0 u d d .a CO 0 rl H 0 rd ft « • * T M E W p u r w i t u p x , »• A , Jb^A ...


0 u d d .a CO 0 rl H 0 rd ft « • * T M E W p u r w i t u p x , »• A , Jb^A ...

* T M E W p u r w i t u p x ,

»• A , Jb^A^.*^I W W ? 93 IV^IN ST., BRADTOPD.








; T i e T 6 r p e d o C o f D e l a w a r e

MTitro-Glyce-'rue and Torpedoes.

•Main Offic , 57 Main Street. B^Ko'*, P^.

Branch " Jarecki Store, Bolivar, N. Y-







Plans and Specifications a Specialty.







B O G G S & C U R T I S ,



Climax Rig Irons and Sand Reels,

Excelsior Boiler Feeder,

4 Puo;ic Square, Producers' ExcI.ar.go, Bradford, Pa.


rli!PmK:1K?S.| 9

P I C T U R E F * H J k M B S

U hvlvUring and Repairing.


D . T . D R E W


R E P A I R I N G .

93 Main Street. Bradford.

^{je M e a n public Htbrarp

7 co«. 2.

n,« 9 VI A T


This is a reference book and can not be taken from the

library without special permission of the librarian.

Gitv of BRADFORD, Fcnna

- s*-^ ~ ...... _-**t^

•'••".ua.m v a an* Director

" W . N . H A N N A ,

E i m m f c w H e a l e r

Opposite the Erie Depot,

K e n d a l l , M c K e a n Co.,

P e n n .

D O O R S ,

W I N D O W S ,

M O U L D I N G S ,

Pine, Ash and Hemlock Lumber

Sold Low for Cash.




T A N K S R E P A I R E D ,

And General Joiner Work done,


R A I L W A Y .

m i Qi i m

Shortest and Most Direct .Route



B U F F A L O k R O C H E S T E R .

Connections made at Buffalo with Fast Express

Trains, equipped with New and Elegant Day-

Coaches, Palace, Drawing Room and Sleeping

Cars, for Detroit, Toledo, Chicago, and all points

West, Northwest and Southwest.







General Freight and Passenger Agent,

Rochester, N. Y.


Agent B. R. & P. Depot,

Bradford, Pa.


Manufacturers of

The well known and Reliable.

Tubing and Casing.



Gas Pipe, Steam and Water Pipe,

Boiler Tubes, &c.


Boston, Mass. and McKeesport, Pennsylvania

General Agent for the Oil Regions,


Office, Riddell House Block,


"Warehouses, Clarendon, Pa. & Macksburg.O.

R. E. T O W N S E N D & CO.,

E n g i n e s a n d Boilers.

Agent for the Innis Engines.




D I R E C T O R Y ,


1 8 8 6 - 7 ,


Map of the City of Bradford,




Business Directory of Bradford,

Alton, Kendall, Derrick,

Gilmore & Red Rock.


PEIOE, $2,50.

Entered according to Act of Congress, iu the year 1886, by J. H. Lant.



9\T vi



L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.



Ab. above ; ave. avenue ; bds. boards ; bel. below ; bet. between ;

cor. corner ; E. east ; h. house ; manuf. manufacturer; N. north ;

n. near ; opp. opposite ; r. rear ; S. south ; s. side ; W. west. The

word street is implied.

ABBOTT J. P., Bennett Brook House, 68 Mechanic,

120 to 124 Washington.

Abbott P. H., laborer, h 111 Washington.

Abbott P. H. Mrs., h 111 Washington.

Acker Frank D., engineer, h 71 High.

Adams Duncan, driller, bds Green's Hotel.

Adams E. L., book keeper, First National Bank.

Adams F. J., contractor, h 52 High.

Adams George N., driller, h 41 River.

Adams J. H., rig builder, h 30 Hilton.

Adams James L., book keeper, h 28 Elm.

Adams Richard, barber, h 16 Mechanic.

Adams W. H., contractor, h 65 High.

ADAMSON W. A., confectionery, icecream, &c,

12 Kennedy, h 185 Mechanic.

Adsit Henry H., supt. B. O. Co., h 53 Pleasant.

Agnew Robert, teamster, h 7 Bishop.

Ahl H., dentist, 61 1-2 Main.

Akeley Carl, musician, bds 29 Boylston.

Albert M., book keeper, h 47 Amm.

Albertson Charles, house 52 Pleasant.

Albertson H. V., clerk, h 52 Pleasant.

Albertson J. B., notary public, Pompelon Hall,

h 52 Pleasant.

Alderman Samuel, house 79 Washington.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41-43-45 Main Street.


AKIN HOUSE, Peter Friedman, proprietor, 104

to 110 Washington.

ALEXANDER W. J., asst. supt. N. T. Co., U.

P. L. D., house 20 Pleasant.

Alger Chas. H., hostler h 23 Leeland av.

Allen D. W., grocer, house 59 Pearl.

Allen E. F., carpenter, h 86 Boylston.

Allen E. W., grocer, 97 Washington, h 59 Pearl.

Allen Fred, butcher, 53 Main.

Allen F. M., restaurant, opp B., R. & P. depot.

Allen Hiram, engineer, house 34 High.

Allen Henry, tool dresser, rooms Pullman Lodging


Allen J. E., clerk, house 7 Bushnell.

Allen Lot B., house 8 Tibbetts av.

Allen Rufus, carpenter, h 48 Tram R. R.

Allen Samuel N., h 17 Boylston.

ALLLNGr C. P., physician, 11 Chautauqua pi.

Amm James & Co., producers, 18 Main.

Amm Samuel, broker, rooms 88 Main.

Ames Samuel, Jr., barber, 122^ Main, h 44 Hilton.

P. FRIEDMAN, Proprietor.

No.'s I 04 to 110 Washington Street,


First Class Accommodations. House newly Refitted and

Furnished, and table set with the best in the Market.'

J8©" Rates only $r.oo per day.„jga

Sample Rooms stocked with the best brands of Wines, Liquors & Cigars.

W. D. SMITH, Manager.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.



agt, Riddell House Block.

American Oil Co., 18 Main.


Offie 55 Main, works 9 to 19 1-2 Bishop.

Amsdell Al, teamster, bds 3 Wagoner's pi.

ANDERSON & HOLLEY, Riddell House, Main

cor Davis.

Anderson F. G., tailor, h 36 Hilton.

Anderson Geo. F., manager The S. M. Co., house

Stewart Block.

Anderson G. H.. house 54 Davis.

Anderson J. W., laborer, h 29 North.

Anderson P. A., tailor, h 11 Walker place.

Anderson Walter (A. & Holley), Riddell House.

Andrews F. W., producer, h 81 Congress.

Andrews J. L., house 120 Corydon.

Andrews L. B., contractor, h 59 Jefferson.

Andrews Mattie, house 28 Roberts.

Andrews Minnie & Belle, rooms 21 Davis.

Andrews M. D., book keeper, h 47 Congress.

Andres Daniel, butcher, 80 Main.

Andrus P. C. Mrs., h 15 Bushnell.

Andrus W. K., clerk, h 15 Bushnell.

Angell C. D., real estate, 59 Main.

Anglun J. F., producer, house 50 Main.

Annumiata G., shoemaker, 73 Mechanic.

Anson John, house 52 Centre.

Antico Mary Mrs., h 5 Howard av.

Apple J. L., oil, house 40 Jefferson.

APPLEBEE, FISCHER & CO., grocers, 92 Main.

Applebee P. E., manager, 2 Walker pi.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Kobes and Blankets.


Ardizzone G. A., barber, 3 Congress.

Ardizzone John, barber, 112 1-2 Main.

Armor W. C. (McM., S. & A.), b Holmes House.

Armsby Robert, tel. operator, rooms Bowen bl.

Armstrong A. A., book keeper, 53 Main.

Armstrong Bros., carriages, 158 Main.

Armstrong Delos (A. Bros.), h 2 Whitney av.

Armstrong Eliza Mrs., h 69 Mechanic.

Armstrong James Mrs., h 57 Centre.

Armstrong John, clerk, Akin House.

Armstrong W. W. (A. Bros.), h 22 Whitney av.

Arnaway Geo., machinist, b Washington House.

Arnold Albert A., house 5 Roberts.

Arnold Harry, baker, 81 Main.

Arnold William, boards 122 Main.

Arters Nellie Miss, rooms 5 Morehouse pi.

Ash Barney, clerk, S8 Main.

Ashdown Geo. W., mason, h 3 Bushnell.

Ashley Fred., painter, bds Pierce House.

Atkins James G., laborer, liouse 81 Chestnut.

Atkinson Frank P., broker, rooms Roberts' Blk

Atkinson James, printer, Star Publishing Co.

Atwood F. C, carpenter, house 25 Davis.

Auerbach Helen Mrs., house 72 Boylston.

A U E R H A I M &,

Dry Goods, Millinery, &c, St. James Hotel

Block, next P. O., h 17 Bushnell.

Austin Edgar A., undertaker, h 4 Forman.

AVERILL MURTY, city restaurant, 40 Main.

Averill Isaac V., (A. & Murty,) 40 Main.

Avery A. L., house 17 Brennan.

Avery Albert M., carpenter, h 4 W agner place

Avery L. E., house 90 School.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


Aylsworth J. W., engineer, rooms 130 Main.

BABCOCK CHAS. H., teamster, h 39 Amm.

Babcock F. H., house 24 Bishop.

Babcock Geo. P., clerk, room Hotel Florence.

Babcock S. T., clerk, bds 111 High.

Babcock W. H., house 14 Brennan.

Bacher Thomas, teamster, h 22 Mechanic.

BaeuerlinChas., cashier People's Store, 24 Main.

Bagley P. J., clerk, U. S. Hotel.

Bahan James, laborer, house 5 Pike.

Bahan M. W., engineer, h 11 Pike.

Bailey B. M., bookkeeper, 41 Main.

Bailey Chas., painter, bds Green's Hotel.

Bailey Chas. S., janitor, li 132 Corydon.

Bailey Geo. F., mfg jeweler, h 6 Chestnut.

Bailey H. E. Mrs., house 46 Summer.

Bailey Laura, house 78 Washington.

Bailey Mark, laborer, h 46 Tram R. R.

Bailey R. G., producer, rooms 130 Mechanic.

Bailey S. C, foreman, bds Henderson House.

Baker A. O., tinsmith, house 15 High.

Baker E., rooms 8 Chambers.

Baker George, bds 103 Boylston.

Baker Henry, heater, 103 Boylston.

Baker H. S. Dr., house Bennett Brook road.

Baker J. W., torpedoes, 4 Congress, rooms Wall


Baker William, teamster, h 31 Kennedy.

Baldwin Geo., producer, rooms 93 Mechanic.

Baldwin Silas, house 30 State.

BALLARD A., grocer, 43 Pearl, h do.

Ballard John F., clerk, 43 Pearl.

Balton Andrew, house 44 Washington.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Sirver Ware.


Balton, liouse 38 Main.

Banks John V. W., h Winter c Scott ave.

Banks Joseph S., h Scott av. c Winter.

Bannister Henry, driller, h 30 School.

Banta John R., engineer, h ft S Mechanic.

Barber Chas. A., carpenter, h 22 Pleasant.

Barber Mary B. Mrs., house 7 Bushnell.

Barber Samuel, bds Butterfield House.

Barber Wm. M., producer, h 137 Congress.

Barbour H. F., of Star Publishing Co., h 17

Walker av.

Barbour Wm., conductor, rooms Bowen Block.

Barcroft S. R., superintendent, house 9 Potter.

Barker E. Mrs., house 46 Webster.

Barker Frank, bottler, 53 Mechanic.

Barker Frank T., producer, h 110 Congress.

Barker Joseph, house 48 Webster.

Barcroft H. G., clerk, Erie Express.

Barlow Emma, house 3 Chestnut.

Barlow J. S., constable, h 32 Boylston.

Barnes Chas. W., engineer, h r 72 Elm.

Barnes L. L., laborer, bds Green's Hotel.

Barnes Wm. A., rig builder, bds Palace Hotel.

Barnes W- E., barber, Riddell House.

Barnes W. F. Mrs., house 102 Corydon.

Barnsdall T. N., producer, 4 Congress, house 25

Walker av.

Barnsdall Wm., Jr., producer, h 164 Mechanic.

Barnum E. H., producer, 22 Congress.

Barr Mary Mrs., liouse 19 Pine.

Barrett F. S., house 136 Mechanic.

Barrett J. L, manager Tel. Co., h 75 Boylston.

Barrett L. L., dyer, etc., 13 Boylston.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Barrie Mrs., house 22 Patent av.

Barteau Mary H., h 56 Whitney av. •

Bartholomew Chauncey, h 5 High.

Barton E. B., producer, h 25 Pike.

Barton Robert, carpenter, bds Williams House.

Bascom A. Mrs., dressmaker, 21 Main.

Bastedo Joseph, teamster, h 50 Barbour.

BATEMAN GEO., Hotel Palace, 122 Main.

Bateman Thos. J., clerk, h 30 Elm.

BAUER & HERRMANN, insurance agts., room

3, Producers' Exchange.

Bauer Robert (Bauer & H.), 3 Producers' Exchge.

Baxter Allen, house 42 Main.

Baxter A. B., house 23 Boylston.

Baxter Mary Mrs., liouse 48 Elm.

Baylor James, room 93 Mechanic.

BAYNE & FULLER, producers, 4 Oil Exch'ge.

Bayne, Fuller & Melvin, producers, 4 OilEx'ge.

BAYNE S. G., general agents for Farrar & Trefts

Machinery, Continental Tube Works (limited),

Pittsburgh Oil Well Tubing and Casing.

49 Main, house 92 Kennedy.

Beahn Bridget, house 85 Bennett.

Beahen Martin, hostler, 95 Mechanic.

Beahen Mechael, hostler, 95 Mechanic.

Beam I., supt. C. O. Co., h 6 Chautauqua pi.

Bear S. M., broker, house 24 Boylston.

Beardslee, room 17, Tarport road.

Beasley Oliver, white washer, h 33 Pearl.

Beatty & Derby, stationers, 78 Main.

Beatty R. A. (B. & Derby), h 32 High.

Beck Chas., tailor, house 3 Terrace.

Behan Thos. W., switchman, h 122 Chestnut.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


Behl C. F., blacksmith, h 13 Congress pi.

Behmer C, clerk, 77 Mechanic.

BeigelBros. (J. E. &R.), 3 Kennedy, h 191 Corydon.

Bell Joseph T., h 25 Boylston.

Bell William, carpenter, h 44 Kennedy.

Bell W. J., Sr., rig builder, h 25 Boylston.

Bell W. James, rig builder, h 25 Pearl.

Bell W. W., cashier F. N. Bank h 76 Congress.

Belnap R. M., producer, h 93 Congress.

Benedict H. S., machinist, h 14 Whitney av.

Bender R., shoemaker, Congress, h 74 W'ington.

Benjamin Emery W., clerk, h 9 Tibbett's a v.

BENNETT GEO. G., grocer, 58 Corydon, h do.

Bennett I. N., rooms 15 Main.

Bennett John T., agent, h 2 Cliff.,

Bennett Mary Mrs., h 12 Chambers.

Bennett .T H., barber, 122£ Main.

Benson Andrew, machinist, h 9 Bank.

Benton A. Miss, clerk, 18 Main.

Benton E. Harvey, canvasser, h 10 Bushnell

Bergman Fred, carpenter, h 57 Chestnut.

Bergwall John, clerk, Riddell House.

Bergwall Oscar, house 13 Davis.

Berkwell A.., cigar maker, bds Akin House.

Berlin Geo. T., pumper, h 166 Jackson av.

Berlin Levi, producer, house 30 Elm.

Bermingham J. W., brakeman, bds 133 Main.

Berney B. J., carpenter, h 22 Newhall pi.

BERRY & JACK, lawyers, 11 Main.

Berry Geo. A., (Berry & Jack), h 38 Congress.

Berry Guy T., honse 38 Congress.

Berry Minnie, house 73 Mechanic.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Iron, Steel and Nails.


Berry M. J., gas fitter, h 26 Water.

Berwald K., grocer, 33 Bushnell, h 31 do.

Besson Mary Mrs., h 25 Washington.

Betell, shooter, rooms 31 Kennedy.

BIDAUX F. X., butcher, 80 Main.

Bidwell S. J. Mrs., h r 95 Mechanic

Biggins Philip, h Congress pi. c R. R.

Bigley Nellie Mrs., h 3 Edgett.

Bigley S. J., (McC. & B.), h 70 Summer.

Billich Lawrence, tailor, h 64 Centre.

Billington Clarence, fireman, h 6 Johnson.

Binney C. W., shoemaker, 157 Main.

Binney Warren, clerk, 92 Main.

Bingham John M., clerk, h 51 Washington.

Binney Geo. W., shoemaker, h 7 Roberts.

Bird John, house 47 Summer.

Birge M., house 24 Chautauqua pi.

Birmingham James, rooms 12 Whitney av.

Birmingham Kate Mrs., h 12 Whitney pi.

Bishop G. J., laborer, h 71 Forman.

Bishop J. R., producer, h Elm c Chestnut.

Bishop J. T., comptroller, 18 Main, h 69 Boylston.

Bishop L. N., builder, h I Amm.

Bittles C H. Mrs., h 115 Congress.

Bishop W. H., rooms 61 Boylston.

BLACK BEAR HOTEL, E. G. Sutherland, proprietor,

8 and 10 Pine.

Black Belle Mrs., h 41 Hilton.

Black Charles, helper, bds Williams House.

Black H. J., brakeman, h 11 Edgett.

Black John, h 23 Centre.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


Black P. N., musician, h 64 State.

Black Samuel, h 10 Washington.

Blackford Emeline Mrs., rooms 28 Chestnnt.

Blackwell Elizabeth Mrs., h 21 Pine.

Bladen Aaron, h 16 Mechanic.

Blair James E., producer, h 13 SchooL

Blair Samuel, house 8 State.'

Blaisdell Levi, milkman, h ft High.

Blake Thomas, house 14 Summer.

Blakeman W. W., producer, h 9& Boylston.

Blakeslee H. B., house 22 High.

Blakeslee L. G. Mrs. h 152 Mechanic.

Blakeslee W. Herbert, poultry, h 152 Mechanic.

Blakeley Geo. R., house 73 Chestnut.

Blakely Thos., C. B. Co., h 20 State.

Blakeman W. A, h 99 Boylston.

Blanchard Chas. K., h 8 Brennan.

Blanchard J. C, house 11 School.

Bland Charles, barber, h 96 State.

Bloadt Margaret Mrs., h 19 Kennedy.

Blockwell Ella, h 89 Mechanic.

Blodgett A. D;, machinist, h 59 Chestnut.

Blomer A. H., dept. P. M., h 16 Pike.

Bluestein Simon, house 41 Elm.

Bitting H. O., cigarmaker, bds Oil City House.

Boaser J. H., cigarmaker, bds Oil City House.

Boden F. E., producer, 22 Congress.

BODINE & WALKER, House-furnishing; Hardware,

etc., Mechanic c Barbour.

Bodine G. A., (Bodine & W.), bds St. James


Bodine H., tinsmith, bds Aikin House.

THOMPSON * WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China


Boemer Herman, laborer, h 10 Gay.

Bogardus John W., expressman, h 18Brookline.

Bogart John C, laundryman, h r 51 Corydon.

Bogart W. T., conductor, h 33 Jefferson.


Engines and Boilers, 4 Public Sq.

Boggs J. W., laborer, house 31 Bishop.

Boggs O. P. (Boggs & C), h 91 Congress.

Boggs W. M., lawyer, Davis Block, h 102 School.

Bohne John, cigar maker, h 60 Centre.

Boidwell A., rooms Pullman Lodging House.

Bollman E. J. Miss, house 16 Public sq.

Book Chas. K., producer, 24 Pine.

Boom S. W., fireman,house 64 High.

Booth A. B., producer, h 10 Jackson a v.

Booth C. S. (Dennis & B.), h 35 Amm.

Booth Geo. P., producer, h 7 Ascension.

Booth W. A., producer, h 10 Jackson av.

Borkman John, house 35 Pearl.

Boss Frank W., carpenter, h 141 Corydon.

Boss J., carpenter, house 141 Corydon.

BOSWORTH C. M., Boots and Shoes, 109 Main.

Bouchard Wm., driller, h 69.Centre.

BOVAIRD & SEYFANG, Central Iron Works,

Davis c Boylston.

Bovaird David, (B & Seyfang), h 12 Petrolia.

Bovaird Wm., machinist, h 95 Jackson av.

Bovaird William J., h 31 Amm.

Bowen B. H., soap mfr., Schonblom Block.

Bowen E. L., producer, rooms 112 Main.

Bowen J. W., h 8 McClellan.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


Bowers John, laborer, 13£ Congress.

BOYCE JAMES C, Lawyer. Patent Attorney,

Main c Webster, h 160 Mechanic.

Boyd Annie, house, 43 Congress.

Boyd Ann J. Miss, h 21 Congress.

Boyd James, contractor, bds Bradford House.

Boyer Edward, broker, h 21 Pike.

Boyer F. G., chief tel. operator, h 29 State.

Boyle Hugh, teamster, bds Towanda House.

Boyle H. F., clerk, 38 Mechanic.

Boyle John, clerk, h 59 High.

Boyle Lizzie, Akin House,

Boyle Wm., teamster, bds ft Cottage Row.

Boyland Sophia, confectionery, 101 Main.

Boylston E. J., W. E. & E. B-, 61 Congress.

Boylston E. P. Mrs., h 61 Congress,

Boyne E. A., (Coleman P., & B.), hi Mechanic.

Boynton Emily Miss, rooms 40 Corydon.

Boynton Wm., driller, h r 13 Merrow av.

BRADBURN C. L., paper hangings, 95£ Main.

BRADFORD & KENDALL R. R., office 95


BRADFORD BEEF CO., S. R. Chase, manager,

53 Elm.

BRADFORD COAL CO., Roberts bl, 77 Main.


15 Chautauqua place.

Bradford Iron and Metal Co., r 135 Main.

Bradford Mfg. Co., furniture, Hilton Switch.

Bradford Mutual Ins. Co., 3 Producers' Exch'ge.


THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


BRADFORD OIL CO., J. T. Jones, President,

T. J. Powers, Treas. ; H. E. Brown, Sec'y ;

H. H. Adsit. Sup't. Congress cor Corydon.


Stoves, Hardware, Tinware, etc., 131 Main.


Bradford Temperance Reading Room, 6 Congress.


19 Congress.

Bradford Transportation Co., Davis Block.



Bradley Frank, producer, rooms 24 Pine.

Bradley F. W., nurseryman, h 29 Pleasant.

Bradley Harriet Mrs., h 157Mechanic.

Bradley Henry, h 14 Congress pi.

Bradley Isaac, h 45 Avenue B.

Bradley James Mrs., h 61 Mechanic.

Bradley John, h 168 Jackson av.

Bradley Thomas, rooms Main c Webster.

Bradley Wm. H., producer, h 56 Kennedy.

Bradner D. G., producer, over Bradford N. B.

Bradshaw E. A, associate editor Era, rooms

Hotel Florence.

Brady James C, clerk, house 28 State.

Brady Jane Mrs., house 13 Chestnut.

Bragg C. H., musician, h 66 Main.

Brainard A. L., house 18 Brennan.

Bratt C. H., shade maker, bds St. James Hotel.

Brawley John B., lawyer, over B. Nat'l Bank.

Brayton M. J. Mrs., house 14 Kennedy.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

X. Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.


Brehler L., clerk, 62 Main.

BRENNAN & DAVIS, Jewelers and Stationers,

21 Main.

Brennan Cal., helper, bds Akin House.

Brennan C. M., (B. & Davis), h 27 Summer.

Brennan John, clerk. 21 Main.

Brenneman L. C, rooms Wall Block.

Brett C. U., salesman, h 115 Main.

Breun Calvin, blacksmith, bds Akin House.

Bricker D. L., carpenter, h 19 State.

Briggs B.. musician, h 113 Washington.

Briggs I. A., clerk, 18 Main.

Bright George S., business mang'r Sunday News,

h 48 School.

Brink M. G., house 67 Congress.

Brinker H. L., clerk, 9 Main.

Brinton B. F., producer, house 4 Potter.

Brinton, producer, Pullman's Lodging House.

Broder Jas., office 4 Congress, h 37 Jackson av.

Brodrick Daniel, car inspector, Erie shops.

Bromberg S. L., clerk, bds St. James Hotel.

Bronson W. W. Mrs., h 67 School.

Brookins Hattie Mrs., h 31 Clarion.

Brooks D. P., producer, h 4 McKean.

Brooks H. C, broker, house 65 School.

Brooks Nelson, carriage maker, h 11 Brennan.

Brown & Roberts, lawyers, 24 Oil Exchange.

Brown Asher, producer, h 100 Congress.

Brown A., book keeper, rooms 86 Main.

Brown Bros. (H. & C), barbers, 58 Main, h 45


Brown Burt, blacksmith, 74 School.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Brown Chloe Mrs., house 4 McClellan.

Brown Florence, clerk, Post Office.

Brown Geo. B., carpet layer, h 17 Pine.

Brown G. H. Mrs., dressmaker, 27 Main.

Brown H. (Brown Bros.), h 5 Bishop.

Brown H. Mrs., Pullman Lodging House.

Brown John, agent E. T. Co., 2 Oil Exchange.

Brown John, producer, h 41 Boylston.

Brown Josephine, house 89 Mechanic.

Brown Julia Miss, house 165 Corydon.

Brown L. B., house 67 Jackson av.

Brown L. M. Mrs., rooms 160 Mechanic.

Brown Mrs., house Globe.

Brown Mabel Miss, rooms 156 Mechanic.

Brown Sarah Miss, rooms 87 Boylston.

Brown Solomon, peddler, h 22 Pearl.

Brown S. A., machinist, 29 to 33 Webster, house

Jackson av.

Brown T. B., dry goods, 86 Main, h 70 Kennedy.

Brown W. W. Hon., house 124 Congress.

Brown, conductor, rooms Bowen Block.

Bruce Sarah, rooms 156 Mechanic.

Bruckler John, blacksmith, h River n North.

Brundage L. A. Mrs., h 99 Centre.

Brunner John, bookkeeper, h 38 Pearl.

Bryan Edward Rev., rooms 194 Mechanic.

Buchanan Alvin, brakeman, h 37 River.

Buchanan P., blacksmith, bds Williams House.

Buchanan Thomas, producer, h 17 Summer.

Buckley A. B., house 19 High. ,

Budd James, news, h 15 Cole av.

Bulgin R., photgrapher, 9 Main.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates.


Buell Elmer E., operator, h 81 Jackson av.

BULLARD L. C, Jeweler, 2 Congress, house

26 Summer.

Bullis L. H., bds City Hotel.

Bullock Geo. H., janitor, h 84 School.

Bumppus J. B., mason, h 7 Allison.

Bundy Rufus, confectionery, 85 Tarport rd.

Bunnell A. L.. producer, h 58 Madison.

Bunnell G .1., house 111 Main.

Burchfield J. M., clerk, h 29 Cole av.

Burden Spencer, shooter, h 68 Boylston.

Burdick E. Miss, clerk, 18 Main.

Burdick Stella Miss, bds Riddell House.

Burdick W. D., bds Riddell House.

Burke J. Mrs., h 141 Tarport Road.

Burke James J., clerk, 120 Main.

Burke J., boiler maker, bds 133 Main.

Burke John, Towanda House, 140 Mechanic.

Burkle Albert, cigar maker, bds Akin House.

Burkwell A., cigar maker, bds Akin House.

Burleigh Ella, house 29 Kennedy.

Bunnell M. Mrs., tobacconist, 111 Main.

Bnrnham Frank, contractor, h 24 Bank.

Burns Alex., teamster, b Bennett Brook House.

Burns Andrew, pumper, h 5 Morehouse pi.

Burns Ellen Mrs., house 87 Main.

Burns E. H., tool dresser, h 45 State.

Burns Isaac, pumper, house 31 High.

Burns James, painter, house 9 Third.

Burns Sadie Miss, house 6 Chambers.

Burns Wm. H., drayman, h 6 Amm.

Burt H. D., clerk, Henderson Honse.

THOMPSON «t WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


Burt Jeremiah, carpenter, h 25 Clarion.

BURT J. D., Henderson House, Webster corner


Burr Rockland, carpenter, h 80 Snmmer.

Burritt Adella, house 89 Mechanic.

Burroughs Wm. R., nitroglycerine, h 60 High.

Bush J. G., watchman, h 11 Congress pi.

Bushnell Nate, house 3 Potter.

BUSS C. D., physician, 13 Main, h 51 Corydon.

Bussard J. P., pumper, h Madison c Forest.

Butler Frank S., clerk, bds Henderson House.

Butler George, rooms 89 Mechanic.

Butler George M., 51 Main.

Butler G. W., producer, bds Bradford House.

Butler Joseph, brickmaker, h 17 Cole av.

Buton C. E., tool dresser, bds Pierce House.

Buton Maggie Mrs., h 52 Boylston.

Button Brewer, livery, 13£ Congress.

BUTTERFIELD JOHN A., Butterfield House,

7 and 9 Congress.

Buttrey J. W., producer, h n ft Mechanic.

Butts Clara, house 69 Mechanic.

Butts W. E., conductor, bds 133 Main.

Buzzell L., house 60 Whitney av.

Buzzell Mary Mrs., milliner, 22 Main.

Byers John, carpenter, h 44 Summer.

Byles M. H., (McS. & Byles,) h 5 McKean.

Byrom Henry, agent, The T. W. P. Co., h 82


Byron Charles P., producer, h 111 Congress.

CABLE E. R., brakeman, bds Lloyd House.

Cadwell L. B., house 71 Elm.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41--43-45 Main Street.


Calahan Thomas, house 15 Bennett.

Calder Chas. H., laborer, h 16 Jefferson.

Calder James B., accountant, h 103 Corydon.

Caldwell E. R., clerk, 45 Main.

Caldwell Robert R., producer, h 24 Jefferson.

Callahan H. A., tinsmith, 46 Main.

Callahan Minnie Mrs., h 12 Chambers.

Callender W. B., druggist, h 93 Corydon.

Cameron S. E. Mrs., florist, 27 Chautauqua pi.

Camp C. C, producer, rooms 29 Corydon.

Campbell A. B., agt. B. B. & K. R. R., freight


Campbell Bros., mineral water, 29 Davis.

Campbell Chas, A., printer, h 50 Elm.

Campbell David (Campbell Bros.), h 26 State.

Campbell Harry, teamster, h 28 High.

Campbell H. A., tel. operator, h 6 Whitney av.

CAMPBELL H. P., Pro. G. A. B. Co., 29 Centre,

house 38 Barbour.

Campbell James, restaurant, h 20 Bishop.

CAMPBELL JAMES F., Pro. City Hotel, 74


German American Bottling Co,

H. P. Campbell, Proprietor.


Bottlers of Geo. Weber Brewing Co.'s Cincinnati Lager.

Families and Parties supplied at shortest notice. Telephone

connections, 257-2. Post Office Box ^92.

General Superintendent, A. J. Draper.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoyes and House Goods.


Campbell John, house 13 Pike.

Campbell J. H., contractor, h 75 Congress.

Campbell J. F., carpenter, h 18 Congress pi.

Campbell J. F., printer, Sunday News.

Campbell Maggie, bds 99 Boylston.

Campbell M. F. Miss, dress maker,li 41 Cong.

Campbell T. J., house 39 Mechanic.

Campbell W. H., (Campbell Bros.), h 31 Davis.

Caniff C., saloon, 104 Main.

Cannon Charles porter, Butterfield House.

Cantz Anna Mrs., house 14 Pine.

Cardenale Louis, fruits, &c, h8 Pearl.

Carig Thomas, blacksmith, bds Quigley Hotel.

Carik Thomas, rooms 12 Whitney pi.

Carlisle Etta, clerk, 86 Main.

Carlson Frank, shoemaker, 117 Washington.

Carlson John, tailor, house 12 Water.

Carman A., shooter, h 76 Boylston.

Carman F. C, driller, h 7 Pearl.

Carman Riley H,, blacksmith, h 114 High.

Carney Geo. W., clerk, h 33 Boylston.

Carothers Wm., helper, bds Bay State Hotel.

Carpenter Albert, h 50 Tram R. R.

Carpenter Geo. F., bottler, bds 54 Corydon.

CARR CHAS. M., Plumber, Steam and Gas Fitter,

16 Public square, h 6 Bushnell.

Carr James, liouse 5 McClelland.

Carr L. C, house 45 Washington.

Car rig John, blacksmith, bds Quigley Hotel.

Carroll A. L., (C, McC. & Co.), h Davis.

Carroll, McCandlish & Co., oil well tool mfrs.,

74 Forman.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.


C A R R O L L R . W . ,

General Agent American Tube & Iron Co.

Oil Well Supplies of all kinds. 119 Main,

bds Riddell House.

Carroll W. G., clerk, 119 Main.

Carson S. J., driller, h 55 Mechanic.

Carson W. W., tank builder, h 9 Roberts.

Carter J. J., producer, 8 Oil Exchange.

Carter V. O., carpenter, h 90 Jennings.

Casey F. A., driller, house 67 Bennett.

Casey James P., mail carrier, P. O.

Casey Julia Mrs., house 31 Grove.

Casey Robert, clerk, h Bennett cor School.

Caskey Elmer L., blacksmith, h 41 High.

Casler John, laborer, h 34 Barbour.

Casley Andrew, blacksmith, bds 12 Park.

Casley John, blacksmith, bds 12 Park.

Cassedy G. W., house 66 Summer.

Cassedy John, house 42 School.

Cassedy William J., house 58 River.

Casteline H., locksmith, 89 Mechanic.

Casteline, rooms 90 Corydon.

CatlineMiss, teacher, rooms Mechanic c Tibbetts.

Cerutti Emilio, musician, bds 40 Tram R. R.

Chadwick L. O., printer, Star Pub. Co.

Chaffee M. W., clerk, h 11 Pleasant.

Chamberlain & Co., meat market, 76 Mechanic.

Chamberlain D. F., clerk, Washington c Mech.

Chamberlain E., carpenter, b Bntterfield House.

Chamberlain Frank E., clerk, h 79 Washington.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


CASTERLINE C. L., Torpedoes and Coal, 26


Chamberlain F. J. (C. & Co.), h SI Washington.

Chamberlain J. C. (C. & Co.), h 81 Washington.

Chambers E. J., plumber, h 6 Bushnell.

Chambers Geo., prodnjer, h 61 Pleasant.

Chambers Wm. H., producer, h 10 Ascension.

Chandler Benj., tank builder, h 15 Park.

Chapin W. H. D., producer, Davis Block.

Chapman A. L., rig builder, h 6 Pleasant.

Chapman F. H., producer, Davis Block, h 103


Manufacturer of and Dealer in

Nitro - Glycerine


T O R P E D O E S .

We guarantee our Stock Pure and Full Weight. Orders by Telephone,

Telegraph or by Letter filledin any part of the Oil Country

at short notice.

We do our own Shooting.

Office ; 26 Main Street,

B R A D F O R D , FA.

Telephone No. 216. P. O. Box 919.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


CATINAUD V. L., Hatter, Bleacher and Dyer,

14 Kennedy, h do.

Chapman G., sucker rods, 17 Patent av, house 99


Chapman John B. (W. B. C. & Son), h 32 Forman.

CHAPMAN W. B. & SON, Lawyers, 6 Producers'


Chapman W. B. (YV. B. C. & Son), h 1 High.

Chapman Will B., law student, h 1 High.

Chapman Wm. L., clerk, h 18 Buffalo.

Chappell E. B., artist, h 14 Boylston.

Charlton Edward, producer, h 85 High.

Chase S. R., manager, bds St. James HoteL

Chattle & Blakeslee, Hotel Florence, 84 Corydon".

Chattle Thomas, Hotel Florence.

Chautauqua Butter Co., 6 Kennedy.

