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The Difference in Wireless Distribuon


Where the

Comes From

We measure our effectiveness and the

value of our services by our constant

source of business - our repeat customers.


The Primus


For over a quarter of a century, a vision

of independence has allowed

Primus to build a distribuon business

based on relaonships rather

than transacons. As a privately

held corporaon, our main interest

is each customer’s best interest.

Whether we are processing a bill of materials, analyzing customers logiscal plans to opmize cost

and performance, or creang a customized kit specific to individual needs, we bring fresh thinking

and a relentless commitment to quality service. And in addion to our experience, experse,

and impressive services, our customers benefit from the value we place on real partnerships and

high standards. We are able to offer quality products and convenient soluons that support the

long-term success of those who maer most: our customers. With this commitment, Primus has

become the unrivaled standard for distribuon; essenally, the Difference in Wireless Distribuon.


Robust Heritage

Exciting Future

It was President Michael Johnson’s

vision to create a distribuon center

that emphasized building relaonships

with manufacturers and customers

instead of focusing on


For 30 years, this philosophy has enabled Primus to prosper. We have built our business on reputaon

and results ever since. Today we remain independent and strong as we connue to help

customers create and maintain their wireless networks by providing quality products, value-added

services, and integrated soluons. Our unwavering commitment will connue to revoluonize

distribuon by providing new products and soluons that meet changing industry trends and

customers needs for years to come.


Our People

Our Strengths

Made up of funconal teams,

Primus staff members focus on customer

service, quality management,

product developments, and everchanging

industry trends to connuously

enhance our customers’


At Primus, our employees are our strength. Our dynamic sales team assists with introducon of

new products and technology trends, as well as managing the day-to-day business of product

pricing, delivery, and order placement. Our knowledgeable team serves as your reliable partner

and superseding your expectaons is one of our standards. We offer no automated phones, but

rather immediate support with a live, friendly voice ready to assist within three rings or less. This

group of highly-trained individuals has the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to address

each of our customers’ requests efficiently and effecvely.


Extensive Services

Endless Possibilities

- Cable Assemblies

- Jumper Cables

- Customizaon

- Logiscs

- Staging and Site King

- Industry Training

Primus connues to grow and maintain the loyalty of customers by also providing value-added

services designed to make your job easier. For example, our site king process manages the

layout of material and packing of products from mulple vendors for each job with coordinated

deliveries under one part number customized for you. Simply stated, there are endless possibili-

es to make your job easier. These value-added services - coupled with our ever expanding

product porolio - help our customers save me, reduce costs, and sasfy technology needs.




Real Partnerships

Quality Products

Primus is a proud distributor of

quality products from over 200+

leading manufacturers of railroad,

communicaons, and safety products

and related services.

We are the crical and strategic link between our manufacturers and customers. Therefore,

Primus maintains strong relaonships with manufacturers and keeps an eye on the most advanced

technologies to offer innovave and outstanding products to loyal customers. With our substan-

al inventory of products, Primus has what you need and gets it delivered when and where it is

needed. Guaranteed.


Strategic Markets

Competitive Advantage

- Antenna and Filter Products

- Broadband Products

- Cables and Connectors

- Land Mobile Applicaons

- Lightning Protecon & Grounding

- Railroad Products

- Roof-top Products

- Safety Products

- Test Equipment & Soluons

- Tower Components

- Accessories

- Wind Energy

Our sales professionals cover the United States, proving that

physical distance is not a barrier in providing unsurpassed direct

customer service. Each is well trained and versale in all markets

we serve, covering everything you need for any job. Primus con-

nues to help its customers create and maintain some of the

largest wireless communicaon networks in the world.


Size can be the enemy of Quality.

Quality depends on personal

attention to details.


High Standards

Immense Pride

Through our years of experience,

we have developed the same resources

as larger corporaons, but

we are also able to move fast and

provide the hands-on approach that

can only be achieved by a serviceorientated

distributor like Primus.

Ask anyone who has worked with us: Primus has high standards! Everything from our telephone

3-ring rule, to delivering product in the middle of the night so you have it at sunrise, Primus

prides itself in overall customer sasfacon. And Primus is always pushing its high standards,

higher. Our quality program provides measurable standards for product soluon, process effec-

veness, and overall sasfacon. The goal is to provide perfecon by monitoring and meeng

specific performance standards. And it works. Primus’ performance has a solid reputaon for

high standards, proacve soluons, and outstanding overall commitment to our customers.


The Difference in Wireless Distribuon

4180 E Sand Ridge Road | Morris, IL 60450

(800) 435-1636 tel | (800) 767-7605 fax


That’s Where the

Comes From

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