British Academy of Implant Dentistry in Iraq - Smile Dental Journal

British Academy of Implant Dentistry in Iraq - Smile Dental Journal

British Academy of Implant Dentistry in Iraq

The British Academy of Implant Dentistry has successfully

completed the first four modules of its one year Comprehensive

Evidence Based Clinical Dental Implantology Course in Erbil-

Iraq. This course which is run by BAID in collaboration with

the Iraqi Dental Association has received positive feedback,

not only on the scientific content of the course, but also on

the clinical hands-on training which was offered to the 122

course delegates on different implant systems as well as on the

various skills required in implant dentistry, such as photography,

suturing skills, treatment planning, restorative techniques and

digital radiography.

In a statement to Smile Dental Journal, BAID chief examiner;

Professor Marco Esposito said that he and the whole team were

impressed with the commitment, enthusiasm and the level of

interest shown by the Iraqi dentists in this advanced implatology

course. In return, Dr. Rafi Aljbori; President of the Iraqi Dental

Association thanked The British Academy of Implant Dentistry

for lining up such prominent speakers and for delivering a well

structured and enjoyable course which is been beneficial for the

iraqi dentists. He has also mentioned that the evidence based

content and the hands on clinical training of this unique course

has already reflected upon the level of implant training in Iraq.

Dr. Hassan Maghaireh, the head of the International Section

of The British Academy of Implant Dentistry and Miss.

Solange Sfeir; BAID Marketing & Courses Administrator have

expressed their gratitude to the course Gold sponsor: Leader

Implants, Silver sponsors: Megagen, Dentarum, Nucleoss

and Biohorizons dental implants and Bronze sponsors: Easy

Implants, for their support in running the hands-on workshops

as part of this one year comprehensive course.

| 70 | Smile Dental Journal | Volume 7, Issue 1 - 2012

The Measurement in Implant

Osteointegration Goes Wireless

with Periotest M!

For the first time in Lebanon, Richa Dental Store

introduces the only wireless device available for

measuring the ossteointegration of dental implants

in the bone: Periotest M.

This device can be used with all types of implant,

no need for any special single use accessories or

smart packs, so it is very economical.

The measurement can take place immediately

after the implant insertion, during the healing

phase or even after the loading of the implant:

unlike other devices a long term study is possible

with Periotest M.

It is therefore recommended that implants are

measured routinely using the Periotest. Doing so

will serve to build a sense of security and trust,

both for the dentist and for the patient.

Bosphorus Diamond Dental Burs

from Tekmetal / Turkey

Tekmetal is trying to provide high quality and high performance

diamond dental burs as it is expected.

Bosphorus diamond Dental Burs are manufactured using high

quality raw materials with the tolerance on each shank adjusted to

ensure fitting into any hand piece.

Bosphorus diamond dental burs are produced in a high

technology innovation center using the latest equipments, subject

to quality control to comply the high standards. The unique plating

system gives you the advantages of smoother cut on each bur.

NEW A-DEC Led Light Unveils Brilliant Simplicity

Unveiled to the Middle East and Africa market at the AEEDC exhibition in Dubai, the new

A-dec LED dental operatory light is now available to dentists around the world.

“Designed for optimal visual acuity and treatment-room ergonomics, the A-dec LED is an

outstanding solution that outperforms all other industry options,” says A-dec Product Manager

Tom McCleskey. “By evolving LED technology, we’ve established a new benchmark for

operatory lighting”.

A-dec’s advanced light emitting diode (LED) technology has been optically engineered

specifically for dentists and the dental operatory. The A-dec LED stands alone in the market

because of how well it reduces eye strain and provides optimal ergonomics while ensuring

ample illumination, clarity and depth during treatment.

The new offering features multiple intensity levels, cure-safe mode, low cost of ownership, and

intuitive ergonomics.

