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NiCd_Batteries ENG 1 - Systems Sunlight S.A.

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Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Series

Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Series

SUNLIGHT’s Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are available in three series (Pocket Plate, Fibre Plate and Sintered Plate), depending on

the electrode manufacturing technology. They are characterized by their optimum reliability, enhanced performance, long life span and

minimum maintenance requirements.

Their unique features enable them to be used in harsh environments, where other battery systems cannot operate with maximum

efficiency, thus providing an ideal energy solution for high demanding energy applications. They are mainly used in railway and mass

transit means, buildings and industrial plants, oil and gas facilities, aircrafts and defense systems, telecom networks, industrial and other

vehicles, emergency lighting and fire alarm systems.

Technical Features

Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate (NCPP) and Valve Regulated Pocket Plate

(VRPP), open and vented type batteries, are available as cells and blocks

3 series L,M,H based on discharge rate

Conformity to international standards

(e.g. IEC, DIN, UIC, BS, KS etc.) - Intelec certified

Pocket plate design (double perforation)

Nickel coated metallic internal components

Alkaline electrolyte

Flame-arresting vent protection

Polypropylene (ABS) separator & Polypropylene translucent container

Quality Features & Product Benefits

Reliability (no sudden death)

Wide capacity product range

Long service life and excellent cycle life

High safety level

Resistance to electrical and mechanical abuse

Low maintenance requirements

Good charge retention

Long storage time

No emission

of corrosive gases

Extended operating

temperature range

Quick recharge


Added Value Services

• Optimum solution design

• Installation

• Maintenance contract

Technical support (24x7)

Collection & Recycling




Fibre Plate


Plastic Bonded Plate


Capacity Typical

Cell Type Rate range (Ah) Back-up Typical Applications

KPL (Single)


KBL (Block)

KPM (Single) 10 - 395


KBM (Block)

12 - 1460

KPH (Single)


KBH (Block)

KRM (Single)

KRX (Single)

KRH (Block)


KSL (Block)

11 - 480

8 - 1540

10 - 265

9 - 930

VRPP 8 - 728

25 - 340

22 - 220

70 - 260

11 - 320

81 - 162


60’ to 3h

3h Railway Signalling, Switchgear Protection,

KFL (Block)

30 - 1500

Photovoltaic, Cathodic Protection

KFM (Single) 11 - 541

Switchgear Protection, Emergency Lighting,


60’ to 3h Train Lighting, Instrumentation and

KFM (Block)

28 - 1391

Process Control, U.P.S.

KFH (Single) 11 - 300

Generator Starting, U.P.S., Diesel


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