Preservation in

Preservation in

Dr. K Jyothilal MD (Ay)


The sun seems, as an ‘Athasi flower’ in

the Greeshma ritu; Kalidasa, the great

poet described it in one of his best

creations ‘Ritu samharam.’ Because sun

began to bright in a blaze of blue beam

in the Greeshmam [summer]. Athasi-flax

plant. Greeshmam arrives in utharayana

kalam; which is considered as the period

which extracting the health from the

human body.

All plant life is thriving vigorously and

lushly with a tendency towards ever

increasing luxuriance. The people are

suffering with heavy sweating, thirst and

fatigue. They are prone to feel irritable

and restless. With a dried throat the

animals and birds hurrily move in search

of water. But the water sources are also

in a dried condition, bearing a little bit of

water. Sun with its bright beam of rays

extracting the unctuous oily and watery

elements from everything in the nature.

The blood also become hard and rough.

The result is that in the nature there is

increase of pungent, sour and salty taste

in plants and all other substances, but

fading sweet, bitter and stringent tastes.

The fruits only bearing sweet taste, which

is a blessing from the nature to overcome

the hot climate. The immunity power

become very less in the human being so

there is sure chances for affecting a

number of diseases. Due to the rough

hot climate the ‘kaphadosha’ which is

one of the Tridoshas (vatha-pitha-kapha)

get reduced but instead of this the

vathadosham began to accumulate and

converting in a state of vitiation. For this

phenomena the ayurvedic term is ‘chaya

of vatha dosham’. But vatha chayam not

develops to vatha kopam. Means not

aggravating vatha; because with this

rooksha (hot and rough) presence of

seetham (cold) is also needed for

aggravation of vatham. In the next ritu

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(varsha-monsoon) ‘seetham’ also

arriving; means the vatha predominant

diseases affecting the person in varsha

(monsoon) ritu. So one must take

precaution to pacify vatham in greeshma

(summer) ritu itself, to prevent vatha

predominant diseases (rheumatic

complaints) which is a sure chance in

the next ritu (monsoon).

To preserve the health in summer

season, a person maintain the body in a

snigdha stage (oily). For that use of

smooth, oily, unctuous and lubricant

substances are very essential in the

summer season. Ayurveda advises very

fruitful health preservation methods for

summer season.

Avoid pungent, sour and salty taste

eatables and drinks. To compensate, use

more sweet, oily, and cold items. Rice

prepared with cow milk or coconut milk

(paal choru) are good. Milk, ghee, grapes,

mangoes, meats especially mutton, sweet

vegetables, tubers and fish etc are best

food items. Drink twice or thrice butter

milk. All fruits having sweet juice is

recommended. If possible paste (smear)

grinded sandal (chandana lepam) all

over the body for minimum one hour in

day time. After that massage with

prepared ayurvedic kuzhampu or

gingelly oil all over the body for one hour

and take a good bath with cold water.

After bath intake of malar (fried paddy)

mixed with sugar in a measurement of

one teaspoon is good. Anointing with

oil surely help the head and body to face

hot rays of the sun and to prevent the

ultraviolet rays. Ayurveda warns for the

strictly avoidance of beverages and also

restricted sexual activities like copulation

or mating with opposite sex. This hot

climate lead to dhathu kshayam

(reduction in 7 dhatus – Rasam, rektham,

mamsam, medhas, asthi majja and

suklam). The reduction of dhatus, make

vitiation of vayu very immediately. So the

ejaculation may open the roots for

dhathu kshayathvam. Over exercise is

also become harmful to the body. In the

evening, air the body by subjecting it to

the blow of wind in beach, park etc.

These are natural ways to cool the body.

Skin diseases are occurring in

summer season. Over sweating, the

blockage of sweat pores, contact with

impure water during bathing etc causes

skin infection; endemic and epidemic.

Spread of diseases like cholera,

gastroenteritis, chickenpox, jaundice,

conjunctivitis etc due to the intake of

impure water and contact with rough

Special eatables,


for Summer


Churn curd added chukku (dried

ginger) Jeerakom (cuminum

Aamraphala paanakam

cyminum) and kurumulaku



Sugar, kalkandam (sugar candy),

elakkaya (cardamom), pachila (it is

the name of a medicinal plant having

sweet smell) and ela varngan

Panchasaara paanakam

(Cinnamomum ceylanicum) add in

sweet fruit juices, heat in light fire, allow

to cool, then drink.


The ripped mango fruit (not fully

Sasanka kiranam

ripened) cut into big pieces after

removing the skin, put it in an earthern

pot internally smeared with ghee. Put

five or six nellikka (goose-berry) and

pour water then add sufficient sugar.

Boil it upto become thickened.


wind. So use pure water for bathing, and

drinking. Wash the body daily morning

and night; wear cleaned and washed

cotton and loose clothes. Wear only

minimum cloths in this peculiar season

especially when at home. The chance

for getting sick from the germs in the

water of pool, lakes and water parks; so it

should be viewed continuously. Avoid

impure water sources, give special care

to children. Clean their body neatly for

several times in a day. Keep the kids

under well ventilated room.

In the summer, if a person

continuously exposed to sun, causes the

hot sun rays penetrate in to the skin. It

will damage living tissues of the lower

layer. There is chance of dehydration to

the skin, by that the skin become dry,

Cook unriped mango fruit in steam

then put it in cold water and squeeze,

filter it. In that liquid add sufficient

sugar and a bit of kurumulaku

powder (pepper powder) and

karpooram (camphor).

The plantern fruit and jackfruit cut

into small pieces. Put it in new earthern

pot for few days for souring it. Then

eat it after pouring to an earthern cup.

Make a thickened fluid by boiling

sugar mixed milk. If possible drink

buffalo milk after eating this sasanka


Put some clean flowers of

pathiri (flower of stereo

spermum chelenoids) in pure

water which is in a pure earthern

vessel. Add a bit of karpoora

powder (camphor) in a glass

of this water then drink. It is a

very good drink to cool the

body in summer season.

rough and wrinkled. The chances of

sunstroke is also there. Better to avoid

intense exposure to sun. If a person is

suffering with sun stroke, immediately

take him to the shadow of trees, then to

fan him. Give more water to drink, the

better drink is butter milk. Do not break

the bubbles, if it arised in the body. By

proper food, drinks and cooling the body,

the person can overcome the difficulties.

Don’t worry; The rainy season is

coming, which will alter the nature

completely opposite to the summer

season. So it will help to regain the full

health and strength to all creatures,

especially the human beings.•

The writer is Rt’d Professor, Govt.

Ayurveda College,Thiruvananthapuram.

April 2011



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