system, and takes

it as the standard of assessment, and ignore students' autonomous consciousness, ignore students'

subjective learning desire; Students in order to meet the requirements of teachers, smooth finish work,

forced to teachers to learn the knowledge fixed, causing the decline in the quality of teaching, students

are difficult to have their own creative development. Inquiry learning is a new teaching idea, by the

interaction as the foundation, the teachers and students to discuss the new teaching mode for the

center. In the new teaching model of teachers and students in equal status, common in the teaching of

research and analysis problem, the paper also discussed the teaching contents and teaching form.

Thoroughly changed the traditional teaching the relationship of teachers and students, research

learning to students as the center spread, the teacher is no longer the dominant knowledge, but into for

students to solve or to help students to explore the role of knowledge, students will no longer be

passive learning, in the learning process is also a kind of to teach him understanding of the process [1].

Such study mode gives full play to students' initiative, making the learning purposefully and more

definite direction, which is beneficial to the students' professional level and the comprehensive

development of quality.

To the communication between the teachers and students as the main way of learning, is the main

characteristic of research-based study. Between the teachers and students through the language and

behavior of the exchange to complete the task of teaching, change the traditional teaching model of

single. In the teaching process as students to raise the level of knowledge, and teachers to develop

communication, a question is also more and more with a research value, more and more advantageous

to new knowledge learning. Thus requires teachers to also want to constantly learning, will the

traditional playground teach ascension to use images, video, multimedia and so on many kinds of

means of transmission, enrich the students' learning methods and learning content. So not only can

improve the students' interest in study, and greatly expand the student's thinking, beneficial to the

improvement of students' professional level. This teaching form extend the students' way of thinking,

and promote the improvement of the students' intelligence level, at the same time in the teaching of

college sports form of change also has an important role. Research learning as a kind of new teaching

mode, has a strong theoretical and practical basis. It is a complete process of cognition and the

learning process. This model can get books that students and teachers' knowledge, a professor of

behavioral essentials, and on the basis of simulation match through experience and face the ability to

solve problems; Will be the focus of teaching and examination from the student to master degree

tactics, change is students use theory knowledge to solve problems and in-game adjustments of

education and examination ability. And then train the student to the vast quantities of information

collection, analysis, and judgment, using and reflection ability; From the pure pursue the technical


level and the ability to match, change is the theory has high research quality, so as to enhance the

students' comprehensive quality.

3. Inquiry learning in sports teaching characteristics

"Research" to a way of learning throughout the whole process of student learning, it can have on the

professional knowledge for students of their own personalized known; Can also spread to new

knowledge of the field research and exploration. On the results of the study without a requirements,

the results of the study cannot advanced and groundbreaking, also cannot have on human and social

significance of, or even no results or eventually got a wrong conclusion. ong>Theong>refore, studying study in

the sports teaching the application to pay attention to the outcome of the study is not, but learning

research process; Will learn emphasis on the students' creativity, consciousness and spirit in the

process of the cultivation of, not the traditional only to take the student to the ready-made condition of

mastering the conclusion. Research learning the purpose is to let students as much as possible to

produce the understanding of sports and feeling, and will this understanding and feel the full play,

based on the initiative of students into full play to form the innovative thinking and scientific learning

spirit, so as to improve the students of the learning process and purpose of the level of knowledge,

training the students to acquire new knowledge, analysis and problem solving, acquisition and

processing information ability, and training students' social activities and the unity cooperation ability.

In short research learning is a new study way, the traditional learning method has the incomparable

advantage. Inquiry learning in sports teaching form and content is varied, flexible, and it has no

unified, fixed learning methods and content, learning from the main content of the students in the

social life and movement in the practice of the specific problem and open, make the students' attention

to professional study and development to have the important value of the problem as the foundation,

such as the team style, star of the role and value, coaches role, etc. Research learning content is very

extensive; it can contain individual professional research, also can be cross multidisciplinary

integrated study, can pay attention to the actual game result, and also can pay attention to cultivating

the study of the theory of the star player.

Inquiry learning is a play to the teachers' and students' initiative study way, the entire learning

process throughout this concept are, first of all, the content of the inquiry learning by teacher and

students together research of the decision. Second, the inquiry learning is to play the way students find

problems, this paper puts forward problems and the ability to solve problems, and is no longer a

traditional understanding, memory of the inherent knowledge system for teachers. In the whole

process of the study of students fully play their autonomy, is the process of learning more easy to

students accepted and approved. Research learning used in sports teaching, give full play to students'

independent operation is the practice of learning, is to enhance students' learning of sports scores,

clear scientific research process, mastery for the purpose of physical education teaching methods, and

pay more attention to improve the students' own practice ability. Research learning process, students

personally data collection, problems in design, presentations, demonstration analysis of learning

every link, carries on the practice. Learning through practice, to help students to science and

technology and the sports training, sports education theory and social organic combination; ong>Theong>

modern science and technology, social environment and living conditions of the influence of physical

education, and familiar with professional knowledge in the basis of the theory and practice on full

study, so as to improve the students' practical operation and the ability to combine theory knowledge

and improve the learning efficiency and learning effect. Research learning used in sports education,

can further extend the students' thinking and imagination, the students have a more keen sense of and

rich imagination. Will these thinking and imagination guide to sports the course of study, will further

enhance their learning in sports and sports of creativity, and will this creativity is used in practice.