Cheesman Abner, teamster, h 77 High.

Cheney Thomas, house 55 Mechanic.

Cheney W. W. (W. W. C. & Co.), h 10 Elm.



Ladies' and Gents' Hats

Cleaned, Bleached,Dyed & Pressed

In Latest Style.




14 Kennedy Street., BRADFORD, PA.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


CHENEY W. W. & CO., Livery, Sale and Feed

Stables, rear N. T. P. Co., and 44 & 46 Boylston.

Chevlaier Edward, artist, rooms 90 Corydon.

Chew Thomas, house 26 Winter.

Childs H. S., clerk, 127 Washington c Mechanic.

Chisholm D., liouse 153 High.

Christie James, Jr., clerk, Main c Webster.

Christie Samuel, foreman, bds Bay State Hotel-

Christy Thomas, rooms Davis Block.

Chute Andrew, shooter, house 11 High.

Clair J. F., tel. operator, bds 60 Amm.

Clamp George, laborer, bds 85 Hilton.

Clare Mabel Miss, house 6 Chambers.

Clark C. L., manager C. Oil Co., rooms 3 Main.

Clark David, machinist, rooms Central Hose Co.

Clark E E., clerk, 19 Main.

Clark Fonetta, milliner, 22 Main.

Clark Henry, h R R n Leeland av.

Clark O. R., house 93 Main.

Clark Robert M., clerk, Shady Side Hotel.

Clark R. Y., machinist, h 28 Bushnell

Clark Sarah, house 96 Corydon.

Clark S. R. (C. C. K. & Co.), bds Lloyd House.

Clark Thos. B., producer, h 188 Mechanic.

Clark Walter, engineer, rooms 117 Main.

Clark W. H., pumper, house 7 Kennedy.

Clarke & Toomey, saloon, 4 Chambers.

Clarke G. W., house 4 Chambers.

Clayton Frankie Miss, rooms 27 Bishop.

Cleland F. D., sewing machines, h 30 Bushnell.

Cleland J. W., house 29 Bushnell.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Clements John, contractor, bds Pierce House.

Clements Maggie Mrs., 40 Main.

Clements P. M., tool dresser, bds Pierce House.

Cleveland S. B., clerk, City Hotel.

Clifford E. M., brakeman, h 6 North.

Clifford H. C, barber, h 37 Pearl.

Clifton Jennie Miss, h R. R. av. cor Corydon.

Clough Carl A., engineer, bds 6 Allison.

Clough Geo. P., fireman, h 6 Allison.

Clough L. L., real estate, 88 Main.

Clute Lena, 40 Main.

Cluxton F. C, physician, 100 Main, h 58 Amm.

Coast F. T. (John Coast & Sons), h 133 Congress.

Coats C. C, jeweler, house 41 Amm.

Coast John & Sons, producers, 121 Mechanic.

Cobb E. M., house 51 Forman.

Coburn A. VV., house 49 Summer.

Coburn J. N. (Krahe & C), rooms 17 Pro. Ex.

Cochran Allen, producer, h 43 Jackson av.

Cochran Allen, Jr., producer, h 34 Jackson av.

COCHRAN JOHN, Iron Sucker Rods, 86 and 88

Chestnut, house 43 Jackson av.

Cochran J. E., broker, house 8 Petrolia.

Cochran Robert G., producer, h 129 Corydon.

Cochran William, clerk, Oil City House.

Cochran Wm., producer, h 210 Mechanic.


General Insurance, 59 Main.

Cody C. P. (C. P. Cody & Bro.), h 3 Moor-house


Cody E. V. (C. P.Cody &Bro.), b Holmes House.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


Coffey Michael, house 32 Tram R. R.

Coffey Thomas, house 32 Tram R. R.

Coffin S. G., livery, 12 Barbour, h 9 Walker av.

Cohen F. Mrs., confectionery, 91 Main.

Cohen Moses, clerk, rooms 1 Morehouse pi.

Cohen M., cigar maker, bds Butterfield House.

Cohen M. A-, clerk, bds Riddell House.

Cohn Abe B., clerk, house 86 Corydon.

Cohn Ed., tobacconist, h 71 Boylston.

Cohn Himan, dry goods, 20 Main, h 86 Corydon.

Cohn H., peddler, house rear 25 Boylston.

Cohn Isaac, clerk, house 86 Corydon.

Cohn Isidore, tailor, house 35 Bushnell.

Cohn Moses, book keeper, h 86 Corydon.

Cohn Wolf Rev., house 26 Washington.

Coit Geo. L., teamster, h 53 Centre.

Colby Samuel, laborer, bds Towanda House.

Cole F. M., clerk, house 64 High.

Cole G. C, barber, 70 Mechanic.

Cole J. J., teamster, h 2 Bushnell.

Cole Marshall E., laborer, h 2 Slocum.

Cole T. W., house 56 Bennett.

Coleman E. W. (C, P. & B.), h 111 Kennedy.

Coleman Frank J., boiler maker, h 95 High.


5 Producers' Exchange Building.

Colligan Cornelius, h ft Thompson av.

Collins Chas. F., buyer, bds St. James Hotel.

Collins Daniel, brakeman, bds 60 Amm.

Collins F. J. (N. R. C. & Co.), h 87 Corydon.

Collins James, helper, house 9 Grove.

Collins J. E., milliner, 8 Kennedy.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasscs.


Collins John W.. barber, h 104 Pleasant.

COLLINS N. R.'&CO., Liquors', 6 & 8 Chestnut,

house 87 Corydon.

Collins N. R., beer bottler, John Burke, manager,

58 Webster.

Colton O. H., broker, house 23 Walker av.

Colwell Betsy, house 40 Corydon.

Comer C. H., drayman, h 81 Bennett.

Comfort O. B., dentist. 9 Main, h 81 Pleasant.


Compton M., supt. F. O. C, h 90 Congress.

Compton Mary Miss, house 4 Petrolia.

Conable Harry, laborer, Holmes House.

Conant James H., producer, h 8 Elm.

Conant P. A. Mrs., house 8 Elm.

Conklin W. H., collector Am. Ex. Co., h 20 High.

Conley Bridget Mrs., h 150 Jackson a v.

Conley John, iron tanks, Erie R R n Wash'ton.

Conneely Brian, clerk, 93 Mechanic.

Conneely Frank T., clerk, 93 Mechanic.

Conneely Thos., liquors, 93 Mechanic, house 105


Connelly Bros., boiler manufacturers, Hilton.

Connell Peter, laborer, h 32 Whitney av.

Connelly T. F., boiler maker, h 4 Amm.

Conners Jas. T., plumber, rooms 6 Bushnell.

Conners Thomas, carpenter, h 7 Bank.

Connolly Michael, laborer, bds 15 Grove.

Connors Bat., switchman, bds 46 Webster.

Connors James T., plumber, rooms 6 Bushnell.

Connors John, house 15 North.

Conover J. A., collector, telephone ex., h 29


THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., fancy China.


Conroe M. C. Mrs., dressmaker, 15 Chestnut.

Coiiroy Marshall, carpenter, h 40 Corydon.

Consalus Joseph E., conductor, h 91 Boylston.


switch, New No. 37 Mechanic. President,

Thomas Blakely; Vice President, T. W.

Lott; Treasurer, A. M. Mayer; Secretary,

H. Mayer.

Cooban Frank, paper hanger, h 22 Bank.

COOK CHARLES E„ Tailor, 5 Pine, house 80

Merrow av.

Coon Jacob, carpenter, house 12 Pleasant.

Coonan Wm. Rev., h Corydon cor Webster.

Coones Daniel, carpenter, h 29 Boylston.

Cooper Charles, fireman, bds 122 Main.

Cooper C. J., master mechanic, h 16 Brennan.

Cooper Moses, carpenter, Pullman Lodging


Cooper Myrtle, house 23 Chestnut.

Cooper William B., h 7 Leeland av.

Corbett George, house 60 Boylston.

Corbin E. A. Mrs., physician, Main cor Pine.

Corbin J. A., house Main cor Pine.

Core Charles, 6 and 8 Congress.


No. 5 Pine Street, BRADFORD, PA.

T a i l o r a n d . OTLXtter,

Formerly at Paris, France.

Cleaning and Repairing at Short Notice-

Also Makes to Order.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


Corson Kate, house 43 Elm.

Corthell C. S., foreman, bds Pierce House.

Cosgrove M. R., blacksmith, house 60 School.

Cosolowsky C. E., clerk, bds 25 School.

COSOLOWSKY C. R., Manager B. S. C, house

25 School.

Costa F., barber, 3» Main.

Costa Joseph, barber, h State.

Costa Minnie Mrs., h 52 State.

Costa N., barber, 38 Main, h 46 School.

Costello Frank, h 43 Davis.

Costello Mary, rooms 12 Whitney pi.

Costello Mary Mrs., h Merrow av.

Costo J., barber, house 61 State.

Cotter W. J., printer, Era.

Cottrell & Co., druggists, 78 Main.

Cottrell C. V., (Cottrell & Co.), li 4 Whitney av.

Coughlin Jerre, house 5 Terrace.

Coup Philip, rooms 21 Davis.

Cousins Fernando, foreman, h 109 Beylston.

COUSINS W. F., Moulder, h 44 Elm.

Covell J. N., engineer, bds 13 Brennan.

Covert Abram, teamster, house 4 Water.

Covert L. F., laborer, house 24 Bishop.

Covert William H., house 6 Tram R. R.

Cowdrey Belle, house 23 Main.

Cowdrey F. E., clerk, h 187 Mechanic.

Cowgill L. M. Mrs., h 24 Kennedy.

Cowles E. W., producer, h 9 Pleasant.

Cowles Fred. A., book keeper, h 139 Jackson av.

Coyne William, house 101 School.

Craker Frank, driller, h ft Cottage Row.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


Cramer C. P., foreman, h 56 River.

Crandall Byron, teamster, h 21 Allison.

Crandall H. F., accountant, h 35 Summer.

Crandall L. D., house 35 Summer.

Crandall Orson, laborer, bds Green's Hotel.

Crane George C. tel. operator, W. U. Tel. Co.

Crane W. F., agent, rooms 104 Mechanic.

Craw Chas. H., liquor, house 44 Chestnut.

Crawford A. A., house 1 Bushnell.

Crawford Chauncy R., sawyer, bds 29 Grove.

Crawford Charles M., cleik, h 95 Boylston.

Crawford Daniel, tailor, house 5 Amm.

Crawford John M., bds 39 Davis.

Cristie Jas., rooms 32 Congress.

Cristy P., producer, rooms 131 Main.

Cronin E., conductor, bds 133 Main.

Cronin Wm., baggage master, h R. R. Y.

Crooker Albert Mrs., house 53 Forman.

Crooker Geo. A., carpenter, h 78 Whitney av.

Crooker Pauline L., h 78 Whitney av.

Crosby John, clerk, 45 Main.

Crosby John J., machinist, h 36 Davis.

Crosby M. L. Mrs., house 36 Davis.

Cross James B., jeweler. 91 Main.

Cross Theo. D., house 103 School.

Crotty Patrick, laborer, bds Williams House.

Crowell E. J., bds Henderson House.

Crowl Wm., house 119 Tarport rd.

Crowley James H., clerk, 69 Mechanic.

Crowley Patrick & Jas. H., h 73 Washington.

Crowley Peter, foreman, h 73 Washington.

Crowley P. J., livery, Pierce House, h 50 Davis.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.


CROSS E. J., Fruits, Vegetables, etc., etc., 127

Washington c Mechanic, h 23 Bank.

Crull S. M. Mrs., house 117 Mechanic.

Cullinan Stephen and Patrick, h 25 Leeland av.

Cullis, WestR., tel. operator, h 64 Kennedy.

Cummings Charles, laborer, h 7 Pike.

Cummings Charles A., clerk, h 65 Boylston.

Cummings Frank W., engineer, h 9 Hill.

Cummings Julia Mrs., 17 Tarport road.

Cummings Julia Miss, rooms 77 Congress.

Cummings John, manager, h 97 High.

Cummiskey James, blacksmith, h 67 Kennedy.





Dealer in

Foreign and Domestic




Vegetables & Produce,

Wholesale and Retail.

Provisions, &c.

No. 127 Washington, corner Mechanic Street,


Telephone 200.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Cunningham A. Capt, bds Henderson House.

Cunningham George, hostler, I. B. Co., 53 Mech.

Cunningham George, bds Quigley House.

Cunningham J. H., lawyer, rooms 8 Chambers.

Cunningham O. E., laborer, h 35 Cole av.

Curren Robert G. Captain, h 43 Jefferson.

Curren R. G., Jr., clerk, bds 43 Jefferson.

Curren William S., house 35 Jefferson.

Currie L. R. Mrs , h S Mechanic opp. Kane.

Currie W. H., liouse 220 Mechanic.

Curtis C. J., lawyer, 24 Main, h 18 Park.

Curtis Stephen F., house r 19 Allison.

Curtis Wm. L., (Boggs & C.,) h 14 Chautauqua


Cushing Benj. F., producer, h 26 Elm.

Cushing C. H., real estate, Congress c Main,

rooms 130 Mechanic.

CUSHING L., Groceries and Provisions, 10


Cusic Michael, blacksmith, r 51 Corydon.

Cutler J. M., salesman, house 28 Chestnut.

CUTTING H. G., Producer, 2 Congress, house

ft. Mechanic.

DAFANBACH, Dispatcher, room 40 Amm.

Daggett G. L., house 15 Johnson.

Dailey P. H., house 56 Summer.

Dale Edward, rooms 16 Pike.

Daley John, teamster, house 7 Wagoner pi.

Dallo Angel, fruits, liouse r 19 Allison.

Dalton Patrick, laborer, bds 116 Washington.

Dalton Thomas J., contractor, h 153 Corydon.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates,


Daly John, house ft. Clarion.

Daly Michael, blacksmith, bds Exchange Hotel'.

Daniels Charles, plumber, Washingron.

Daniels C. H., house 3 Washington.

Daniels David, brakeman, bds 29 Grove.

Daniels Joseph & Chas., rooms Whitney Hose.

Danielson Augustus, rooms 16 Chestnut.

Darrow A. K., producer, h 77 Elm.

Darrow Josie, house 27 Pine.

Datesman H. F., book keeper, h 17 Jackson av.

Daugherty Currie, house 58 Main.

Daul Xavier, tailor, 3 Congress, h 42 Kennedy.

Dausher Wm., h Cottage Row n Hill.

David 0. E., tinsmith, 7 Patent av, h 36 Bushnell.

Davidson J. L, book keeper, rooms 44 Congress.

Davidson J. M., house 9 Forman.

Davidson, rooms 32 Congress.

Davis Cyrus, carpenter, h 185 Corydon.

Davis C. N., engineer, h 45 Jefferson.

Davis David, hair dresser, h 3 Pearl.

Davis Erwin, producer, h 6 Whitney av.

Davis F. G., (B. & Davis,) rooms Davis' Block.

Davis F. T., carpenter, house 2 Park.

Davis F. W., house 55 Jackson av.

Davis Jane Mrs., house 88 School.

Davis Jennie T. Mrs., clerk, Post Office.

Davis L. A., house 61 Boylston.

Davis L. H., barber, 79 Mechanic, h 22 Pearl.

Davis Mrs., liouse 21 Pine.

Davis Thomas W., laborer, h 9 Pike.

Davis William, carpenter, liouse Fourth.

Davis W. C, market, 29 Congress, h 119 High.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


Davitt P. H. of I. B. Co., house 14 Brookline.

DAWKINS J. B., proprietor Opera Hotel, 10


Day H. F., carpenter, h 11 Merrow av.

Day Rev., boards Holmes House.

Deagan Michael, laborer, 53 Mechanic.

Dean E. C. (E. J. McComb & Co.), 52 & 54 Elm.

Dean Patrick, laborer, bds 10 High.

Decker H. A., house 61 Pearl.

Decker S. M., law student, 8 Producers' Exchg'e.

De Forest, canvasser, rooms Roberts Block.

De Golier Albert, producer, h 26 Kennedy.

De Haven Nathaniel, tool fisher, h 19 School.

Delair Peter, carpenter, h 35 Washington.

Delburt Henry, barber, house 34 Elm.

Delerance Dominic, musician, h 18 Pearl.

Delp Elmer, bds 133 Main.

Delp E. E., shooter, Kendell Torpedo Co., Ill


Dello A., fruits, 84£ Main.

Demming Eva Mrs., house 145 Tarport rd.

Compliments of

S. S. Iawkins,

Proprietor of the Opera Hotel,

10 Chambers St., BRADFORD, PA.

Board by the Day, Week or Month.

Special Rates to Families & Theatrical Parties.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

I. Emery Jr. & Co., 41-43-45 Main Street.


Deming M. J., producer, h 33 Walker pi.'

Dempsey John Mrs., house 21 Davis.

DEMPSEY R. A , Manager Rock Glycerine Co.,

house 26 Forman.

Denison H. G., painter, house 7 Pearl.

Denney James, house 23 Pearl.

DENNIS & BOOTH, Builders, r 63 Mechanic.

Dennis C. W.,'(S. & D.), h 74 Kennedy.

Dennis Wm., rooms Tibbetts av c Mechanic.

Dennis Wm. H., (D. & B.) h 13 Walker av.

Dennison D. A., house 45 Davis.

Dennison M. E. Mrs., h 29 Congress.

Dennison S. P., clerk, h 29 Bushnell.

Dentinger Joseph, clerk, 92 Main.

Derby P. A., (Beatty & D.) 78 Main.

Desmond Patrick, laborer, bds 15 Grove.

Detlor & Waddell, photographers, 1 Newell pi.

Detlor W. E. (Detlor & W.), h 28 Bank.

Deuel E. A., engineer, bds 35 Jefferson.

Deuel I. B., carpenter, h 35 Jefferson.

Deuel Milton I., house 27 Jefferson.

Devers P. F., blacksmith, bds Oil City House.

Deville Mary Mrs., house r 56 Jackson av.

Deville Myra L. Mrs., house r 56 Jackson av.

Devine Wm., (G. & Devine,) h 32 School.

Deviney L. C, clerk, 86 Main.

DeWolf Nazro, blacksmith, 9 Barbour, house 10

Congress pi.

Diaz Joseph, candy maker, 83 Main.

Dickenson Chas. F., fireman, bds 46 Webster.

Dickson G. M., paper hanger, bds Holmes House.

Dickson John E., clerk, 4 Chambers.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


Dickson Thomas and John, bds 91 Hilton.

Dickson W., laborer, h 91 Hilton.

Dieffenback W. R., auditor, etc. B. B. & K. R.

R, Gen'l Office, bds Riddell House.

Dieselman Hanorah Mrs., h 50 Webster.

Dikeman E. V. Mrs., h97 Kennedy.

Dilberto Henry, barber, 5 Main, h 34 Elm.

Dill F. C, cigarmaker, bds Akin House.

Dillon Wm., express messenger, h 5 Grove.

DISNEY JOSEPH, Congress House, 5 Congress.

Diviney Leu, clerk, bds Bay State Hotel.

Dixon W. A., accountant, h 90 Pleasant.

Dodge C. M., broker, h 5 Kane.

Doe William, agent, h 95 Congress.

•Doerfus F. B., laborer, bds Williams House.

Doherty, William, house 13 Congress pi.

Doig James, clerk, 18 Main.

Dolan P., house 34 Pearl.

Donahue M., producer, house 11 Forman.

Donnelly Patrick, house 36 Tram R. R.

Donohue C. C, clerk, house 62 School.

Donohue P. J., tel. operator, h 62 School.

Dorn A. L., clerk, bds St. James Hotel.

Dorn Calvin, clerk, house 15 Walker av.

Dorn Clayton, clerk, house 15 Walker av.

DORN S. B., Physician, 98 Main, house 15

Walker av.

Dorand A. J. and Emma, music teachers, 6 Pine.

Dorand W. R-, physician, 4 Pine.

Doty Fannie, clerk, 24 Main.

Doty John, engineer, 45 Main.

Doty John, machinist, h 56 Centre.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.


Douds James, engineer, h 139 High.

Dougherty Bridget Mrs., h ft Leeland av.

Dougherty Charles, h 8 Summer.

Dougherty James, peddler, bds 50 Webster.

Dougherty Wm., laborer, h 19 Congress pi.

Douglas John. Henderson House.

Douglass John (Egan & D.), Hotel Anglun.

Dow C. M., Roberts Block, 77 Main.

Dow H. A., clerk, house 71 Washington.

Dowd James, rooms 21 Allison.

Downes Thomas, carpenter, h 28 Barbour.

Doyle Kate Miss, dining rooms, 68 Main.

Doyle M. J., house 40 Corydon.

Drake E. A., conductor, h 92 Congress.

Drake Frank, book keeper, h 37 Summer.

Draper A. J., bottler, 29 Centre.

Draper Charles, house 20 Elm.

Draper Fox R., janitor, h 1.38 Corydon.

Draper H. C, house 66 Davis.

DRESSER S. R., Patentee and Manufacturer

of Oil and Gas Well Packers, 15 Patent av,

house 190 Mechanic.


Furniture, etc., 93 Main. (See ad. front cover.)

Drew J. E., book keeper, rooms 93 Main.

Driscoll James, tel. operator, h Elm c Chestnut.

Driscoll T. D., (S. & Driscoll,) h 60 Amm.

Driscoll William, laborer, bds Williams House.

Drum James H., mason, 47 Mechanic.

Drumgool James, Revere House, 48 Main.

Drummond David, carpenter, h 70 Boylston.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists. Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


Drummond G. A., tel. operator, h 70 Boylston.

DuBOIS C. H. & CO., pianos, organs, music and

sewing machines, 64 Main.

Dudley Lemuel, sawyer, house 4 William.

Duffee Edward E., producer, house 4 Park.

Duffee G. W., auctioneer, liouse 37 Cole av.

Duffee Neal, liouse 37 Cole av.

Duffy James, laborer, bds 85 Hilton.

Duffy John, DuBois House, 17 Davis.

Duffy William, milkman, house 12 Brennan.

Dugan Daniel, brakeman, bds 60 Amm.

Dugan David, porter, 8 Chambers.

Dugan John, conductor, bds 60 Amm.

Dugan Mary Mrs., house 102 High.

Duke AV. & J., producers, 88 Main.

Duncan Wm. & Geo., h 105 Boylston.

Duncan W. H., house 10 Potter.

Dunning Levi, tool dresser, h 13 Pleasant.

Dunning Wm. M., painter, h 13 Pleasant.

Dnnigan Thomas, broker, bds Lloyd House.

DURFEY C. A., real estate, 112 Main.

Durfey Frank E., producer, 112 Main.

Durkee Edward I., hotel, 12 Chambers.

Durkee P. A., pressman, Era.

Durkee Wm. H., clerk, h Corydon c Chestnut.

Durston Morris, clerk, 2 Petrolia.

Durston S. H., broker, house 2 Petrolia.

Dwyer Kate, bds 42 Boylston.

Dwyer Lizzie, liouse 19 Washington.

Dyne Joseph, engineer, house 28 Hilton.

EAGAN JAMES T., brakeman, h 15 Leeland av.

Eagan John, house n ft. Chestnut.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


Eagan John, laborer, liouse 120 Chestnut.

Eagan Maggie, Akin House.

Eagan Patrick, laborer, Erie shops.

Eagles William A., laborer h72 School.

Earl Frank, teamster, house 10 Bennett.

Earle Fred. S., brakeman, h 20 Main.

Early Luke house 28 Roberts.

Earnest Harry W., tinsmith, h 48 Boylston.

Earnest Kate, h 48 Boylston.

Easton E. S., shooter, h 171 Mechanic.

Easton Hubert, shooter, h 23 Terrace.

Eaton H. W., Jr. ,producer, h 103 Kennedy.

Eaton John, pres. 0. W. S. Co., (L.), Main cor


Eccels Arthur, fireman, h 23 Tarport rd.

Eccels W. C, bookkeeper, h 28 Washington.

Eckbert Geo. A., accountant, h 6 Potter.

Eckbert John F., clerk, h 6 Potter.

Eckhart John, car insp., Erie Shops.

Ede Elias, insurance, h 3 Morehouse pi.

Eddy Geo. W., cabinet maker, 98 Main, house

143 Corydon.

Edinger Lewis, teamster, house 31 Barbour.

Edmonds Robert S., engineer, h 64 Davis.

Edwards Archie, tailor, bds Henderson House.

Edwards C. P., salesman, rooms Mechanic cor


Edwards E., tailor, 4 Chestnut.

Egan & Douglass, Hotel Anglun, 50 Main.

Egan John, switchman, bds 85 Hilton.

Egan Michael, (Egan & D.,) Hotel Anglun.

Egan Patrick, laborer, house 23 Clarion.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


Edgett & Johnson, lumber and real estate, 100


Edgett A. J., (Edgett & J.,) house 64 Congress.

Edgett R. L., law student, house 64 Congress.

Egbert H. T., book-keeper, h 108 Kennedy.

Egbert L. F., carpenter, h 14 Amm.

Egbert M. C, Put and Call Exchange, office 1

Oil Exchange, h 108 Kennedy.

Ehrenwerth Samuel, tailor, h 32 Bushnell.

Ehrhardt John, barber, bds 34 Elm.

Ehrman Michael, clerk, 56 Main.

EICHMANN A. E. MRS., Union Square Restaurant,

51 Main.

Eisleben Fred., bds 32 Summer.

Eisleben Henry, laborer, h 70 School.

Eisleben Minnie Mrs., h 72 Summer.

Elliott James, producer, rooms Option House.

Elliott S. G., gen. store, 49 Washington, h 47 do.

Elliott Will, clerk, h 47 Washington.

Ellis B. B., clerk, 28 Main.

Ellis Louis F.. accountant, h 76 Elm.

Ellison Byron, clerk, h 22 Merrow av.

Ellison Ebby, bottler, bds Butterfield House.

Eloskey J., milliner, 22 Main, h 69 Congress.

Eloskey Minnie Mrs., h 69 Congress.

Eloskey Robert, clerk, h 69 Congress.

Emery A. W., pumper, h 14 Ascension.

Emery L. Jr., (L. Emery Jr., & Co.), house 80


Emery Oil Co., (W. R, Weaver, cash.), 41 Main.

Enbody Nancy J. Mrs., h n hd Corydon.

Enches Wm., h 7 Grove.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


EMERY L. JR., & CO.,

Hardware and Oil Well Supplies, 41 to 45


Englehart John, blacksmith, bds Ex. Hotel.

Enty A, J., bath house, 27 Pine.

Enty H. Mrs., h 27 Pine.

Erd Nettie Miss, h 74 Amm.

ERIE EXPRESS, M. W, Harvey, agent, Stewart

Block, 85 Main.

Esler C. G., time keeper, h 130 Congress.

Essner W. J., driller, h 105 School.

Evans Annie Mrs., liouse 10 Kennedy.


French, Proprietors, 100 Main c Webster.

over 100 main street cor. webster, bradford, pa-

McHenry &• French,


Seven years' experience in the business. We

do our own Shooting, manufacture our own Stock,

wnicn we guarantee strictly* pure, and try to

please our customers.


P. O. Box 1240. Telephone 58-

THOMPSON fie WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.


L. Emery Jr.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Finey L. M., book-keeper, house 2 School.


Fischer Joseph, (A., F. & Co.,) 92 Main.

Fish M. S. Mrs., house 40 Amm.

Fisher A. Miss, clerk, 22 Main.

Fisher Ed., clerk, 124 Main.

Fisher George, clerk, Option House.

FISHER GEO. M. & CO., People's store, dry

goods, carpets, &c, 24 Main.

Fisher John G., painter, h 90 Washington.

Fisher John S., book-keeper, h 75 Chestnut.

Fisher John S., clerk, Oil City House.

FISHER J. S. & CO., Hardware, stoves and tinware,

165 Main.

Fisher Lewis, stationery, &c, 86 Mechanic.

Fisher Mary Mrs., house 17 Howard av.

Fisher M. A. Mrs., house 23 School.

Fisher S., clerk, house 28 Pearl.

Fisher Solomon, pedler, h River n North.

Fithian W. H. H., book-keeper, h 73 Summer.

Fitzgerald & Hare, dress making, 24 Main.

Fitzgerald John, machinist, rooms 21 Davis.

Fitzgerald John H., machinist, h 41 Congress.

Fitzgibbon Charles, driller, h 21 Bank.

Fitzgibbon Frank, house 69 High.

Fitzgibbon John, producer, h 52 Amm.

Fitzgibbon Katie, Akin House.

FITZGIBBON M. H., Palace Hotel, 99 Main.

Fitzgibbon William, producer, h 95 Summer.

Fitzpatrick Daniel, carpenter, h 18 Merrow av.

Fitzpatrick J. VV. carpenter, h 19 Terrace.

Fitzpatrick Thos., laborer, bds Butterfield House.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.


Flack Charles, house 113 Boylston.

Flaherty John, foreman, house 46 Jefferson.

Flahie John T., book-keeper, h 119 Jefferson.

Flanagan John, junk, 42 Webster.

Flanigan Edward A., house 7 Leigh.

Flanigan James, house 16 Washington.

Flanigan John W., clerk, Washington House.

Flanigan Patrick, house 14 Allison.

Flanigan T. C, coal, 141 Main, h 182 Mechanic.

Flavin John, bds 50 Webster.

Flavin John, laborer, house Fourth.

Fleming George, laborer, 12 Barbour.

Feming Rosanna Mrs., house 20 Roberts.

Fleming R., tank builder, house 21 Summer.

Flick, Mrs., house 21 Davis.

Flint W. M., house 36 State.

FLYNN J. C, Merchant tailor and gents' furnishing,

37 Main, house 105 do.

Flynn Thomas A., baggage master, 14 North.

Flynn Thomas, B., cutter, house 105 Main.

Flynn Walter F., clerk, house 105 Main.

Foley C, lumber, house 22 Jackson av.

Foley Patrick, h 24 Tram R. R.

Foley Steve D., bookkeeper, 26 Main.

Follett F. M., physician, 11 Producers' Ex.

Folwell Chas. V., fireman, h 16 Whitney pi.

Foote Fred., porter, Riddell House.

Ford Eugene, cook, City Hotel.

Ford W. L., clerk, h 65;Boylston.

Ford H. W., house 9 Petrolia.

Ford Miss, teacher, bds Holmes House.

Fordonski B., tobacco, 84 Main.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


Forest Oil Co., M. Compton, supt., Prod'rs Ex.

Forgie John, rig builder, h 7 Amm.

Forst Barney broker, h 82 Corydon.

Forst M., cigars, Oil Exchange.

Foster A., manager B. I. A. M. Co., h 49 Amm.

Foster John C, house 31 Pleasant.

Foster J. E., clerk, house 10 Amm.

Foster Sarah, house 81 School.

FOWLER FRANK, B. T. Co., 19 Congress, h 63


FOWLER FRANK A., Locke Machine Works,

25 and 27 Webster.

FOX J. B., Stoves and tinware, 42 Corydon, h

36 Boylston.

Fox J. C, Captain, house 4 Elm.

Fragner P., tobacco, 15 Main, h 8 Bushnell.

Francis Charles H., conductor, h 168 Mechanic.

Franck N., ins. solicitor, rooms 90 Corydon.

Frank D. J., plumber, house 15 Water.

Frank H., manager B. C. Works, 12 Congress.

Frank Jacob, clerk, 61 Main.

Frank P., confectionery, 61 Main.

Franklin Benj., boards 7 Roberts.

Franklin Joseph, painter, h 6 Allison.

Franklin Joshua, book keeper, h 25 High.

Franklin Richard, fireman, h 54 High.

Franklin Spencer, house 29 Grove.

Franklin, rooms 156 Mechanic.

Fraser David U., house 54 Washington.

Frawley E., grocer, 67 Mechanic, h 25 Pleasant.

Frawley Patrick, helper, bds 60 Corydon.

Freck Harry, saw mill, h 18 Pleasant.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists. Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


Fredericks Joseph, laborer, h 34 Barbour.

Frederick Jos., milkman, bds Butterfield House.

Freel John B., producer, h 67 Jackson av.

Freeman Benj., laborer, h 19 Bank.

Freeman Eurilla Mrs., h 120 Centre.

Freeman Mason A., accountant, h 118 Centre.

Freeman M. E., furniture repairer, 2 Kennedy,

h 120 Centre.

Freeman Wm., rooms Am. Steam Launndry.

Freerkson Fred., tailor, 47 Main, h 105 School.

FREIDELL E. L. MRS., h 97 Corydon.

Freidell Jacob L., harness maker, h Mechanic

cor Corydon.

French F. F., (McH. & F.), bds Pierce house.

French S. S., house 46 River.

Fretz Jacob S., producer, h 15 Terrace.

Frey Chas., machinist, h 17 Hill.

Frey Dick., clerk, 23 Main.

Frey Joseph, clerk, 82 Main.

Friedenberg Henry, millinery, 52 Main, h 139


Friedman Jacob, pro. Germania Hotel, 103 Mech.

Friedman L., tailor, bds 103 Mechanic.

FRIEDMAN PETER, Pro. Akin House, 101 to

110 Washington, h 103 Mechanic.

Frier L. Mrs., house 34 Elm.

Frisby J. C, rooms Wall Block.

Fritts G. G., producer, house 21 Bishop.

FRITTS J. W., Domestic Sewing Machines,

organs, &c, 7 Kennedy, h 80 Tarport rd.

Frost J. M., book-keeper, 60 Main.

Fry Albert, switchman, bds 46 Webster.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emory Jr. & Co., Fancy China.

IN ! " ' |


Fry W. W., sulosman, bds Henderson House.

Filches Fred.. machinist, bds IlendorHon House.

Fuhos Fred. J., iiroman, bds Henderson House

Fuller Frank, Prof., hoiiHo 57 High.

Fuller J. II. Mrs., house 0 Boylston.

Fuller J. M., producer, 4 Oil Ex., h 100 Kennedy.

Fuller V. M., associate judge, h Tibbetts av cor


Furman James, producer, h 24 Sanford.

Fybush Libbie, clerk, KL James Hold Block.

GAFFNKY MINNIK Mrss, Dining Rooms, 87


Gage Blanche, 133 Main.

Gaily Daniel, foreman, bds 60 Corydon.

Galahcr W. .1., tel. operator, bds Henderson II.

Galbraith J. H., producer, 19 Producers' Ex.

Galbraith Wm. .)., laborer, h 46 Elm.

Gales I). 10., clerk, Oil City House.

Gales Fannie, house 23 Chestnut.

(Jail Celeste, baker, 64 Corydon.

GALL JOHN W., laborer, Holmes House.

Gallagher John, house 27 School.

Gallagher Martin, laborer, h 23 Howard av.

Gallagher P. II., (G. & Devine,) 8 Chambers.

Gallagher Thompson, grocer, I'M Mechanic.

Galland A., fancy goods, 17 Main, h 128 Congress.

Galligari .John Mrs., house 45 Buffalo.

Gallup A. M. Mrs., house 7 Brennan.

Galvin Mary Mrs., house 13 Leeland av.

Gunoe T. M., engineer, house 105 Hilton.

Gardella G. & Co., fruits &c, aoj and 107 Main.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


Gardella John, house 16 Pearl.

Gardener Samuel, house 7 Howard av.

Gardner C. E., pumper, house 25 Chestnut.

Gardner C. H., cashier, h 83 Elm c Brennan.

GARDNER C. W., train dispatcher, N. Y., L.

E. & W., h 83 Elm c Brennan.

Gardner Ella Mrs., h 42 Davis.

Gardner F. M., real estate, h 42 Davis.

Gardner Geo., laborer, bds 85 Hilton.

Gardner J. N., sign painter, 17 Kennedy, house

22 Elm.

Gardner Margaret, nurse, h 5 Buffalo.

Garfinkle D., junk, h 12 Merrow av.

Garfinkle M., junk, h 14 Merrow a v.

Garrity Miss, milliner, bds Holmes House.

Gash Otho, house 54 Pleasant.

Gates Geo. W., h 23 Jackson av.