Adjustable intensity levels of 15,000 lux, 25,000 lux, and 30,000 lux at 5,000K are able to flood the oral cavity with a

consistently neutral white light for true-to-life tones, which help practitioners, diagnose clearly. The light’s cure-safe mode emits a

brilliant yellow light at 25,000 lux, enabling the dental team to work effectively without curing photo-initiated resins.

McCleskey also mentions the solution’s ability to reduce eye fatigue because of how the light’s “stadium effect” mitigates

shadows and maintains a uniform light pattern. Plus, its unencumbered controls, unparalleled positionability, and fluid

movement, combine to create outstanding ergonomics.

This latest addition sets a premium standard for A-dec Dental Lights, a family of lighting solutions that also include the A-dec

500 ® Halogen 3-Axis and A-dec 300 ® Halogen 2-Axis.

| 72 | Smile Dental Journal | Volume 7, Issue 1 - 2012

Zmack ® system

Your smart choice to create smiles

Zhermack once again satisfies

the needs of its customers by

proposing the new zmack ® system:

universal light-cured composites

for conservative restorations.

The zmack ® system is

specifically conceived to

satisfy the practical needs

of dentists and the aesthetic

needs of both young and

older patients. From the

research and expertise of

our laboratories, zmack ®

combines in one system, a

range of composites zmack ®

comp with zmack ® etch &

zmack ® bond, etchant &

adhesive respectively, to guarantee the highest performance

and results.

Zmack ® comp innovates the chromatic system by selecting

an ideal range of eight color shades specifically calibrated

to adapt to the majority of restorations and facilitate the

dentist’s work. The result is a long lasting restoration

perfectly matching the colors of the underlying tissues for

an impeccable and brilliantly natural appearance. As well

as the basic body shades range, there are also two opaque

shades for use in the layering technique.

The micro-hybrid multi-purpose formula of zmack ® comp

gives the product excellent mechanical properties for

functional, reliable, long-lasting reconstructions of both

anterior and posterior teeth. The ideal non-sticky consistency

and shape stability are the handling characteristics we

strived for facilitate the dentist’s work, avoiding the need for

corrections caused by distortions during application.

Zmack ® etch & zmack ® bond complete the restoration work,

guaranteeing high quality adhesion with long-term stability.

Zmack ® etch facilitates application thanks to its creamy

gel consistency. The blue color improves visibility during

application and washing, thanks to a its recognisable

contrast, which last but not least, avoids the risk of overetching

the dentin.

The zmack ® bond, a self priming adhesive binds the

compound to the tissue effectively, creating a reinforced

marginal seal which prevents failures. An ideal viscosity

for an even penetration, the one coat application and the

prevention of post-operative sensitivity make zmack ® bond a

reliable safe partner. Zmack ® bond is effective on both wet

or dry dentin (up to 10sec).

The entire zmack ® system therefore becomes a valid aid

to the dentist and the secret behind the patients’ beautiful


| 74 | Smile Dental Journal | Volume 7, Issue 1 - 2012

AEEDC Excellence in Clinical Equipment Award for

WaveOne from DENTSPLY Maillefer

During the recent UAE International Dental Conference & Arab

Dental Exhibition – AEEDC Dubai 2012 – DENTSPLY International

was presented with the AEEDC Dubai Excellence in Clinical Equipment

Award in recognition of WaveOne from DENTSPLY Maillefer. The

AEEDC Dubai 2012 Award winners, selected by the AEEDC Scientific

Advisory Committee, recognise the significant achievements of both

individuals and organisations and their outstanding contributions to

oral health.

The AEEDC Dubai Excellence in Clinical Equipment Award

commemorates the dental clinic product/equipment that is a

revolutionary breakthrough in professional oral care, or has achieved

groundbreaking improvement to an existing product.

