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Scope of the Journal

IJOR is a fully refereed journal generally covering new theory and application of operations

research (OR) techniques and models that include inventory, queuing, transportation, game

theory, scheduling, project management, mathematical programming, decision-support

systems, multi-criteria decision making, artificial intelligence, neural network, fuzzy logic,

expert systems, and simulation. New theories and applications of operations research

models are welcome to IJOR.

Modelling and optimisation have become an essential function of researchers and

practitioners in a networked global economy. New theory development in operations

research and their applications in new economy and society have been ignored. In the

information intensive society and economy, decisions are made based on the analysis of

data available. Operations research techniques and models need to be integrated with

computers for the purpose of analysis, optimisation and application in decision making.

This development has led the researchers and practitioners to look for new operational

research models and their applications in global economy and society. For this purpose,

the modelling and optimisation have become a paramount important. IJOR will act as a

platform to encourage further research in OR and MS theory and applications.

Globalisation of market and operations places a tremendous pressure in making timely and

accurate decisions using the analysis of data and more accurate information. This signifies

the importance of developing suitable operations research techniques and models and

their applications are a paramount important in the 21st century global society and


Subject coverage:

IJOR acts a forum and source of information in the

field of operational research theory and applications.

The following is a list of topics (which is not

exhaustive) that would be considered for


• Information technology and operations research

theory and applications

• Effective use of scarce resources under dynamic

and uncertain conditions

• Decision theory and analysis

• Probabilistic and stochastic models

• Operations research techniques in finance and


• Manufacturing and operations theory and practice

• Operations models in services

• Logistics and OR models and techniques

• Applications of operations research techniques

• Military and operations research models

• Operations research in public sector organisations

• Statistics modelling

• OR and telecommunication and networking

• Optimisation in operations research

• Simulation

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