CATIA V5 – Base Overview - C-Con GmbH

CATIA V5 – Base Overview - C-Con GmbH

Professional continuing education

CATIA ® V5 - Base Overview

Software CATIA ® = Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application

This CAD-program is now established as the industry standard for 3D-design programs. With the aid of CATIA® the user

can not only prepare 2-dimensioinal drawings and subsequently develop them further as 3-dimensional models but it is

also possible to generate the entire range of industrial design processes, starting from marketing and the initial product

design, analysis and assembly right through to maintenance.


Since 1991, the C-CON group of companies is known as an innovative, dynamic and

expanding enterprise in the areas of the automotive, aeronautical and space industries

as well as a subcontractor for general engineering. Our well-funded and extensive

expertise as well as the very intensive and effective co-operation with car

manufacturers and their sub-suppliers is reflected in the design and implementation of

design and development orders. C-CON GmbH takes into account any specific

requirements in the employment market, as necessary, in order to provide you with the

appropriate CAD qualifications in the area of CATIA® V5 that are adapted to current demands in the job market.

We are also continuously looking for employees with the right qualifications in CAD.


Due to the efficiency of our training groups (limited to a maximum of 10 participants per group), we are able to offer a

concentrated course at our training center that only takes 1 week (45 lessons).

Of course, we provide a separate CAD-work station for each participant.

Lecturers / Target groups

With extensive experience in terms of methodology and design, our trainers communicate in this CATIA® V5 - Base

Overview in a way that offers a perfect beginning for all principal areas of the application of 3D-design with CATIA® V5.

This advanced educational program gets you acquainted with all basic areas of working with 3D-modeling and CATIA®

V5. This training is aimed to managers, project managers, designers, technicians and administrators.


With the certificate that we issue after successful completion of the course you are qualified to work in consulting

engineering practices or engineering companies, but also in the design and development departments of various

businesses in a wide range of industries such as the automotive industry, aeronautical and space industry as well as in

general engineering.

Quality certification

Since 2001, our quality management system is certified per DIN ISO 9001:2008. We are also certified as accredited as

responsible body for the promotion of professional continuing education per AZWV. Thus, we are in a position to

offer you the highest level and quality of professional continuing education.


Your advisor at the Federal Employment Office will inform you about the possibilities regarding professional promotion

and sponsorship per SGB III. This is also true for the sponsored special program for older employees and those with

lower qualifications that has been introduced in March 2007 (WeGebAU). On presentation of such an educational

voucher, C-CON GmbH will deal with the Federal Employment Office directly regarding the course fees.


Educational goal

Professional continuing education

CATIA ® V5 - Base Overview

Qualification in basic knowledge for CAD-applications in 3D-modeling with CATIA® V5

Entry requirement

College or university graduate in technical fields or engineering science

College or university graduate in architecture, surveying, engineering, process engineering, or similar

College drop outs of the above fields

Non-academic persons with technical knowledge (technicians, master craftsmen, design draftsman)

Relevant professional experience

Particular suitability:

Technical understanding

Spatial sense

PC-application knowledge


Introduction, basic principles


Overview INFRASTRUCTURE (basic functionality CATIA® V5)

Overview PART DESIGN (design of solid bodies)

Overview WIREFRAME & SURFACE (wire geometries and surfaces)


Overview DRAFTING (drawing department)

Overview DMU (Measuring and sections in 3D)

Overview V4 INTEGRATION (integration CATIA® V4 in CATIA® V5)

The functions based on the English language user interface will be communicated and explained in German.

Final exam

There will be an examination at the end of the course. The appraisal has direct influence on the report.

Duration of course

1 weeks = 45 lessons

Start: 1. day 9:00 a.m., other days 8:00 a.m., End: daily about 16:30 p.m., friday about. 15:00 p.m.

Breaks: a.m. and p.m. 15 minutes, noon 1 hour. The course takes place in our training center.


C-CON GmbH München

Training Center

Knorrstr. 135

80937 München

Tel.: 089 / 35882 140

Fax: 089 / 35882 100

C-CON GmbH Sindelfingen

Training Center

Kolumbusstr. 1

71063 Sindelfingen

Tel.: 07031 / 79391 19

Fax: 07031 / 79391 21

C-CON GmbH Köln

Training Center

Leibnizpark 1

51503 Rösrath

Tel.: 02205 / 89746 81

Fax: 02205 / 89746 86

Of course, we would be please to provide you with more information on this course.

Please contact your C-CON partner.

C-CON GmbH Hannover

Training Center

Schilfkamp 13

30851 Langenhagen

Tel.: 0511 / 475419 0

Fax: 0511 / 475419 50

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