Ten years of accountability, learning and transformation - IFAD


Ten years of accountability, learning and transformation - IFAD

countries in recent years, however, indicate

a changing context and new opportunities.

In view of this, IFAD and the African

Development Bank (AfDB) undertook a

joint evaluation of agriculture and rural

development in Africa. By working together,

IFAD and AfDB were able to take on this

comprehensive sector evaluation to generate

more and deeper knowledge about what

works to increase incomes and food security

and to reduce poverty in the rural economy.

Despite the challenges, the joint evaluation

identified ways to enhance the partnership

between the two organizations and the

results it could achieve.

Innovation, replication and

scaling up

Evaluations show that IFAD has done a great

deal to promote innovations in institutional

arrangements, gender and pro-poor

agricultural technology: one example is the

support provided through the International

Rice Research Institute to develop scuba

rice, which is resilient to flooding. IOE’s

evaluations did show that replication and

scaling up are mission-critical for achieving

development objectives. However, in

the past these activities were not always

pursued in a systematic manner in IFADdesigned



evaluation created

a results-oriented

institutional culture

and provided the data

and analysis needed

to establish a credible

accountability and

learning function at



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