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Vulcan - The Electronic Anti-Scale System - Reference Book (EN)

Vulcan is the salt-free alternative to water softeners. Vulcan is an eco-friendly water treatment system that protects your piping system and appliances against scale deposits and rust - no use of any salt or chemicals. The Vulcan reference book shows a selection of installations and studies of the Vulcan water treatment.

38 Recreational Swimming

38 Recreational Swimming Centre France Installation details Model: Vulcan S25 Location: Centre Nautique du Val de Morteau Le Clair 25500 Les Fins France Installed by: CWT Preval France Swimming pool and water slide inside the Centre Nautique Centre Nautique du Val de Morteau Is a sports and recreational facility for the whole family. Their facilities include a 5 lane 25m swimming pool, a 200 m 2 spa pool with a bubble bench, solarium, indoor water slide and a mushroom waterfall. Vulcan S25 installed on the main water line Vulcan S25 impulse cables Vulcan S25 impulse cables eauZone concepT CWT Preval France, 2 Rue de la Gare, 72170, Beaumont Sur Sarthe, France,

39 Schools Educational Institutions Sporting Facilities