A path shared for 27 years - IFAD


A path shared for 27 years - IFAD

A powerful idea, shining with the beauty of its simplicity,

came to the people of Belgium 27 years ago. That idea

was to use a large share of the proceeds of the State-run

National Lottery to fight world hunger. By way of their

elected representatives in Parliament, the Belgians decided

to help, in particular, drought-affected countries in the Horn

of Africa. Their idea led to the creation of a mechanism for

putting lottery gains to good use and the establishment of

what was at the time, given the natural catastrophes that

had just claimed thousands of lives, aptly named a Survival

Fund. A leading role was assigned to a Joint Programme

between four specialized agencies of the United Nations

System, led by the International Fund for Agricultural

Development. Between end-1984 and end-2011, the Joint

Programme provided grants that sought to assure the

survival and promote greater wellbeing of rural dwellers

in many countries of sub-Saharan Africa. The story of this

partnership is related in this book.

The Editorial Team, December 2011

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