Gates John, laborer, 57 Main.

Gates John, laborer, bds Butterfield House.

Gavitt Wm., h 4 Bennett.

Gayton Burt, laborer, h 79 Mechanic.

Gayton Silas, laborer, 89 Mechanic.

Geary James, machinist, 37 Water.

Genther Chas. F., barber, 63 Main.

George Charles, printer, h 45 Pearl.

George James, (Wolfe & G.), h 47 Kennedy.


Campbell, pro., 29 Centre.

Gettman Jacob, barber, 2 Pine.

Gettman Jennie Mrs., hair dressing, 2 Pine.

Gibboney G. W., shoemaker, 74| Main, house

48 Kennedy.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


Gibbons Geo. R., constable, h 9 Congress pi.

Gibbs W. W., pumper, bds 133 Main.

Gibney James C., h 107 Congress.

Gibson Robert H., producer, h 2 Jackson a v.

Gifford F., Supt. for G. H. Van V., house 86


Gladding H. R., (M. & G.,) Webster c Corydon.

Glasier Frank, engineer, house 65 Kennedy.

Glass John, baker, 81 Main.

Glatz Frederick, car inspector, Erie shops.

Gleason F. I. Mrs., house 76 Amm.

Gleason James, tinsmith. Mechanic cor Barbour.

Gleason John, baggage master, bds Corry House.

Gleason, bds Bradford House.

Glenn W. M., house 166 High.

Gilchrist Archibald, house 8 Hill.

Gilchrist Hector M., contractor, h 9 Jefferson.

Gilchrist Henry A., engineer, |h 28 Chestnut.

Gilchrist W. D., plumber, 71 Corydon, house 7

Walker pi.

Gillis A., barber, Wall Block, h 72 Washington.

Gillmore A., rooms 104 Mechanic.

Gilman J. C. F., janitor, h 14 Ascension.

Gilmore V. C, supt., rooms Davis Block.

Gilson Jerome W., shooter, h 32 Barbour.

Givens Edward, bookkeeper, 2 Oil Exchange.

GODFREY & HUNT, Proprietors American

Steam Laundry, 9 to 19J Bishop.

Godfrey A. O., 133 Main.

Godfrey A. T., (G. & Hunt,) h 9 Bishop.

Godfrey V. D., painter, h 19 Jackson av.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


Goe Bateman, manager Hazlewood Oil Co., Pompelon


Goe H. B., assistant manager Hazlewood Oil Co.,

Pompelon Hall.

Golden Amanda Mrs., h 9 Pine.

Golden Geo. W., pumper, h 12 Washington.

Goldsborough J. R., producer, h 218 Mechanic.

Goldstein L., shoe store, 60 Main, h 45 Congress.

Golley L. B. Miss, rooms 30 Boylston.

Goodman E., (Goodman, W. & H.), h,63 Cong.

Goodman Jacob, peddlar, h 8 Water.

Goodman R., peddlar, h 10 Water.

Goodman Wm. H.,machinist, h 37 Davis.

Goodman, Wolfe & Henlein, clothing, 65 Main.

Goodnough Hiram, laborer, bds Green's Hotel.

Goodrich & Noble, First Base, 2 Chambers.

Goodrich F. B., (G. & Noble), h 32 Elm.

Goodrich L. B., h 4 Florence.

Goodwin Edward, h 36 Summer.

Goodwin Emma, clerk, 22 Main.

Goodwin Joseph J., producer,li 18 Sanford.

Goodwin Thomas, Hotel Brunswick, 29 Main.

Gordnier Andrew, producer, house 63 High.

Gordnier A. & Sons, grocers, 157 Main.

Gordnier 0. M., grocer, house 75 High.

Gordnier E. J., grocer, house 35 High.

Gordon Sanford, house 5 Leeland av.

Gorman James, shooter, rooms 8 Chambers.

Gorman M., house 68 Kennedy.

Gorman M. A., brakeman, h 55 Jefferson.

Gorman William, foreman, rooms Exchange pi.

Gormley J. C, house 69 Bennett

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.,, 41--43-45 Main Street.


Gotham W. P., helper, rooms Schonblom Block.

Gould S. N., drayman, house 42 Barbour.

Goward Margaret Mrs., h 30 Bank.

Grabfield Hazel, house 14 Newell av.

Grace Murty, producer, h 12 Summer.

Grady Thomas Mrs., house 45 Clarion.

Graff George, shoemaker, h 66 Webster.

Graff L., tailor, 42 Main, h 97 Mechanic.

Graham Amos B., laborer, h 93 Summer.

Graham E. A. Mrs., house 77 Congress.

GRAHAM W. T., Alderman, 63 Corydon, h 20


Grainger James E , plumber, h 6 Bushnell.

Grant C. L. Mrs., house 17 Merrow av.

Grant L L. Mrs., house 52 Webster.

Grant M. A., gas fitter,bds 17 Merrow av.

Grant Will, clerk, 7 Main.

Grass Emma, house 2 Brookline.

Grassie O. L. Mrs., house 28 Forman.

Graue Angeline, house 12 Buffalo.

Gray Alice Mrs., house 13 Barbour.

Gray John, engineer, bds Washington House.

Gray Louisa A. Mrs., h 185 Mechanic.

Gray Minnie Miss, house 183 Mechanic.

Gray Warren G., broker, house 33 Pleasant.

Green Charles, clerk, house 114 Corydon.

Green Helen Mrs., house 63 Corydon.

Green John, clerk, 100 Main.

Green J. M., blacksmith, 96 Washington, house

94 do.

Green R. W., bds Green's Hotel.

Green T. A., clerk, house 71 Washington.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


Green, clerk, h 114 Corydon.

Greenberger S., cigar maker, h 27 Bank.

Greenewald & Co. (J. C. & D. ft),clothing, 124

Main, h 5 Chautauqua pi.

Gregg Robert, producer, h 7 Tibbetts av.

Gregg William, clerk, h 10 Forman.

Gregory Mrs., house 43 Congress.

Greenkay Louis, house 9 Walker pi.

Gretter Victor, house 115 Jackson av.

Griffies Harry D., clerk, bds 1 Pike.

Griffies Thos. H., clerk, house 1 Pike.

Griffin F. A., book keeper, h 6 Florence.

Griffin Geo. R., prodncer, h 16 Thompson a v.

Griffin Kittie, house 25 Chestnut.

Griffin Martin, machinist, Erie Shops.

Griffin Mary, house 1 Tram R. R.

Griffin Peter, laborer, bds 116 Washington.

Griffith T. M., (J. S. Fisher & Co.,) house 87


Griggs C. T., bds Riddell House.

Grimes A. E., laborer, house 94 Boylston.

Grover George C, house 67 Boylston.

Groves F. W., (Hanks & G,,) h Mechanic opp


GROVES GEO. A., boots and shoes, 28 Main, h

101 Kennedy, cor Jackson av.

Groves G. F., clerk, 28 Main, bds 101 Kennedy.

Groves S. Albert, producer, h 36 Jackson av.

Grubb Walter, house R. R; n Leeland av.

Guncheon Daniel, laborer, h 12 Barbour.

Guncheon James, carpenter, house 97 State.

Gunn James and Fred, 3 Pike.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.


Guy E. A., clerk, house 50 Forman.

Guy Geo. F., clerk, h 31 Centre.

HABERNIGG CHAS., clerk, 2 Public sq.

Habernigg J. G., mer. tailor, 2 Public sq., house

38 Pearl.

Hackett Michael, h 81 Centre.

Hackett Thomas, h 21 North.

Hacock H. ft,route agt., h 181 Corydou.

Hagar B. R., draughtsman, h 64 Summer.

Hagar Charles, brakeman, bds 133 Main.

Haggerty H. J., book-keeper, h 71 Kennedy.

Haggerty John, producer, h 71 Kennedy.

Hahey Eliza Mrs., h 16 Petrolia.

Haight S. W., train despatches h 59 Amm.

Haley K., shoemaker, 4 Kennedy, h 52 do.

Haley Peter, house ft Clarion.

Hall Arad, clerk, rooms 31 Congress.

Hall C. D., clerk, 62 Main.

Hall C. W., contractor, h 17 Mechanic.

Hall D. D., house 23 Jefferson.

Hall Henry, painter, h 1 Wagner's pi.

Hall E. J., driller, house 34 School.

Hall R. W., rooms Hotel Florence.

Hall S. H., teamster, h 94 Pleasant.

Hall Wm. H., driller, h 4 Howard pi.

Hall W. N., accountant, h 12 Potter.

Halladay Arthur J., brakeman, h 105 School.

Hallock E. N., broker, h 52 Summer.

Halpin C. W., car inspector, Erie shops.

Halpin James, laborer, house 10 State.

Hambly W. S., producer, h 58 Amm.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


Hamer John N., clerk, house 58 Chestnut.

Hamilton C. T., furniture, 21 and 23 Chestnut.

Hamilton M., furniture, 112 Washington.

Hammond Harry, laborer, bds Butterfield House.

Hampsan C. E., grocer, Elm c Chestnut.

Hamsher L. E., producer, house 66 Congress.

Hancock Calvin, house 170 High.


General Insurance Agency, Oil Exchange.

Hanks James H., house 57 State.

Hanks Louisa Mrs., house 46 Elm.

Hanley Thomas, supt., 165 Corydon.

Hanley William, producer, h 18 Jackson av.

Hanlon P. B., hotel, 104 Main, h 48 Forman.

Hanmer E. E. Mrs., house 58 Davis.

Hanna J. S., conductor, h 50 Whitney av.

Hannah Ella Mrs., h 83 Tarport road.

Hannon Frank, bottler, bds Quigley Hotel.

Hannon John F., house 36 Pleasant.

Hannum Frank W., driver, rooms 45 Mechanic.

Harding Jas. W., speculator, b Congress House.

Harding Joseph, tel. operator, h 22 Boylston.

Hardy C. W., book keeper, 57 Main, b St. James.

Hardy, whitewashes house 21 Pine.

Harkins N. G., sewing machines, 95 Main, h 33


Harm F. T., book keeper, h 103 School.

Harm L. V., book keeper, h 103 School.

Harm M. A. Mrs., house 103 School.

Harmon Frank, bds Bennett Brook House.

Harmon J. H. Dr., druggist, 163 Main, h 3 Buffalo.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


Harmon O., tool dresser, bds Bennett Brook


Harnes F. T., watchmaker, 44 Main.

Harper, producer, room Rose Building.

Harrington Bros., (C. W. & C. E.,) music,

Stewart Block, house 17 av B.

Harrington C. E., (H. Bros.,) h 19 av B.

Harrington George R., tinsmith, h 29 School.

Harrington G. R. Mrs.,.artist, 10 Producers Ex.

Harrington John, laborer, house 11 Hill.

Harrington L. R., music teacher, h 17 av B.

Harris A., agent, rooms 15 Main.

Harris George, house 29 av B.

Harris (Hart) & Hand, tool fishing, 74 Fonnan, h

70 do.

Harris Henry, laborer, house 9 Tarport rd.

Harris M. D., clerk, house 67 High.

Harris Thos. T., house 109 Kennedy.

Harrison Jacob, bartender, 99 Main.

Harrison Lewis, clerk, Black Bear Hotel.

Hart E. B., clerk, h 60 Whitney av.

Hart Geo. E., farmer, h 34 Pleasant.

Hart John, clerk, 100 Main.

Hart John L., bookkeeper, 92 Main, h 11 Cliff.

Hart John M., carpenter, h 73 Amm

Hart Peter, shooter, h 40 Boylston.

Hart William, house 39 Pleasant.

Hart W. D., grocer, h 7 Morehouse pi.

Harter F. B., barber, 70 Mechanic.

Harvey Chas. D., Erie Express.

Harvey Joseph E., tel. operator, h 37 Forman.

Harvey Lynn, clerk, 53 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


Harvey M. W., Erie Ex., house 43 Pleasant.

Haselmaier R. ft,barber, h 45 Chestnut.

Haskill Homer, tel. operator, rooms 130 Main;

Haskill J. E., producer, house 40 Congress.

Hastings F. W., (Smiley & H.,) h 35 Walker av.

Hatfield William, house 10 Tram R. R.

Hatch W. D., house 100 Pleasant.

Hathaway Anna Mrs., house 194 Mechanic.

Haughney Thos., boiler maker, h 15 Howard av.

Haverman Sophia Mrs., house 40 Bushnell.

Haverman Will, house 40 Bushnell.

Hawk Henry S-, carpenter, h 75 Washington.

Hawkins A. ft,producer, 7 Producers' Ex.

HAWKINS GEO. K., Producer, 7 Produce Ex.

Hawley F. M., train dispatcher, rooms 40 Amm.

Hayes J. W., builder, Pine, h 3 Leeland av.

Hayes P. J., laborer, bds 15 Grove.

Hazelgreen Charles, clerk, Riddell House.

HAZELTON B. F., Lumber and Shingles, 6

Producers Exchange, h 99 School.

HAZELWOOD OIL CO., Pompelon Hall, Mechanic

cor Chautauqua pi.

Hazzard Robert T., house 22 Summer.

Healy John, fruits, confectionery, &c, 18 Congress,

house 5 Cliff.

Healy John H., house ft Mechenic.

Heard A. N., insurance, house 9 Jackson av.

Hearrick S. Mrs., magnetic healer, room Schonblom


Heath H., house 17 Amm.

Heath Harry, real estate, bds Williams House.

Heath Harry, rooms 40 Bushnell.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Heath Mrs., house 95 1-2 Main.

Heckel Fred., house 16 Chambers.

Heckel Jacob, butcher, 62 Corydon.

Heeley Daniel, guager, bds Bay State Hotel.

Heffernan Daniel, cigars, 121 Washington.

Heffner S. D., producer, h 12 Ascension.

Heller A., rooms 8 Schonblom Block.

Hemington Jeremiah, foreman, h 11 Bennett.

Hempstead A. J., butcher, 77 Mechanic.


J. D. Burt, Pro., Webster corner ftorydon.

Henderson Jessie Mrs., h 26 Boylston.

Henderson John, driller, h 3 Walker al.

Hendershott W. P., clerk, Main cor Webster.

Hendrickson Chas. M., teamster, h 53 Barbour.

Heneretty James, engineer, bdsJCorry House.

Henlein M., (G , W. & H.), 65 Main."

Henry A. G., producer, h 9 Cliff.

Henretta Thos. D.. pumper, h 112 High.

Henry W. ft, supt., h 112 Congress

Hensler J. H., machinist, rooms Cen. Hose CoJ

Hequembourg C. E., pres. B. G. L. & H. Co.

Hequembourg F. W., collector, h 36 Jackson av.

Herbig Augustus, baker, h 64 Corydon.

Hermes Dominick, helper, h 13 Pine.

Herrick Austin T., producer, h 18 Bushnell.

Herrick George, h 16 Summer.

Herrington A. T., meat market, 77 Mechanic.

Herrington Clara, h Frew Block.

Herrington Hannah, house 8 Buffalo.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates.


Herrmann Augustus, (B. &H.,) h 99 Washington.

Herron M., agent clothing, 46 Main, house 16


Herz Gus, oil, house 31 Elm.

Heth I. ft,broker, rooms 40 Bushnell.


(W. G.,) Wholesale and Retail Groceries

and Provisions, 128 and 130 Main.

Hevenor Charles, car inspector, Erie shops.

Hewitt Lucy Mrs., 133 Main.

Hibbard Geo. W., cigar maker, h 46 Elm.

Hibler Nellie Mrs., music teacher, h6 McKean.

Hicks F. H., station agent, N. Y., L. E. & W., h

53 Corydon.

Hickson Thos. W., engineer, h 107 Boylston.

Higgins E.^A., tel. operator, h 2 Sanford.

Higgins J. C, driller, house 2 Sanford.

Higgins L. L., restaurant, 133 Main.

Higgins M. A., clerk, h 2 Sanford.

Higgins Sadie, clerk, 22 Main.

Higgins Sarah Mrs., house 2 Sanford.

Higgins W. ft, tel. operator, h 2 Sanford.

Hildenbrand ft,butcher, 53 Main.

Hile C. P., tel operator, rooms Rose Bnilding.

Hill A. D., carpenter, 24 Patent av, h 113 Centre.

Hill C. F., mason, house 51 Mechanic.

Hill George, janitor, house 17 Pine.

Hill Harvey, producer, h 95 School.

Hillibish J. R., plumber, 115 1-2 Washington, h

24 Pleasant.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Hillman Frank, clerk, 45 Main.

Hillman F. H., tel. operator, h 63 Boylston.

Hillman F. W., clerk, house 63 Boylston.

Hillman W. ft, house 63 Boylston.

Hillwig Charles, water wells, house 22 State.

Hilly Charles A., tailor bds Congress House.

Hilton F. R., book-keeper, house 3 Kane.

Hilton Thomas, barber, house 96 Corydon.

Hinckley F. E., blacksmith, Barbour c Bushnell.

Hinkley Baker G., refiner, h 83 Jackson av.

Hinkley W. B., house 80 Bennett.

Hoaley Ira E., fireman, house 39 River.

Hoadley I. N., house 21 Boylston.

Hoard J. L., house 27 Bishop.

Hockenberry C. E., house 28 Summer.

HOCKENBERRY J. S., Bakery, 113 Washington,

h do.

Hocking John W., laborer, h 90 State.

Hodges D. ft,teamster, h r 30 Barbour.




m i m i m m t j i

Pies and all kinds of Cakes.


Pic Nics and Parties supplied at short notice.

113 Washington Street, Bradford, Pa.

Telephone 233-1.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.


Hodges Lyman H., pumper, h 22 Howard av.

Hoffer C. J., broker, 27 Main.

Hoffman J. P., painter, rooms 100 Main.

Hoffman L. E. Miss, stenographer, Main c Webster.

Hogan Emelin^ Mrs., h 20 Brennan.

Hogan John, laborer, house 71 Centre.

Hogan Mary Mrs., house 10 High.

Hogan M. Mrs., house 42 Boylston.

Hogue Martin, blacksmith, h 14 Water.

Hohenstein Chas. H., bookkeeper, h 55 Pleasant.

Holden Wm., Pullman Lodging House.

Holdren L. D., engineer, house 62 High.

Hollar Emma Miss, cashier, 93 Washington.

Hollarn James, machinist, h 13 Roberts.

Holley Albert D., porter,. Henderson House.

Holley F. P. (Anderson & H.), Riddell House.

Hollister & Co., meat market, 20 Congress.

Hollister F. J. (Hollister & Co.), h 20 Congress.

Hollis T., boarding house, 34 Main.

Holloway Harry, pumper, bds 1 Petrolia.

Holman Harry, brakeman, bds 27 Grove.

Holmes Geo., driller,, bds Exchange Hotel.

Holmes H., carpenter, 16 Chestnut.

Holmes John, watchman, bds ft Cottage Row.

Holmes William A., house 9 Bushnell.

Holt Jeremiah, house 10 Pleasant.

Homer Mary L. Mrs, house 20 Main.

Hood Henry, millinery, 116 Main.

Hood William, manager, h rear 95 Main.

Hooke J. M. Mrs., house 1 Howard pi.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


HOLMES EZRA, Boarding House, 51 to 55 Congress.

HOOP N. B., Flour, Coal, &c, 3S Mechanic, h

21 do.

Hopkins Anna Miss, house 23 Jefferson.

Hopkins A. A., producer, room 112 Main.

Hopkins ElishaE., liouse 77 Chestnut.

Hopkins H. H., auctioneer, h 23 Mechanic.

Hopper, rooms 17 Tarport rd.

Horan M. J., engineer, house 15 Bank.

Horton A. Miss, house 55 Kennedy.

Houck Edward, house 56 Jackson av.

Houck John R., poultry, r 56 Jackson av.

Houghwot J. E, grocer, 31 Congress, h do.

Householder Miss, teacher, bds Holmes House

Houston J. Frank, bds 11 Allison.


53 and 55 Congress St.,


EZRA HOLMES, Proprietor.

• . •

A First-Class Boarding House.


Is handsomely furnished and the table is at all times supplied with

the Delicacies of the Season. For pleasant Home Comforts it is not

equaled by any other Boarding House in Bradford.


Table Board for those who desire it.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


Hovey Eliza Mrs., house 41 Chestnut.

Hovey Nettie Miss, music teacher, h 41 Chestnut.

Howard Emma Mrs., h 23 Jefferson.

Howard H. P., driller, bds Akin House.

Howard L. E. Mrs., h 15 Jefferson.

HOWARD S., Meat Market, Vegetables and

Groceries, 136 and 138 Mechanic, house 179


Howard Wm. H. & ft H., 112 Main.

Howe F. F., manager W. U. T. Co., house 7

Walker av.

Howe Geo. ft,producer, h 148 Mechanic.

Howe I. G., producer, h 81 Jackson av.

Howe J. B., producer, h 41 Congress.

Howe L. 0., clerk, bds Henderson House.

Howe P. W., clerk, h 92 Elm.

Howell E. F., house 92 School.

Howell James L., city ed. Sunday News.

Howell O. V, driller, h 17 Tarport rd.

Howes E. T., Treas. O. W. S. C. (L.) Main c


Howland R. F., draughtsman, h 111 Boylston.

Hoyt, printer, Pullman Lodging House.

HUBBARD & PAGE, Physicians, 61£ Main.

Hubbard ft S., (H. & Page,) h 46 Congress.

Hubbard J. F., meat market, 21 Kennedy.

Hubbard L. B., watchman, h 25 Mechanic.

Huddlesou L. E., contractor, h 13 Hill.

Huddy Maud, house Globe.

Huddy Thomas, bottler, house 88 State.

Hudson James F., laborer, h 13£ Congress.

Huey A. P., (North'& H.,) rooms 88 Corydon.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China.


Huff H. B., bds Holmes House.

Huff John L., contractor, h 23 Summer.

Huff Samuel, carpenter, house 45 High.

HUGHES J. ft,Grocer, 44 Webster.

Hughes Matthew, broker, bds Akin House.

Hughes Richard, laborer, bds 103 Boylston.

Hughston F. C. Mrs., h 46 Summer.

Hughston J. A. Mrs., h 46 Summer.

Hulse Tyler, laborer, h 77 Washington.

Humbert J. F., 60 Main.

Hummel A. F., printer, Star Publishing Co.

Hummel E. W., printer. Star Publishing Co.

Hummel M., printer, bds Queen City Hotel.

Humphrey Eva, house 113 Kennedy.

Hunt G. H. A. (G. & Hunt), h 43 Congress.

Hunt James, house 149 Jackson av.

Hunt J. B., laborer, h 12 Leigh.

Hunt Sylvester, house 9 School.

Hunter Allen, bds Travelers' Home.

Hunter Mrs., house ft High. *

Hunter Mattie J., school, 12 Forman.

Huntley C. R., broker, 5 Oil Ex., h 47 Pleasant.

Hurlbert Chas. B., rooms 28 Chestnut.

Hurlbert Chas. E., conductor, h 45 Elm.

Hurlbert John, clerk, 51 Main.

HurleyArthur E., bds Bay State Hotel.

Hurley Johanna, house 60 Corydon.

Hurley John, bds 60 Corydon.

Hurley P. ft,pro. Bay State Hotel, 72 Main.

Hnrwitz I., junk, house 7 Pine.

Hutchinson John., house 82 Jackson av.

Hutchinson J. J., auctioneer, bds Bradford


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


Hutchinson, J. J., laborer, house 9 Pearl.

Hutchinson O. H., Miss, rooms 14 Boylston.

Hutchinson S. E., Mrs., house 4 Bushnell.

Hutchinson William, rooms Frew Block.

Hutchinson W. E., clerk, house 4 Bushnell.

Hutchison Eli F., tool dresser, h 5 Buffalo.

Hutchman James G., clerk, h 38 Corydon.

Hyde S. A., rig builder, house 37 Hilton.

ILAND ROWLAND, (Harris & I.,) h 56 Davis.

Imus W. A. Mrs., house 40 Amm.

53 Mechanic.

Ingersoll A. P., Queen City Hotel, 16 Pine.

Ingersoll C. H., bds Queen City Hotel.

Ingram C. A., bds 133 Main.

Inglis Henry & Thos., h 4 Pearl.

Irons J. Findley, house 63 Bennett.

Irvine James, clerk, 10 Kennedy.

Irvine James Mrs , h 6 Walker pi.

Isham J. H., watchmaker and jeweler, 113 Main.

Isherwood M. S., clerk, 59 Main.

Ittel M., lumberman, h 79 Bennett.

JACK DAVID H., (B. & J.), h 6 Elm.

Jackson A. ft,book keeper, bds Riddell House.

Jackson I. G., producer, h 88 Congress.

Jackson Louis G., clerk, 60 Main.

Jackson L. J., clerk, room 25 Webster.

Jackson W. M., house 36 Pearl.

Jackson, conductor, bds Washington House.

Jacobson D. W. Rev., h 45 Kennedy.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


Jacobson Joseph, peddler, h 26 Washington.

James J. N., carpenter, house 54 River.

Jamison John Prof., house 21 Mechanic.

Jamison J. ft, driller, bds Riddell House.

Jamison R. S., driller, h 111 Tarport road.

Janes H., real estate, 105 Main.

Jaquins Doc, rig builder, bds Lloyd House.

Jarecki Manifactnriig Co.,

(Limited), E. A. Weart, General Agt. Riddell

House Block.

Jayne C. E., oil, rooms 88 Mechanic.

Jayne J. B., producer, h S8 Mechanic.

Jeffords John, laborer, h 13 Jefferson.

Jennings Chas., machinist, rooms 80 Main.

Jennings E. H. (Jennings & Son), h 29 Forman.

Jennings R. M., house 126 Congress.

Jennings R. & Son, producers, 18 Kennedy.

Jifkins Edward, butcher, house 18 Park.

Jifkins Vinton J., conductor, h 14 Allison.

JOHNSON & CO., Oil Producers, 157 Mechanic.

Johnson A. K., house 14 Boylston.

Johnson A. W., telephone manager, 57 Main.

Johnson B. F., rooms 15 Main.

Johnson E. S., rooms 3 Main.

Johnson E. T., of Johnson & Co.,h 157 Mechanic.

Johnson H. H., clerk, 105 Main.

Johnson J. E., restaurant, Scranton House.

Johnson J. G., engineer, bds 122 Main.

Johnson James L., book-keeper h 6 Morehouse pi.

Johnson John, (E. & J.,) house 57 Amm.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


JOHNSON JOHN, Pro. Green's Hotel, 69 & 71

Corydon cor Congress.

Johson John A., broker, h 10 Tibbitts av.

Johnson L., rooms 116 Main.

Johnson Lillian Mrs., rooms 90 Corydon.

Johnson L. A., teamster, house 23 Barbour.

Johnson M. K., house 6 Woodward pi.

Johnson Nancy Mrs., house 23 Davis.


furniture repairer, 13 Barbour, h 22 Water.

Johnson Robert, clerk, 11 Main.

Johnson Wm., laborer, h 16 Howard av.

Johnson William, liouse 43 Summer.

Johnson William, peddler, house 27 Pearl.

Johnson W. T., manager U. P. T. Co., h Summer.

Johnston F. M., producer, h 13 Jefferson.

Johnston John, pattern maker, h ft Cottage Row

Johnston John M., laborer, h 113 Whitney av.

JOHNSTON J. T., Real Estate, Schonblom

Block, bds Holmes House.

Johnston Nellie Mrs., house 5 Pearl.

Johnston Robert, driller, house 42 Summer.

Johnston R. B., clerk, house 42 Summer.

Jones Allen, fireman, bds opp B. R. & P. Depot.

Jones A. Miss, house 13 Brennan.

Jones Geo. C. Rev., house 3 Tibbitts av.

Jones Jacob, helper, house 24 Mechanic.

Jones John, furniture, 11 Cole av., h 9 do.

Jones J. T., Pres. B. 0. Co., rooms Congress cor


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41-43-45 Main Street.


Jones Philip, machinist, bds 47 Mechanic.

Jones Robert B., fonndry, h 10 Bushnell.

Jones Samuel M., 133 Corydon.

JORDAN WILL F., Publisher, The Era, h 28

Jackson av.

Joseph A., dry goods, 72 Mechanic.

Joseph N., cigar maker, rooms Whitney Hose.

Joyce John, tel. repairer, h 27 State.

JUDD CHARLES E., Lawyer, 4 Producers Exchange,

boards Riddell House.

Julin John, laborer, house 17 Bank.

Junker C. H., supt., house 41 Summer.

KAHN A., Fancy Goods, St. James Block, h 118


Kahn Bros. (I. & M.), merchant tailors, 54 Main.

Kahn Ed., manager, 23 Main, bds 71 Boylston.

Kahn I., broker, house 9 Chautauqua place.

Kahn Isaac, cigars and liquors, 23 Main.

Kahn M., house 9 Chautauqua place.

Kahn M., Jr., house 9 Chautauqua place.

Kaine Mary Mrs., house 50 River.

Kambish John, laborer, bds 7 Pike.

Kane James,, conductor, bds 60 Amm.

Kane Michael H., rig builder, h 19 Washington.

Karns Caroline, house Frew Block.

Karns H. S., producer, house 14 Petrolia.

Kathan F. E., upholsterer, rooms 20 Patent av.

K A T H A N L. N„

Furniture Repairing, Upholstering, Picture

Framing, Hair Mattresses Renovated, &c,

20 Patent av., rear 59 Main, h Centre.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


Kavanaugh James, liouse 26 Mechanic.

Kavanaugh Timothy, blacksmith, h 4 Jackson av.

Kealy Mary, house 42 Main.

Kearney Michael, house 23 Tram R. R.

Kearns John, tobacconist, 132J Main.

Keating Mary Miss, rooms 30 Boylston.

Keefe J. J., cigar maker, bds Washington House.

Keefe Michael S., laborer, h 142 Corydon.

Keefe W. S., cigar maker, bds Henderson House.

Keefer W. W., harness maker, 6 Pine.

Keeler Carrie Miss, house 66 School.

Keeler W. M., producer, liouse 7 Kane.

Keeley Wm., brakeman, bds Williams House.

Keenan Ella, house 116 Main.

Kehoe David, blacksmith, h Clarion n Elm.

Kehoe James,li 2 Whitney av.

Keiley John, R. R. supervisor, h 55 Davis.

Kelleher F. M., tel. operator, h 83 Pleasant.

Kelley A. H., laborer, h 82 Tarport rd.

Kelley John, foreman, h R. R. ab Leeland av.

KELLY BERNARD, Exchange Hotel, 36 Main.

Kelly G. W., h Pleasant w of Bennett.

Kelly Mary Mrs. h 30 Cottage Row.

Kelly John, producer, h 9 Terrace.

Kelly Minnie, house Globe.

Kelly M. J., clerk, Bay State Hotel.

Kelly Nathaniel, h 82 Tarport rd.

Kelly Patrick, laborer, h 77 Washington.

Kelly Thos., lineman, bds Williams House.

Kelly T. ft,billiards, 34 Main, h do.

Kelly T. M., lineman, bds Williams House.

Kelly W. ft, oil, h 39 Congress.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.


.—j ,

Kelly W. F., house 5 Potter.

Kendall H. W., engineer, h 54 Jefferson.

KENDALL TORPEDO CO., Nickel Plate Bl'k,

109 and 111 Main.

Kenealy Jerre, laborer, h Clarion.

Kennard Robt., horse shoer, 4 Barbour.

Kennedy B. T., supt., h 13 Chautauqua pi.

Kennedy C. H., insurance, 4 Public Square, h 60


Kennedy Elizabeth Mrs., h 94 Boylston.

Kennedy H. C, bookkeeper, rooms 15 Chautauqua


Kennedy James A., carpenter, h 95 Tarport rd.

Kennedy J. W., rig builder, h 15 Roberts.

Kennedy Mary Mrs., h 9 High.

KENNEDY, MILLER & CO., Lumber, Doors,

Windows, etc., 86 Kennedy |c E. R. R. swth.

Kennedy Minnie, h 70 Amm.

Kennedy P. T„ (P. T. & W. C. K.), house 34

Jackson av.

Kennedy P. T. & W. ft, producers, 67 and 69


Kennedy S. P., book keeper, h 86 Kennedy.

Kennedy Thos., driller, rooms 20 Congress.

Kennedy W. ft, (P. T. & W. ft K.), house 96


Kennelley James, h R. R, Y.

Kennelley Michael, carpenter, h 42 River.

Kennelley S. J. Mrs., h R. R. Y.

Kenney Michael, h 42 River.

Kenney Michael, boiler maker, h 52 Whitney av.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists. Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


Kent P. A., lumber, 36 Mechanic, boards 95


Kent, rooms 32 Congress.

Kercher, house 13 Boylston.

Kerr C. ft,producer, house 58 Whitney av.

Kerr John L., house 58 Summer.

Kersteller J. L., collector, house 5 Hill.

Kervin Thomas, producer, h 90 Boylston.

Kesterton Alice V., house 65 Centre.

Keyes S. G., book-keeper, P. N. B., h 29 Elm.

Kilgore Q. H., driller, bds 133 Main.

Kilchenstein Fred., tailor, h 74 Boylston.

Kilchenstein Jacob, tailor, rooms 58 Main.

Kiley Patrick, boiler maker, bds 42 Boylston.

Killeean Agnes, house 27 Grove.

Kimball C. ft, (C. C. K. & Co.,) h 13 Forman.

KIMBALL C. 0. k CO.,

Oil Well Supplies, 10 Davis.

Kinkaid J. J. lawyer, Main c Webster, house 24


Kincaid Willis M., book-keeper, h 11 Kane.

Kincaid William, oil, house 29 Jefferson.

King Benj., laborer, rooms 19 Congress.

King Frank, accountant, 3 Main h 9 Brennan.

King Henry, lawyer, house 45 Summer.

King Horace G., engineer, h rear 3 Pike.

King John, laborer, bds 99 Mechanic.

King Willard, fireman, bds 122 Main.

King W. A., book-keeper, First National Bank.

Kinney Eveline Mrs., house 25 Webster.

Kinnie Anna, 133 Main.


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


Kingsbury Daniel Mrs., house 84 Congress.

Kingsley L. Mrs., house 85 Boylston.

Kingsley S. ft,contractor, b Henderson House.

Kingston Sarah A. Miss, rooms 30 Boylston.

Kinsler J. T. Dr., druggist, 117 Main, house 134


Kirch F. A., blacksmith, h 96 Summer.

Kirk Chas.. supt McC. 0. Co., h 31 School.

Kirk David, pres. McC. O. Co., h 31 School.

Kirwin P. A., house 11 Petrolia.

Kiser John F., house 55 Centre.

Kissel I. H., conductor, h 5 Brennan.

Kistler Ed.< clerk, 104 Main.

Kithcart M. John, bds 111 Washington.

Kleckner I. N., clerk, Bradford House.

Kleckner J. P. Capt., h 70 Washington.

KleiderlineFred., machinist, rooms Central Hose.

Klein S., peddler, house 10 Merrow av.

Klench Joseph H., house 24 Hilton.

Kline H. B., sewing machine agent, h 16 Public


Knerr R, S. R., house 98 Washington.

Knight Leonard, engineer, bds Washington


Knight Michael, bds 46 Webster.

Knoppenberger James, contractor, h 77 State.

Knox O. A., contractor, house 6 Park.

Koch Charles E., tailor, house 8 Merrow av.

Koch F. H., laborer, house 52 Jefferson.

Kocher Joseph, baker, 64 Corydon.

Kolher Fred., cigar maker, bds Oil City House.

Koeller, cigar maker, rooms 100 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


KOESTER ERNEST, District Attorney, 4 Producers'

Ex., h 55 Kennedy.

Kohan Frank, rooms 83 Corydon.

Kohl M. M. Mrs., h 39 Congress.

Kohl W. G., bookkeeper, h 39 Congress.

Kohler Fred., cigar maker, bds Oil City House.

Kohn Frank F., clerk, Hotel Brunswick.

Koonse S. L., grocer, 24 High, h 26 do.

Koonse W. L., clerk, h 26 High.

