Research projects (13000 - 13500 of 26984)

Research projects (13000 - 13500 of 26984)

Abstract: This postdoctoral position includes teaching and research tasks teaching tasks contain lectures and project work in the field of power

transmissions:- Hydraulic systems- Modern drive technologynbsp; * Kinematics and dynamics of systemsnbsp; * Design of hydraulic systems-

Automation part of industrial practice electro mechanics (Bachelor project)- Mechanical vibrations- Final projectsResearch activities focus on the

further development of the research group: Control and Mechanics of Power Transmissions. This includes the application for funding and the follow

up of projects with a strong relevance for SMEs.Research topics cover a wide field in power transmissions and drive technology dealing with bio

fuels, development of machinery and drives and use of intelligent motor control in an industrial environment.nbsp;


• Department of Metallurgy and Materials E


• Dimitri Debruyne



Abstract: No English Abstract


• ESAT - ELECTA, Electrical Energy and Com


• Ronnie Belmans

• Johan Driesen

Evaluation of Norwegian and Swedish Aid in Support of the Rights of the Child.

University of Antwerp

Abstract: This project represents a formal service agreement between the Chr. Michelsen Institute and on the University Antwerp. The project

assesses the integration of children's rights in Swedish and Norwegian development cooperation. Special attention is paid to mainstreaming.


• Law and Development


• Wouter Vandenhole

Grass power

Universiteit Hasselt

Abstract: The management of natural areas and roadsides annually generates a large amount of grass clippings at which the removal of the

cuttings gives problems. First, there is a limited capacity to composting, on the other hand the removal of clippings is a high cost for the territory site

manager. The strong rise of fermentation plants in Flanders provides an opportunity to further increase throughput for clippings. Such processing is

expected to be an economically interesting alternative for the disposal of grass clippings at compost companies. The market for renewable energy

is, given the ambitious Flemish and European targets for 2020, up to speed. Renewable energy generated from waste management can contribute

to these objectives and is a market in full development. It is not yet a mature market, as a result of which cooperation between all stakeholders is

lacking today. This project seeks to expose the different actors within the field to each other through platform working, develop partnerships and

further build, exchange and disseminate knowledge.

Given the issue, the current market opportunity and the fact that the fermentation of grass clippings is not currently applied in practice, a group was

assembled from a broad field that are directly or indirectly involved with this subject and have relevant expertise. In the project parties there are on

one hand site managers and hand processors, and on the other hand knowledge institutions and regulatory government institutions, to further gear

the different aspects to one other. Through partners with specialization in knowledge diffusion, a fermentation platform and a training center for

green management is responded to ensure continuity and maximum dissemination of knowledge.


• Environmental Economics

• Environmental Biology

• Applied and Analytical Chemistry

Research Institute: Centre for Environmental Sciences


• Robert CARLEER

• Alain DE VOCHT


PARTNERPROGRAMME (fase 1-JAAR 4) : Institutionele Universitaire samenwerkingsprogr. (IUS). LUIK KENYA (University

of MOI) : Prof. B. MANDERICK : Universitaire ontwikkelingssamenwerking tss VUB en andere Ontwikkelingslanden (2007-


Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Abstract: Coordination of programmes is a crucial activity that determines the success or failure of any particular programme. The VLIR-UOS

foresaw such need and established PSU unit to oversee the Management and Coordination activities of the programme. The unit aims at

overseeing the smooth running of the six selected projects in accordance to their planned activities. Specifically the unit will: provide

leadership/administrative, technical and methodological support to the projects to undergo proper programme cycle Management (PCM), monitor

the activities, network the programme internally (instutionalise) and externally with relevant donors/institutions/departments, solicit new funding for

the programme, ensure effective communication both internally and externally and ensure that the programme links to the strategic thinking of the



• Informatics and Applied Informatics



Betere GGZ : betere geestelijke gezondheidszorg.


Abstract: A large organisational change in further reconversion to community mental health care in Belgium is planned to take place from 2011 on,

as stipulated in the Law Article 107. Lucas-K.U.Leuven is commissioned to conduct the research on staff capacity building, tools for quality

monitoringand communication, and the process and outcome measurement in support of this reform. In transforming mental health care towards a

more person-centred approach to service delivery, staff will need to be re-trained to reflect recovery principles in every encounter with service users

and their family. How to involve service users at each step of the process, working in an outreach setting rather than a residential environment

andhow to build on self-control and hope instead of focusing on symptom management, are examples of shifts in practice to make. These are not

evident changes for staff and management Board without the aid of training programmes and supervision. Lucas conducts the research for thisrefo

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