Creativity and imagination is a people's comprehensive ability, is by individual personality,

knowledge, ability, in the form of the organic combination of the potential. Research learning can


activate students this potential, enhance their learning and practice of strain in the ability and the

innovation ability.

With the development of ong>Theong> Times and the demands of the society for talents have changed

dramatically, born of college physical education learning must change the traditional sports venues

and only in classroom study limitations, unceasingly absorbs the social information and knowledge to

adapt to the needs of the time, such as book knowledge, network, communication between people,

leisure sports, electronic information, and so on are students need to learn the content. ong>Theong>

information age has brought a variety of knowledge acquisition modes, to provide students with

convenient conditions, could start multi-channel, various knowledge acquisition, and the students'

learning time and space expands, so as to facilitate the students to enrich their professional knowledge

and comprehensive knowledge, can obtain the freedom of the knowledge of the demand.

4. Research learning used in sports teaching process of the measures

Research learning in the sports teaching the with a clear purpose, and to learn the objective basis for

study content, the whole process is a play to the students of the subjective initiative process. ong>Theong>

purpose of learning classroom and the pursuit of students learning desired results. Must sets clear

goals, to independent learning, to avoid the blindness of learning, and passivity, the centralized energy

toward the right direction to study, formed a complete good self adjusting feedback system. In this

feedback system, teachers guide or auxiliary student jointly establish scientific learning goals, and

according to the established goal on learning, and gradually establish and improve the knowledge

structure, with their knowledge structure on the basis of the research practice topic goal. Target duly

achieved, will prove students with the knowledge structure of the totally applicable projects are in the

solution of the problems; Target cannot come true, according to the research process to the feedback

the information for self knowledge structure of the correction, seek new methods to solve the

problems. College sports professional students often is the interest hobby or engaged in professional

education single earlier, led directly to the sports culture knowledge education born accept late or less,

comprehensive cultural level is relatively low. A long-term training learning leads to their formed

only pay attention to the improvement of motor skill, most of the energy and intelligence in the

playground, neglecting the interest and the study of the method of learning extension. ong>Theong>refore, to

cultivate students' initiative, expand the scope of study, will have to put the traditional "forced"

learning into "voluntary" learning. To form this shift from setting up students' interest to start, taking

the requirements by using environment, personal goal, and many other aspects of various forms of

guidance, make students to develop their own subjective initiative, build strong study interest, and

promote the development of the research study and progress. Research learning change traditional

physical education teacher professor mode, caused by the traditional mode of passive students just

follow the teacher learning, learning teachers understand experience, this can cause students only

learned to experience and routines, for the formation of these experience without understanding,

would cause in the real application of the dilemma of the loss, the application of knowledge degree

and the applicable scope is very limited. With the demands of the society for talents rise, requirements

of professional sports students also want to have knowledge ability. ong>Theong> development of science and

technology level, give the students study has brought an unprecedented learning space. Modern

telecommunications equipment, library, experimental equipment for students to learn professional or

social different aspects of knowledge established the material base. ong>Studyong> space got expanding, for

students to set their own learning goals, will learn to society, expand their learning and practice field,

to become the requirement of the society talent to provide the safeguard.

Research, students will take "problem consciousness" into the study of, the problem is lead the

students to study, the best way to produce interest in learning. Only with a problem, can urge students

to actively participate in research learning, and thus to avoid the blindness of learning. "ong>Theong> problem

consciousness" should run through the whole process of learning, learning opportunities to capture at


any time, when opportunities come immediate ideas, then forms originality. This requires the students

with agile thinking and keen observation, only do students coming, can be found in the study of


5. Research learning methods in the sports teaching the application process

Research learning method of the meaning of sports education can be divided into two broad sense and

narrow sense. General method is to point to in research learning process, in order to reach your goal,

all hold the content of study and take the means, methods and approaches, and in the process of

learning to have to follow some operational principle, the organizational management. Special

method is to point to the students in the learning process, take concrete measures and strategies of the

activity. All help students research learning method, the method is sports teaching process of

research-based study method. Using the research learning methods mainly in the following aspects:

observation research: the content of the student relating to each other learning contents, through the

observation of the similarities and differences of probing, on the investigative study. In this way, can

let students in class on active, and lively to research studies, in contentious, explore and discuss the

created many new ideas, and inquiry learning in sports teaching will provide further push forward.

Research learning in the universities sports teaching involved in the rich content, range is very

large, and the main sports social science and science of human movement for the two parts. So in the

course of research of learning and research methods use is also emerge in endlessly, according to

relevant research data shows, the commonly used method in addition to this paper discusses several

outside and besides the above-mentioned method, there is a content analysis, forecast method, the

literature research and study method. College students in the PE course learning process not blindly

pursuing learning method, and the limits of the program by the way, want to use suitable learning

method, it can get a satisfactory result.


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