Data Dependency Size Estimation for use in Memory ... - NTNU

Data Dependency Size Estimation for use in Memory ... - NTNU


Per Gunnar Kjeldsberg (S’98-M’01) received

his M.Sc. in electrical engineering in

1992 from the Norwegian Institute of Technology

in Trondheim, Norway. In 2001 he received

the Ph.D. degree from the same place (now

Norwegian University of Science and Technology,

NTNU). Between 1992 and 1996 he

worked as design engineer at Eidsvoll Electronics

AS. During his doctoral studies, he focused

on storage requirement estimation and

optimization for data intensive applications.

Kjeldsberg has published a number of conference and journal papers,

and has been coauthor of a book in his field of interest. Currently

he is Associate Professor at NTNU, focusing on hw/sw codesign and

system level design in general, and on data transfer and storage exploration

in particular.

Francky Catthoor (S’86-M’87-SM’98) received

the engineering degree and a Ph.D. in

electrical engineering from the Katholieke Universiteit

Leuven, Belgium in 1982 and 1987 respectively.

Since 1987, he has headed several

research domains in the area of high-level and

system synthesis techniques and architectural

methodologies, all within the Design Technology

for Integrated Information and Telecom

Systems (DESICS - formerly VSDM) division

at the Inter-university Micro-Electronics Center

(IMEC), Heverlee, Belgium. He is part-time full professor at the

EE department of the K.U.Leuven. In 1986 he received the Young

Scientist Award from the Marconi International Fellowship Council.

He has been associate editor for several IEEE and ACM journals, like

Trans. on VLSI Signal Processing, Trans. on Multi- media, and ACM

TODAES. He was the program chair of several conferences including

ISSS’97 and SIPS’01.

Einar J. Aas (M’87) received the M.Sc. and

Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the

Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1968 and

1972, respectively. He worked for the research

organization ELAB, SINTEF for nine years before

joining the university as professor in 1981.

At ELAB, he worked with R&D projects for

government and industry, including CAD systems

for electronic design and layout. His

current research interests include VLSI design

methodology, in particular design quality models

and metrics, design synthesis and verification, design for testability

including BIST, and probabilistic methods in testing. Dr. Aas has

published more than 200 scientific and technical papers. He is member

of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences, and The

Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters.

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