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Surface Preparation:

New Building: Abrasive blasting to SA2.5 to a profile of 50-70 microns. Apply Zinc Rich

Epoxy or EA9 or Epogal followed by 2 coats of Epitamarin Solekote. Surface must be

clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust, wax, or any other contaminations. Repair: Abrasive

blasting to SA2.5. Apply 2-3 coats of Epitamarin Solekote. If abrasive cleaning is

impossible, remove loose rust to ST3 and apply 2-3 coats of Epitamarin. Solekote or

Multipoxy. Renewing of decks painted with Tamaglass: It is recommended to clean the

area with Thinner 1-11 (Prior to application).

Application Condition:

The surface should be dry and free of all contamination (oil, grease, salt, etc.). Do not

apply when humidity is higher than 85% or if rain is expected within a few hours. Surface

temperature must be at least 3°. Premature exposure to early condensation and rain may

cause color and gloss change.

Storage and Packing:

Store in cool and dry condition. Part B (hardener) is sensitive to moisture. Containers

must be kept tightly closed. Packing: 1 Lit (white only), 5.0 Lit, 20 Lit.


Available in Ral shades, gloss, semi gloss or matt. Tamaglass is for professional use only.

The numerical information quoted in the data sheet is subject to normal manufacturing

tolerance. Practical coverage can vary depending on application, structure and weather

conditions. Volume solids figures given is the percentage of dry film obtained from a given

wet film thickness under specified application rate and conditions. Intervals given assume

preparation consistent with good painting practice.

Safety Precautions:

Refer to P.P.A. 3/1. Before and during use observe all safety labels on packaging and

paint containers. Consult Tamarin Material Data Sheet. Avoid direct contact with skin and

eyes. (Gloves, goggles, face mask, barrier cream, etc.) Provide adequate ventilation.

If product comes in contact with skin wash with warm water and soap. If eyes are

contaminated flush with water for 10 minutes and obtain medical attention.

Basic Safety Precautions:

Handle with care. Open cans with care. Keep away from sparks and open flames. No

smoking should be permitted in the area. Observe precautionary notices on containers.

The information in this data sheet is given in good faith and to the best of our knowledge.

It is subject to revision from time to time, in light of experience and our policy of continuos

product development. Since condition of application and service may be beyond our

control, no liability can be accepted on basis of this data.


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