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Four Towers Residents Evicted Following Patty

By LORRAINE BOWERS and BOB MARSHALL The two students charged with viola- Rainaldi would not comment on the in­

At least four Christiana Towers tions said that they had no expected

residents were sent notice this week that guest list and no keg in their room, so

they would have to vacate their rooms they were not violating party policy

by today, following a Sept. 16 party inci- because they were not having a party.

dent. The students , who wished to remain

The four students, along with a anonymous, agree that their door was

j number of others, live on the sixteenth open on a few occasions, but they said

floor of the West Tower where, ac- that they could see nothing wrong with

cording to Edward Spencer, associate this since they were not having a party

director for Housing and Reisdence Life, themselves. They also admit to having a

there is at least $1,400 worth of damage small group of friends in the room

which resulted from the party. throughout the night, but said they could

Following Residence Life procedures, see nothing wrong with this. "People

the students were given Proprietary come to see us all the time, especially

Hearings before the Christiana Complex after a game," said one roommmate,

Coordinator Leslie Rainaldi and Area "what are we supposed to do, kick them

Manager Tim Becker, said Spencer. out?" All of the roommates are football

According to a memorandum sent to players, and the game they were refertwo

of the students by Raindaldi, they ring to was against West Chester State.

were in violation to Residence Life's In addition, Rainaldi agreed in the

"Guide to Christiana Towers" which memo that the students accused of the

states, "You are responsible for your violation had helped Security try to clear

own conduct and that of your guests. In- the halls of the party-goers.

vited or not, those persons attending One Christiana resident who attended

your party are your responsibility. Your the party said he watched one of the

party must be contained to the confines charged students spend "at least an hour

cident, but Spencer said that the party in

question involved between 200 to 300 persons

overflowing into the corridors. The

damage incurred involved a newly installed

carpet on the floor which was

"damaged so severely that it had to be

replaced," said Spencer. The students

involved must pay the damages, said


According to one student who has

received notice that he is to vacate his

room, Rainaldi told he and his roommates

at the proprietary hearing that,

"we should have locked our door and left

the building if we didn't want to be in­

volved in the party.''

of your apartment." helping clear the halls." in the room.

FROM THE OVERPASS on South College Avenue, we noticed

that some people would rather cross the street at ground


"But, we didn't even have a party," he

continued, "the people across the hall

had a party, they had an expected list,

we didn't, we didn't even have a keg.

How can they say the people in the

hallway were our guests?"

In the memo from Rainaldi sent to the

students of this room, she verified that

there was no expected guest list filled

out by the students and that no keg was


(Contlnu..t on Poge 8)

Trabant Considering Ban

On All Open Campus Parties


University President E.A .

Trabant is considering a

recommendation to ban all

outside, open parties at the

university where alcohol will

be served.

The recommendation was

proposed at a dinner given by

Trabant for local alumni, na­

. '" ."M••!'*''¥' tional fraternity representatives,

and leaders of the

N e w a r k c om m u n-i t y .

?'residents of university

fraternities were not invited

to the dinner. Mayor William

Redd and City Manager Peter

Marshall represented the City

of N-.wark. The dinner was

held to discuss the recent problems

with drinking at campus

parties, according to

Dean of Students Raymond 0.


The recommendation,

which received only one

negative vote, would ban all

"open social functions involving

the consumption of

alcohol held outside fraternity

houses and residence

halls... at the University of

Delaware" if approved by

Trabant. ("Open" function is

defined by Eddy as any

gathering for which an invitation

is issued to the entire

campus or a large portion of

the campus.)

According to Dr. John Worthen,

vice president for Student

Affairs and Administration,

"Dr. Trabant has in-

dicated he favors the ban.''

According to Worthen and

Eddy, this recommendation

comes after the City of

Newark threatened to enforce

existing ordinances or pass

stronger ordinances concerning

drinking and disorderly

conduct. Eddy said there is no

way for campus fraternities

to control these large parties

or their "spinoff" problems .

Eddy said that one fraternity

member told him that open

social functions are no fun for

the members.

Worthen said the recommendation

will be given to the

Council of Fraternity

Presidents for their consideration.

He said he is

"quite sure that the council

wlll g1ve sel'ious consideration

to the recommendation."

At present, the council is trying

to draft a set of guidelines

for implementation of the

alcohol policy in fraternity

houses. Those guidelines

would have to be approved by

Worthen, who said that he

feels it would be difficult to

handle a long list of


Eddy said the recommendation

was a "tradeoff" with

the fraternities and that in

return ·for a ban on open campus

parties with alcohol, the

university would minimize interference

with the internal

affairs of campus fraternities.

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