The criteria for the selection of the winning product is as follows:

• Innovation or modernization of existing equipment, materials, or


• Outstanding quality of production

• Safety of product

• “A” to “Z” time

• Simplicity of steps

WaveOne from DENTSPLY Maillefer brings simplicity to the root

canal shaping procedure, using only one Nickel Titanium instrument

per canal in most cases.

Mr. Darren Bayley, Marketing Director – MEA/CIS, DENTSPLY

International said: “Having received the Excellence in Clinical

Equipment Award during 2011 for SDR – Smart Dentin Replacement,

we are extremely proud that the AEEDC Scientific Advisory Committee

has once again recognised DENTSPLY International with the same

award for WaveOne from DENTSPLY Maillefer”

Mr. Rany El Hage, Interco Manager – DENTSPLY Maillefer said:

“DENTSPLY Maillefer is extremely proud that the AEEDC Scientific

Advisory Committee has recognised WaveOne with the Excellence

in Clinical Equipment Award, in line with DENTSPLY’s commitment to

Better Dentistry

FKG Dentaire

introduces 3 new rotary NiTi

instruments: Glide path files

RaCe ISO 10 .02/.04/.06


Thanks to their extremely small tip RaCe ISO 10 can

be used directly after manual instruments

ISO 08. Considerable time saving

in all kind of canals!

The RaCe ISO 10

offer the following


Exclusive rounded

Safety Tip

• Unique anti-screwing


• Sharp cutting edges for


• Electro-chemical polishing: better resistance to

torsion & fatigue

• SafetyMemoDisc: for mastering metal fatigue &

controlling number of uses


• Individual sizes (5 pces/box)

A special launching set has been prepared. It


• 1 x RaCe ISO 10, .02 taper

• 1 x RaCe ISO 10, .04 taper

• 1 x RaCe ISO 10, .06 taper

TheraCal LC BISCO Dental Products

TheraCal LC is a light-cured flowable resin containing Calcium Silicates. It is the first of a new class of internal flowable

pulpal protectant materials known as Resin Modified Calcium Silicates (RMCS) used in direct and indirect pulp capping

and as a protective base/liner under composites, amalgams, cements, and other base materials. It can be used as a

replacement to calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer, RMGI, IRM/ZOE and other restorative materials. TheraCal LC

performs as a barrier and protectant of the dental pulpal complex.

TheraCal LC provides the ideal alkalinity required of healing. This product features an impressive calcium

release that has been shown to be crucial to the promotion of apatite formation, secondary dentin bridge

formation, to re-apatite potential of affected dentin and for the mechanical sealing of the pulp.

TheraCal LC’s precise placement allows its use in all deep cavity preparations and the light-cured set permits

immediate placement of the restorative material. Its proprietary formulation allows for a command set while

maintaining ease of placement due to thixotropic properties. TheraCal LC’s proprietary hydrophilic resin

formulation creates a stable and durable liner or base.

| 76 | Smile Dental Journal | Volume 7, Issue 1 - 2012

Work quickly and cost-effectively

while creating great aesthetics –

the straightforward and intelligent

solution from GC

Easy-graft ® &

easy-graft ® CRYSTAL

EQUIA establishes itself as a modern posterior

filling concept.

The success of EQUIA is based on its two-step

concept. The cavity is first filled with EQUIA Fil, a

glass ionomer technology based filling material.

Protective EQUIA Coat adds a layer of highlyfilled,

light-curing resin. The synergetic effect of

the two components enhances all the physical and

aesthetic properties of the definitive filling (GC

Research and Development Data, 2007).

Over the past years EQUIA has been tried and

tested in numerous studies and has proven its

capabilities: It can be used as a long-term filling

material for all class I cavities as well as for less

extensive class II cavities, 1 assuming the isthmus

occupies less than half the intercuspal space. A

clinical study involving 245 patients over a period

of two years documented that EQUIA is a reliable

choice for long-term restorations even when

exposed to occlusal loading. 2

EQUIA is fast and easy to use. This allows the

dentist to place an entire posterior restoration in a

few minutes – from mixing right up to curing.