Kosinsky Robert, F., barber, 111 Main, house 60


KRAHE & COBURN, Furniture, etc., 26 Main.

Krahe ft H., (K. & Coburn), h 8 Howard pi.

Kraushaal Anton, piano turner, rooms 161 Mechanic.

Kreder John, helper, bds Travelers' Home.

Kreinson J., dry goods, Wall Block, h 26 Bushnell.

Kreinson L. M., peddler, h 26 Bushnell.

Krepps Cyrus, weaver, bds 40 School.

Krusen Grace, house 3 Chestnut.

Kuhn Kuno, rooms Hotel Florence.

La BECK JOSEPH, Painter, h 36 Water.

Lacour Michael, carpenter, h 25 North.

Lacy Frank A., switchman, h 95 Main.

Lacy Michael, grocer, 19 Grove.

Lacy S. H. Rev., house 33 Water.

Ladd Theodore, producer, rooms 194 Mechanic.

Lafoy Leonard, contractor, boards Bennett Brook


Lain R. T., producer, h 107 Corydon.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Landon Ransom G., kindling wood, h 2 Morehouse


Lane C. J., Water Supt., h 171 Corydon.

Lene George, teamster, bds 3 Wagoner pi.

LANE J. J.,,

Contractor and Builder, and Dealer in

, Mason's Supplies, Lime, Lath, Brick, &c,

26 Pine, cor Boylston, h 30 Boylston.

Lane Patrick T., mason, house 13 Boylston.

Laney W. K., contractor, h 183 Mechanic.

Langmade Elmer E., house 11 Allison.

Langmade L. M. Mrs., house 11 Allison.

Langrick John, tin peddler, h 41 Bennett.

Langworthy O. S., brakeman, h r 72 Elm.

Langworthy P. T., teamster, h 18 State.

Lanphere Harry, carpenter, h 8 Jefferson.

Laraway W. W., machinist, h 16 Congresspl.

Larkin James D., helper, house 25 Bank.

Larkin John, shooter, bds 60 Corydon.

Larkin William, mason, house 1 Bennett.

Latham Chas. H., photographer, 76 Main.

Laton John, porter, Hotel Anglun.

Latshaw C. Mrs., house 8 Kennedy.

Latshaw Levi, carpenter, house 9 High.

Latshaw Martha, house 29 Davis.

Lattin James Mrs., h 48 Washington.

Laumer A. J., tel. operator, h 56 Pleasant.

Laury John, shoemaker, 74 Mechanic.

Lavens C. H., producer, 18 Producers' Ex.

Lawrence Harrison, house 52 School.

Lawson Ellen, house 17 Chestnut.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates.


Layton W. S., instructor, h 19 Mechanic.

Lay ton, switchman, bds 46 Webster.

Lazarus N., liouse 71 Boylston.

Lazarus Samuel, cutter, h 71 Boylston.

Leasure A. B., house 27 Mechanic.

Leasure E. Mrs., rooms Shonblom Block.

Leasure George Mrs., house 27 Mechanic.

Leasure James W., printer, Era, h 27 Mechanic.

Leckey Wm. clerk, rooms Rose Building.

Lecompe Alice, house 92 Pleasant.

Ledden P. J., boiler maker, house 9 McKean.

Lee Ellen, house 17 Grove.

Lee John, brakeman, bds 17 Grove.

Lee Sam Wax, laundry, 3 Chestnut.

Lefler James, laborer, house 6 Bushnell.

Lefley W. D., house 49 High.

Lefley W. L., house 137 High.

LeibGeo. W., barber, house 65 Congress.

Leipold George, shoemaker, 95 Washington.

Lenhart David, house 35 Cottage Row.

LentzE., shoemaker, 102 Main.

Lenz E., shoemaker, house 56 School.

Leonard F. A. (Thomas & L.), h Limestone.

Leonard F. P., broker, 7 Oil Exchange, rooms

2 St. James place.

Leonard J. F. (J. F. Leonard & Co.), h 97 School.


(J. F. Leonard. J. H. Roche.) Druggists.

78 Mechanic.

Leonard W. C., book keeper, 2 St. James pi.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Leonard W. L., driller, h54 State.

LERCH D. W., Job Printer, 6 Patent av.

Lerch S. V., clerk, house 8 Whitney av.

Lescure Joseph, clerk Q. O. Co., h 1 Forman.

Lesh J. A., driller, house 11 School.

Lesh W. H., driller, house 14 Bennett.

Lester Cyrus, Supt., house 20 Water.

Levens Jennie Miss, clerk, 86 Main.

Levens N. O., house 130 Main.

Levens William A., producer, h 2 Congress pi.

Levi Betsy, clerk, 22 Main.

Levi R., clothing, house 62 Davis.

Levi Rolla, milliner, 52 Main.

Levine M., boots and shoes, 1 and 82 Main, house

14 Bushnell.

Levinson N., clerk, house 25 Water.

Levy Adam, pedler, house 16 Park.

Levy A., (H. Solomon & Co.,) h 8 Chautauqua


Levy E., cutter, house 9 Chautauqua pi.

LEVY HENRY, Merchant Tailor, 70 Main h 28


Lewis A. W., book-keeper, h 28 Forman.

Lewis James, house 53 Summer.

Lewis Robert, janitor, h 70 Main.

Lewis Sarah E., teacher, h 81 School.

LEY JOHN, Machine Shop, 30 to 34 Corydon.

liouse 131 do.

Ley Samuel T., engineer, bds Henderson House.

Libby Isaac, blacksmith, h 107 Boyltson.

Lincoln Collins, producer,li 43 Forman.

Lindberg Carl J., machinist,Jh 15 Summer.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.


LINDERMAN P. H., General Manager Era, and

Proprietor Sunday News, h 7 Elm.

LINDSEY JAMES A. City Clerk, City Building

h 33 Boylston.

Lindsey Julia Miss, h 77 Congress.

Lindsey Julia, rooms 40 Boylston.

Lingenfelter Geo., rig builder, bds Lloyd House.

Linnan John, laborer, h 3 Grove.

Linneman J. ft,rooms Mechanic cor Barbour.

Linon A., confectionery, 110$ Main, h Bishop.

Little Mary Mrs., house 31 High.

Lochnicht Michael F., clerk, 109 Main.

Locke A. Mrs., house 30 Pearl.

Locke Henry H., machinist, h 177 Mechanic.

Locke John ft, J. H. & W. H„ h 30 Pearl.

Locke J. M., boards 177 Mechanic.


Proprietor, 25 and 27 Webster.

Locket Geo., boards Travelers' Home.

Logan John H., producer, h 86 Summer.

Long Lee, laundry, 9 Congress.

Long Robert, producer, h 14 Sanford.

Long W. J., fish, 80 Mechanic, h 68 Washington.

Longaker L. ft,accountant, h 12 Sanford.

Loomis Charles Mrs., house 2 Tram R. R.

Loomis E. R. Mrs., house 90 Corydon.

Lord M. A. Mrs., house 1 Jackson av.

Love J. E., tinsmith, house 48 Davis.

Loveless D. S., clerk, rooms Kennedy c Boylston.

Loveless George, fireman, bds Towanda House.

Loveless J. H., house 89 Hilton.

Loveless N. J., clerk, rooms Kennedy c Boylston.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


Lovitz I., peddler, house 21 Boylston.

Lowe G. T., broker, house 63 School.

Lowe M. J., clerk, bds Riddell House.

Lowenthal Louis S., jeweler, house 25 Elm.

Lucas W. D., janitor, house 4 McCIellan.

Ludwig C. J., engineer, house 36 High.

Lundergan M., station agent, B. R. & P., h 42


Lundergan Matthew, cashier B , R. & P. Freight

Depot, rooms 42 Davis.

Luther L., grocer, 49 Elm, h 39 Chestnut.

Lyman Jacob, fireman, h 36 High.

Lynch Andrew M., blacksmith, h 17 Pike.

Lynch James, h 38 Bushnell.

Lynch James, printer, rooms Whitney Hose.

Lynch J. W., blacksmith, h 47 Bennett.

Lynch Martin, boiler maker, h 48 Whitney av.

Lyon G. H., civil engineer, 105 Main.

Lyon J. J., canvasser, bds 16 Bushnell.

Lyons A. A. Mrs., h r 51 Summer.

Lyons F. E., rooms 112 Main.

Lytle C. E., chief train dispatcher, B., R. & P.


MABB GEO. R., Locksmith, 47 Main, house 27


Maben James, driller, bds Akin House.

Mack Mrs., house 79 Summer.

MackM. J., foreman, h Congress pl'bel Chestnut.

Mack M. Mrs., house 5S Main.

Mack John, laborer, h 44 Tram R. R.

Mack P. H., machinist, h 36 School.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


Mack S. E. Miss, dining rooms, 74 Main.

Mack Thos. Mrs., house 9 Park.

Mackenzie D. R., accountant, h 69 Kennedy.

Macveigh E. F., brakeman, h 23 High.

Madigan John, house 118 Tarport road.

Madison Charles F., house SO Jennings.

Madison Fred., house 88 Jennings.

Madison Henry ft, house 4 Third.

Madison L. O., producer, rooms 31 Kennedy.

Magee F., agent, house 23 Davis.

Magee Leo, laborer, house 120 High.

Maginn William, clerk, 46 Main.

MAGINN WM., Alderman, 154 Main, house 25

Tarport rd.

Magrane Lizzie, house 76 Washington.

Magrane Margaret Mrs., h 76 Washington.

Maher Thos., carpenter, bds Washington House.

Maharon A. J., upholsterer, 93 Main.

Mahar John, bds Travelers' Home.

Mabin J., driller, bds Bay State Hotel.

Mair A. D., salesman, rooms 130 Main.

Maitland Andrew, teamster, h 81 Tarport rd.

Mallick J. ft,carpenter, h 10 Whitney av.

Mallory L. E., producer, h 122 Congress.

Malone H. P., producer, h 120 Congress.

Maloy B. D. Mrs., house 43 Congress.

Maloy Fanny, clerk, 20 Main.

Manion Martin, flagman,rooms 159 Main.

Manning Laura Mrs., h 25 Grove.

Manning R., laborer, h r 95 High.

Manning Robert H , machinist, h 19 Allison.

MARCK LOUIS, (Union Hotel), 126 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China.


Marino & Ardizzone, barbers, 112 1-2 Main.

Marino Joseph, barber, h 59 Washington.

Marino S., barber, 112 1-2 Main.

Markey Anna Miss, 22 Main.

Markey Luke, house 8 Walker place;

MARKHAM JOHN H., Producer, house 99 Congress.

Markle David J., real estate, h 96 Bennett.

Marks A. M. Mrs., house 30 Barbour.

Marks Bros. (Abe & Dan), clothing, 47 Main, h

46 Kennedy.

Marks Dan (Marks Bros.), bds St. James Hotel.

Marks Frank, shoes, 110 Main, h 13 Bushnell.

Marks Herman, clerk, house 30 Barbour.

Marlin & Stephenson, brokers, 7 Oil Exchange.

Marlin H. A., broker, h 16 Chautauqua pi.

Martin Gus., producer, rooms 100 Main.

Martin Josiah, bds opp B. R. & P. Depot.

Martin Kate, house Frew Block.

Martin Mrs., house 16 North.

Martin M. L. Miss, 126 Mechanic.

Martin Patrick, house 6 McClellan.

Marsala Mary, confectionery, 2 Chestnut.

Marshall Ada Miss, bds 60 Corydon.

Marshall Anna, house 10 Newell av.

Marshall Dora, house 78 Mechanic.

Marshall James, carpenter, rooms 44 Kennedy.

Marshall James R., producer, h 100 Summer.

Marshall Mary, h r 74 Main.

Massey Maria Mrs., h 76 Summer.

Mason Parker, producer, h 54 Amm.

Mason R. L., book keeper, Bradford National


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr Jk Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


Mason W. G., ticket agent, North end Union Depot,

h Amm.

Mason W. W., Mrs., h"40 Forman.

Matsdaira T. A., civil engineer, h 194 Mechanic.

Matson D. A., carpenter, bds Williams House.

Matson Myron, producer, h 42 Amm.

Matteson E. D., clerk, h r 95 School.

Matteson Fred. D., mail carrier, h r 95 School.

Matteson J. H., carpenter, h r 95 School.

Matthews John, laborer, house 2 McClellan.

Matthews John, teamster for C. B. Co.

Matthews John W., house 6 Elm.

Maxwell M. J., clerk, Akin House.

Mayer A., physician, 76 Main, h 54 Kennedy.

MAYER A. CO., Wholesale Liquors, Cigars and

Billiards, 3 Main.

Mayer A. M., house 101 Centre.

Mayer H., Sec. ftBottling Co., h 41 Pleasant.

McAllister C. P., chief operator W. U. T. Co., h

51 Summer.

McAllister Russell, house Raub Farm.

McALPINE A., Dentist, Opera House, house 55


McAMBLEY C. F., Lumber, Hilton Switch, h

125 Congress.

McAully W. P., yard master, h 105 Jackson av.

McBride Edward, laborer, bds 27 Grove.

McBride Samuel, clerk, bds Option House.

McBride Thos. S., rig builder, h 26 Roberts.

McBRIDE W. ft, Option House, 39 Main:

McBurney Alice &. ft, h 14 Chautauqua pi.

McCAFFERTY C. K., City Treasurer, h 9 Kane.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


McCafferty J. W., bookkeeper F. N. B., h 9 Kane.

McCafferty R. L., treas, clerk, h 9 Kane.

McCALMONT G. B., Lawyer, City Hall, h 157


McCALMONT OIL CO., 10 St. James place.

McCarey Thomas, foreman, h 13 Terrace.

McCarthy Daniel, clerk, rooms 16 Chestnut.

McCarthy F. F , clerk, Bradford House.

MCCARTHY W. T-, Bradford House, 97 Main.

McCarty Daniel, clerk, 58 Corydon.

McCarthy John, bds 60 Corydon.

McCarthy R. P., clerk, Corry House. "

McCaughtry & Harris, machinists, 74 Forman.

McCandlish J. M., (C. McC. & Co.), house 23


McCann Daniel, laborer, bds 99 Mechanic.

McCay Thos. E., producer, 88 Main.

McClain Anna Mrs., h 45 Mechanic.

McCleery J. ft,musician, rooms 113 Wash't'n.

McCOMB E. J. & CO., City Mills, Flour, Feed,

Grain, &c, 52 and 54 Elm, h 65 Summer.




Baled Hay and Straw.

We manufacture our own Meal and Feed.

All kinds of Feed Ground to Order.

52 and 54 ELM ST., Near Erie R- R.


Telephone 5-r.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


McCleery J. W., police, h 38 Whitney av.

McClellan M., h 26 Brookline.

McClery J. W., musician, bds Butterfield House.

McClintock James., bds Oil City House.

McClure Geo., bds Washington House.

McClure Joseph, (M. & McC.,) h 57 Summer.



Kendall Torpedo Co., Nickle Plate Block,

109 and 111 Main.

McConnell A. P., clerk, 9 Main.

McConnell John B., carpenter, h 143 Corydon.

McConnell W. A., (McC. & B.,) h 43 Kennedy.

McCool John, house 10 Summer. <

McCord William J., house ft Cottage Row.

McCourt N. W., fruits &c. 14 Congress, h do.

McCoy Fred., clerk, 128 and 130 Main.

McCoy James W., teamster, 93 Main.

McCoy J. W., house 61 Bennett.

McCREA J. ft,Chief Police, h 64 Washington.

McCrea Thos. E., policeman, h 93 Boylston.

McCready Jas. A., producer, h 3 Park.

McCray J. W., producer, h 28 Jefferson.

McCrum John, rooms 44 Congress.

McCrum Samuel, book keeper, 124 Mechanic.

McCumber Chas., machinist, b Bay State Hotel.

McCune W. J., tool fisher, h 8 North.

McCurdy Wm. H., carpenter, h 63 Chestnut.

McDermott Luke, clerk, Washington House.

McDermott Thos., rig builder, h 64 River.

McDermott Thos. H., helper, h 38 Davis.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41-43-45 Main Street.


McDevitt John, helper, h 34 Tram R. R.

McDonald C. M., pumper, h 157 Tarport road.

McDonald Daniel, foreman, h 75 Pleasant.

McDonald S. R., brakeman, bds Travelers' Home

McDonald Thomas, Scranton House, 76 Main.

McDonald Wm., clerk, Exchange Hotel.

McDonell Alexander, h. 6 Jefferson.

McDonell Augustine G., producer, h 13 Pike.

McDonell Wm., contractor, bds Black Bear


McDonough M. J., book keeper, h 45 River.

McDougall John, Jr., collector, rooms 15 Chautauqua


McDowell Bros. (D. F. H. & ft J. ft),grocers,

65 Congress, h 44 School.

McDowell C. J. ft,grocer, h 44 School.

McDowell J. B., boiler maker, h 59 Forman.

McDowell Wm,, machinist, h r 56 Jackson av.

McDowell W. A., house r 56 Jackson av.

McDowell W. D., house 44 School.

McElroy Barney, laborer, bds Bennett Brook


McElroy J. Mrs., clerk, 24 Main.

McElwaine Eugene, book-keeper, h 51 Pleasant.

McElwaine J. B., Allison tubing, casing and

pipe, 35 Main.

McEvoy Bros., (J. E. & F. ft,) produce, 120

Main, liouse 41 Forman.

McFadden L. T., driller, h 18 Howard av.

McFarlan Allen, house 11 North.

McFARLAND J. W., Real Estate, Main cor

Kennedy, second floor, bds Riddell House.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


McFarland Wm. H., carpenter, h 64 Bennett.

McFate John B., clerk, bds Riddell House.

McGannon Michael, laborer, h 56 Webster.

McGarvin Wm. Mrs., h 9 Tarport rd.

McGee Dawson, liouse 144 High.

McGibney Belle, bookkeeper, 128 and 130 Main.

McGinnis Anna and Bridget, 40 Main.

McGinnis Isabelle house 5 Jefferson.

McGonegal William, blacksmith, bds Oil City


McGoun D. D., liouse 18 Prospect.

McGoun James, blacksmith, bds Quigley Hotel.

McGrain Mrs., h 76 Washington.

McGraw Mary, teacher, bds 60 Corydon.

McGraw Patrick, helper, h 17 Walker pi.

McGuire John, tool dresser, bds Palace Hotel.

McHENRY & FRENCH, Proprietors Excelsior

Topedo Co., 100 Main c Webster.

McHenry Andrew, h 29 High.

McHenry W. H. (McH. & F.), h 29 High.

McHugh James, contractor, bds Williams House.

McHugh Thos., tool fishing, 25 Davis.

Mclnerny P. A., hotel, 116 Washington.

Mclntire M. H., laborer, h 15 Hill.

Mc Intire W. P., grocer, 47 Pearl, h do.

Mclntyre Edward, junk, 34 Webster.

Mclntyre Richard E., butcher, h 55 Barbour.

Mclntyre Miss, rooms Rose Building.

Mcintosh Anna Mrs., h 83 Corydon.

McKallip Thos. J., laborer, h 64 Pleasant.

McKanna Alex., carpenter, h 11 Brookline.

McKanna A. J., printer, bds Henderson House.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.


McKarns John, foreman, li 71 Chestnut.

McKay Mary Mrs., house 50 School.

McKay William G., house 50 School.

McKay William T., Elm cor Webster.

McKee Bridget, house 58 Centre.

McKee Fred., book-keeper, 18 Kennedy.

McKee J. W., wheels and foundry, 1Q Hilton.

McKeever Maggie, clerk, 95 Main.

McKENNA J. ft, Supt, General Freight and

Passenger Agent, B. B. & K. R. R. General

Office, house 129 Congress.

McKenzie Frank A., expressman, bds Pierce


McKevett Charles H., producer, h 45 Pleasant.

McKinney Chas. and Edwin, brakemen, bds

Lloyd House.

McKinney Michael, house 13 High.

McKinney Orlando, milkman, h 92 Elm.

McKinsey Mary Mrs., h 9 Third.

McKnight Robert, grocer, 13 Leeland av., h 48


McLane John G., photographer, Main, h 167


McLaren Robert, clerk, 24 Main.

McLaughlin Dominick, engineer, h 119 Congress.

McLaughlin Geo., laundry, Globe.

McLaughlin James, laborer, h 17 Pearl.

McLaughlin Robert, laborer, h 18 Sanford.

McLeard Miss, rooms Mechanic cor Tibbetts av.

McLenahan Ellen Mrs., house 39 Davis.

McLenahan Robert, blacksmith, h 39 Davis.

McLeod Daniel, carpenter, h 20 Roberts.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


McLEAN ARCHIBALD, Gen'l Agent Geo. Tifft,

Sons & Co., Boilers and Engines, 115 Main,

h 69 Kennedy.

McLeod Geo., producer, h 12 Jackson av.

McMahon Anna, bds Towanda House.

McMahon John, brakeman, bds 60 Amm.

McMahon Michael, carriages, h 163 Corydon.

McMahon M. B., laborer, h 31 Washington.

McMahon O. J., driller, h 27 Elm.

McMahon P. J., contractor, h 75 Summer.

McMahon T. Mrs., house 27 Elm.

McMullen A. L., producer, h 110 Kennedy.

McMULLEN, SNELL & ARMOR, Publishers,

The Petroleum Age, 14 and 15 Producers


McMullen J. ft, (McM. S. & A.,) h 6 Jackson av.

McNAMARA PATRICK, Corry House, 10


McNana James J., house 21 Cole av.

McNeilley Mary Miss, h 81 School.

McNelly James, hostler, bds Butterfield House.




A. McLean, General Agent.

115 Main Street, BRADFORD, PA.

Sspssaa.yTBB »r @. W

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


McNish W. ft, rooms 161 Mechanic.

McNulty Henry, laborer, bds 15 Grove.

McPhail A., tinsmith, bds 133 Main.

McQuillen Chas., laborer, bds 85 Hilton.

McQuistion Edward E., driller, h 39 Pearl.

McQuistian R. R., clerk, 51 Main.

McSWEENEY & BYLES, lawyers, 8 and 9

Producers' Exchange.

McTagg Patrick, house 46 Barbour.

McVay W. J., Supt., house 2 Washington. .

Mead J. ft,rooms 16 Chestnut.

Meade Lewis, collector, 26 Main, h Wilson


Means A. J., lawyer, house 51 Bennett.

Means Charles, driller, h 153 Tarport rd.

Means Ed., dental student, 85 Main.

MEASE U. G., Physician, Kennedy cor Main,

house 39 Walker av.

Meatman William D., messenger, Erie Express.

Megantz Abram, European Hotel, 11 Congress.

Melican Patrick, house R. R. bel Leeland av.

Mell Harvey L., house 64 Hilton.

Melvin Chas. C, producer, 4 Oil Ex., house 81


Melvin T. J., producer, house 77 Corydon.

Mercer William, bds 39 Pleasant.

Mercer William J., driller, house 42 Elm.

Merriam F. N., meat market, 135 Main.

Merriam J. K., meat market, 53 Main, h2 Elm.

Merrow Clarence H., carpenter, h 62 Washington.

Merrow F. ft,house 66 State.

Merrow Jennie E. Mrs., h 66 Washington.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


Merwin Jas. L., real estate, rooms 36 Chestnut.

Merwin J. R., real estate, Main c Congress.

Meskel Johanna Mrs,, h 15 Leeland a v.

Messimer C, H. Jr., machinist, h 24 Summer.

Metcalf, carpenter, h ft Cottage Row.

Meyer Otto, clerk, St. James Hotel Block.

Meyers Chas., clerk, St. James Hotel Block.

Meyers John, leather, etc., 13 Corydon, h 37


Meyers S., shoemaker, 102 Main, h Pleasant.

Michael R., clothing, 98 Main, h 33 Elm.

Miller Adie, house Globe.

Miller Alice Mrs., house 61J Main.

Miller Augustus, (K. M. & Co.), h 29 Walker av

Miller Bros., J. W. & E. H., grocers, 31 Kennedy.

Miller Chas., clerk, St. James Hotel.

Miller Chas. M., clerk, h 2 Morehouse pi.

Miller E. H. (Miller Bros), bds Henderson House

Miller Forest L., h 11 Jackson av.

Miller Job, house 78 Summer.

Miller J. R., drayman, h 3 Howard a v.

Miller J. W., (Miller Bros.), h 52 Forman.

Miller Miss, rooms 21 Congress.

Miller Richard, blacksmith, bds Bay State Hotel.

Miller Wallace, painter, h 31 Cole av.

Milligan A. G., house 6S School.

Milligan A. G., hotel, 9 Globe.

Milligan C. G. (Sterns & M.), 100 Main.

Mills Geo. H., teller F. N. Bank, h 115 Congress.

Mills Thos., producer, Mechanic cor Barbour.

Milton J., laborer, liouse 55 River.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Miner Mary Mrs., house 3 Pearl.

Minniss N. S., clerk, h 154 Mechanic.

Mitchell C. A., asst. cashier B.'N. B., h 57 Pearl.

Mitchell Philip, producer, h 37 High.

Mitchell R. Y., producer, h 12 Bushnell.

Mock Lettia Mrs., house 70 Hilton.

Moinihan Daniel, cigar maker, bds Bay State


Monell Eli, carpenter, house r 73 High.

Montgomery Carrie, house 78 Amm.

Monroe Nina Mrs., house r 25 Boylston.

Monroe Ophelia Mrs., house 135 Congress.

MOON GEORGE H., Notary Public, 4 Oil Exchange,

h 69 Summer.

Mooney Eva Mrs., 133 Main.

Mooney S. A.} painter, house r 23 Davis.

Moore F. J., conductor, bds 133 Main.

Moore Josephine Miss, h 44 Congress.

Moore Judd, brakeman, bds 133 Main.

Moore Wm., brakeman, bds 29 Grove.

Moorman Thos., blacksmith, h 149 Tarport rd.

Moran Peter Mrs., 78 Kennedy.

Mordoff ft W., clerk, 60 Main.

Morewood John W., boiler maker, h 20 Hill.

Morgan Geo B., producer, bds Holmes House.

Morgan Jos., contractor, h 12 Pleasant.

Morris & Lane, undertakers, 4 Boylston.

Morris D. F., (Morris & Lane,) h 4 Boylston.

Morris J. J., tailor, house 24 Washington.

Morris M. E., painter, house 79 Pleasant.

Morrison Charles S., clerk, h 50 Chestnut.

Morrison Geo. H., blacksmith, h 45 Clarion.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates.


MORRISON H. E., Pianos, Organs, &c, 95

Main, house 33 Forman.

Morrison M. J., house 33 Forman.

Morrow D. R., house 19 Summer.

Morrow H. G., house 149 Mechanic.

Morton L. M., job printer, h 4S Summer.

Moseley James A., agent, house 70 State.

Moses Caroline, house 16 Bushnell.

Moses I., clerk, St. James Hotel Block.

Moses Lena Mrs., house 24 Washington.

Moses Marcus, cigar mfr., 101 Mechanic, house 24


Mosher T. ft,house 13 Bank.

MosierM. H., asst. supt. B. G. L. & H. Co., 15

Chautauqua place.

Moss Benjamin, teamster, h 5 Forman.

Moss John, blacksmith, bds Butterfield House.

Moss J. L., house 8 Pleasant.

Moss Rollin, 6 and 8 Congress.

Moss R. B., clerk, rooms 31 Kennedy.

Mossman M. C. Miss, rooms 30 Bushnell.

MoyerE. O., clerk, 19 Main.

Moynihan Tim, house r 4 McClellan.

Mulchay Daniel, bds 122 Main.

Mulkins J., ex. messenger, rooms 9 High.

-Mullen J. T., switchman, bds 133 Main.

Mullaney James, laborer, house 52 River.

Mulligan Patrick ft, driller, h 100 Washington.

MULLIN & McCLURE, lawyers, 15 Main cor


Mullin Eugene, (M & McC.,) h 137 Corydon.

Mullin T. F., law student, h 137 Corydon.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Mulnix J. W., rooms 19 Mechanic.

Mulqueen P., (U. S. Hotel,) 90 Mechanic.

MUMFORD & GLADDING, Producers, Roberts


Mumford J. B. (M. & G.), 25 Webster.

Munger J. S. Mrs., house 96Bennett.

Munson Minnie Miss, h 41 Congress.

Murdoch Ella Miss, cashier, 86 Main.

Murdoch F. H., physician, Davis Block.

Murning Kittie, house 64 Washington.

Murphy Daniel, laborer, h 14 Whitney pi.

Murphy Daniel, Jr., clerk, h 14 Whitney pi.

Murphy John, laborer, h 7 Jefferson.

Murphy John D., laborer, 12 Barbour.

Murphy Kate, milliner, 52 Main.

Murphy Kate and Maggie, rooms 130 Mechanic.

Murphy M. H., clerk, h 19 Boylston.

Murphy M. J., rooms Frew Block.

Murphy Thos., contractor, h 8 Forman.

Murphy Will H., barber, 63 Main.

Murphy Wm. H., flagman, h 12 Gay.

Murray A. K., house 58 Kennedy.

Murray Chas., barber, Oil Ex., h 53 Pearl.

Murray Geo.H., circulator, Era.

MURRAY H. ft, Butcher and Grocer, 4 Brennan.

Murray I. W., barber, Oil Exchange.

Murray James, gas fitter, h 11 Summer.

Murray L., tel. operator, bds Riddell House.

Murray M. Mrs., house 38 Howard.

Murray M. D., book-keeper, rooms 100 Main.

Murray Patrick, h R. R. bel Leeland av.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.


Murray R. W., barber, house 64 School.

Murray S. R. Mrs., house 12 Bennett.

Murty James (A. & Murty,) 40 Main.

Myer Michael, laborer, 12 Barbour.

Myers Sylvester, shoemaker, h 26 Pleasant.

NAGEL LAWRENCE, house 41 Pearl.

Nash E. H., conductor, bds Henderson House.


United Pipe Line Division, 71 Main.


House Block.

Neal David, carpenter, house 28 Pleasant.

Neal Frank, rooms 25 S Mechanic.

Neal M. D., house 14 State.

.Neal T. F., dispatcher, bds 133 Main.

Neely W. O., clerk, 117 Main.

Nelson Hugh, letter carrier, bds Akin House.

Nelson John A., laborer, liouse 34 Hilton.

Nelson L., laborer, h 6 Water.

Nelson Mary, h 34 Whitney av.

Nelson Morris W., laborer, h 34 Hilton.

Nelson N. P., restaurant, 83 and 85 Mechanic.

Nelson Samuel, checkman. N. Y., L. E. & W.

Freight Office.

Nelson W. T., clothing, bds 29 Boylston.

Nesbett Susie Mrs., dining rooms, 15 Kennedy.

Netcher Geo., bookkeeper, h 122 Corydon.

Neugent E. Mrs , h 20 Main.

Nevin Clara Miss, h 124 Mechanic.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


Noble S. S., (G. & Noble,) 3 Amm.

Nolan J. T. Mrs., house 7 Chambers.

Nolan P. J., house 15 Grove.

Nolan William, driller, h ft Cottage Row.

Nordstrom Fred. L., shoemaker, h 6 Buffalo.

Norman August, tailor, h 19 North.

Norman Frank F., engineer, h 57 Jefferson.

Norman Hobert, engineer, h 66 High.

NORTH & HUEY, Lawyers, Robert's Block,

79 Main.

North H. H., (North & H.), h 6 Tibbitt's av.

Northey J. H., (O'Brien & N.), bds Black Bear


Norton C. A., bookkeeper, h 3 McKean.

Norton C. H., optician, 101 Main, h 4 Walker pi.

Norton Nettie Mrs., h 31 Water.

Northrope O. E. Mrs., h r 51 Summer.

Northrope R. A., h 6 Gay.

Noss Mamie Mrs., house 61 Corydon.

Noxon George B., carpenter, house 56 Amm.

Nulty James, hostler, 95 Mechanic.

Nusbaum & O'Connor, grocers, 118 Main.

Nusbaum B., grocer, house 24 Bushnell.

Nusbaum Isaac, grocer, 69 Mechanic, house,42


Nusbaum Lewis, (N. & O'Connor,) bds Riddell


Nusbaum M., clerk, house 42 School.

Nusbaum Philip, grocer, 100 and 102 Mechanic.

Nye William ft, house 31 Elm.

OAKES L. W., house 69 School.

Oakley Jesse Miss, house 6 Chambers.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China.



Pros. Independent Bottling Co., 53 Mechanic.

O'Brien & Northey, boiler makers, 25 Barbour.

O'Brien Dennis, house 21 Jackson av.

O'Brien E. H., (off. B. Co.), h 19 Bennett.

O'Brien Frank, house 13 Jackson av.

O'Brien James, laborer, h 26 Roberts.

O'Brien John, house 14 Centre.

O'Brien John, plumber, h 10fr Pleasant.

O'Brien John, laborer, bds Quigley Hotel.

O'Brien John, teamster, h 19 Bennett.

O'Brien Kate, rooms Hotel Florence.

O'Brien Geo, clerk, 37 Main.

O'Brien Martin, laborer, h 118 Corydon.

O'Brien May Miss, house 20 Congress.

O'Brien P. (O'Brien & N.), h 118 Corydon.

O'Brien P. S., collector, LB. Co., bds 19 Bennett.

O'Brien Will, boiler maker, h 48 Corydon.

O'Connor James, house 37 Whitney av.

O'Connor John, laborer, house 63 State.

O'Connor Michael, clerk, 118 Main.

O'Connor Michael, laborer, h 13 Leeland av.

O'Connor Thos., (N. & O. C.,) bds DuBois


Odell A. M. Mrs., liouse 74 Amm.

Odell A. P., solicitor of patents, h 151 Mechanic.

Odell C. Mrs., liouse 19 Kennedy.

Odell Edward, rooms 78 Kennedy.

Odell John, clerk,, St. James Hotel.

Odell Josiah, producer, house 7 Petrolia.

Odell T. J., house 74 Amm.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


O'Donnell D., millinery, 15 Main, h 31 Jefferson

O'Donnell James, clerk, 126 Main.

O'Donnell Wm., leather, rooms 8 Chambers.

Ogden Russell, iron tanks, h Washington pi.

Ogolskey Jacob, fish, h 15 Merrow av.

O'Grady Annie, house Globe.

O'Hare Maggie, 133 Main.

O'Hern Daniel, laborer, h 33 Washington.


(Limited), Main c Webster.

O'Laughlin Andrew, barber, Oil Exchange.

O'Laughlin Mary, 66 Main.

O' Laughlin Michael, h 27 Tram R. R.

O'Leary Mary, Butterfield House.

Olmstead Chas. S . tel. operator, h 39 Jefferson.

Olin W. H., oil reporter, Era.

Olinger David, laborer, house 5 Pearl.

Oliver C. P., driller, house 17 Congress pi.

Oliver J. H., contractor, bds Butterfield House.

Oliver W. P., house 20 Bank.

O'Mera W. J., clerk, bds Akin House.

O'Neil C. J., clerk, 83 Main.

O'Neil Michael, clerk, house 63 Centre.

O'Neil Patrick, clerk, house 12 State.

O'Neill Simon, laborer, house 24 Elm.

O'Neil William, rooms 44 Kennedy.

Orange S., butcher, 16 Congress, h 5 Pearl.

Orcutt Harriet Mrs.* house*49 Forman.

Orcutt W. H., book keeper, h 49 Forman.

Ormsby R. J., train dispatcher, rooms Bowen bl.

O'Ronrk E. O., driller, h 66 Centre.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


O'Rourke J. T., contractor, h 19 Pike.

O'Ronrk Mary Mrs , h 16 Whitney a v.

Osborn J. P., house Winter.

Osborne L. E. (C. McC. & Co.), h 26 Sanford.

Osborn R. J. & William, bds 99 Boylston.

Osborne Thos., constable, nil Bushnell.

Ossenbeck J. H., book keeper, h 18 Pike.

Ovitt Ida, clerk, 113 Washington.

Owen John, collector, h 3 Chautauqua pi.

