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Looking for new directions - IFAD

Looking for new directions



16-17 May 2007

Casa San Bernardo, Rome, Italy

Enabling the rural poor to overcome poverty

Gender equality and women’s empowerment have gained increasing

importance for IFAD – both as objectives and as instruments for poverty

reduction. IFAD-funded programmes and projects take into consideration

three dimensions of gender: women’s economic empowerment, participation

in decision-making, and improved well-being.

Over the last decade, IFAD has implemented regional and country-specific

grant-funded programmes for gender mainstreaming and women’s

empowerment. Simultaneously, IFAD’s Gender Plan of Action 2003-2006

was implemented to mainstream a gender perspective into all of IFAD’s


Recently, there has been a progress review and a process of internal

evaluation to take stock of the variety of experiences of gender mainstreaming

and women’s empowerment and to draw important lessons.

The “Looking for new directions” workshop will provide an opportunity to

review and analyse these findings and discuss emerging issues and

future directions for IFAD’s strategy for gender mainstreaming and the

empowerment of women, particularly within the context of IFAD’s new

Strategic Framework 2007-2010.


Workshop participants will consist of development practitioners from policy

and operational backgrounds, including IFAD headquarters staff (e.g.,

members of senior management, country programme managers, gender

focal points), IFAD-supported programme staff, consultants and international


The workshop is organized by IFAD’s Technical Advisory Division in collaboration

with IFAD’s regional gender focal points and members of the

thematic group on gender.

Wednesday 16 May 2007

8:30 Registration

9:00 Opening by Lennart Båge, President of IFAD

9:15 Introduction and presentation of the programme

9:30 Topic 1

Looking back: findings of review and self-evaluation


This panel session will analyse findings from the various

review and self-evaluation processes of IFAD’s gender programmes

that took place over the last two years, as well as

discuss key factors for success, identify remaining obstacles

and draw lessons.

Chairperson: Kevin Cleaver (Assistant President, PMD, IFAD)

Rapporteur: Cristiana Sparacino (PA, IFAD)

Presentations: Annina Lubbock (PT, IFAD); Anna Martella

and Christiane Monsieur (consultants, IFAD)

Discussants: N. N. Mac’botongore, Project Manager in

Kenya; Vugar Mehdiyev, Project Director in Azerbaijan;

Govind Kelkar, Programme Coordinator, IFAD-UNIFEM

Gender Mainstreaming Programme in Asia;

Lola Ocón Núñez, consultant IFAD; Clare Bishop-Sambrook,

consultant IFAD

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 Analysis of regional experiences (working groups)

12:30 Lunch


16-17 May 2007

Thursday 17 May 2007

14:30 Topic 2

Looking beyond: gender mainstreaming in the

international context

This panel will provide insights into the debate on gender

mainstreaming since the Fourth World Conference on

Women (Beijing 1995) and discuss success stories, limitations

and challenges faced by international organizations.

Chairperson: Matthew Wyatt (Assistant President,


Rapporteur: Rasha Omar (PN, IFAD)

Presentations: Berit Aasen (Senior researcher, Norwegian

Institute of Urban and Regional Research); Marcela Villarreal

(Director, Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division,

FAO); Cecile Mukarubuga (Regional Director for

West and Central Africa, UNIFEM)

Discussants: Bianca Pomeranzi (Senior Gender Advisor,

Directorate for Development Cooperation, Ministry for

Foreign Affairs, Italy); Vicki Wilde (Program Leader,

CGIAR Gender and Diversity Program)

16:00 Organisational and institutional processes supporting gender

mainstreaming and women’s empowerment

(buzz groups and plenary discussions)

18:00 Poster viewing and reception

9:00 Participatory summary of day 1

9:30 Topic 3

Looking forward: innovative ways to increase women’s

economic empowerment, role in decision-making

and well-being

This panel will discuss innovative strategies for gender mainstreaming,

women’s economic empowerment and improved

decision-making within the context of IFAD’s Strategic

Framework 2007-2010.

Chairperson: Gunilla Olsson, Executive Director, Action Plan, IFAD

Rapporteur: Maria Hartl (PT, IFAD)

Presentations: Mayra Buvinic (Senior Director, Gender and

Development, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management,

World Bank); Edward Heinemann (PF, IFAD)

Discussants: Eve Crowley (Senior Officer, Employment and

Poverty Alleviation, Gender, Equity and Rural Employment

Division, FAO); Martha Hirpa (Director of Gender Equity,

Heifer International); Hon Soukeyna Ndiaye Ba (Executive

Director, International Fund of Alternative Financial Institutions);

Ingrid Schreuel, consultant IFAD

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 Strategic directions for rural women’s empowerment

(working groups)

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Strategic directions for rural women’s empowerment

(working groups) – continued

15:00 Feedback of working groups to plenary and discussions

16:45 Concluding remarks, by Kevin Cleaver

(Assistant President, PMD, IFAD)

The workshop will be held on 16-17 May 2007 at Casa San Bernardo,

Via Laurentina, 289 - 00142 Rome, Tel.: +39 06 5407651, Fax: +39 06 5407654

Funding for this workshop has been provided by the Governments of Italy,

Japan and Norway.

For further information, please contact

Maria Hartl, Technical Adviser, Gender and Social Equity,

Technical Advisory Division IFAD, +39 06 54592455, m.hartl@ifad.org,

or Simone Zein, Programme Assistant, Technical Advisory Division, IFAD,

+39 06 54592364, s.zein@ifad.org

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