Vulcan Anti-Scale System - Reference Book (EN)


Vulcan is the salt-free alternative to water softeners. Vulcan is an eco-friendly water treatment system that protects your piping system and appliances against scale deposits and rust - no use of any salt or chemicals. The Vulcan reference book shows a selection of installations and studies of the Vulcan water treatment.

Type designation: Vulcan


CE Declaration

of Conformity

Issuer’s name and address: Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH

Köpenicker Str. 154

10997 Berlin


Product: Water conditioning appliance

3000/ 5000/ S10/ S25/ S50/ S100/ S150/ S250/ S350/ S500/

X-Pro1/ X-Pro 2

The designated product is in conformity with the European Directives:

Directive 2014/35/EC (Low Voltage Directive)

Directive 2014/30/EC (EMC Directive)

Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS Directive)

Directive 2012/19/EC (WEEE Directive)

Full compliance with the standards listed below proves the conformity of the designated product

with the essential protection requirements of the above-mentioned EC Directive.

DIN EN 60335-01:2012-10

DIN EN 55014-2:2016-01; VDE 0875-14-2:2016-01

DIN EN 55014-1:2018-08; VDE 0875-14-1

DIN EN 61000-3-2:2015-03;VDE 0838-2:2015-03

DIN EN 61000-3-3:2014-03;VDE 0838-3:2014-03

Berlin, 01.01.2019 ________________________________

(Place, Date) (Legally binding signature of the issuer)

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