Owen John R., merchant tailor, 6 McKean.

Owen Minnie, house 11 Roberts.

Owens C. N., producer, house 9„Elm.

Oxley Wm. H., clerk, h 7 Morehouse pi.

PAGE H. A. (H. & Page), h 76 Kennedy.

Page Wm. M., producer, h 105 Centre.

Painter Byron, bds Riddell House.

Palmer E. ft,bds Pierce House.

Palmer John, engineer, h 53 Jefferson.

Palmer Morris K., carpenter, h 65 Centre.

Palmer Nelson, h 17 Tarport rd.

Pardo, clerk at Bodine & Walker, rooms 39


Pardoe Jas., salesman, Mechanic c Barbour.

Park Allen, tobacco, 55 Main.

Park Robert, watchman, h 54 Davis.

Parker F. S., carpenter, h 24 Whitney av.

Parker Geo., fireman, bds Washington House.

Parker M. H., bds Queen City Hotel.

Palmer J. H., house 60 State.

Parker, rooms Mechanic, cor Tibbitts av.

Parkhurst Grant, carpenter, h 127 Tarport rd.

Parkhurst George E., engineer, h 59 Chestnut.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Parks Joseph, blacksmith, house 91 Hilton.

Parsons Charles E., producer, h 39 Corydon.

PARSONS ENOS, Real Estate, 95 Mechanic, h

111 Corydon.

Parsons N. B., house 155 Mechanic.

Parsons Warren, fireman,bds 29 Grove.

Pasho C. L., Supt. tel., bds Henderson] House.

Patch C. F., house 6 Third.

Pate B. D., painter, house 34 State.

Patridge Edwin, conductor, h hd Mechanic.

Patton William, painter, h 18 Whitney av.

Pattrell Claud, clerk, Pierce House.

Paul Lizzie, house Globe.

Paul William, rooms 159 Mechanic.

Payne G. W., shirt mfr., 55 Main.

Payne T. T., h 20 Summer.

Peake Eugene, laborer, h r 95 School.

Pearlstone Annie Miss, milliner, 22 Main.

Pearsaw Myron, blacksmith, bds opp B. R. & P.

R. R. Depot.

Pearson James B., rig builder, h 18 Hill.

Peart C. H. Mrs., house 87 Pleasant.

Peck Wm., carpenter, rooms Pullman Lodging


Peck W. F., foreman Star, h 51 Pearl.

Pelton Frank E., stenographer, bds Holmes


Pemberton E. B., clerk, bds Holmes House.

Pemberton H. J., producer, 24 Main.

PendersJJames, house 80 Centre.

Pepper W. H., foreman, house 52 Davis.

Perkins Fred. W., book-keeper, h 192 Mechanic.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes


Perkins*Ed. R., livery, rear 95 Mechanic, house 7


Perkins Mary E., house 17 Congress.

Perkins William M., Prof., house 12 Park.

Perrault Lewis, house 40 Tram R. R.

Perrault L. A., producer, h 26 Chestnut.

Perry Aurelia Miss, rooms 12 Whitney pi.

Perry Charles, blacksmith, h 58 Schobl. .

Persell Edward J., manager, People's Store, h 24


PETROLEUM AGE, Rooms 13 and 14 Producers'


Peters M. J., accountant, house 51 Corydon.

Peters Thos. D., bookkeeper, h 93 Corydon.

Peterson Chas., shoemaker, 95 Mechanic.

Peterson Mary Mrs., h 60 Hilton.

Peterson W. P., clerk, Henderson House.

Pfohl ft N., ticket clerk, bds Riddell House.

Phillips David, merchant, 87 Chestnut, h 48 Amm

Phillips Jas., boiler maker, Hilton, h 7 Edgett.

Phillips Walter, machinist, h 57 Barbour.

Phillips W. M., boiler maker, h 46 Chestnut.

Pickering Wm. E., rooms 152 Mechanic.

PIER B. A., Grocer, 89 Washington, h 24 Merrow


Pier F. R., producer, h 22 Sanford.

Pierce M. B., pro. St. James Hotel, Public sq.

Pierce Richard D., contractor, h 18 Water.

Pike Orlando, house^6 Congress pi.

Pilk Charles, pedler, house 10 Water.

Pilk Morris, house 79 Washington.

Pitts Effie, house Globe.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


Pitt John, house 42 av B.

Pitts Justin, carpenter, bds Butterfield House.

Pixley Milo, teamster, house 17 Washington.

Place George W., carpenter, house 12 Gay.

Plague H. M., clerk, house 33 School.

Ploom Peter, rooms 43 Congress.

Plummer M. F., fireman,house 67 Forman,

Polley John A., contractor, house 87 High.

Pomeroy Jacob R., producer, h 156 Mechanic.

Pomeroy M. L., harness, 6 Pine.

Pope W. R., house 29 Bishop.

Porter J. R., collector, h 181 Mechanic.

Porter, engineer, rooms Bowen Block.

Posser M. E. Mrs., house 62 Pleasant.

Post Joseph, producer, h hd Mechanic.

Postal Telegraph and Cable Co., Oil Exchange.

Potter A. D., clerk, rooms 8 Chambers.

Potter ft S. Mrs., house 8 Whitney av.

Potter Emma, house 78 Mechanic.

Potter G. H., producer, h 20 Bushnell.

Potter I. C, producer, bds 43 Boylston.

Powell H. S., producer, h 50 Jefferson.

Powell J. H. Mrs., house 98 Pleasant.

Power John, hostler, bds Butterfield House.

Powers P. J., driller, h 27 Mechanic.

Powers Robert E., clerk, h 85 Congress.

Powers'T. J., treas. B. O. Co., h 85 Congress.

Powers W. H., broker, h 21 Walker av.

Pratt John, fireman,bds Corry House.

Pratt L. Mrs., rooms 21 Davis.

Prentice ft E. Mrs., h 13 Brennan.

Prentice Geo. W.,. laborer, h 13 North.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


Prentice J. W., agent, rooms 43 Davis.

Price Geo. R., engineer, h 31 Avenue B.

Price John, driller, house 11 Park.

Prill H. N., watchmaker, h 44 Congress.

Prime C. ft,cigarmaker, bds 133 Main.

Primmer Judson, engineer, h 29 Tarport road.

Prindle F. A,, barber, 119 Washington.

Printice Reuben, clerk, 92 Main.

Printy & Laughlin, dining rooms, 66 and 68


Proctor W. E., Travellers' Home, 14 Webster.

Producers C. L. & P. Co., 104 Mechanic.

Prue A., rig builder, house Tram R. R.

Purcell John, drayman, house 19 Roberts.

Purdy J. A, rooms American Steam Laundry.

Purple Charles D., book-keeper, h 37 Jefferson.

Purse Joseph K., clerk, house 8 Ascension.

Purviauce L. K., lawyer, house 11 Terrace.

Putnam Henry, teamster, house 82 Summer.

Putnam Nelson H., laborer, h 82 Summer.


Quigley B. ft,sucker rods, 145 Main, h4 Hill.

Quigley Edward, pumper, h 2 Washington.

QUIGLEY JOHN, (Quigley Hotel,) 75 Mech.

Quigley Thomas, bds Quigley Hotel.

Quinlin Matthew, h 4 Howard av.

Quinn Barney, h 46 Avenue B.

Quinn John W., h 13 Grove.

Quinn Mary Mrs., h 22 Roberts.

Quinn Patrick F., house Roberts.

Quinn Thos., bds Henderson House.


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.


RAE G. W., Physician, 78 Main.

Radley Ira, laborer, rooms 2t Davis.

Ragan Richard, switchman, bds 85 Hilton.

Ragolsky A., tin pedler, h 12 Howard av.

Ralph Bros., (S. E. & J. H.,) producers, 18 Main.

Ralph George, Jr., clerk, 86 Main.

Ralph G. W., producer, house 3 Pleasant.

Ralph William H., producer, h 68 Summer.

Ransom Daniel R., helper, 113 Washington.

Rau George W., lineman, h n hd Corydon.

Raub M. G., farmer, house Raub Farm.

Ray, machinist, bds 42 Boylston.

Raymond Byron, upholsterer, 2 Kennedy.

Reagan Arthur A., helper, bds 8 Allison.

Reagan Michael J., laborer, h 8 Allison.

Reddington James, foreman, h 8 Third.

REED C. H., Oculist and Aurist, 75 Main.

Reed Patrick, house 15 Grove.

Reed Robert, house 11 Allison.

Reeves William, shoemaker, h 80 Boylston.

Regar Alonzo, blacksmith, h 14 Park.

Reicherter L., tailor, house 62 Centre.

Reid S. M., producer, h 10 Sanford.

Reidy John, house 124 Jackson av.

Reily Edwin, shoemaker, 82 Mechanic, h Cole.

Reiley, machinist, room Mechanic cor Corydon.

Reilly M. H., letter carrier, P. O.

Reilly Richard, helper, h 31 Pearl.

Reiners Henry, helper, h 38 Water.

Reis J., clerk, house 24 Boylston.

Reis Moses, (W. & Reis), h 24 Boylston.

Revard Joseph, carpenter, h 42 Tram R. R.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


Reynolds C. F., news room, 102 Main, h Rutherford


Reynolds Joseph, teamster, bds Towanda House.

Rhodaberger Ella Miss, h 3 Amm.

Rhodes J. H., grocer, 155 Tarport rd.

Rhodes S. ft,producer, bds Riddell House.

Rhodes S. L., producer, h 49 Pleasant.

Rice Wm. A., house 21 Roberts.

Rich & Robinson, boots and shoes, 56 Main.

Rich L, (Rich & R.,) house 123 Corydon.

Richards A., yard master, h 31 Tarport rd.

Richards Daniel P., tool dresser, 36 Bishop.

Richards S. H., contractor, h 90 Jackson.

Richardson John, laborer, house 21 Pearl.

Richmond C. E., house Woodward Place.

Richter Michael, car inspector, Erie shops.

RIDDELL HOUSE, Anderson & Holley, Pros.,

Main cor Davis.

Riede Fred., butcher, house 90 Washington.

Rider James, pro. Lloyd House, 15 Davis.,

Rightmire Nathan, speculator, bds Butterfield


Riley Cornelins, contractor, h 135 Corydon.

Riley Edward, machinist, rooms 8 Chambers.

Riley Hannah Mrs., house 9 Tarport road.

Riley Harry, rooms 93 Mechanic.

Riley James, clerk, Bennett Brook House.

Riley Jennie Mrs., house 69 Mechanic.

Riley Martin, laborer, bds Williams House.

Riley Ned, clerk, Washington cor Mechanic.

Riley Patrick, house R. R. n Cemetery.

Riley P., laborer, boards 50 Webster.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41--43--45 Main Street.


Riley Thomas, coppersmith, h 47 River.

Riser Frank, porter, St. James Hotel.

Roach James, conductor, rooms 76 Amm.

Robbins Geo. Mrs., h 17 Howard av.

Robbins Hiram O., producer, h 8 Amm.

Roberts ft W., Cottage Hotel, 10 Congress.

Roberts Fred. H., house 55 Summer.

Roberts Geo. L., (Brown & R.), bds St. James


Roberts J. H., fireman, h 64 Forman.

Roberts Lamont, tel. operator, h 53 River.

Roberts P. A., traveling agent, h 53 River.

Roberts R. R., h 145 Tarport rd.

Roberts T. W., tank builder, 154 Main, h 7 High

ROBERTS W. B. & SON, Torpedoes, 79 Main.

Robertson D. W., (W. R. & Son,) h 26 Jefferson.

Robertson Wm. (Wm. R. & Son,) h26 Jefferson.


Works, 104 and 106 Chestnut, opp B. B. &

K. R. R. Freight Depot.

Petrolia fool Works,



Blacksmiths & Machinists,

Manufacturers of Drilling and Fishing Tools for Oil and Artesian

Wells. Engine Repairing. Fishing Tools a Specialty and to Hire.


Opp. B. B. & K. R. R. Freight Depot, BRADFORD, Pa.

P. O. Box I192.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


Robins C. J., fireman, bds Washington House.

ROBINSON ft ft, Pierce House, 107 Main.

Robinson D. W., (Rich & R.,) h 117 Corydon.

Robinson E. O., baggage master, h 5 Edgett.

Robinson F. A., express messenger, h 43 High.

Robinson H. B., civil engineer, 156 Mechanic.

Robinson H. B., clerk, N. T. Co., h 100 Jackson


Robinson J. Mrs., house 10 Kennedy.

Robinson James, N. T. Co., h 100 Jackson av.

Robinson L. R., book keeper, Hazlewood Oil Co.

Kobinson Wm. F., contractor, h 6 School.

Robinson W. F., house 3 Leigh.

Robison Chas., engineer, bds Bowen Block.

ROBISON W. S., Coal and Wood, 144 Main, h



Successor to J. McELROY, Dealer in

Bituminous, Blacksmith, Anthracite Coal

and Wood.

Office and Yard, 144 MAIN STREET,

Between O. B. & W. Freight Depot and D. R. & P. R. R.

Telephone 135.


p*~ Plasterer's Supplies and Shingles. Also Agent (or Crocker's

Buffalo Fertilizers.

THOMPSON «t WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates.


Roche James H. (Leonard & Co.), h 98 Summer.

ROCK GLYCERINE CO., R. A. Dempsey, Manager,

46 Main.

Rockwell H. L., h 7 Forman.

Rockwell L. W., brakeman, h 40 Hilton.

Rockwell R. M. Mrs., h r 51 Summer.

Rockwell W. ft, florist, h 7 Forman.

Rockwell V. E. Mrs., h 59 Chestnut.

Rodel Wm., mail carrier, h 79 State.

Rogers H., contractor, h 40 River.

Rogers, house 73 High.

Rogerson Jabez, contractor, h 9 Ascension.

Rolfe E. W., producer, 60 Main, h 59 Kennedy.

ROLAND JOHN, Pro. R. R. House, 7 R. R.

av., cor Newell av.


The Rock Glycerine Go.


We furnish Torpedoes as

low as any responsible firm in the business.

Office, 46 Main Street,


Branch Offices—O. H. Shurmur, Clarendon, Pa., next door to Beecher

& Copeland's. W. J. Morrison, Bolivar, N. Y. M. Henshaw,

Duke Centre, Pa. Chas. Newton, Grand Valley, Pa., and L. L.

Thompson, Kane, Pa.


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Rolland M., (A. Mayer & Co.,) 3 Main.

Ronan Edward J., musician, h 12 Brookline.

Ronan Patrick, house 25 Tram R. R.

Rook David H., undertaker, h 32 Chestnut.

Root Charles, house 9 Edgett.

Ropp D. A., foreman, job dept., Era.

Roric J., foreman, bds 133 Main.

Bose G. W., house 49 Corydon.

ROSE HARVEY, Machinist, 36 Corydon, house

49 do.

Rose William II., house 40 Chestnut.

Rosenberg Dj F., loan office, 44 Main.

Rosenberg R., dry goods, 18 Main, house 73


Rosenthol Henry, tailor, h 53 Washington,

Ross M. J. Mrs., house 157 Main.

Ross William W., clerk, 105 Main.

ROTE A. ft, Pullman Lodging House. Good

Rooms at Reasonable Prices by the Day or

Week, 16 Congress.

Roth P. W., producer, 5 Producers' Exchange, h

94 Kennedy.

Rothschild Samuel, traveling agent, h 11 Roberts.

Rothstein Abram, clerk, 7 Main.

Rothstein Charles, house 1 Morehouse pi.

Rothstein Myer, hotel, 7 Main, h 57 Kennedy.

Rowley G. H., blacksmith, house 65 Forman.

Rowley Mrs., house r 73 High.

Roy Robert, producer, house 85 Boylston.

Ruan William, contractor, h 50 Jefferson.

RUBLE J. W., Washington House, 8 Webster.

Ruble Nicholas, tobacconist, 132 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.


Ruddy Matthew, guager, h 31 Summer,

Ruddy Matthew, Jr., clerk, 49 Washington.

Ruley John, teamster, house 10 Howard av.

Rumsey Homer, milkman, h 34 Barbour.

Ruple H., cigar maker, bds Bay State Hotel.

Ruper Wm., house 146 High.

Ruple Wm., tobacco, 4 Webster, h 98 Cottage


Rusch Jos., boiler maker, h 156 High.

Ruslander M., clothing, 88 Main.

Russell David, driller, h 14 Howard av.

Russell Geo., engineer, h 10 Thompson av.

Russell J. C. Mrs., h 6 Globe.

Russell M. A. Mr3., h 37 Main.

Russell R. A., tel. Ed., Era.

Russell Willard E., teamster, h 18 Water.

Russell W. E.. 18 Water.

Russell W. J., clerk, 30 Main, h 37 Amm.

Ruth Daniel, agent, house 23 Pearl.

Rutherford J. B., janitor, h 96 Corydon.

Ryan & Kane, boiler works, Hilton n Depot.

Ryan Edward, drayman, h 39 Centre.

Ryan G. A., driller, house 16 Bank.

Ryan Patrick, laborer, h 45 Bennett.

Ryan Thos., brakeman, bds 46 Webster.

Ryan Thos., machinist, bds 60 Corydon.

SAALFIELD HENRY, Producer, h 56 Jefferson.

Sackrand George, clerk, Oil City House.

Sager Samuel, house 13 av B-.

Saggesser W. R., laborer, house 40 School.

Sakolski H. S., cigar mfr., 159 Corydon, h 161


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


Salesbury & Co., meat market, 89 Main.

Samuels Charles, dry goods, 11 Main, house 38


Samuel James E., contractor, h 21 Merrow av.

Samuels Moses, clerk, house 38 Boylston.

Sanborn Charles H., engineer, h 15 av B.

Sanborn E. J., engineer, house 58 High.

Sanderson H. ft,drugs, 13 Public sq., h 55 Pearl.

Sanford George, house 9 Sanford.

Sanford T. S., bees, 22 Newell place, house 7


Sangster T. A., book keeper, h 47 Forman.

Sanner J. M., producer, h 124 Tarport road.

Saulnier Kenton, asst. treas., b St. James Hotel.

Saunders D. M., producer, h 71 School.

Saunders L. L., room Pullman Lodging House.

Sawin Albert, clerk, 64 Main.

Sawyer A. J., house 7 Hill.

Sawyer E. F., music teacher, h 130 Mechanic.

Schaaf Martin, blacksmith, h 19 Leeland av.

Schaulis Harry, foreman, h 38 Amm.

Schemeiser Carl, clerk U. S. Ex., h 44 Chestnut.

Schenck Fred., clerk, 2 Chambers.

Schiewe Arthur A., clerk, 100 Mechanic.

Schlesinger Joseph, boots and shoes, S2 Main, h

71 Boylston.

Schnell Kate Miss, rooms 156 Mechanic.

Schnell Kate J., house 57 Main.

Schneider Fritz, tailor, 2 Public sq.

Schneider Louis, house 43 av B.

Schnitzius Cassie Miss, rooms 156 Mechanic.

Schnitzer Joseph, tailor, house 35 Bushnell.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


Schofield Henry, producer, bds Henderson Houss.

Schonblom O. F., President B. N. Bank, h 102


Schoolmaster Henry, laborer, h 51 Jefferson.

Schopperle W., jeweler, Roberts Block, 77


Schribner Kate Mrs., house 4 Pine.

Schroeder Mollie E., bds Holmes House.

Schubert Andrew, house 150 High.

Schuyler A., contractor, bds Bennett Brook


Schuyler Kate Mrs., house 73 Centre.

Schwab Peter, drayman, house 82 Centre.

Scofield C. W., producer, 7 Producers Exchange.

Schofield Henry, book-keeper, bds Henderson


Scott Alexander, clerk, h 151 Tarport rd.

Scott A. ft,house 35 Jackson av.

Scott Fannie Mrs., house 72 Summer.

Scott G. ft,broker, house 35 Jackson av.

Scott Patrick F., lineman, h 36 Whitney a v.

Scott Winfield, broker, house 8 Sanford.

Scott W. H., broker, 9 Oil Exchange, house 35

Jackson av.

Scroxton Thomas, house 5 Pleasant.

Sculley P. F., driller, house 24 Howard a v.

Seaman W. L., shoemaker, 28 Main.

Seazar James, laborer, house 8 Centre!

See W. W., florist. Bank cor Centre.

Seeley B. E., laborer, bds Williams House.

Seeley Carlton, h 83 High cor Hill.

Seeley D. T., gunsmith, 115 Main, h 68 Forman.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China.


Seeney David, laborer, h r 10 Howard av.

SEEP JOSEPH, Oil Buyer, 73 Main.

Seib Philip, teamster, h 4 Water.

Seigel H., peddler, house 6 Water.

Sendker L. H., shoemaker, 4 Pine, h Amm.

Sendker W. H., shoemaker, 9 Kennedy, house 85


Senn Emily, house 64 Corydon.

Seward Kate, clerk, 24 Main.

Seward Thomas, foreman, h 7 School.

Seward Thos. F., Jr., house 7 School.

Sexsmith Nettie Mrs., bakery, 161 Main.

Seyfang J. L., (Bovaird & S.), h 6 Petrolia.

Seymour John A., city engineer, City Hall, h 64


Sharkey J. Mrs., house 15 Hill.

Shannon John, laborer, bds Quigley Hotel.

Shannon Michael, laborer, bds 116 Washington.

SHANNON P. M., of Melvin, Walker, Shannon

& Co., and Mayor, h 3 Chautauqua Place.

Shapiro S., peddlar, h 1 Walker al.

Shaw H. ft,book keeper, bds Riddell House,

Shaw H. ft, h 5 Jackson av.

SHAW JAS. W., Recorder, 13 Exchaage PL,

h 62 Kennedy.

Shaw L. M., teamster, h 55 Bennett.

Shaw M., broker, rooms 16 Chestnut.


Wall Paper, Window Shades, &c, Nickel

Plate Block, 111 Main.

Shaw Miss, teacher, bds Holmes House.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


Shay John, driller, bds Oil City House.

Shay John ft,machinist, h 97 Hilton.

Shay Patrick, house 171 High.

Sheakley S. R., asst. supt, b 27 Chautauqua pi.

Shear Morris Oil, house 113 Congress.

Shearard Samuel, clerk. Pierce House.

Shearer & Hicks, machinists, 4 Corydon.

Shearer Theo. M. (S. & Hicks), h 25 Jefferson.

Shearman R. ft,book keeper, h 25 Forman.

Sheean Timothy, lineman, bds Corry House.

Sheehan James, hotel, 99 Mechanic.

Sheehan John, helper, h 5 Bank.

Sheehy J. J., Bennett Brook Ice Co., 59 Main.

Sheldon Margaret Mrs., h 7 Summer.

Sheldon, engineer, rooms Bowen bl.

Shepard C. B., clerk, 28 Main, bds Holmes


Shepard E. R., agt. N. T. Co., U. P. L. D., h 18

Chautauqua pi.

Shepardson S., clerk, 66 Main.

Shermer Thos., brakeman, bds Travelers'Home.

Sherridan Alonzo, plumber, bds 32 State.

Sherridan Wm., house 32jState.

Sherwood Jeanette Mrs., h Rutherford pi.

Shine Patrick fireman,bds Williams House.

Shirley I. W., producer, h 74 Congress.

Shively Abram, rig builder, h 5 Pike.

Shoemaker W. P., physician, 30 Main.

Shoppard James S., house 2 Howard pi.

Shoulders Mary, house 98 State.

Shrader John, blacksmith, h 10 Corydon.

Shrader Mollie, bds Holmes House.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


Shreve M. Mrs., house 77 Bennett.

Shugio, house 163 Corydon.

Sibold John, h Elm cor Chestnut.

Sibson Fannie Mrs., h 10 Allison.

Sibson John, teamster, h 10 Allison.

Sibson Jonathan, teamster, h 10 Allison.

Sidorsky M., shoemaker, h 9 Merrow av.

Siegfried H. J., (J. M. Siegfried & Co.,) druggists.

30 Main.

SIEGFRIED JOHN M. & CO., Druggists, 30


Siggins L. P., rooms Davis Block.

Siggins Isaac W., driller, house 147 High.

Siggins Jas. P., driller, h Mechanic n Ex.

Siggins John W., producer, h 170 Mechanic.

Siggins N. S., house 25 Terrace.

Silberberg A., clerk, 124 Main.

Silberberg Daniel, tailor, house 109 Centre.

Silberberg Fred., tailor, 13 Congress.

Silberberg H., merchant tailor, Wall Block, h

116 Corydon.

Sill F. E., clerk, 45 Main.

SIMONDS J. H., 4 St. James pi.

Simons Abram, clothier, house 62 Congress.

Simons Isaac, clerk, house 62 Congress.

Simons Lizzie, house Globe.

Simons L. H., law student, Pompelon Hall.



Singer Jacob, peddler, hJ37 Bushnell.

Singer M., cigar maker, bds 37 Bushnell.

Singleton O. R., shooter, h 6 Hazleton pi.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


Sisco Robert H., janitor, h 12 Allison.

Sisters of Charity, 31 Corydon.

Skelley J. B., tel. operator, h 5 Summer.

Skinner J. ft,contractor, h 39 Summer.

Skinner M. M. Miss, dressmaker, 9 Main.

Slater W. L., machinist, h 4 Whitney av.

Slattery P.|F., clerk, 12 Chambers.

Slike L. A. Mrs., house 11 Gay.

Slike'.S. G., house 86 School.

Sloan A. D., salesman, house 35 Pleasant.

Sloan Redmond, printer, Star Publishing Co.

Slocum F. P., clerk, house 85 Corydon.

Slocum George, producer, bds Williams House.

Sloan George O., printer, house 16 State.

Smale J. H., conductor, bds Washington House.

Small William ft,house 25 av. B.

Small W. P., house av C.

Smalley Joseph, laborer, 12 Barbour.

Smathers Herbert, clerk, 92 Main.

Smathers Milton, rig builder, h 151 High.

Smedley Alfred, supt. of construction, N. T. Co.,

U. P. L. D., house 3S Summer.

Smedley T. D., producer, h 54 Summer.

SMILEY"& HASTINGS, Lawyers, 4 to 6 Schonblom

Block, Congress cor Main.

Smiley N. B. (Smiley & H.), h 4 Petrolia.

Smith Al., tinsmith. Mechanic cor Barbour.

Smith Anna, house 6 Water.

Smith Annie, clerk, 24 Main.

Smith A. D., tinsmith, bds Akin House.

Smith A. L., clerk, 91 Mechanic.

Smith Anna Mrs., house 85 Hilton.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41-43-45 Main Street.


Smith Bros., grocers, 9 Main. c

Smith B. A., engineer, bds Washington House.

Smith B. F., producer, h 8 McKean.

Smith Benj. T., supt, h W'end Cliff.

Smith Chas., machinist, h 25 Cole av.

Smith Chas., pressman, h 16 Allison.

Smith Chas., porter, St. James Hotel.


VETERINARY SURGEON, Office and Hospital,

16 Barbour, h 44 do.

Smith Chas. F., painter, h 94 State,

Smith C. J., house 22 Hilton.

Smith C. S. Miss, h 51 Mechanic

Smith Daniel W. house 24 Brookline

Smith Ed., laborer, h 21 Hilton.

Smith Elizabeth, h Globe.

SmithE. P., tank builer, h 17 Roberts.

Smith Frank L., (Smith Bros.), h 7 Jackson av.

Smith Geo., torpedoes, 15 Patent av., h Kendall.

Smith Henry, watchman, house 31 Water.

Smith H. B., clerk, 91 Mechanic.

Smith James, teamster, 53 Main.

Smith James T., house 50 Congress.

Smith John A., house 12 Kennedy.

Smith J. B., druggist, 91 Mechanic.

Smith John F. Rev., h Corydon cor Webster.

Smith (J. G.) & Jones, producers, 18 Main.

Smith John H., house 143 Tarport rd»

Smith J. S., oil operator, bds Riddell House.

Smith Joseph, house 23 Globe.

Smith Lora, teacher, bds Holmes House.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


Smith L. W., nitro-glycerine, h 50 Amm.

Smith Mary, house 13 Walker pi.

Smith Mary Mrs., house ft Cottage Row.

Smith Mary Mrs., house 23 Tarport rd.

Smith Mary, milliner, 52 Main.

Smith M. ft,watchman, house Forman.

Smith Merrill, house 61 Forman.

Smith Nicholas, carpenter, bds 111 Washington.

Smith N. E, house 41 Amm.

Smith Peter, carpenter, h 96 Jackson av.

Smith P. M. Mrs., house 108 Main.

Smith Robert, rig builder, h 87 Washington.

Smith R. A., rooms Frew Block.

Smith-R. W., house 15 Congress pi.

Smith Samuel, barber, 79 Mechanic.

Smith Sidney H., grocer, house 22 Bushnell.

Smith S. H., (Smith Bros.,) house 22 Bushnell.

Smith S. L., clerk, house 37 Davis.

Smith Thomas W., conductor, h 119 Congress.

Smith W. D., clerk, Akin House.

Smith Wm. E., conductor, h 37 Bushnell.

Smith Wm. H., helper, h 17 Terrace.

Smith Wm. M., clerk, 80 Main.

Smith W. W., freight agent, B., N. Y. & P.

Smith, rooms 44 Kennedy.

Snakard John, Supt, house 34 Amm.

Snakard Joseph, contractor, h 36 Amm.

Snell A. L., (McM. S. & A.,) h 15 Jackson av.

Snow Jas H., Supt. N. T. Co., h 3 Chautauqua pi.

Snyder Charles, carpenter, h 5 Jefferson.

Snyder J. W., carpenter, h 92 Boylston.

Snyder Louis house 43 Avenue B.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.


Snyder, rooms 29 Corydon.

Solomon C. R., clerk, bds St. James Hotel.

Solomon H. & Co., boots and shoes, 27 Main.

Solomon H., shoes, &c, house 32 Amm.

Sommers Chas., baggage master, h 4 Johnson.

SONDHEIM HENRY, Dry Goods and Carpets,

62 Main cor Chestnut, h 105 Corydon.

Sondheim S., book keeper, h 105 Corydon.

Sorhosky & Rogolsky, fish, 18 Chambers.

Sorrentino E., barber, h 3 State.

Southwick E. N., driller, h 140 Corydon.

Southard Henry ft, lumber, h 104 Congress.

Spear James, printer, h 36 Hilton.

Spellan J. P., brakeman, bds 29 Grove.


Agents for The Torpedo Co., 57 Main.

Spence H. M. (S. & Dennis), h 87 Elm.

Spence Sadie, liouse 64 Corydon.

Spence R. E., photographer, 1 Patent av.

Sprall Harry, clerk, rooms 16 Chestnut.

SPANGLER ft, Butcher, 6 Webster, h do.

Spangler Callie, clerk, 24 Main.

Spier, Mary Mrs., house 69 Mechanic.

Spinks J. B., expressman, house 6 North.

Sprall Robert R., rooms 16 Chestnut.

Spreter Charles, producer, liouse 2 Forman.

Sproull Harry, clerk, 35 Main.

Squier Z. L., Watson's Atlas, h 65 Bennett.

Staats Charles Mrs., house 21 Main.

Stafford Robert, producer, rooms Option House.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


Stafford Robert, producer, h 15 Kennedy.

Stafford G. H., foreman, house 5 Leigh.

Stafford Charles E., house 9 Leigh..

Stager Benj., carpenter, bds Williams House.

STANFORD L. A„ Supt. N. T. Co., house 41

Walker av.

Stanley B. F., book keeper, h 46 Washington.

Stanley Wm., house 110 High.

Stanton N. J., tax collector, h 56 High.

Stapleton M. M., conductor, h 14 Hill.

Stapleton P. J., conductor rooms 55 River.

Stark J. G., shoemaker, Corydon c Chestnut.

Starr Geo., engineer, bds 133 Main.

Starr Hawley, laborer, h 17 Pleasant.

Starr Sadie, h 16 Public sq.

St Clair Georgie, h 16 Newell av.

Steadman Maria, h 12 Newell av.

Steele J. B., broker, h 66 Forman.

Steiger John, fireman,bds Corry House.

Stein Godfrey, gardener, h 67 Washington.

Steinberger F., grocer, h 24 Bushnell.

Steple John, house 46 Barbour.

Sterns & Milligan, com. merchants, 100 Main.

Sterne L. A., clerk, liouse 4 Hazelton av.

Sterns L. M., (Sterns & M.,) house 72 Elm.

Sterritt Wm., producer, rooms 31 Kennedy.

Stetson Judson E., agent, bds Butterfield House.

Stevens A. F., carpenter, house 10 Prospect.

Stevens Isaac, house Winter.

Stevens John G., tel. operator, bds Holmes


Stevenson A., carriages, 27 Barbour.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.

—• —i1 i • %


Stevenson Hance, house 27 Barbour.

Stevenson James M., producer, 97 Congress.

Stevenson J. M., tinsmith, 45 Main.

Stever Philip, house 4 Tram R. R.

Stewart A. R., jeweler, Stewart blk., house 119


Stewart E. Miss, house 82 Main.

Stewart George, 13. Globe.

Stewart George, house 16 Roberts..

Stewart Geo. S., real estate, Main c Kennedy, h

172 Mechanic.

Stewart W. P., clerk, Scranton House.

St. Helens Kate, h 107 Hilton.

Stin Isaac, clerk, bds Oil City House.

Stin Leop., clerk, bds Oil City House.

Stinson J. R., carpenter, h 44 River.

Stinson Robert, laborer, h 44 River.

Stitt Joseph, carpenter, h 25 Mechanic.


M. B. Pierce, Pro., Public sq.

St. John J. S., driller, house 117 Tarport rd.

Stockweather Nora Mrs., h 6 Howard pi.

Stoddard C. B,, producer, h 10 Petroiia.

Stoddard Minnie Mrs., house rear 84 Main.

Stofer Samuel, blacksmith, h 48 Barbour.

Stoltz Daniel, shoemaker, 4 Pine.

Stoltz Herman, printer, rooms 52 Kennedy.

STONE & WEIL, Lawyers, Pompelon Hall.

Stone A. T., house 18 Washington.

Stone Clinton, clerk, house 78 Kennedy.

Stone Geo. F., Supt. of Schools, h 84 Pleasant.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


, Stone R. B., (Stone & W.,) house 85 School.

Stone Wm. J., clerk, house 78 Kennedy.

Storer G. Morris, house 109 Jackson av.

Storms Charles, clerk, house 16 Water.

Story Jacob, carpenter, house 58 Bennett.

Stroup John, driller, house 41 Buffalo.

Stroup Margaret Mrs., house 83 Washington.

StowJH. H., producer, house 33 Summer.

Straight A. M., physician, 18 Main, house 184


Straight R. J., producer, rooms 18 Main.

Strong Silas, helper, bds 80 Bennett.

Stuart T. H., physician, Boylston cor Kennedy.

Stubler Nicholas, baker, 81 Main.

Sturgeon Chas. H., express driver, h 39 High.

STURGEON G. A., lawyer, 10 Oil Exchange, h

127 Congress.

Sugru Daniel,"tailor, house 109 Corydon.

Sullerger^John. laborer, h Butterfield House.

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, bds 99 Mechanic.

Sullivan John, house River n North.

Sullivan John, house 1 Centre.

Sullivan John E., gnager, h 38 Jefferson.

Sullivan M., lawyer, 6 Producers' Exchange, bds

St. James.

Sullivan Thomas, teamster, house 22 Centre.

Supple C. D., carpenter, rooms 23 Davis.

SUTHERLAND E. G., Black Bear Hotel, 8 and

10 Pine.

Sutherland Mary, bds 10 High.

Swaine J. ft,dispatcher, house 6 Chestnut.

Swanson Albert, yardman, Riddell House.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Swanson A. G., painter, house 44 Webster.

Swanson Alex W., shooter, h 125 Congress.

Sweeney John, driller, house 25 Summer.

Sweeney John, house 92 Washington.

Sweeney Nicholas, carpenter, bds Exchange

Hotel. ,

Sweeney T. Miss, bds 170 Mechanic.

