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BELIEVE IN - Arbonne

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“I do not have a story to tell. How could I possibly do this business?”

I remember explaining this to my sister, NVP Janine Yeager, when

she talked about doing Arbonne. I was definitely wrong. We all

have a story to tell.

My Arbonne journey began in February 2002. I loved the products

and the excitement and energy Janine had about her business every

time I talked to her. I found myself talking to everyone about

Arbonne and the incredible products. My husband looked at me

one day and said, “You should be doing this Arbonne thing!” I have

to tell you I never, in my wildest dreams, ever intended to be

involved with a network marketing company. That is until I finally

realized that I did not want to be just comfortable with my life. At

the time, I was able to stay home with my children while my husband

traveled extensively and lived a lifestyle imposed on him by

corporate America. I was not sure what I was doing when the

Arbonne opportunity presented itself, but I took a leap of faith and

jumped right in.

katrina keane

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Katrina Keane Region; Palatine, IL

Before having children, I was a teacher; so I really love educating

people about these amazing products. I still feel like I am teaching,

yet now I have a different classroom. I am very proud to represent

such an amazing company. I truly believe Arbonne is a gift for

many reasons. By opening the gift, I found amazing friendships,

personal growth, freedom and a passion for what I am doing. I love

sharing this journey with my sisters, Janine and RVP Anna Ricci. We

have been cheering each other on from day one and have so much

fun together.

People ask me all of the time to share the magic of my success with

them. Is there a perfect thing to say, or do? I will share the magical

secret with you. Are you ready? You are the magic. You are the one

who will make your business what you want it to be. You have

everything right now to get to the next level. Decide to do this business

and make no exceptions. Believe in your greatness!

Early on, there were some things that held me back in my business.

Fear was a huge one. I was so afraid of what people thought of me.

Katrina’s Why:

Tommy and


Katrina’s Why: Husband, Tom.

Katrina’s Consultant-in-training, Francesca.

continued ...

success strategy:

Never stop growing because you

are the magic to your success.

Over time, I realized what they thought about me was not about me

at all. I finally figured out the biggest thing in my way was me. Now

that I have moved out of my own way, the sky is the limit.

When you first introduce Arbonne to some people, they may have no

idea you are offering them such an awesome gift. When you love

what you do and talk from your heart, anything can happen. Your

passion and excitement will attract those who were meant to be a

part of your business. Having faith is so important. Janine always

said, “Wipe that look of fear off of your face and have faith.” I truly

believe the strong, intelligent and dynamic people on my team were

meant to be here with me and share this amazing journey.

If you are considering doing this business and think you are too

busy, you are perfect for Arbonne. Busy people are great leaders

and achievers. If you are a Consultant just starting out on your

Arbonne journey, I encourage you to give it all you have got.

Believe in yourself and what you are doing. There will always be

someone who does not understand. Hold on, keep thinking bigger

and persevere, knowing that everything you go through will help

shape you into the person you were meant to be. At the end of your

journey, you will have a great story to tell.

To the many great leaders in Arbonne: Thank you for your inspiration,

dedication and wisdom. The beautiful thing about this business

is that we are surrounded by phenomenal men and women. To

ENVP Deb Arnold and her husband, Joe: Thank you for your passion

and love for your team.

To my team: I love you! I am proud to know you and honored to

have you on my team. Thank you for your hard work, for your “just

do it” attitude and, most of all, for your faith in me.

To all of my Consultants, Clients and friends: Thank you for your

support. I truly appreciate all of you.

To my friends, Angela, Cynthia and Donna: You have been so

encouraging and supportive. Alison, you have been such a blessing.

I cannot wait for the day all of you tell me you are ready to do

this business.

ENVP Deb Arnold, NVP Janine Yeager, AM Kristi Hughes, AM Carrina

McMannis and AM Rachel Shelton.

A family thing: Katrina with sisters, RVP Anna Ricci and NVP Janine Yeager and

President Rita Davenport.

To my mom and dad: Thank you so much for your encouragement,

last-minute babysitting and unconditional love. You are huge blessings!

To my beautiful sister and sponsor, NVP Janine Yeager: You are my

angel on earth. I am so blessed you are my big sister. I love doing

this Arbonne thing with you.

To Anna: Thank you for always being there for me and for always

having it together. I love swapping ideas and stories with you.

To Tommy and Francesca: I love you so much! You are so special

and brighten my world. I am so honored to be your mommy. God

has given me the greatest gift in you. Tommy, thank you for keeping

me accountable and asking how many more business builders I

needed to get the car. And Francesca, thanks for always reminding

me that you are an Arbonne person, too.

To my husband, Tom: You are one incredible man! You have been

by my side throughout this journey. You make me laugh and always

make me feel so special. Thanks for doing my Presentation for me

when I was too sick. Not too many men would do that. I love you!

You are a man of true integrity. I appreciate everything you do for

your family. I am glad God chose you to be my life partner.

Finally, I thank God for all of the amazing blessings in my life.

DM Jill May, DM Michelle Mihalo, DM Karen Gianopolus, Katrina, DM Kim

Kuhlman, DM Amy Hernandez and DM Gina Streepy.

DM Jill May, Teresa Kozan

and Katrina.


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