EQUIA is an evenly-weighted solution for posterior

fillings, an ideal balance between economical,

aesthetic and straightforward application.

1. K.-H. Friedl et al. (2011), 2 year retrospective study, IADR San Diego,

Abstract 3240.

2. M. Basso et al. (2011), 2 years clinical evaluation of EQUIA, IADR

San Diego, Abstract 2494.

Easy-graft ® and easy-graft ® CRYSTAL are moldable, synthetic bone

graft substitutes, which can be applied directly to the defect from

a syringe. In contact with blood, the materials harden and form

a stable, porous scaffold for bone regeneration. In many cases

membrane is not required.

Efficient, simple application

Easy-graft ® products form a moldable mass of interlinked granules.

No material is lost, and the danger of accidental aspiration is low.

Membrane-free techniques

In many cases a membrane to retain the material in the defect is

not required, because easy-graft ® products harden in situ, saving

time and costs.


Easy-graft ® products are synthetic. The risk of pathogen

transmission or graft rejection due to donor antigens can be

categorically excluded.

Supports regeneration

Easy-graft ® products are state of the art. They are microporous and

macroporous for optimum support of regeneration. The material

forms a stable scaffold that provides shelter from mechanical

stresses and space for new bone formation.

Complete resorption or volume preservation

The user may choose between the resorbable easy-graft ® of

phase-pure ß-TCP and the volume-stable, partially resorbable

easy-graft ® CRYSTAL of biphasic calcium phosphate (60%

hydroxyapatite/40% ß-TCP).

Condense without losing porosity

There are virtually no fragments and microparticles during

shaping and plugging. Round, pressure-resistant granules assist in

preventing injuries caused by broken pieces, such as during a sinus

floor augmentation.

Novocol Pharmaceutical

Novocol Pharmaceutical is a world leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, specializing in dental operatory and pain control

products, such as dental anesthetic, for over 100 years.

Our innovative and well established dental anesthetics set us apart in the area of sterile anesthetics.

On-going research and development ensures we continue providing our customers with products and services that are

unsurpassed in meeting their expectations for quality and performance.

| 78 | Smile Dental Journal | Volume 7, Issue 1 - 2012

MM-MTA State-of-the-Art

Endodontic Repair Cement!

The Soaric

won 3 iF awards for 2012

The introduction into the market of MTA (Mineral Trioxide

Aggregate) in the 90s has been a veritable revolution

that allows successful repair of iatrogenic accidents while

reducing the associated pathological complications.

Currently, clinically approved MTA products are

available within the dental marketplace. However, MTA

traditionally has a long setting time and an often grainy

consistency which makes placement more difficult.

MICRO-MEGA ® now offers the “State-of-the-Art”

MM-MTA, an endodontic repair cement that has

excellent physiochemical characteristics delivered in

innovative packaging. MM-MTA incorporates a faster

set time with a pasty consistency for easy handling and



• Biocompatibility

• Formation of a protective waterproof layer, resistant to

bacterial infiltration

• Excellent adhesion to the dentine

• Optimal results, even in humid conditions

• Radio-opacity

• An adapted packaging

• A homogenous consistency

• A reduced setting time (20 minutes)

The iF Design Award, established in 1953, is awarded by the iF

International Forum Design GmbH in Germany. It is one of the

most prestigious awards recognizing innovative design in industrial

products. iF is an international award which selects the most

superior design from products from all over the world. In addition

to the product’s exterior, quality, price, and environmental impact

are also reviewed and considered.

The award is segmented into 4 award categories: Product Design,

Communication Design, Material Design, and Packaging Design.

The Soaric has won 3 iF awards for 2012 (Product design award,

Communication award, and product material award), the most

important was the Gold award for product design. The competition

was between over 4300 product. The ceremony was held in

Germany where Mr. H. Morita received the award.



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