Sweeney William, machinist, bds 133 Main.

Sweeney, rooms Bowen Block.

SWEET N., Physician, room 1 Stewart Block,

Main, house 181 Mechanic.

Sweezy Thad., book-keeper, house 75 Bennett.

Swenson D. A., bds 46 Webster.

Swift Patrick, laborer, house 27 North.

Swift Peter, laborer, house 45 River.

Swineford G. W., house 101 Hilton.

Switzer & Drisboll, bottling, 130 Corydon.

Switzer & Eddy, collecting agency, 26 Main.

Switzer A. ft, house 126 Corydon.

Switzer A. W., contractor, house 17 High.

Switzer Frank V. B., (S. & D.,) h 124 Corydon.

Switzer W. L., Mrs., house 17 Grove.

TADDER W. W., supt, h 12 Hill.

Taft S. A., producer, h 43 Amm.

Taggart H. H., conductor, h 42 Chestnut.

Tait C. F., laborer, bds Butterfield House.

Tait E. E., book keeper, h 73 Bennett.

Tait J. M., oil, h 110 Corydon.

Tangney P. D., machinist, h 11 Bank.

Tanner A. P., producer, bds Holmes House.

Taylor Edward, blacksmith, h 81 Washington.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L: Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates,


Taylor Harvey, fish, etc., 11 Kennedy.

Taylor James, house 30 Pleasant.

Taylor John P. Mrs., h 128 Corydon.

TAYLOR J. P., agent O. W. S. Co., house 27


Taylor Lester, laborer, 13 1-2 Congress.

Taylor Mary Mrs., house 103 Main.

Taylor Mrs., house 51 Barbour.

Taylor Mrs., rooms Mechanic c Tibbitt's av.

Taylor Oliver Mrs., h 112 Corydon.

Taylor Richard S., producer, h 115 Corydon.

Teller John, pumper, h n hd Corydon.

Temple E. L., h 84 Jackson av.

Temple Millie Mrs., house 68 Centre.

Temple O. J., h 84 Jackson av.

Tenny Frank G., brakeman, h 55 River.

TERRELL BROS., Grocers, 93 Washington cor


Terrell L. A., (Terrell Bros.), h 93 Washington.

Terrell S. A., (Terrell Bros.), h 15 School.

Teulon Jas. A., book keeper, h 61 School.

THE ERA, Will F. Jordan & Co., publishers, 9

Exchange pi.

THE PETROLEUM AGE, 14 and 15 Producers'



F. Anderson, Manager, Stewart Bl., Main.



THE TIDE WATER PIPE CO., (Limited), Henry

Byrom, agent, St. James Block, 120


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Thobro Henry, stock broker, Oil Exchange, bds

Holmes House.


Crockery and Glassware, 66 Main. (See adv.

front paster).

Thomas & Son, bed spring mfrs., 6 Kennedy. t

Thomas Aimer, h 3 Jackson av.

Thomas ft,janitor, h 5 Kennedy.

Thomas D. P., (Thomas & L.), 14 Forman.

Thomas Geo. E., machinist, h 13 Park.

Thomas Harry, laborer, h 15 Merrow a v.

Thomas Mrs., rooms 59 Amm.

Thomas N. W., liouse 34 Elm.

Thomas W. H., bed springs, 6 Kennedy, h 210


Thomas, conductor, boards 133 Main.


Druggists, 19 Main.

Thompson C. K., bds Holmes House.

Thompson G. W., h 11 Tarport road.

Thompson Hiram S., producer, b Holmes House.

Thompson Jennie, 40 Main.

Thompson J. B'., house 36 Howard.

Thompson J. S., laborer, h 19 Tarport road.

Thompson John S., laborer,li 3 Wagoner's pi.

Thompson Lelah, cashier, 100 Main.

Thompson Mary Miss, rooms 160 Mechanic.

Thompson P. B., book-keeper, 6 Producers' Ex.

Thompson R. E., pumper, h 153 Mechanic.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.


Thompson S. A. Mrs., rooms 11 Walker pi.

Thompson Thomas, house 51 Mechanic.

Thompson T. P., producer, 2 St. James pi, h

114 Congress.

Thompson William, laborer, h 27 Barbour.

Thompson W. A., pumper, h 153 Mechanic.

Thompson W. P., producer, h 49 Kennedy.

Thorns J. P. Rev., house 7 Potter.

Thornburgh Henry, house 95 Corydon.

Thornell David, cook, house 63 Mechanic.

Thornton A., rooms 3 Main.

Thornton Benj. F., producer, h 3 Cliff.

Thornton Frank, clerk, 3 Main.

Thornton G. W., rink, 50 Chestnut.

Thrashier S. J. Mrs., house 21 Centre.

Throbro, broker, bds Holmes House.

Th waite J. W., driller, bds Bay State Hotel.

Tibbitts S. M., farmer, h 161 Mechanic.

Tice, railroader, room Rose Building.

Timblin S. J, Mrs., h 67 Centre.

Tinto George, tailor, 9 Kennedy, h 27 High.

Tipton Delia Miss, rooms 63 Chestnut.

Titus Myers, machinist, h 12 Congress pi.

TODD M. A., Physician and Surgeon, Main cor

Webster, house 51 River.

TomlinsonT. H., cashier, B. N. B., house 132


Tompkins W. E., conductor, h 101 Congress.

Toohey Jeremiah, laborer, bds Quigley Hotel.

Toomey Edward, house Merrow av.

Toomey Edward Petrolia House, 48 Webster.

Toomey E. E., (Clarke & T.,) 4 Chambers.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


Toronski Solomon, clerk, 65 Main.

Torry Ella Miss, clerk, 62 Main.

Tothill George, machinist, h 10 Jefferson.

Totten S. G., engineer, house 35 Clarion..

Tower H. ft,car inspector, h 79 Congress.

Townsend M. J. Mrs., house 98 Cottage^Row.

Townsend R. E., (R. E. T. & Co.,) house 116



Boilers and Engines. Office Ridde:i House


Tracy H. W., producer, h 1 Petrolia.

Tracy W. B., carpenter, h 45 Kennedy.

Tranter R, W., plaster, 7 Third.

Treat & Mallory, producers, Schonblom bl.

Treat M. ft,producer, h 80 Congress.

Treloar W. H., blacksmith, h 64 Main.

Tresch M. J., machinist, h 40 Davis.

Trimble John, tailor, h 89 Washington.

Triplet Cornelia, 4 Globe.


11 Chautauqua place.

Tronstein J., tailor, h 27 Washington.

Trowbridge & O'Neill, painters, 25 Pine.

Truax Wm. W., brick maker, h 48 River.

Trucks S. W., policeman, h 14 Bank.

Tucker C. E., nitro-glycerine, 60 Main, house 176


Tucker C. M., book keeper, 176 Mechanic.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.


R. E. T O W N S E N D k CO.,

• * *



B O I L E R S .


and Reeves Bros Hand

Riveted Boilers.

Also General Agents for

final M e forks

Boston Tubing and Casing.




Office and Warehouse connected with Telephone Exchange.


Clarendon, Pa. Macksburg, Ohio.

Washington, Pa.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., fancy China.


Tucker Henry S., broker, h 178 Mechanic.

Tucker Libbie, boards 7 Chambers.

Tucker Nathaniel, rooms 89 Mechanic.

Tuller C. A., house rear 51 Corydon.

Turk Jacob F., house 40 Summer.

Turner John ft, dyer, 13 Boylston.

Turner Wm., fireman,bds 29 Grove.

Tuthill B. D., house 60 Kennedy.

Tyler Ed., producer, rooms Wall Block.

Tymeson Herman, barber, bds Pierce House.

UHLMAN S., rooms 22 Main.

Ullmann S., teacher, 22 Main.

Union Oil Co., 3 Main.


Manager, 105 Main.


Agent, Main cor Erie R. R.

Urban Fred. J., machinist, h 42 Jefferson.

Urban Leonard, blacksmith, h 17 Leeland av.

VAN DOREN A., Musician, bds 10 Chambers.

Vanitzsky Sam, clerk, bds Henderson House.

Valentine W. N., agent, American Express, bds

Riddell House.

Vantine John W., producer, h 7 Pike.

Van Ocker James, fireman, bds Lloyd House.

Van Scoy Harriet L. Miss, h 1 Mechanic.

Van Steinburg J. W., fireman, h 62 River.

Varner H. H., pumper, h Washington pi.

Van Scoy E. A., physician, 142 Mechanic.

Van Vleck Geo. H., producer, 7 Chautauqua pi.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glassos.


Van Wormer J. H., producer, h 51 Amm.

Vaughen John P., fireman, h 134 Corydon.

Venard George, helper, bds Bay State Hotel.

Vensel W. H,, laborer, h 2 Pleasant.

Vergerson Fred., tinsmith, bds 60 Corydon.

Verner Sadie Miss, h 26 Bishop.

Ver Valin R. M., steam specialties, 119 Main,

next Riddell House.

Vincent J. W., clerk, Congress House, 5 Cong.

Vining E., boards 99 Boylston.

Vogus M. L. Mrs., house 5 Bushnell.

Voorhies Catherine Mrs., h 13 Jackson av.

Vosburgh Chas. H., butcher, 80 Main.

Vosburgh C. H., clerk, bds Williams House.

Vosburgh E. B., clerk, Williams House.

Vosburgh W. E., ex. messenger, h 133 Corydon.

WADDELL J. H., (Detlor & W., h 26 Bank.

Waddell Thomas O., carpenter, 11 Patent av.

Wadsworth G. T., clerk, U. S. Express.

Wadsworth O. F., teamster, h 27 Boylston.

Wagner & Reis, pros. Wagner's Opera House.

Wagner ft, carpenter, 38 Webster.

Wagenor John, painter, house r 65 Summer.

Waldo J. A., flour,feed, &c, 159 Main.

Waldo S. H., bds Butterfield.

Walfe H. C, brakeman, bds 133 Main.

Wakefield P. L. Mrs., house 23 Main.

Walker & Lowe, brokers, 6 Oil Exchange.

Walker Asher B., house 95 Kennedy.

Walker J. A., (Bodine & W.,) h 125 Corydon.

Walker L. H., house 10 Pearl.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Iron, Steel and Nails.


Walker M. K., house 130 Mechanic.

Walker S. Mrs., house 130 Mechanic.

Walker Wm. ft, blacksmith, h 71 Elm.

Walker W. ft & Co., iron works, Elm c R. R.

WALKER W. H., Harness, 5 Kennedy, house 46


Walker W. M., teamster, h 10 Pearl.

Wall Julia Miss, house 37 Davis.

Wallace J. A., physician, 13 Main, h89Coryd'n.

Wallace John G., reporter, Star Publishing Co.

Wallace J. K., lawyer, 10 Oil Ex., h 6 William.

Waller Robert, carpenter, bds Quigley Hotel.

Wallrobestine Chas., barber, 70 Mechanic.

Walsh A. J., house 54 Forman.

Walter Wm. M., machinist, hl2 Whitney av.

Walters William, brakeman, Jb. 21 Leeland av.

Wann J. P., house 73 School.







5 Kennedy St.,

Bradford, Pa.

Repairing of all kinds done at Short Notice.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


Ward A. J., bds Lloyd House.

Ward Eliza Mrs., house 32 Boylston.

Ward J. E., book-keeper, h 66 Kennedy.

Ward Loj'd, Alderman, h 77 Jackson av.

Ward Mrs., milliner, house 120 Main.

Ward Patrick, helper, house 79 Chestnut.

Ward W. ft, producer, house 108 Pleasant.

Wardell H. L. Mrs., house 7 Pine.

Waring S. D., house 32 Brookline.

Warmcastle William, house 83 Boylston.

Warner H. L., train dispatcher, bds Henderson


Warrick T. J., janitor, h 109 Pleasant.

Washington John, rooms 89 Mechanic.

Waster John, house 22 Bishop.

Watkins David, rooms 89 Mechanic.

Watkins L. E. Mrs., house 40 Corydon.

Watkins Ruth, Akin House.

Watkins Ruth, house 114 Washington.

Waterman Miner, carpenter, h 94 State.

Waters David, laborer, h 33 Bishop.

Waters L. B., photographer, rooms Mechanic cor


Watson A., wheels, &c., h 81 Jennings.

Watson Ada, house 23 Chestnut.

Watson G. L., producer, h 104 Kennedy.

Watson James Mrs., house 32 Hilton.

Watson Mark, house 23 av B.

Watson W. Scott, house 23 av B.

Watson W. S., collector, h 42 Congress.

Wattel V. A., engineer, rooms 40 Chestnut.

Waugh & Porter, producers, 3 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41-43-45 Main Street.


Waugh R. M., (W. &. Porter,) h 5 Petrolia.

Way C. ft,photographer, 1 Pattent av.

WeagleFred., machinist, bds 126 Main.

Wear, producer, rooms 82 Main.

WE ART E. A., General Agent Jarecki Mfg. Co.,

house 10 Chautauqua pi.

Weaver A. H., constable and assessor, h 12 Amm.

Weaver Bros., fruits, 83 Main.

Weaver David D., h 69 Washington.

Weaver G. B., laborer, h 18 Summer.

Weaver John A., rooms Schonblom block.

Weaver J. A. Mrs., house 15 Amm.

Weaver J. ft,clerk, house 119 Main.

Weaver Roselle Rev., h 57 Boylston.

Weaver R. A. (Weaver Bros.), h 72 Kennedy.

Weaver S. D. (Weaver Bros.), h 15 Amm.

Weaver S. D. & Bro., bakers, 81 Main.

WEAVER W. R. (L. Emery, Jr. & Co.), h 72


Webb Mary E., house 41 Elm.

Webster Frank M., h Corydon cor Chestnut.

Webster Henry, driller, h 83 Bennett

Webster P. L., real estate, h Corydon c Chestnut



32 Chestnut.

Wedman Andrew, shoemaker, 74 1-2 Main.

Weeks John M., clerk, h 26 Bishop.

Weeks R. M., producer, h 18 Kennedy.

Weil A. Leo, (Stone & W.), h 1 Chautauqua pi.

Weil Clara, milliner, 52 Main.

Weil Samuel Rev., house 1 Park.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.



No. 32 Chestnut Street,





Cloth Covered, Metalic, Genuine Metalic,

and all styles and varieties of

Varnished Goods,


Habits, Robes, Lining, Badges,

Gloves, Chairs, &c.

For Funeral purposes, and everything to be

found, in a first-class Undertaking


Done when desired, and all work guaranteed.

Lots and Graves furnished in Oak Hill

Cemetery. Carriages furnished when desired.

Also three Hearses in our possession, one

the finestin the State, .

Telephone No. 278.



t. Emery Jr. & Co., llobes and Blankets.


Weinstock S., butcher, 9 Pine, h 136 Corydon.

Weisenbaler Fred., mason, h Winter.

Weiskettle H., book keeper, h 103 School.

Weiss Bernard, clerk, 113 Main.

Weiss John, tailor, 113 Main, h 44 Forman.

Weiss L. tailor, 113 Main.

Welch Bridget Mrs., house 19 Jefferson.

Welch James, rooms Davis block.

Welch John H., driller, h 22 Hill.

Weld Mary Mrs., house 64 Kennedy.

Weldon Melvin J., conductor, h 95 Main.

Weldy C. M., fireman, house 60 River.

Weldy John O., expressman, h 17 North.

Weldy Wm. L, brakeman, rooms 76 Amm.

Wells D. J., tel. operator, h 122 Centre.

Wells W. L, ticket agt, h 60 Washington.

Welsh H. K., printer, Era.

Wentworth & Co., books, stationery, etc., 32


Wentworth F. P., (Wentworth & Co ), h 9 Sanford.

Werthman S., watchmaker, 84 Main, h 34 Boylston.

Weschofky H., h 16 Merrow av.

West Annie Mrs., h 27 Tarport rd.

West Jacob, photographer, 66 Main, h 186 Mech.

West Minnie, h 73 Mechanic.

West W. W., rooms 46 Forman.

Westbrook B. F., agent, house r 51 Corvdon.


Weston Lemuel, cook, house 63 Mechanic.

Whalen John, laborer, bds Bennett Brook House.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


Whalen Timothy, h Washington cor Bennett.

Whedon ft, producer, h 6 Forman.

WHEELER & SIMONDS, Oil Producers, 4 St.

James Place.

Wheeler C. L., Supt. U. O. ft, h 144 Mechanic.

Wheeler ft L. Jr., clerk, h 144 Mechanic.

Wheeler Dwight, huckster, house 61 High.

Wheeler Edward B., house 37 Cottage Row.

Wheeler E. M., house 60 Whitney av.

Wheeler Homer and James, clerks, 120 Main.

Wheeler O. H., alderman, 26 Main h Hotel Florence.

Wheeler S. A., Buffalo, N. Y.

White D. D., producer, b Henderson House.

WTHITE D. W., Confectionery, Fruits, Vegetables,

&c, 63 Mechanic,li 54 Centre.

White Mary J. Mrs., h r 19 Allison.

White Milo, contractor, h 43 Buffalo.

White Thos., laborer, h 65 Washington.

White T. H., driller, h 19 Merrow av.

White W. W., house 26 Hilton.

WHITEHEAD C. B., Post Master, bds Riddell


Whiteley R. E., of Star Pub. Co., h 50 Boylston.

Whitcomb E. P., broker, 88 Main, b St. James.

WHITCOMB JOHN H., Druggist, 85 Main, h

33 Cole av.

Whitestone D., tobacconist, 45 Main, h 37 Cong.

Whitmer Joseph A., brakeman, h 17 Bennett.

Whiting A. M., clerk, 37 Main.

Whiting L., clerk, 99 Main.

Whitney S. D., carpenter, h 18 North.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


WHITNEY (C. S.), h Belmont, N. Y., and

WHEELER (S. A.), Producers, Mechanic

cor St. James pi.

Whitney Frank P., car driver, h 2 Wagoner pi.

Whitney J. H., painter, h 61 Centre.

Wick J. ft,clerk, house 44 Davis.

Wicker ft C. Mrs., h 41 Congress.

Wickes Nelson G., house 23 Mechanic.

Wickoff Miss, teacher, rooms Mechanic cor

Tibbitts av.

Widgeon James R., driller, house 6 Gay.

Wieder John house 155 High.

Wightman E. E., operator, h 55 Washington.

Wightman Fred., yard man, St James Hotel.

Wightman Minnie, clerk, 21 Main.

Wilbur William H., house 25 Pike.

Wilcox E. P., butcher, 91 Washington, house 11


Wilcox Fred, clerk, house 11 Pearl.

Wilcox J. M., house 4 Pleasant.

Wilcox R. H., laborer, house 13 Pearl.

Wilder D. J., ice, 95 Mechanic, h Washington


Wilkins N., watchman, 45 Main.

Willets & Youngs, producers, ftProducers' Ex.

Willey ft L., clerk, P. 0., bds 69 Washington.

WILLIAMS A. ft Mrs., Pro. Williams House,

12 Webster.

Williams A. M., casing puller, h 30 Forman.

Williams A. M„ physician, h 37 Pleasant.

Williams C. W., house 13 Summer.

Williams E. F., pictures, liouse 3 High.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

I. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


Williams Frank D., book-keeper, h 71 Summer.

Williams Gussie, rooms 113 Main.

Williams H. K., producer, room 15 Chautauqua


Williams Ida Miss, house 49 Mechanic.

Williams J. P., agent for D. Wright & Co., h 58


Williams Matie, house 61 Corydon.

Williams M. E. Miss, house 18 Congress.

Williams Owen, bds Henderson House.

Williams'Samuel J., teamster, h 71 Washington.

Williams Thomas L., laborer, h 21 Terrace.

Williamson & Keeler, Congress Street Restaurant

6 and 8 Congress.

Williamson Harry E., manager U. S. Express,

bds Riddell House.

Wiliamson John, helper, bds Travellers' Home.

Willoughby A., producer, bds St. James Hotel.

Willoughby E. A., engineer, h 79 Summer.

Willis J. M. Mrs., house 59 Pleasant.

Willis J. W. & F. H., house 59 Pleasant.

Wilmoth B. J., detective, house 68 Boylston.

Wilsey O. A., engineer, bds Williams House.

Willis J. W., clerk, Main cor Webster.

Wilson Charles, driller, bds Corry House.

Wilson C. M. Mrs., house r 21 Merrow av.

Wilson Henry, physician, 23 Main, h 28 Chestnut.

Wilson H. M., book-keeper, bds Holmes House.

Wilson James, driller, house 29 Washington.

Wilson Jesse Mrs., house 93 Hilton.

Wilson John, house 25 State.

Wilson John S., producer, house 58 Pleasant.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


WILSON J. K., Lawyer, second floor Roberts


Wilson Joseph, rooms 96 Corydon.

WILSON J. T., Builder, 11 Pine, rooms 44


Wilson S. L., producer, Roberts Block.

Wilson S. Q., producer, rooms Roberts Block.

Wilson T. J., drayman, house 105 Congress.

Wilson William, carpenter, h r 111 Washington.

Wilson Wm. T., carpenter, h r 21 Merrow av.

Winans L. J. Mrs., house 4 Bushnell.

Winchester Frank A., paper hanger, h 2 Cliff.

Wing A. H., book keeper, h 11 Leeland av.

Wingles Charles', laborer, h 64 Main.

Winnick Isaac, pedler, h 20 Pearl.

Wintermute James, bds Holmes House.

Winters E., barber, 111 Main, h 34 Elm.

Winters S. D., carpenter, h 12 Pike.

Wirgzelinski Joseph, baker, 26 Pearl.

Wise J. Z., house 62 Hilton.

Wise N., merchant tailor, 103 Main, h r do.

Wise P., shoemaker, 86 Mechanic.

Witenstein S., pedler, h 20 Merrow av.

Withrup A. & Co., machinists, 35 Webster.

Wohler Leonard, laborer, house ft Clarion.

Wolcott D. F., Aldermau, 125 Washington h 32


\Volcott E. D., carpenter, h 36 Chestnut.

Wolf Aaron L., house Leeland av.

Wolf C. R., dentist, 85 Main, h 107 School.

Wolf E., pedler, house 20 Howard av.

Wolf Hyman, pedler, house 6 Howard pi.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates.


Wolf Mary, house 69 Forman.

Wolf Thomas G., clerk, h 69 Forman.

WOLFE & GEORGE, Lawyers, over Bradford

Nat. Bank.

Wolfe Aaron L., foreman, h ft S Mechanic.

Wolfe G. J., (Wolfe & George,) h 35 Forman.

Wolfe J. D., producer, rooms Producers' Ex.

Wolfe J. E. (G., W. & H.), h 27 Ascension.

Wollman Hyman, h 34 Boylston.

Wood A. L. Mrs., h 8 Corydon.

Wood Frank E., producer, h 8 Thompson av.

Wood F. D. (Thompson & W.), h 19 Walker av

Wood G., master mechanic, rooms 43 Davis.

Wood Henry, laborer, h 8 Johnson.

Wood J. O., nitro-glycerine, h 41 Congress.

Wood Levi Rev., house 23 Davis.

Woodard P. F., house 101 School.

Woodbury & Campbell, 43 Mechanic.

Woodbury S. S., (Consol'd B. Co.), h 28 School.

Woodard M. D., driller, h 122 Tarport rd.

Woods Geo. H., foreman, bds Riddell House.

Woods R. G., producer, h 6 Boylston.

Woods Wm., helper, bds Bay State Hotel.

Woods, rooms 41 Congress.

Worden John E., rooms 41 Elm.

Worron Maria S. Miss, rooms 3 Morehouse pi.

Wright Albert, tinsmith, 42 Corydon.

Wright D. & Co., lumber, etc., 52 & 54 Chestnut.

Wright E. T., producer, h 83 Congress.

Wright Jennie, Butterfield House.

Wright Mattie, house 8 Globe.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Wajches and Jewelry.


WYMAN A. L., Oil City House, 106 & 108 Main.

Wyman J. F., carpenter, h 15 Washington.

YORK E. ft, Miss, 51 Main.

York James, clerk, 128 and 130 Main.

Youmans ft ft,tel. operator, h 17 School.

Young & Casterline, coal, Washington, c Pearl.

Young Geo. W., barber, 53 Main.

Young L. W., producer, house 20 Sanford.

Young William, h Leeland av., cor Jefferson.

ZAHNISER GEORGE, clerk, h 50 Kennedy.

Zahniser V., book-keeper, house 50 Kennedy.

Zahniser W. H., book-keeper, h 50 Kennedy.

Zane John P., producer, h Congress cor Pike.

Zeley Wm. B., broker, rooms 186 Mechanic.

Zeiss F. G., barber, Wall Block.

ZOOK & CO., Wall Paper, Oil Cloths, etc., 68


Zook John R. (Z. & Co.), h 14 Thompson av.

Zook Joseph, (Z. & Co.), Zook House, 14 Chestnut.

Zubler Wm., tobacco, rooms Mechanic cor Corydon.

Zuver J. W., h Washington cor Pearl.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. I Co., Granite Ware.'


Bradford Business Directory.

• * ^ * ^ .

Agents Express.

American Express Co., Riddell House bl.

Erie Express Co., 85 Main.

United States Express Co., Main c R. R.

Auction and Commission Merchants.

McEvoy Bros., 120 Main.

Sterns & Milligan, 100 Main.

Agents, Insttrance.

Bauer & Herrmann, 3 Producers' Exchange.

Bradford Mutual Insurance Co., 3 Producers' Ex.

Cody C. P. & Bro., 59 Main.

Hanks & Groves, Oil Exchange.

Agents, Peal Estate.

Angell C. D., 59 Main.

Cushing C. H., Congress cor Main.

Duke W. & J., 88 Main.

Durfey C. A., 112 Main.

Edgett & Johnson, Main cor Webster.

Johnston J. T., Schonblon Block.

McFarland J. W., Main cor Kennedy.

Newell A. W., 115 Washington.

Parsons Enos, 95 Mechanic.

Bakers and Confectioners.

Adamson W. A., 12 Kennedy.

Cohen F. Mrs., 91 Main.

Cross E. J., Mechanic c Washington.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


Frank P., 61 Main.

Gall Celeste, 64 Corydon.

Gardella G. & Co., 30£ and 107 Main.

Healey John, 18 Congress.

Hockenberry J. S., 113 Washington.

McCourt N. W., 14 Congress.

Weaver Bros., 81 and 83 Main.

White D. W., 63 Mechanic.


Bradford National Bank, 67 Main.


Boiler Manufacturers.

Connelly Bros., Hilton.

O'Brien & Northey, 25 Barbour.

Ryan & Kane, Hilton n Main.

Bonnet Bleachery.

Catmaud V. L., 14 Kennedy.

Booksellers and Stationers.

Beatty & Derby, 78 Main.

Brennan & Davis, 21 Main.

Fisher Lewis, 86 Mechanic.

Reynolds C. F., 102 Main.

Boot and Shoe Dealers.

Bosworth ft M., 109 Main.

Goldstein L., 60 Main.

Groves George A., 28 Main.

Levine M., 1 and 82 Main.

Rich & Robinson, 56 Main.

Solomon H. & Co., 27 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists. Bradford.

t. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.



Campbell Brothers, 18 Davis.

Consolidated Bottling Co., Erie R. R. Switch n


German American Bottling Works, 29 Centre.

Independent Bottling Co., 53 Mechanic.

Switzer & Driscoll, 58 Corydon.

Carriages and Blacksmiths.

Armstrong Bros., 158 Main.

DeW olf Nazro, 9 Barbour.

Green J. M., 96 Washington.

Hinkley F. E., Barbour cor Bushnell.

Newell H., rear 7 Chestnut.

Carpenters and Builders.

Dennis & Booth, rear 63 Mechanic.

Hayes J. W., Pine.

Lane J. J., 26 Pine c Boylston.

Wilson J. T., 11 Pine.

Civil Engineers and Surveyors.

Lyon G. H., 105 Main.

Matsdaira T. A., 194 Mechanic.

Seymour John A., City Hall.

Coal and Wood Dealers.

Bradford Coal Co., Roberts Block.

Flanigan T. ft,141 Main.

Hoop N. B., Mechanic cor Erie Switch.

Robinson W. S., 144 Main.

China and Crockery Dealers.

Thomas & Reynolds, 66 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China.



Ahl H., 61* Main.

Comfort O. B., 9 Main.

McAlpine A., Opera House, 52 Main.

Wolf C. R., 85 Main.


Cottrell & Co., 78 Main.

Harmon J. H., 163 Main.

Kinsler J. T., 117 Main.

Leonard J. F. & Co., 78 Mechanic.

Sanderson H. ft,13 Public Square.

Siegfried John M. & Co., 30 Main.

Smith J. B., 85 Mechanic.

Thompson & Wood, 19 Main.

Whitcomb John B., 85 Main.

Dry Goods and Carpets.

Auerhaim S., St. James Hotel Block.

Brown T. B., 86 Main.

Cohn Himan, 20 Main.

Fisher George M. & Co., 24 Main.

Joseph A., 72 Mechanic.

Kreinson J., Wall Block.

Rosenberg R., 18 Main.

Samuels Charles, 11 Main.

Sondheim Henry, 62 Main cor Chestnut.

Fish Dealers.

Long W. J., 80 Mechanic.


Drew D. T., 93 Main.

Freeman M. E., 2 Kennedy.

Hamilton C. T., 21 and 23 Chestnut.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


Johnson Peter, 13 Barbour.

Kathan L. W., 20 Patent av.

Krahe & Coburn, 26 Main.

Grain, Flour and Feed.

Hoop N. B., Mechanic n Erie switch.

McComb E. J. & Co., 52 and 54 Elm.

Waldo J. A., 159 Main.


Allen E. W., 97 Washington.

Applebee, Fischer & Co., 92 Main.

Ballard A., 43 Pearl.

Bennett George G., Corydor c Chambers.

BerwaldK., 29Bushnell.

Cushing Lucius, 10 Kennedy.

Elliott S. G., 49 Washington.

Frawley Edward, 67 Mechanic.

Gallagher Thompson, 134 Mechanic.

Gordinier A. & Sons, 157 Main.

Hampson C. E., Elm c Chestnut.

Hevenor Brothers, 128 and 130 Main.

Hughes J. G., 44 Webster.

McDowell Bros., 33 Congress.

McKnight Robert, 13 Leeland av.

Miller Bros., Kennedy c Boylston.

Nusbaum Isaac, 69 Mechanic.

Nusbaum Philip, 100 and 102 Mechanic.

Nausbaum & O'Connor, 118 Main.

Pier B. A., 89 Washington.

Smith Bros., 9 Main.

Terrell Bros., Washington cor Pearl.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. EmeryJJr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.



Seeley D. T., 115 Main.

Harness Manufacturers.

Pomeroy M. L, 8 Pine.

Walker W. H., 5 Kennedy.


Ames Samuel, 122 1-2 Main.

Ardizzone John, 112 1-2 Main.

Barnes W. E., Riddell House.

Beigel Bros., 3 Kennedy.

Brown Bros. (H. & ft),58 Main.

Cole G. ft,70 Mechanic.

Costa N., 38 Main.

Genther Charles F., 63 Main.

Gettman Jacob, 2 Pine.

Murray Charles, Oil Exchange.

Hardware and Oil Well Supplies.

Bayne S. G., 49 Main.

Bodine & Walker, Mechanic c Barbour.

Boggs & Curtis, 4 Public Square.

Bradford Stove Co., Main cor Davis.

Broder James, 4 Congress.

Carroll R. W., 119 Main.

Emery L. Jr. & Co., 41 to 45 Main.

Fox J. B., 42 Corydon.

McLean Archibald, 115 Main.

National Tube Works Co., Riddell House Block.

Jareeki Manufacturing Co., Riddell House Block.

Kimball C. ft, & Co., 3 Davis.

Oil Well Supply Co., (limited,) Main c Webster.

Townsend R. E. & Co., Riddell House Block.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.




Catinaud V. L., 14 Kennedy.


Akin House, 104 to 110 Washington.

Bay State, 72 Main.

Balton House, 38 Main.

Black Bear, 8 and 10 Pine.

Bennett Brook House, Mechanic cor Washington.

Bradford House, 97 Main.

Butterfield House, 7 and 9 Congress.

City Hotel, 74 Main.

Commercial Hotel, 8 Chambers.

Congress House, 5 Congress.

Corry House, 10 Webster.

Cottage Hotels 10 Congress.

DuBois House, 10 Davis.

Exchange Hotel, 36 Main.

Germania, 103 Mechanic.

Goodwin Thomas, 29 Main.

Green's Hotel, Mechanic cor Corydon.

Hanlon P B., 104 Main.

Henderson House, Webster cor Corydon.

Holmes House 27 Congress.

Hotel Auglun, Main cor Chambers.

Hotel Florence, Corydon ab Congress.

Hotel Palace, 122 Main.

Lloyd House, 8 Davis.

Oil City House, 108 and 112 Main.

Opera Hotel, 10 Chambers.

Option House, 39 Main.

Palace Hotel, 99 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41--43--45 Main Street.


Petrolia House, 24 Webster.

Pierce House 107 Main.

Pullman Lodging House, 16 Congress.

Queen City Hotel, 12 Pine.

Quigley Hotel, 75 Mechanic.

Railroad House, 7 Railroad av.

Revere House, 48 Main.

Riddell House, Main c Davis.

Scranton House, 76 Main.

Sheehan James, 99 Mechanic.

St. James, head Main c Chautauqua pi.

Towanda House, Mechanic c Corydon.

Union Hotel, 126 Main.

United States Hotel, 90 Mechanic.

Washingtou House, 6 Webster.

Williams House, 12 Webster.

Zook House, 14 Chestnut.

Ice Dealers.

Sheehan J. J., 59 Main.

Wilder D. J., 95 Mechanic.


Flanagan John, 42 Webster.

Mclntyre Edward, 34 Webster.


American Steam Laundry, 55 Main & Bishop.


Berry & Jack, 11 Main.

Boggs Wm. M., 12 Davis Block.

Brown & Roberts, 24 Oil Exchange.

Chapman W. B. & Son, 3 Producers' Exchange.

Curtis C. J., 24 Main.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


Findlay Peter, 111 Main.

Graham W. T., 63 Corydon.

Judd Charles E., 4 Producers' Exchange.

Kinkaid James J., Main cor Webster.

King Henry, 45 Summer.

Koester Ernest, 4 Producers' Exchange.

McCalmont G. B., City Hall.

McSweeney & Byles, 8 and 9 Producers' Exchange.

Mullin & McClure, 15 Main.

Newell Willard A., Main cor Webster.

North & Huey, Roberts Block.

Smiley & Hastings, 5 Schonblom Block.

Stone & Weil, Pompelon Hall

Sturgeon George A., 10 Oil Exchange.

Sullivan Moses, 3 Producers' Exchange.

Wallace J. K., 10 Oil Exchange.

Wheeler O. H., 26 Main.

Wilson J. K., Roberts Block, 2d floor, Main.

Wolfe & George, 67 and 69 Main.

Liquor Dealers.

Collins N. R. & Co., 4 and 6 Chestnut.

Conneely Thomas, 93 Mechanic.

Mayer A. & Co., 3 Main.

Livery and Boarding Stables.

Button Brewer, 13 1-2 Congress.

Cheney W. W. & Co., r N. T. P. Co., and 44 &

46 Boylston.

Coffin S. G., 12 Barbour.

Crawley P. J., Pierce House.

Fowler Frank, 19 Congress.

Perkins Ed., rear 95 Mechanic.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L Emery Jr. & Co., fiobes and Blankets.


Lumber Dealers.

Edgett & Johnson, 100 Main.

Hazleton B. F., 6 Producers' Exchange.

Kent P. A., 36 Mechanic.

Kennedy, Miller & Co., Kennedy c Erie Switch.

Wright D. & Co., 38 aria 40 Chestnut.

Machinists and Founders.

Bovaird & Seyfang, Davis cor Boylston.

Brown S. A., 29 to 33 Webster.

Carroll, McCandlish & Co., 74 Forman.

