Your E-Business Partner.

Your E-Business Partner.

Your E-Business Partner.

SYSVISION is your reliable IT &

e-business partner in South China.

SYSVISION is a software company with offices in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Hamburg-Germany. We develop

business software systems and provide consulting services, implementation of standard software as well as

developing tailor-made solutions.

Front Office Solutions

- Corporate Websites

- Content Management Systems (CMS)

- Web Shops

- Customer & Supplier Portals

- Knowledge Management Systems

Back Office Solutions

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

- Order Management

- Goods Tracing / Logistics Software

- Inventory Management Systems

- Knowledge Management Systems

- Intranet Solutions / Portals


- Software Engineering

- Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

- System Migration and Implementation

- E-Marketing Campaign Management

- Web Controlling

- Open Source Implementation

Consulting, technologies & software development

When choosing the rights technologies for a project we analyze the business case and given budget:

our well-trained staff knows about state-of-the-art technologies by permanent education and solid practical background in order to

realize the projects to full satisfaction.

SYSVISION is not restricted to one technology, although we have focused on client-server solutions based on Java technologies (J2SE,

J2EE), especially database driven applications during the last years.

By using open source components in our projects (like JBoss Application Server, Firebird Database, MySQL etc.) and open standards

(Java, J2EE, .NET) we reduce license fees for our customers. Using platform interoperable systems our solutions keep performing

after changing from one operating system to another (i.e. Windows to Linux migration) or when using Apple MaxOC X. Especially

when developing custom software, the question of sustainability is significant; our approach to software engineering assures that our

customers are able to run the software within the next decades.

Database development

Databases are the basis of each enterprise software application. Data must be accessed at all time - fast and failsafe.

SYSVISION structures and optimizes company data with state-of-the-art database technologies. Depending on complexity and requirements

of the IT system we chose from numerous database management systems (DBMS) such as Oracle or open source products

like MySQL, FirebirdSQL and PostgreSql.


Your E-Business Partner.



1R15A3F Clifford Estates

Zhongcun, Panyu

Guangzhou, Guangdong

P.R. China, 511495

T +86 159 0208 1701

Hong Kong


20/F Central Tower

28 Queen’s Road Central

Hong Kong

T +852 8199 9605

F +852 2814 3858



Curienstrasse 1

20095 Hamburg


T +49 40 36096888

F +49 40 36096887

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