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Based on, If Any -

Based on, If Any -

THE FADES - Episode 1 -

THE FADES - Episode 1 - PINK AMENDS - 04.04.11 8A PAUL (CONT’D) I’m not even supposed to be here. It was my friend’s idea of a fun night out. NEIL looks at him for another second.

THE FADES - Episode 1 - PINK AMENDS - 04.04.11 9 NEIL Who are you? Then a body comes crashing down from the skylight behind them. Crash. Bang. Glass and debris surround it. It lands with a slight thud and crunch. It’s SARAH. Shit. PAUL NEIL looks at the body. Then up at PAUL. Then around the top of the shopping centre a figure flits by. And another. NEIL notices. He grimaces. Run. What? Run. NEIL PAUL NEIL NEIL turns and runs. PAUL thinks, bends, picks up a bullet casing at his feet - looks at it. And then runs hard after NEIL. 10 INT. ABANDONED SHOPPING CENTRE - TOP CORRIDOR. NIGHT 1 10 (19.20) NEIL runs quickly. He now has SARAH on his back. He notices running shapes on the walls behind him. There are shadows. There is kinetic movement. This is scary. He hits a dead end. He looks back. There is something lit in the far distance. A shadow. A shape. Something. The shape moves towards NEIL. It’s got a strange sort of loping movement. It may be a young FADE GIRL (in fact it is, we’ll meet her later), but it’s too far away for us to see. NEIL lifts his gun and shoots again. Once. Twice. Three times. And then the gun jams. And the shape keeps moving. NEIL looks around for somewhere to escape to. There is nowhere.

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