Conley John, Washington.

Farrel J. B , 40 Webster.

Ley John, 30 to 34 Kennedy.

Locke Machine Works, 25 and 27 Webster.

McCaughtry & Harris, 74 Forman.

McLean A., 115 Main.

Phillips David, 85 and 87 Chestnut.

Robertson Wm. & Son, 104 & 106 Chestnut.

Rose Harvey, 36 Corydon.

Shearer & Hicks, 4 Corydon.

Meat Markets.

Bradford Beef Co., Elm cor Webster.

Chamberlain & Co., 76 Mechanic.

Hubbard J. F., 21 Kennedy.

Merriam F. N., 135 Main.

Merriam J. K., 53 Main.

Murray H. ft, 4 Brennan.

Salisbury & Co., 89 Main.

Spangler ft, 6 Webster.

Weinstock S., 9 Pine.

Wilcox E. P., 91 Washington.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


Merchant Tailors and Clothiers.

Daul Xavier, 3 Congress.

Flynn J. ft,37 Main.

Freerkson Fred., 47 Main.

Greenewald Bros., 124 Main.

Goodman, Wolfe & Henline, 65 Main.

Habernigg J. G., 2 Public square.

Herron M., agent, 46 Main.

Kahn Bros., 54 Main.

Levy Henry, 70 Main.

Marks Bros., 47 Main.

Michael R., 98 Main.

Silberberg Fred., 13 Congress;

Silberberg H., Wall Block.

Weiss John 113 Main.

Wise N., 103 Main.

Millinery and Fancy Goods.

Eloskey J., 22 Main.

Friedenberg Henry, 52 Main.

Galland A., 17 Main.

Kahn A., St. James Hotel Block.

O'Donnell D., 15 Main. .

Music Stores.

DuBois C. H. & Co., 64 Main.

Harrington Bros., Stewart Block.

Morrison H. E., 95 Main.


Bradford Sunday Mail, 8 Producers' Exchange.

Bradford Sunday News, Exchange Place.

Petroleum Age, Producers' Exchange.

Star Publishing Co., 8 Producers' Exchange.

The Era, 9 to 15 Exchange pi.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


Paper Hangings and Window Shades.

Bradburn C. L., 95J Main.

Shaw R. T. & Co., Ill Main.

Zook & Co., 68 Main.

Pipe Lines.

National Transit Co., U. P. L. D., 71 Main.

The Tide Water Pipe Co., St. James Hotel Block.

Plumbers aud Gas Fitters.

Carr Charles M., 16 Public Square.

Gilchrist W. D., Corydon cor Congress.

Hillibish J. R., 115* Washington.

Pho tographers.

Detlor & Waddell, 59 Main.

Latham Chas. H., 76 Main.

Robbins Frank, 85 Main.

West Jacob, 66 Main.


Ailing C. P., 11 Chautauqua place.

Buss C. D., 13 Main.

Cluxton F. ft,100 Main.

Corbin E. A. Mrs., Main cor Pine.

Dorn S. B., 98 Main.

Dorand W. R., 6 Pine.

Follett F. M., 11 Producers' Exchange.

Hubbard & Page, 61 Main.

Mayer A., 76 Main.

Mease U. G., Kennedy cor Main.

Murdoch F. H., Davis Block.

Nichols James & H. J., Davis Block.

Rae G. W., 78 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

I. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


Reed C. H., 75 Main.

Shoemaker W. P., 30 Main.

Stuart T. H., Boylston cor Kennedy.

Straight A. M., 18 Main.

Sweet K. A., room 1, Stewart Block.

Todd M. A., Main cor Webster.

Van Scoy E. A., Corydon cor Mechanic.

Wallace J. A, 13 Main.

Williams A. M., 37 Pleasant. '

Wilson Henry, 23 Main.

Restaurants and Saloons.

Allen F. M., opp B. R. & P. Depot.

Averill & Murtz, 40 Main.

Eichmann A. E. Mrs., 51 Main.

Goodrich & Noble, 2 Chambers.

Higgins L. L.,-133 Main.

Kelly T. ft,34 Main.

Nelson N. P., 83 and 85 Mechanic.

Williamson & Keller, 6 and 8 Congress.

Sewing Machines.

DuBois C. H. & Co., 64 Main.

Fritts J. W., 7 Kennedy.

Harkins N. G., 95 Main.

Singer Manufacturing Co., Stewart Block.

Sucker Pods.

Cochran John, 84 Chestnut.

Chapman G., Newell pi.

Quigley B. ft,145 Main.


Bradford Cigar Works, 12 Congress.

Fordonski B., 84 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & C6., Baby Carriages.


Frangner P., 15 Main.

Kahn Isaac, 23 Main.

Kearns John, 132 1-2 Main.

Ruple William, 4 Webster.

Sakolski H. S., 159 Corydon.


Postal Telegraph Co., Oil Exchange.

Western Union Telegraph Co., Oil Exchange.


Baker J. W., 4 Congress.

Casterline C. L., 26 Main.

Excelsior Torpedo Co., 100 Main c Webster.

Kendall Torpedo Co., Nickel Plate Block.

Rackarock Torpedo, 15 Patent av.

Rock Glycerine Co., 46 Main.

Roberts W. B. & Son, 79 Main.

The Torpedo Co., 57 Main.

Tucker C. E., 60 Main.


Morris & Lane, 4 Boylston.

Webster Undertaking Co., 32 Chestnut

Veterinary Surgeon.

Smith Charles, 16 Barber.

Watchmakers & Jewelers.

Brennan & Davis, 21 Main.

Bullard L. ft, 2 Congress.

Isham J. H., 113 Main.

Norton C. H., 101 Main.

Rosenberg D. F., 44 Main.

Schopperle W., Roberts Block.

Stewart A. R., Main c Kennedy.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Eoller Skates.





Incorporated January 14th, 1879.

City Government, 1886.

Mayor—P. M. Shannon.

Comptroller—J. T. Bishop.

Treasurer—ft. K. McCafferty.

City Clerk—James A. Lindsey.

City Engineer—John A. Seymour.

City Solicitor—G. B. McCalmont.

Street Commissioner—John C. McCrea.

Common Council—J. C. Greenewald, President

; 1st Ward, James Anglun ; C. A. Durfee,

J. B. Fox, J. ftGreenewald ; 2nd Ward, Waltor

Grubb, W. S. Watson, A. J. Edgett; 3d Ward,

J. R. Hillibish, S. G. Elliott, A. Mayer; 4th

Ward, R. A. Weaver, R. M. Waugh, J. L.

Seyfang; 5th Ward, L. Jifkins, R. McAllister.

Standing Committees—Finance, Tax, Salary

and Appropriations—Anglun, Elliott and Seyfang.

Streets, Sidewalks &c.—McAllister, Weaver,

and Mayer.

City Property, Gas Lamps and Water.—

Waugh, Hillibish, Grubb.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Fire and Police.—Fox, Edgett, Durfee.

Ordinances, Pules and Printing.—Seyfang,

Watson and Jifkins. James A. Lindsey, Clerk.

Select Council—S. A. Terrell, President; A. K.

Darrow, M. H. Fitzgibbons, J. B. Farrell, J. R.

Goldsborough ; J. H. Field, Clerk.


Finance, Tax, Salaries and Appropriations

—Darrow, Fitzgibbons, Farrell,

Streets, Sewers, Bridges, Sidewalks, Railroads

—Goldsborongh, Farrell,Fitzgibbons.

Fire and Police—Farrell, Goldsborough Darrow.

City Property, Gas Lamps and Waler^-Yitzgibbons,

Farrell, Darrow.

Ordinances. Rides and Printing—Darrow,

Farrell, Goldsborough.

Aldermen—1st Ward, O H. Wheeler ; 2d Ward

W. T. Graham ; 3d Ward, D. F. Wolcott; 4th

Ward, Royal Ward ; 5th Ward, Wm. Maginn,

Recorder, James Shaw.

Constables—1st Ward, Thos. Osborne; 2d Ward

George Gibbons ; 3d Ward, T. J. Finerty ; 4th

Ward, A. H. Weaver ; 5thWard, W. W. Tadden.

Police—John ft McCrea, Chief; S. W. Trucks,

J. W. McCleery, Thos. McCrea.

Health Officer—John C. McCrea.

Members of Health Board—A. ft Hawkins,

L. F. Ellis, 1 year ; E. W. Rolfe, E. T. Wright,

2 years ; Jas. A. Lindsey, clerk.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.


Board of School Control—J. C. Boyce, President

; James Robinson, Secretary; George F.

Stone, Supt. ; R. Y. Mitchell, Alfred Smedley,

A. Miller, M. D. Harris, I. Beam, W. C. Henry,

H. H. Spence, C. R. Huntley.

Water Commissioners—A. W. Newell, J. M.

Fuller, Frank, T. Barker, A. Gordinier ; C. J.

Lane, Supt. and Clerk.



H. Frank, President; R. L. Edgett, Vice President

; Moses Cohen, Secretary ; J. C. Greenewald,

Treas. ; Jas. E. Grainger, Chief Engineer ;

J. J. Lane, 1st Asst. ; John Hurley, 2d Asst.


Foreman, Thos. C. Blakeslee. Annual election,

first Monday in April. House City Building.


House City Building. Foreman, G. M. Dickson.


House, Newell av. Foreman J. F. Campbell.


House, Barbour st. Foreman, Thos. H. White.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.



Exchange pi. Foreman, Ed. Guy.


President, C. B. Whitehead ; Captain, Ambrose



House 101 Boylston. Foreman,* J. E. Ward.


St. James Block.—Office open from 7:30 A. M.

to 8 p. M. Sundays from 9 to 10 a. m. and from

6 to 7 p. M. Money office open from 9 a. m, to 4

p. m.. and from 7 to 8 p. m. Postmaster, C. B.



American Express Co., office 109 Main Street.

Erie Express Co., Stewart Block, 84 Main.

United States Express Co., office Main Street,

opp Union Depot


Main opp Congress. President, C. L. Wheeler;

Vice President, ft R. Huntley ; Secretary, E. A.

Flanigan; Treasurer and Sap't, Wintield Scott.


First National Bank, 31 Main. S. G. Bayne,

President; J. M. Fuller, Vice President; W. W.

Bell, Cashier. Capital, $100,000.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China.


Bradford Sunday News (Weekly.) Nos. 9 to

15 Exchange PI. P. H. Linderman, proprietor.

Terms $2.50 per year.

The Petroleum Age (Monthly.) 14 and 15 Producers'

Exchange. Terms from $3.00 to ,3.50 per

year. McMullen, Snell & Armor, Publishers.


Bradford Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Dr. H. S.

Baker, President; Hon. P. M. Fuller, Vice-

President ; A. Herrmann, Secretary. Directors,

Enos Parsons, Jas. E. Blair, C. J. Lane, H. S.

Baker, Hon. P. M. Fuller, F. S. Johnson, L. B.



Union Lodge, No. 334, F. & A. M. Meets in

Masonic Hall, Berry's Block, Main street, third

Monday of each month. David S. Kemp, W.

M.; W. K. Laney, S. W. ; A. D. Sloan, J. W. ;

David H. Jack, Treasurer ; Gustave Herz, Secretary

; Chas. L. Wheeler, District Dept. G. M.

for the 22d District, comprising the counties of

McKean, Potter and Cameron.

Bradford Chapter, No. 260, R. A. M. Meets

third Thursday of each month. P.M. Shannon,

M. E. High Priest; Elias Urquhart, King ; F.

W. Sprague, Scribe; Charles L. Wheeler,

Treasurer; Edmond F. Sawyer, Secretary; Joseph

H. Simonds, District Deputy Grand High Priest

for the 11th District comprising the counties of

Potter, McKeon, Cameron and Elk.

Trinity Commandry, No. 58, K. T. ; W. S.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasscs.


Watson, Em. Com. ; Jas. R. Goldsborough,

Gen'l. ; L. E. Mallory, Capt Gen. ; Joseph H.

Simonds, Treas. ; H. F. Barbour, Recorder.

Meets second Thursday of each month. Joseph

H. Simonds, Division Com. 16th Division, Grand

Com. of Penn.

Bradford City Lodge, No. 103, I. O. F. S. of I.

Meets firstand third Sunday of each month in

Odd Fellows Hall. M. Cohn, President.

Order of the Iron Hall, No. 316, meets every

Monday evening in Hevenor's Hall. S. S. Herrmann,

ft J-

Don Abarbanel Lodge No 85, Independent

Order Sons of Benjamin. Meets second and

fourth Sundays of each month, at Odd Fellows'

Hall. S. Orange, President.

O. G. ft,Bradford Lodge. Frank P. Slocum,

Commander. Meets every othrer Tuesday evenings,

in Oil Exchange Hall.

Bradford Encampment, No. 56, Knights of St.

John and Malta. Meet the firstand third Wednesdays

of each month, in I. O. O. F. Hall. R.

F. Howland Em. C.

Dewey Union No. 5, E. A. U. Meets in Oil

Exchange Hall every Thursday evening. A. H.

Carr, Pres.

Osmer Lodge No. 2,365, Knights of Honor.

Meets every Saturday evening in Odd Fellow's

Hall, Duke Block. Frank Perkins, Director.

Women's Relief Corps. Meets every Wednesday

afternoon at 2:30, in G. A. R. Hall. Mrs. L.

J. Culbertson, President ; Miss Ina Godfrey,


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


G. A .R., Bradford Post, No. 141. Meets every

Wednesday evening at Odd Fellows' Hall. J. F.

Bishop, Com.

Guardian Knights, Bradford Encampment No.

4. Meets every Friday evening in G. A. R. Hall.

I. O. O. F. Tuna Lodge No. 411. Meets every

Tuesday evening at Odd Fellows' Hall, DukeBl.

J. Kelly, N. G.'

Royal Arcanum. Meets every other Monday at

Odd Fellows' Hall. J. L. Barrett, Regent.

A. O. U. W., Tunungwart Lodge No. 111.

Meets every Friday evening in Odd Fellows' Hall,

Duke Block. J. M. Denny, M. W.

C. M. B. A. Meets every Thursday evening in

Duke Block. Thos. Flynn, Pres.

Home Circle. Meets every other Monday evening

at Odd Fellows' Hall. E. R. Shepard, Leader.

McKean Encampment, No. 266. Meets 2d

and 4th Wednesday evenings, at Odd Fellows'

Hall. James A. Lindsey, Chief Patriarch.

Bradford Legion No. 16, Select Knights. Meets

second and fourth Thursdays. A. P. Odell,

Select Commander.

Knights of Pythias. Meet every Tuesday evening,

in G. A. R. Hall. M. H. Fitzgibbons, C. ft

McKean Co. Pa. Local Board of Underwriters,

President, A. Herrmann; Vice-President, William

Abrams ; Treasurer, William Haskill; Secretarj',

John Troy.

The Bradford Liedertafel Society. Meets every

Sunday, at St. George's Hall, Akin House. A.

Van Doran, President.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.



Allison, from Chestnut to Webster.

Amm, from West Branch to R. R.

Ascension, from Corydon south to Cliff.

Avenue B., from Elm south to Pike.

Avenue ft,from Elm south to Pike.

Bank, from Centre east to Pearl.

Barbour, from Mechanic west to Centre.

Bennett, from West Branch north to Prospect.

Boylston, from Pine east to R. R.

Brennan, from North south to Elm.

Brookline, from Centre west to Bennett.

Buffalo, from Ascension west.

Bushnell, from Barbour south to Corydon.

Centre, from West Branch north to Winter.

Chambers, from Main south to Corydon.

Chautauqua PI., from Mechanic west to Bushnell.

Chestnut, from Main south to R. R.

Clarion, from Elm south to Pike.

Cliff, from Mechanic west.

Cole av., from Bennett east to Centre.

Congress, from Main south to Pike.

Congress PI., from Congress east to R. R.

Corydon, from R. R. west.

Davi3, from Main north to West Branch.

Edgett, from Hilton east.

Elm, from Mechanic east to High.

Exchange PI., from Main north.

Florence, from Boylston norths to. Amm.

Forman, from West Branch east to R. R.

Gay, from Chestnut to Webster.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41--43--45 Main Street.


Globe, from Mechanic east.

Grove, from Main south to North.

High, from Main south to Pike.

Hill, from High east.

Hilton, from Main north.

Howard, from Washington north to State.

Howard Place, from Chestnut west.

Jackson av., from Mechanic north to Kendall.

Jefferson, from Park Place south to Pike.

Jennings, from Hilton north-east.

Johnson, from Hilton east.

Kane, from Mechanic east to Congress.

Kennedy, from Main north to Jackson av.

Leeland av., from Congress east to Chestnut,

Leigh, from Kennedy north.

Main, from Mechanic east to High.

McClellan, from Washington north to School.

McKean, from Mechanic east to R. R.

Mechanic, from School south to Pike.

Merrow av., from Washington to State.

Morehouse Place, from Corydon south.

Newell av., from Webster to R. R.

N orth, from East Branch east to High.

Park Place, from Congress east to R. R.

Patent av., from Main north to Boylston.

Pearl, from Washington north to Summer.

Petrolia, from Jackson av. West.

Pike, from Mechanic east to High.

Pine, from Main north to Boylston.

Pleasant, from Bennett east to Jackson av.

Potter, from Mechanic east to Congress.

Prospect, from Bennett east.

THOMPSON fie WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


River, from North south to Elm.

Roberts, from Main south to North.

Rutherford Place, rear 113 Main.

Sanford, from Jackson av. west.

School, from Bennett east to Mechanic.

Slocum, from High to Whitney av.

State, from Bennett east to Mechanic.

St. James PL, from Mechanic west to Whitney PL

Summer, from Bennett east to Jackson av.

Tarport Road, from Main north to Kendall.

Terrace, from Ascension west.

1 Third, from Hilton west to R. R.

Thompson av., from Congress east to Jefferson.

Tibbitts av., from Mechanic east to Congress.

Tram R. R., from Washington south west.

Wagoner PL, rear 105 Boylston.

Walker av., from Mechanic north to Kennedy.

Walker PL, from Mechanic west.

Washington, from Bennett east to Mechanic.

Water, from Barbour south to Corydon.

Webster, from Main south to Elm.

Whitney av., from Slocum north.

Whitney PL, from Barbour south to St. James PL

Williams, from av. B. west to av. C.

Winter, from Bennett east.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.



ADAMS H. M., carpenter.

Barber D. ft,forman.

Belknap W. H. Store.

Bell Thomas, driller.

Boring Clem, blacksmith.

Brown Frank, driller.

Connors John, hardware.

Cordukes, picture frames.

Downs J. B., guager.

Erwin Jerre, hotel.

Farmer Samuel, carpenter.

Finessey M. B., store.

Hinkel J. B., pumper.

Johnson George, guager.

Jones C. L. pumper.

Magee George, pumper.

Mays W. L., pumper.

McMahon John, pumper.

Neeley Snowden, pumper.

Neeley William, pumper.

O'Connell James, carpenter.

Scott Charles, pumper.

Scott George A., pumper.

Shay Cornelius, teamster.

St. Clare Scott, pumper.

Steele Matthew, pumper.

Thomas Archie, meat market.

Thomas E. B., store.

Turner Jacob, producer.

Urey R. Mrs., milliner.

Whitley, shoemaker.

Young Charles, pumper.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. -Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.



(P. O. address, Derrick City.)

Adams David, pumper.

Allen ft E/, producer.

Atwood T. W., pumper.

Argue A. G. & Thos., producers.

Argue R. W. & H. H., producers.

Baum, Richardson & Co., real estate.

Bemis F. G., pumper.

Beilman Frank, pumper.

Bell L., boarding house.

Bressler John, producer.

Block Joseph^ pumper.

Barr C. S., guager.

Black James, stage driver.

Bump John, carpenter.

Berry J., carpenter.

Brawley Eugene, laborer.

Canfield, physician.

Costello P., restaurant.

Clink C. L., pumper.

Crecraft Henry, blacksmith.

Cameron J. M., guager.

Campbell, Mat, produce.

Crisman Adam, carpenter.

Crisman E. A., pumper.

Cowles ft E., paper hanger.

Clark & McGeorge, general merchandise.

Compton E. A., laborer.

Dana George and L. G., Gilman Hotel.

Donaldson O. and James, pumpers.

Dello Al. and R., producers.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


Depister Frank, pumper.

English Mary, Postmaster.

Eberhart M., laborer.

Foley & Hallock, lumber.

Finkler John, pumper.

Finkler Peter, pumper.

French Eugene, pumper.

Gregory J. B., teamster.

Garvin J. M., producer.

Gilbert R. B., producer.

Hanlin Bros., teamsters.

Herrick Mrs., druggist.

Herrick Walter, driller.

Horton David, teamster.

Heathcoat Fred., boiler maker.

Hinderson P. D., tank builder.

Highbroub L. B., driller.

Harriott J., driller.

Hartman ft,merchant tailor.

Henn Fred., producer.

Hyatt James, pumper.

Howard & Bettes, general merchandise.

Johnson H. K., pumper.

Johnson E. O., clerk.

Keith C. L., foreman.

Kells John, pumper.

Keene H. R., pumper.

Kellogg C. W., teamster.

Lamb L. A. Mrs., milliner.

LeRoy G. W., grocer.

Lockwood J. N., producer.

Lefold Ernest and Henry, producers.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


McCann Burt, cigar store.

McKay M., general merchandise.

Morrison William, producer.

Moon A., carpenter.

Mortimer Joseph, producer.

Moran Edward, guager.

Miller John, guager.

McFaden A. ft,pumper.

McKenzie W. A. Rev.

McAllister B., producer.

Marshall J. L., producer.

Mosher C. W., Sr. and Jr., teamsters.

McMurray James, producer.

McMurray Robert, Sr. and Jr., producers.

McCrea James, hotel.

North S. J., teamster.

Oil Well Supply Co., hardware.

Pattrell E., pumper.

Parker J. W., rig builder.

Parks & Hazzard, producers.

Patterson A. J., drayman.

Rogers W. W., real estate agent.

Roberts A. L., pumper.

Richie J., Sr. and Jr., teamsters.

Ross A. J., pumper.

Ross D. L., hotel.

Sharp Chauncey, producer.

Strannahan S. B., blacksmith.

Stannahan G. J., lawyer.

Stover W. B., pumper.

Sniveley C. H., driller.

Stenbrook H. T., driller.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Sherard Andrew, carpenter.

Saunders George, guager.

Swaggart James, driller.

Stewart E., teamster.

Schuyler Lee, laborer.

Sherard James, teamster.

Shannon N. L, drayman.

Shean William, general merchandise.

Toy Ben., meat market.

Toy William, meat market.

Tew H. W., producer.

White James, hardware.

Wolfe J. D., producer.

Wolfe S. L., pumper.

Watson Thomas, pumper.

Watson Oil Co , producers.

Wile Charles, pumper.

Wiggins Wm , carpenter.

Williams P. F., producer.

Walker O., druggist.

Wilder C. W., producer

York James, pumper.

Young Burr, foreman.


Abbey Geo., house Washington.

Abbey George B., restaurant.

Adams C. B., restaurant, 1 Main.

Adams J. R. Rev., house Washington.

Ackley Charles, house 102 Main.

Ackley Philo, justice peace 104 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates.


Allen H. E., (H. & Allen), Seward av.

Artley Jones, American House, Main c Lim^st'n

Artley Phil S., clerk, American House.

Ash D. E., house Cornen.

Averill Thos. J., house Seward av.

Bacon Fred., house Kendall.

Bailey William, pumper, h 147 Main.

Batchelor Harvey, house R. R.

Bartholomew H. H., ins. agent, Church.

Bendean Fred., house R. R.

Benninghoff & Walter, physicians, Main.

Benninghoff G. E., (B. & Walker,) h Main.

Beringer H. H., barber, Main.

Bevier Abram, house Limestone.

Bickford Fred., liouse Kendall.

Bidaux F. X., butcher, 8 E Main.

Black R. H., house 83 Main.

Blair E. I., station agt., B. R, & P. Depot.

Bodine G., clerk, liouse 109 Main.

Bookman C. L., wagon maker, h Cornen.

Boyer Henry, house Cornen.

Brands George, house Seward av.

Brown I. D., grocer, n N. G. Depot.

Brown N. W., grocer, 51 Main.

Brown O. T., carpenter, h Jackson av.

Brownyar J. E., house Cornen.

Bryant V. E., foreman, house 93 Main.

Buchanon Jefferson, house Seward av.

Burr F. H. & Co., feed, 34 Limestone.

Butler J. H., postmaster, h 112 Main.

Calhoun John, shoemaker, 14 Main.

Campbell A. B., agent, h 76 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Campbell John, house 76 Main.

Cann William, house Seward av.

Caple A. ft,house Washington.

Carll John, house Washington.

Catwick L., house Cornen.

Cherrie Joseph, house Kendall.

Clark Augustus B., 80 Main.

Clark A. J., house 71 R. R.

Clow Philip, laborer, h 148 Main.

Cole Albert, house Seward av.

Cole Leonard, house 95 Main.

Cole William, house Seward Farm.

Collins John, station agent, Erie R. R.

Converse E. F., saloon, Kendall.

Crane W. A., house 82 Main.

Crooks G. W., rig builder, h Cornen.

Crooks J. W., rig builder, h Washington.

Dana George, h Washington.

Darling C. H., drayman, h Cornen.

Davis Ed., teamster, h Clark Farm.

Davidson, liouse Clark Farm.

Davidson Martin, laborer, h Clark Farm.

DeHart Charles, house 111 Main.

Delcamp George, Jr., pumper.

Delcamp George, Sr., grocer, h Main.

Delmage Marshall, teamster, h 57 Main.

Denman John, producer, h 100 Main.

Dewey Ed., house 148 Main.

Dilner L., liouse R. R.

Dion Joseph, pumper, h 130'Main.

Dorance K., house Seward av.

Dobies Captain, house Kendall.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.

L. Emery Jr.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lainpsvand Glass Ware.


Johnson John, house Limestone.

Jones B. A., carpenter, h Railroad.

Jones M. H., furniture, h Limestone.

Kee Joseph, house Kendall.

Kebler David, laborer, h Limestone.

Kellogg J. E., house Washington.

Kelsey John H., engineer, h Seward av.

Kervin Patrick, liouse 146 Main.

Kilgore Joseph, butcher, h Jackson av.

King, pumper, house Washington.

Kleckner A. M., liouse Seward av.

Knight C. L, liouse Limestone.

Kuowles AL, driller, house R. R.

Knox Chas., house Kendall.

Knox D., house Cornen.

Koester G. F., producer, h Kendall.

Kreiter John,M., machinist, h Jackson av.

Kuhns John, teamster, h Clark Farm.

Lafferty Jerome, house Kendall.

Loftus Bros., house Seward av.

Lathrop O. L., house Limestone.

Leary Mrs., house Seward av.

Lizzell William, house 160 Main.

Locke M. S., machinist, h 152 Main.

Lockwood, producer, house R. R.

Longfellow C. D., lawyer, Kendall.

Lowell L., house Washington.

Mac-key J. F., grocer, 42 Main.

Mage, house Railroad.

Manley I., house Cornen.

Mapes Theodore, liouse 110 Main.

Martin A. J., proprietor Andrews House.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China.


Martin ft A., house Railroad.

Martin George, saloon, 10 Kendall.

Mascho E. B., house Limestone.

Mathers J. H., house Kendall.

McAllister C. Mrs., h 128 Main.

McCarty & Calhoun, druggists, Main c Church.

McCarty J. R., physician, h Church.

McCaughtry Samuel, house 151 Main.

Mclntyre James, house 149 Main.

McDonald ft M., pumper, house 155 Main.

McDowell I A., house 77 Main.

McElhany, producer, house Cornen.

McKnall J. W., house Kendall.

McMannus Terrence, house Jackson av.

McMurray, producer, house Cornen.

Miller Ed., tinsmith, house Washington.

Mitchell Bros., general store, 7 Main.

Mitchell George, house Kendall.

Mitchell H. G., house 75 Main.

Moore Samuel, house 157 Main.

Moseley James, house Seward Farm.

Mumford John, blacksmith, house 132 Main.

Myers Frank, butcher, Main.

Myers George L., barber, Railroad.

Myers M. S., furniture, 40 Main, h 115 do.

Newman G. W., house 113 Main.

Newman.R. D., flour, feed, &c, 11 Main, h

118 do.

Nighman C. C., house 84 Main.

Nolan Patrick, house Washington.

Nolan Thomas, house 81 Main.

Norton Nettie Mrs., house 159 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasscs.


Nutting & Smith, grocers, 9 Main.

Nutting Byron, house Cornen.

Nye J. M., general store, Limestone cor R. R.

O'Brock Fred., saloon, 26 Main.

O'Hern & Co., grocers, 5 Main.

Olmstead F. M., house Cornen.

Olsson C. A., shoemaker, 6 Kendall.

O'Neil John, house 117 Main.

O'Neill William, house Washington.

Palmer George, house Railroad.

Parmer Sidney, carpenter.

Parmalee Chas. B., carpenter.

Parrish, house Kendall.

Patterson John, carpenter, h 47 Main.

Patterson William, house Seward a v.

Penhollow W. W., Farmers' Hotel, Main c R R.

Phelps O. P. Mrs., Phelps House, R. R.

Phillips J. M., saloon, house 1 Main.

Pifer Michael, house 126 Main.

Pifer Rebecca Mrs., h 126 Main.

Pilkington Robert, machinist, h Seward av.

Polly J. ft,house Washington.

Powell Charles, laborer, h Seward av.

Randall John, house Seward av.

Robison W. S , coal, h 124 Main.

Ross A. H., h Cornen.

Ryan Ed., boarding house, 22 Main.

Ryan Ellen Mrs., house Seward av.

Ryan M., (. R.V& K.), house R. R.

Rush E. D., driller, house 45 Main.

Sackerand Benjamin, house Railroad.

Salisbury A. J., butcher, h Seward av.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


Sanborn M. B., blacksmith, Kendall.

Saunders A. J., driller, h Washington.

Say C. ft,laborer, house 143 Main.

Schoonover James Mrs., house Main.

Scott J. H., house 114 Main.

Seward J. S., house Seward av.

Seward Levi, house Seward av.

Seward Louis, house Kendall.

Seward Melvin, house Seward av.

Seymour Mrs., house Church.

Shelby P., house 76 R. R.

Sherman E. R., house Main.

Sherman T. J., house Cornen.

Sheron Michael, pumper, on Clark Farm.

Sherrod Fred., laborer, house 99 Main.

Shriver B. N. A., driller, house 120 Main.

Slocum John, baker, 44 Main.

Smiley Perry, foreman, house Washington.

Smith George, house Main.

Smith J. ft, (N. & Smith,) h Washington.

Smith W. W., freight agent, h Washington.

Spencer O. F., confectionery, 30 Main.

Spickernagle Philip, house Limestone.

Stevens J. W., blacksmith, Kendall.

Stewick L., shoemaker, Kendall.

Stilson A. ft,house Washington.

Stratton Wm., house Kendall.

Swailes James, barber, Railroad.

Taylor A. L., laborer, h 201 Main.

Taylor B. I. Mrs., milliner, Main.

Taylor Mrs., house Main.

Thompson N. P. Mrs., h 86 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


Titus William, hotel.

Townsend Fred., h R. R.

Trumbour Harry, h Seward av.

Umphrey W. R., house Limestone.

Urquhart W. R., producer, h Cornen.

Utley Samuel, house 97 Main.

Van Norman Andrew, producer, h Church.

Vaugh James, house Seward av.

Vezie Fred., driller, house Main.

Walker T., house 62 Main.

Walters Jennie Mrs., house 134 Main.

Wardell Solomon, baker, Kendall.

Weaver S. A., carpenter, h 162 Main.

Weber Joseph, house Cornen.

Welsh James, Central House, R. R.

Wescott Wm., tinsmith, 18 Main.

Whalen Frank, house 144 Main.

Whitehill, house Washington.

Whiteman Ira, laborer, h 69 R. R.

Whitman John, weaver, Main.

Whittlesey J. P., harness, 16 Main.

Wiley Mrs , house 119 Main.

Williamson David, house Kendall.

Williamson Mary, house Seward av.

Wilson F. M., sucker rods, opp N. G. Depot

Withrup Abram, machinist, h Seward av.

Wood B. L., station agt, N. G. Depot.

Wood Will, house 91 Main.

Woodard F. F., house 88 Main.

Wooley Moses, house 154 Main.

Worton Thomas, house R. R. av.

Young, coal, house Seward av.

Zorb John, house 122 Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41-43-45 Main Street.



Andrews H. G., hotel, R. R. av.

Bateman Patrick, hotel, Main.

Beardsley J. H., house Main.

Bell Bros., general store.

Bissell Byron, druggist, &c, Main.

Bloeser Charles, restaurant, 28 River.

Blossom William, house Main.

Bull, foreman, house Main.

Cronan Stephen, house R. R. av.

Degen J. H., house Main.

Drahmer Jacob, shoemaker, River.

Fahs Jacob.

Gerwick Fred., house River.

Gibbs W. H., lawyer, house Main.

Gillett P., house Main.

Greenwood Joseph, hardware, River.

Hardman J. H. & P., house Main.

Hill L. B., house Main.

Hood Henry, millinery, River.

Hoyte Bros., tannery and general store, River.

Jordan Thos., billiards, &c, River.

Jordan William, boarding house, Main.

Keough Peter, hotel, River.

Lee James, laborer.

Limestone Bank, Bell Bros., River.

Mennon Daniel, Main.

Moses Frank, house Main.

Murphy James, grocer, River.

Palen E., House Main.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


Paton Bros., general store and meat market, Main.

Paton George, blacksmith, Main.

Paxton M. H., supt, house Main.

Renner Henry Mrs., Limestone House.

Schoonmaker E. R., speculator, house Main.

Simpson Levi, house Main.

Smith Maude Mrs., milliner, River.

Vibbard S. L., Juctice Peace, River.

Vilquett ft,hotel, River bel R. R.

Watson R. J., book-keeper, liouse Main.

Willis Chauncy, house Main.

Zeliff James, lumber, house Main.

Zeliff Peter, lumber, Main.


(Foster Brook P. O.)

Creese Samuel, rig builder.

Dennis James, hotel.

Egbert, physician.

Goff John, rig builder.

Howe Brothers, producers.

McBride W. ft, superintendent.

McCullough & Creese, general store.

Neath Jasper & Bro., real estate.

Norton N. I., superintendent.

Sage C. B., producer.

Troutner, boarding house.

Vorce W. ft, superintendent.

Wickham, teamster.

Wyssbrock E. V., postmaster and store.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.



Description of

Job Printing

Furnished by Mail at Very Low Rates.

Send for Estimates.



Publisher and Printer, Hudson, N. Y.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L Emery Jr. & Co.,

Oil Well Supplies.





Ab. above ; ave. avenue ; bds. boards ; bel. below ; bet. between ;

cor. corner; E. east ; h. house ; manuf. manufacturer; N. north ;

n. near ; opp. opposite ; P. C. L. & P. Co., Producers' Consolidated

Land and Petroleum Co.; r. rear ; S. south ; s. side ; W. west ; U. P.

L. United Pipe Lines. The word street is implied.

ABBEY A. H. (Barse & Co.), h 48 Barry.

Abbott David, machinist, First, h 17 Coleman.

Abbott L. P., timekeeper, h 21 Third.

Abbott Mrs., house 32 Wayne.

Ackerman F. R., mer. tailor, 143 Union, house 16

Laurel av.

Ackerman Philip, house Jay.


Acme Refining Co., Erie Depot.

ABRAMS & SONS, Gen'l Insurance, City Bldg.

Abrams James, clerk, bds Grand Central Hotel.

Abrams W. M. Jr. (Abrams & Sons), h 11 Hamilton.

Adams Ansel, real estate, h 57 Union.

Adams E. A., producer, h 57 Union.

Adams Frank, house 101 Barry.

Adams George, house 10 Barry.

Adams George N., h 12 Whitney av.

