piano bench


piano bench

Burghardt piano benches e.K.

Own. Uwe Born

phone: +49 / 2054 / 81881

fax: +49 / 2054 / 81514

Bachstr. 40

45219 Essen-Kettwig


e-mail: info@burghardtbaenke.de


Burghardt piano benches

with Glissando


Piano- and concert benches

with Glissando


Our new benches now offer even greater convenience

and ease of use. Turn the handles by about

1/8 of a full circle and the bench is gently raised

towards you. If you continue to turn, the lifting

mechanism is accelerated. Regardless of whether

you are turning the handles to the left or right, the

action is only arrested when you let go of the

handles or when the bench has reached its uppermost


When you have sat down, you can change your

sitting position by rotating the handles by about

1/8 of a full circle. Place one hand on the keyboard

and you’ll easily find the position that suits

you best. If you have one of the models with the

optional height scale, you can adjust the bench to

the exact height you require and then read off the

height from the scale.

The mechanism of our Glissando piano benches

can only be lowered when subjected to a minimum

load of about 30 kg. This prevents small

children from playing with the piano bench.


concert benches

with Glissando technology

mod. B 10 Professional H mod. B 500 AH

mod. B 501 H

piano bench

with Glissando technology

mod. B 5 H

mod. B 500 H

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