Ten years of accountability, learning and transformation - IFAD


Ten years of accountability, learning and transformation - IFAD

development interventions. This helps to

ensure that evaluation findings are taken

into account in decision-making. In turn,

independent evaluators are mandated

to take account of stakeholders’ views in

assigning merit, worth and value to the

specific development intervention.

“Independence is not isolation.”

These, then, are the foundations

on which independent evaluation was

constructed in the IFIs and in IFAD.

Under wise leadership, IFAD has lived

up to the ECG standards of evaluation

independence. In particular, IFAD has

responded to all the implications of the

participatory approach to evaluation in its

programming and evaluation methods,

outreach and capacity-building. In the light

of the findings of independent evaluations,

IFAD has adapted its operational practices

to implement its mandate as a United

Nations specialized agency, and now,

ten years after the evaluation function

assumed its independence, it finds itself

well equipped to face a challenging

operating environment.


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