Adams S. R. Mrs., h 101 Barry. '

Adsit John M., laborer, h 128 Union.

Adsit M. J., blacksmith, h 40 Barry.

Adsit O. B., house Clinton c Henley.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


Adsit Selden, hostler, h 60 Ninth.

Alden J. B., clothing, 118 Union, h 5 Laurel av.

Alexander J. B., house 25 Fulton.

Allegany Lumber Co., 8 Sullivan.

Allen Daniel, policeman, h 101 State.

Allen Dascom, house 15 Henley.

Allen Henry, bds Moore House.

Allen John, house Fifth n R. R.

Allen William, laborer, h 12 Fulton.

Alles Charles, cooper, h 18 Clinton.


Anderson S. ft, carpenter, h 36 Washington.

ANDREWS C. E., Furniture, 99 Union, house

Sullivan near Fourth.


Furniture & Wall Papers.





We also have the exclusive sale for several of the best manufacturers

of Walnut, Ash and Cherry Bed Room Furniture.

Furniture of every description, and at the Lowest Cash Prices. Our

assortment of Hand Goods, Embossed Goods, Bronzes, Grounds and

Blanks, is complete. New Patterns in Decoration always in stock. We

have practical Designers and Decorators always ready, and furnish estimates

or samples at any time.


99 Union Street, Olean, N. Y.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


Andrews Scott, agent, h 9 Whitney av.

Arnold J. W., clerk, h 64 Clinton.

Ashley A. D., house 61 Irving.

Ashton William Rev., h 27 Clinton.

Atkins W. J., carpenter, h54 Washington.

AUSTIN E. Happy Day Livery, 110 Union.

Austin E. H., ticket agt., h 41 Barry.

Austin Harrington, house 41 Barry.

Austin H. E., telegraph operator, h 41 Barry.

Austin Walter, fireman,bds 26 Coleman.

Avery J. E. house Clinton cor Jay.

Ayers Edward, machinist, house 21 Sullivan.

BAIRD G. W. D., clerk, h Clinton c Tompkins.

Baker & Frohlich, butchers, 183 Union.

Baker Albert, house Eighth n R. R.

Baker Albert, house Ninth cor Irving.

Baker Conrad, house 246 Union.

Baker Ernest, clerk, h Clinton n Tompkins.

Baker Fred, clerk., 133 Union.

Baker Ralph, oil, house 68 Clinton.

Baker William, (Baker & F,) h Henly c Second.

Ball F. A., clerk, h Henley n opp Third.

Ball Elizabeth, toys, &c, h 47 Henley.

Ball Geo. J., painter, h Irving n Second.

Ball Harry, clerk, h Henley n opp Third.

Ball W. W., clothing, 112 Union, h 65 Henley.

Ballard Leon H., producer, h 35 Third.

Barber Chas., clerk, 73 Union.

Barber C. N., carpenter, h 83 Whitney a v.

Barber James H., house 13 State.

Barber L., house 3 Sixth.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Barents Simon A., clothing, 97 Union, h State.

Bargay James J., farmer, h 49 Irving.

Barhydt J. A., foreman, h Fourth c Wayne.

Barleon John, h 6 Second.

Barnes T. H., barber, 80 Union, h 41 Second.

Barney Chas., blacksmith, h 27 Second.

Barnum Mrs* house Barry cor State.

Barnum O. P., clerk, 65 Union.

Barrett ft L., expressman, American Express.

Barrett Levi, tannery, h Barry cor Green.

Barron Charles, carpenter, h 6 Irving.

Barron N. T. Mrs., house 25 Henley.

BARROWS D. E., Dentist, 102 Union, h 4 Irv'g

Barrows E. Mrs., house 31 Union.

Barry S. E. Mrs., house 78 Barry.

BARSE C. V. B. & CO., Hardware and Oil Well

Supplies, 115 Union.

Barse C. V. B. Mrs., house South cor Barry.

Barse M. W., Pre3. Ex. N. B., h South c Barry.

Bartlett C. H., physician, 149 Union, h do. ,

Bartlett F. H. physician, 149 Union h"45 do.

Bartlett F. L, cashier, E. N. B.,li 2d n Sullivan

Barton A. J., carpenter, h ft Fulton.

Bartow H. D., house 30 Ninth.

Bartow R. S., mason, h Sullivan n Buffalo.

Bascom George, house 72 First.

Basler Frank, tailor, h 146 State.

BATEMAN MORRIS, Bateman House, 235


Battle J. H., house 33 Thirteenth.

Baxter Elizabeth, h Eighth n R. R.

Baxter John T., lawyer, h2 State.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates.


BAXTER J. L, Olean Mills, 1 State, h 2 do.

Baxter K., book keeper, h 2 State.

Bayley Edward, producer, h 74 Second.

Beabout Geo. W., house 28 Wayne.

Bear B., cooper, house 52 Washington.

Bear Michael, house Eighth.

Beardsley H. A., clerk, 65 Union, h 12 Fulton.

Beden John, foreman job dept., Olean Times.

Bedford Charles L, clerk, P. O.

Beers W. H. (Moore & B.), h 26 Wayne.

Bell J. L, blacksmith, h 27 Second.

Bemsel Christ, mason, h Coleman c Fourth.

Benedict E. E., clerk, house 18 Fulton.

Benedict F. G., U. S. Ex. Agt, h 72 Fourth.

Benn Joseph, lineman, b Grand Central Hotel.

Benn J. H., foreman, bds Grand Central Hotel.

Bennett Abram, eating house, 187 Union.

Bennie M. R., hardware, 93 Union, h North.

Benjamin L. A., house 82 Barry.

BENTLEY W. M., European Hotel, 133 Union.

Berger Joseph, shoemaker, house 95 State.

Bernreuther John Rev., house 25 Laurens.

Berry Bridget, house Green n Union.

Berry. John, barber, 8 R. R. av.

Bevier E. W., clerk, 74 Union.

Bickmeyer Augustus, house 37 Thirteenth.

Bickmeyer Henry, house 35 Thirteenth.

Biddlecombe Charles, house Ninth n State.

Bilbe E. J., machinist, h Irving c Third.

Billings E., clerk, 74 Union.

Billington John, carpenter, h Jay.

Billington J. B., carpenter, h 30 Barry.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Billington R. D., bridge carpenter, h 26 Barry.

Bingham W. ft, clerk, 117 Union.

Birge N., harness, 111 Union, h 58 Second.

Bisbee A. E., poultry, h 9 E Green.

Bishop C. A., h Thirteenth n State.

Bixby E. D., baker, Erie Depot.

Black Chas. E., h 26 Second.

Black E. Mrs., h 146 Union.

Black James B., clerk, 81 Union.

Black S. T., driller, h Sullivan c Fifth.

Blake & Wilkinson, hardware, stoves, &c, 101


Blake A., music, 148 Union, house Sullivan cor


Blakeslee Frank, house 75 Second.

Blakeslee F. S., clerk, F. K B., h 58 Barry.

Blakeslee Homer, house 75 Second1

BLAKESLEE M. A., Druggist, Books and Stationery,

65 Union, h 58 Barry.

Blessing Brothers, blacksmiths, Third n State.

Blessing Conrad, blacksmith, h 150 State.

Blessing George, blacksmith, h 145 State.

Blighton E. ft,undertaker, 139 Union b 11 First

Blighton R. J., asst. undertaker, 139 Union.

Bolles & Waring, lawyers, 69 Union.

Bolles D. H., (Bolles & W.), h 53 Union.

Bond E. E-, house 251 Union.

Bones James R., clerk, h 61 Henley.

Bonhoff Henry F... galvanizer, h 3 Fourth.

Borden Geo. A., book keeper, Ex. N. B., h 24


Bordman John, blacksmith, Union, h do.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.



108 Union.

Bornemann Wm., dyer, 192 Union.

Bosler William M., mason, h 52 Fourth.

Bourkard Chas. D., fresco, h 14 Thirteenth.

Bouton Lewis, house ft Fulton.

Bowen W. H., h Thirteenth n State.

Bowser A. R., house 62 Ninth.

Bowser F. T., moulder, 70 State.

Bowser J. F., barber, 173 Union, h Ninth.

Bowser R. M., musician, house 117 Union.

Boyer Daniel, laborer, house 169 State.

Brader Charles, carpenter, h 39 Second.

Brader Wm. H., carpenter, h 54 Fourth.

Bradley S. H., house Laurens cor Third.

Branch Wilson P., laborer, h 60 Sullivan.

Brasted James Mrs., house 30 Seventh.

Bratt John, tailor, bds 76 State.

Brendell J. A., baker, 95 Union, h do.

Brennen D. H., house 44 Barry.

Brett I. ft,house 56 Fourth.

Brett K. Capt, h Sullivan n Fifth.

Brickell Charles, house 5 Sixth.

BRICKELL ELI F., Contractor and Builder, 64

First,- h 70 do.

Brickell John, house 21 Tompkins.

Brickell T. J., photographer, 120 Union, h 68


Brickell Wm., carpenter, h 16 Coleman.

Bristol Elijah, house 34 Barry.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


Bristol Mrs., house 34 Barry.

Brodley John, h Sixth n Wayne.

Bronold George, mason, h 92 Henley.

Bronold Peter, house 90 Henley.

BROOKS E.C, Lawyer, 130 Union, house 73


Brooks George A., carpenter, h 5 Coleman.

Brooks Mary, house 5 Coleman.

Brophy William, cooper, h 77 Sullivan.

Brown A. Mrs., house 128 State.

Brown C. T., (C. E. F. & Co., Ex. B'k Building.

Brown George E., carpenter, h 28 Ninth.

Brown H. A., oil, house 59 Sullivan.

Brown Michael, house Seventh n Reed.

Brown M. F., fish,oysters, &c, 148 Union.

Brown Patrick, cooper, house S9 Buffalo.

Brown R. H., salesman, h 54 Clinton.

Brown S. A., painter, h Fourth cor Green.

Brown S. D., lumber, house 60 Fourth.

Brown William, house 90 State.

Brunner George, house Ninth cor Irving.

Brunson Amos, house 54 Second.

Bryant John S., laborer, h 19 Barry.

Buchy Lena Mis., h 95 Buffalo.

Bullemer Chas., bottler, 16 Whitney av.

Bullis C. A., lumber, h 17 Barry.

Bullis S. S., lumber, h 74 Barry.

Bunday 0. W., painter, h Fourth c Henley.

Burckhousen Chas., h Henley c Seventh.

Burdick F. W., piano tuner, h2 Hamilton.

Burge Chester, clerk, 144 and 146 Union.

Burger Adam, house Ninth n State.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists. Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


Burke Thos., house Fifth n R. R.

Burlingham A. ft,book keeper, h Erie Depot.

Burlingham C. A., h 29 Seventh.

Burlingham F. ft,sewing machines, h 26 State.

Burlingham W. F., book keeper, h 26 Clinton.

Burns E. M. Mrs., dressmaker, h 46 First.

Burns Simon, clothing, h 125 State.

Burroughs S. ft,mason, h Eighth n State.

Burroughs John Rev. D. D., h 12 Laurens.

Burt M. E., cooper, house 138 State.

Bush George, mason, h foot Fulton.

Bush Henry, mason, h Canal n Hub Factory.

Bussler A. ft,carpenter, h 136 State.

Bussell George S., house 75 Fourth.

Butanowicz Louis, house 3 Eleventh.

BUTLER N. S. & CO., Dry Goods, 117 Union, h

53 Second.

Butler William, house Jay.

Butler W. H. (N. S. Butler & Co.), h 53 Second.

Byers M., blacksmith, bds 235 Union.

CADY C. M. Mrs., h Sullivan n Buffalo.

Callahan M. J., hotel, Erie Depot.

Callenbach Eliza Mrs., house 66 Seventh.

Campbell John, laborer, h Tenth n State.

Canfield D. W., house 74 Fourth.

Canty John, painter, house 23 Second.

Carlson Oscar, house 4 Sixth.

Carlson P., house Fifth ab Sullivan.

Carpenter Merritt, carpenter, bds 86 Barry.

Carrig John, house 22 Tompkins.

Carruthers G. R., trav. agent, h 18 Laurel av.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China.


Carst Mrs., house rear 123 State.

Carter A., liouse Sixth cor Wayne.

Carter George H., brakeman, h 85 Sullivan.

Carter Levi, lime, h Barry c Jay.

Carter Reuben, h Sixth c Wayne.

Carter William, carpenter, h 20 Wayne.

Cartwright Aaron, house 7 Green.

Carty William, bar, Rail Road House.

CARY & RUMSEY, Lawyers, 115 Union.

Cary C. S., (Cary & Rumsey,) h 55 Second.

Casper J., house 126 State.

Cassel Henry, blacksmith, house ft Fulton.

Castello J. E , h Tompkins cor Clinton.

Caswell Darius, house 26 Laurens.

Caswell J. ft,telephone manager, h 26 Laurens.

Cavanaugh John, bds 60 Wayne.

Chaffee M. D., blacksmith, 216 Union.

Chamberlayne C. W., sec. Y. M.C. A., 145 Union.

Chamberlin &. McLowry, grocers, 122 Union. .

Chamberlin Albert, house 7 Sixth.

Chamberlin Albert W., carpenter, h 22 Second.

Chamberlin Colby, house 92 Barry.

Chamberlin George Mrs., h Henley cor Barry.

Chamberlin H. W., of C. Mfg. Co., h 41 Union.

Chamberlin L. G., C. Mfg. Co., h Union c Green.

Chamberlin Mfg. Co., stump pullers, Barry.

Chamberlayne O. S. Rev., h Sullivan cor Fourth.

Chamberlin W. A. (C. & McL.), h 24 Jay.

Chamberlin W. D., machinist h Jay.

Chambers J. ft,house 9 Hamilton.

Chapman J. M., lineman, h Clinton n Jay.

Chappel Chas., laborer, h 44 R. R. av.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


Chapin George, bds 24 Wayne.

Chapin L. E., house 12 Clinton.

Chapin W. H., clerk, bds 59 State.

Chesbro Frank, (Acme Milling Co.,) h 245 Union.

Chesbro George, miller,' h 28 Clinton.

Christie James, oil, house 22 Laurens.

Clancy John, pedlar, house 23 Union.

Clancy W. F., liquors, 185 Union, h First n State.

Clark Charles, clerk, 73 Union.

Clark C. D., teller, Ex. N. B., h 46 Second.

Clark E. Miss, house 66 State.

Clark Elizabeth Mrs., house Jay.

Clark Horace Mrs., house 22 Fulton.

Clark John L., house 156 Union.

Clark Joseph R , engineer, h 86 First.

Clark William L., house 34 Second.

Clemenger Thos., producer, h 4 Hamilton.

Clifford, laborer, h 84 Barry.

Closser Mrs., house 148 Union.

Closser L. C. Miss, 145 Union.

Cluchey Geo., conductor, h 24 Wayne.

Coast John ft, oil, h 25 Clinton.

Coast W. F., producer, 8 Ex. bl., h 16 Laurel av.

Cobb John, clerk, 127 Union.

Coffey Thos., saloon, 169 Union.

Cohen ft, clerk, 67 Union.

Cole C. H., book keeper, h 66 Clinton.

Collard Henry, carriage maker, h 97 State.

Collins D., general store, Erie Depot.

Collins J. T. ft,baggage master, h 31 Wash'ton.

Collins Michael, h Clinton bel Henley.

Collins Stephen, house 6 Coleman.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


Collins S. A. Mrs., h Fifth n State

Collins Wm., asst. P. M., h Union n Erie Depot.

Collopy J. W. (Ryan & ft), h 73 Union.

Colony A. L., book keeper, h 254 Barry.

Colson James, shoe mfg., 141 Union.

Conklin D. ft (W. H. & D. C. ft), h 21 State.

Conklin'E. W., house 9 State.

Conklin W. H. (W. H. & D. C. ft), h 11 State.

Conley James, carpenter, bds Revere House.

Conley William, house 59 Wayne.

Connell L. P., saloon, Erie Depot.

Connely J. L., book keeper, h 146 Union.

Connolly Patrick, cooper, h 79 Sullivan.

Connors James, blacksmith, h 10 Green.

Connors Michael, house 131 Henlej'.

Connors Thomas, liouse 119 Henley.

Conroy Fred., brakeman, house Reed.

Conroy James, hotel, 189 Union.

Conser George W., producer, h 16 Henley.

Conway Simon, house Fifth n R. R.

Cook George W., machinist, h 104 Barry.

Cook Gottlieb, house 76 Washington.

Cook Jacob, house 108 Henley.

Cook Jacob M., house 76 Washington.

Cook John, house 40 Barry.

Cook John N., laborer, house 99 State.

Cook Mrs., house 40 Barry.

Cook Will, clerk, 130 Union.

Cooledge Laura Mrs., house 33 Buffalo.

COON J. V. D., Drugs and Stationery, 81

Union, h Laurens cor Third.

Coon Samuel H., City Editor, Times.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


CORBIN J. ARTHUR, Lawyer, 102 Union, bds

Option House.

Cornfield Ed., house Ninth n Irving.

Comwell H., house Seventh n Wayne.

Corwin R. G., house 123 State.

Coss Jacob Mrs., house 20 Laurens.

Costello Alfred, tanner, h 80 Barry.

Costello J. E., hats, caps, etc., 82 Union.

Cotton A. L., builder, h Henley n Eleventh.

Cotton Charles A., h Eleventh n Henley.

Cotton S. H., carpenter, h 13 Eleventh.

Couse A. ft,traveling agt, h 73 First.

Cradduck Charles, grocer, 18 R. R. av.

Cram H. D., house 13 Henley.


Crandall A. G., book keeper, h 126 Union.

Crandall A. G. Mrs., millinery, 126 Union.

Crandall C. J., clerk, 113 Union.

Crandall M., house Canal ab State.

Crandall William, h Canal ab State.

Crannell A. H., contractor, h 93 Sullivan.

Cravens Carrie P., hair worker, 127 Union.

Cravens W. F., clerk, house 127 Union.

Crawford B. J., manager Olean House.

Crocker J. M., house 28 Fulton.

Cronin Con., boiler maker, h ft Fulton.

Cullen John, liouse rear 159 State.

Cunningham William H., clerk, 118 Union.

Curren Barney, house Seventh n Wayne.

Curren John, house 55 Buffalo.

Currier C. T., manager P. T. C. Co., h Fourth n


Currier E., fireman,liouse 41 Seventh.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41--43--45 Main Street.


Curry James, carpenter, h Seventh n Wayne.

Curtis & Richards, livery, Olean House.

Curtis A. R., producer, h Sullivan n Sixth.

Curtis H. W., producer, house 82 First.

Curtis Solomon, house Jay.

Curtis Wm. H., (Curtis & R.,) h 42 Third.

Curtis William 0., house 20 Laurel av.

DAILEY THOMAS, Mason, house 17 First.

Dake Martha A., house 15 First.

Daley Charles, house 38 Second.

Dallanbough W. Carl, physician, 62 First.

Daly Jeremiah, laborer, h r 26 Wayne.

Danforth E. M., producer, h 50 Third.

Danziger Nathan, cigars, h Fourth n Henley.

Darrin H. H. Mrs., house 26 Coleman.

Daughenbaugh Linn, clerk, 162 Union.

Davenport ft A., carpenter, h 5 r Hub Factory.

Davey Jeremiah, house Seventh* n Wayne.

David W. L., hodse 87 Sullivan.

Davis A. D., producer, house 85 Henley.

Davis C. H., clerk, Clinton n Jay.

Davis D. D., baggage master, h 15 Coleman.

Davis Eugene, h Henley cor Fourth.

Davis H. B., h Henley cor Fourth.

Davis John, laborer, h 25 Coleman.

Davis J. A , teamster, h Canal ab State.

Davis O. L., house 63 Clinton.

Davis Wm., house Canal ab State.

Dean Hiram, house Coleman c First.

Debold John, house 24 Tompkins.

Debold William, house 11 Henley.

Deerman U., house 38 Washington.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


Deiselman L. W., tailor, 139 Union.

DeKay Albert, clerk, 18 R. R. av.

Delaney Jas., mason, h 16 Tompkins.

Delaney Michael, stone cutter, h 18 Tompkins.

Delfs Fred., house 98 Irving.

Demsky August, mason, h 93 Henley.

Dennison Frank, grocer, 181 Union.

Derx Adam, house 84 Barry. -

Devere N. Mrs., house 2 Whitney a v.

Devers W. H., barber, 181 Union.

Dickinson AL, house 104 Irving.

Dickinson A. J., house 2 Jay.

Dickinson E. Miss, cashier, 113 Union.

Dickinson H. E., house 96 Barry.

Dickinson J. W., clerk, h Fourth n Sullivan.

Dillon Catherine Mrs., bds 235 Union.

Dillon George F., clerk, Bateman House.

Diver William, hotel, Erie Depot.

Doane E. J., clerk, house 15 Fulton.

Dodge W. D., real estate, 102 Union.

Dolan M. Mrs., house 11 Hamilton.

Donahue Edmond, stone mason, h 45 Irving.

Donahue J. P., tel. operator, bds Option House.

Donald John, house Seventh n Sullivan.

Donlon Thomas, house Sixth n Wayne.

Donovan Jere, h Thirteenth n Sullivan.

Dooley Philip, pipe fitter, h 9 r Hub Factory.

DORAN ft H., Grand Central Hotel, opp Buffalo


Dorr Frank, saloon, 73 State, h 100 do.

Dorr Frank P., harness maker, h 100 State.

Dorr Fred., agent, house 17 Thirteenth.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.


Dorr John, house Seventh n Wayne.

Dorr John, mason, bds 81 State.

Dorr Mary, house 37 Second.

Dorsey Edward, (Olds & D.,) h Buffalo cor


Dotterer Thos. P , guager, h 157 State.


Dotterweich Dora Mrs., h 53 Henley.

Detterweich Geo. H., grocer, State cor Second.

Dotterweich Herman, clerk, bds 53 Henley.

Dotterweich John, manager Dotterweich Brewery,

h 53 Henley.

Dotterweich Rudolph, clerk, bds 53 Henley.

Doughenbaugh Harry, carpenter, liouse 85 Whitney


Dougherty Michael, house 147 State.

Douglass Jerome,li Washington cor Seventh.

Dowman W. A., inspector, h 32 Washington.

Downs J. ft,house R. R. n Coleman.

Dox Rutger Rev., house 14 Henley.

Driver Gilbert, stone cutter, bds 79 State.

Duffy Bernard, house Fifth n R. R.

Duffy P. J., merchant tailor, h 115 State.

Duke Emily Mrs., h First cor Sullivan.

Duke Horace J., house Twelfth n R. R.

Duke John, producer, h 44 Clinton.

Duncan Zeb., painter, bds 220 Union.

Dunham F. B., inspector, h 4 Buffalo.

Dwinells C. S., lawyer, 99 Union, h 137 Henley

Dwyer, house Thirteenth n Buffalo.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists. Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.



Dry Goods, Carpets and Draperies, 113



EATON A. T., Cashier F. N. B., h 89 Barry.

Eaton Earl H., law student, h 19 Laurens.

Eaton Fred. L.. lawyer, P. O. Building, h Sullivan

n Fifth.

Eaton Fred. R. Mrs., h 19 Laurens.

EATON H. W., Agent Mutual Life Ins. Co., N

Y. 101 Union.

Eckman W. H., h Fifth c Wayne.

Eddy & Mudge, physicians, Union c State.

Eddy F. S., clerk, Olean House.

Eddy J. L., physician, h 6 State.

Edel Charles, saloon, 151 State.

Edel Jerome, boards 5 Eleventh.

Edel John, house 5 Eleventh.

Edel Joseph, laborer, house 7 Thirteenth.

Edwards Dewight, h Seventh n Sullivan.

Edwards Eugene, h Green n Fourth.

Eldred T. W., rooms 140 Union.

Eldridge Charles, saloon, 135 Union.

Elliott Harry, house 28 Wayne.

Emerson C. H., house 95 Barry.

Empire Line, C. H. Rockwood, agent, Buffalo


ENGELBACH A., Hotel, 60 Wayne c Seventh.

Engle Alice Mrs., house 40 Barry.

Erhart Leo., foreman, h 113 State.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.



Ernst H. M., producer, house 47 Union.

Estelle F. H., druggist, 78 Union, h 13 Clinton.

Etter Christ, bds 60 Wayne.

Evans C. K., house 21 Barry.

Evans R. W., house 76 First.



Exton Thomas, clerk, 145 Union.

FAGERSTROM CHAS., Oil Refiner, house 16


Fairchild W. H., house 48 First.

Farley Frank, clerk, 133 Union.

Farley James, pro. Buffalo House, 9 R. R. av.



Exchange National Bank


Union cor. Laurens St.,

Olean, N. Y.

M. W. Barse, Pres., Geo. V. Forman, VicePres.,

F. L. Bartlett, Cashier.

Directors :—M. W. Barse, R. O. Smith, C. S.

Cary, Geo. V. Forman, F. L. Bartlett.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

I. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


Farrell Arthur, house 1 Henley.

Farrell James, house Eighth cor Wayne.

Farret George, house 12 Barry.

Faulker A. M. Mrs., h 7 r Hub Factory.

Faulkner Henry C. & A. ft, h 7 r Hub Factory.

Faunce B. E., house 52 Barry.

Feltham R. James, house 27 Laurel av.

Feuchter George, blacksmith, First c State, h 30


Fiechter Adolph,- house 98 Irving.

Fiechter William, house Henley cor Ninth.

Fields A. H., hotel, Erie Depot.

Fields R. Mrs., house r 18 Union.

Filkins Alice, clerk, 113 Union.

Filkins Charles, clerk, 113 Union.

Filkins I. B., house 16 Fulton.

Filkins Theodore, house 23 Fulton.

Fingar Augustus, h Thirteenth c R. R.

Fingar Chas., house Seventh n Wayne.

FINK JOHN, Saloon, 107 State, h do.

Finn Menzo, harness maker, h r 144 Union.

Finnegan M., producer, 8 Ex. Block, h Sullivan

cor Sixth.

Fish Fred., mason, house Jay.

Fish S. S., mason, h 17 Tompkins.

Fisher J. N., house 84 Henley.

Fisher Max & E., clerks, 73 Union.

Fisher S. J., dentist, Duke BL, h 3 Laurel av.

Fitzgerald Kate Mrs., h 30 Barry.

Fitzgerald M., saloon, Erie Depot.

Fitzgerald William, gardener, 77 First.

Flack Thomas W., laborer, h Tenth n State.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.



Flannagan Harry, brakeman, bds City Hall.

Flood J. J., grocer, Third cor Wayne, house 19


Flynn Matthew, house Thirteenth n Buffalo.

Fobes George, book-keeper, Ex. N. Bank.

Fobes G. N. Mrs., house 10 State.

Fobes J. R., boots and shoes, 76 Union, h State

n Clinton.

Fobes M. B., real estate, house i8 State.

Follett M. ft,physician, h Henley cor Union.

Foote S. K. Jr., collector clerk, F. N. B.

Forman Geo. V., oil, 7 Ex. Bank, h Laurens cor


First N a t i o n a l B a n k


Cash Capital paid in, - - $100,000.

Surplus, - - - - ^- $65,000.

Wm. F. Wheeler, President.

J. E. Dusenbury, Vice President.

A. T. Eaton, Cashier.


Wm. F. Wheeler, J. E. Dusenbury,

E. G. Dusenbury, W. E. Wheeler,

A. W. Miner, L. F. Lawton.

A. T. Eaton.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates.


FOLEY P. ft,Granite and Marble Works, State

bet First and Second, bds Moore House.

Forman Michael, tanner, house Fifth n R. R.

Foss William, laborer, house 125 Sullivan.

Foster Chas., railroader, bds City Hotel.

Foster Millard A., carpenter, h 96 Henley.

Fowle H. B., house 13 Buffalo.

Fowler Joseph ft,liouse Ninth n State.

Fowler W. E., book-keeper, h 20 Second.

Fox, liouse Fifth n Wayne.

Franchot Bros. & Co., producers. Ex. Block.

Franchot N. V. V, (F. Bros. & Co.,) h 16 State.

Frank ft,hotel, 40 and 42 State.

Frank John, painter, bds 199 Union

Frawley J. B., hardware and stoves, 129 Union.

Freeman L. F. Mrs., h 75 Barry.

French ft E., clerk, 99 Union.

C . F O L E Y ,

Manufacturer of

Granite and Marble



yssfi? Cemetery Work

&• Of every description promptly

~ \ attended to.


--^Between First & Second sts.,


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


French J. R., tinsmith, h Sixth n Sullivan.

Frey Chas. F., h Seventh n Wayne.

Frey W. Mrs., h Seventh c Wayne.

Frich Joseph, h 7 Thirteenth.

Frohlich Michael, (Baker & P.), h 183 Union.

Fuller C. E. & Co., jewelers, Ex. Bank Building

h 62 Fourth.

Fuller J., ex. messenger, h Tompkins c Barry.

Fuller T. H. Mrs., h 9 First

Funtner F. J., barber, 110 Union, h 28 Seventh.

Furl6ng Wm., engineer, bds 24 Wayne.

Fursdon Frank, carpenter, h 7 Buffalo*

GABLER JOHN, house Thirteenth n State.

Gale Henry, clerk, house 23 Laurel av.

Gallagher D. B., house 81 Barry.

Gallagher J. E., of G. T. Co., h Union n Tannery.

Gallagher J. R., sewing machines, h 24 Washington.

Gallagher P. F., tel. operator, P. T..& C. Co.


Gallagher Wm., of G. T. Co., h Union n Tannery.

Gait Joseph, clerk, 145 Union.

Galusha D. ft,teamster, house 27 Coleman.

Galusha G. W., laborer, h 29 Coleman.

Gannon William, engineer, h 21 Buffalo.

Garr Gilbert, house 152 State.

Garvey. Owen, house Henley bel Eleventh.

Gasper John, house 50 Fourth.

Gasper John, carpenter, rooms 114 Union.

Gault J. ft,butcher, 154 Union.

Gault L. ft,clerk, bds Option House.

Gay John G., trimmer, h 166 Union.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ward.


Gayetty F. M., house 70 Barry.

Gaynor Michael, laborer, bds 185 Union.

Gena J. M.. Jr., tailor, bds 86 Barry.

Georgia A. W., saw mfr., h 97 Barry.

Georgia E. B., millwright, h 15 Coleman.

Georgia Fred. B., machinist, li 252 Union.

Geralds Wm., bds Railroad House.

Gerloch Chas., laborer, bds 110 Union.

Gerloch John, tailor, h 104 State.

Gerstenberger H. L, supt, h Sullivan n Sixth.

Gest Joseph, baker, 46 State.

Geuder Geo., house 31 Seventh.

Gibbons Jas. D., h Seventh n Wayne.

Gibbs Charles L., oil mfr., house 15 Third.

Gieser Reinhart, painter, h 32 Seventh.

Gillett G. B., house 74 First.

Gillett Henry, printer, 145 Union, h First.

Gilligan Ann Mrs., house 93 Henley.

Gilligan Thomas, drayman, h 45 First.

Gillingham ft, (G. & Co.,) h 162 Union, second


Gillingham C. Jr. (G. & Co.,) h 162 Union, second


Gilmore Charles, house Seventh n Sullivan.

Gilmore David, house Irving, opp Second.

Gilmore John, house 213 Union.

Gilson E. P., laborer, house 137 Union.

Glavin Patrick, h Eighth n Reed.

Gleason F. L., producer, bds Moore House.

Gleason I. F., house 61 Second.

Goldstein Jacob, boots and shoes, 114 Union.

Goltz Wm. M., mason, h 13 Henley.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


GILLINGHAM & CO., Olean Sash Factory,

Union cor Sullivan.

Good John E., laborer, h Second n Wayne.

Good John F., Farmers' Hotel, 161 Union.

Good Joseph B., clerk, Farmers' Hotel.

Goodell Jas., gunsmith, h Laurens c Fourth.

Goodsell John, house Erie Depot.

Goodwin N. S., wagon maker, h 12 Clinton.

GORMAN EDWARD, Titusville House, 10 R R.

Gorman J. F., h 15 Tompkins.

Gould A., engineer, bds Option House.

Gould E. A., book keeper, F. N. B., bds 42


Graham Samuel, h Henley c Eleventh.


Proprietors of the

Olean Sash Factory,

I Manufacturers and Dealers in



Mouldings, Etc,

And Joiner Work.

I Builders' Hardware of Every


"White Lead, Oils, Brushes, &c

Union Street, B. N. y.^p. DePot. Olean, N. Y.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


GRAM J. F. & BRO.,

Boots, Shoes and Rubber Goods, 85 Union,

bds Olean House.

Grant E. G., (J. F. G. & Bro.), h Fourth n


Grant Julia Mrs., house 9 C Green.

Grant William, house 9 Fourth.

Grautz Theo., house Ninth n State.

Greaves Edmund, clerk, house 32 Barry.

Green Alfred, mason, house 9 E^Green.

Green Charles, engineer, bds 24 Wayne.

Green H. Mrs., liouse 15 Tompkins.

Green Paul, house 20 Washington.

Grievens E., clerk, house 32 Barry.

Griffin A. H., carpenter, house 220 Union.

Griffin James and Thomas, bds 189 Union.

Griffin John, house 189 Union.

Griffin P. B., Supt, house 9 Laurel av.

Griffiith Mary Mrs., house Tow Path.

Griffiths William, house 88 State.

Grinard W. A., sawyer, h 52 Wayne.

Griswold W. E., life ins., City Building, h 118


Grossman Chas., h.Fifth n Washington.

Grossman Chas. J., painter, h 18 Fourth.

Grossman J. Mrs., h 44 Fourth.

Gruber Fred., butcher, 44 State.

HACKATHORN JAS. R., h Thirteenth c Buffalo

Hagan John, carpenter, h 252 Union.

Hagadorn H. D., tel. operator, bds 24 Laurel av.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., fancy China.


Haire Joseph, engineer, h Third cor Sullivan.

Hale S. K., house 90 Barry.

Hall David S., house 29 Second.

Haley John, laborer, h 95 Sullivan.

Haley Michael, hostler, Olean House Livery.

Hall Edward M., h Thirteenth n Sullivan.

Hall Homer, carpenter, h 13 Third.

Hall J. A., cooper, house 63 Wayne.

Hall William S., h Thirteenth, n Sullivan.

Haller A., engineer, house 22 Coleman.

Haller Charles, inspector, house 38 Wayne.

Halloran Daniel, laborer, bds 76 State.

Halpine John ft,guager, h 26 Wayne.

Halter William, house Eighth n R. R..

Hamel J. J. Rev., house Henley cor First.

Hamilton John ft, engineer, h 25 Sullivan.

Hamilton Marvin N., mason, h 14 Barry.

Hamilton O. W., baggage master, h 88 Henley.

Hamilton S. ft,carpenter, h 20 Coleman.

Hancock Earl, oil, house 24 Clinton.

Haney John A., house 9 Eleventh.

Haney Matilda Mrs., h Irving opp Ninth.

Hanks C. S., druggist, 77 Union.

Hanna M. F., cabinet maker, h Clinton n Irving.

Hannifan Michael & Wm., h 156 State.

Hannon John J., h Tenth n State.

Hannon Patrick, house 50 Irving.

Hanover Henry U., h Ninth n State.

Hansmann Martin, house r 92 Henley.

Happel Alex., tailor, house 55 Irving.

Happell John, clerk, 117 Union.

Harbison James, sash maker, bds 173 Union.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


Harris David, book keeper, h 34 Union.

Harris Edwin, clerk, 73 Union.

Harris H. J., manager, h 11 Fulton.

Harris John, drayman, h 4 Second.

Harris R., dry goods, 73 Union.

Harrison Henry, clerk, h Henley c Fourth.

Harrison Wm. H., clerk, 113 Union.

Hart John, tailor, 41 First, h do.

Hart Kate Mrs., house Twelfth n State.

Hart Matthew, house Eighth n Reed.

Harten Fred., mason, house 121 Henley.

Hartman H., tailor, 158 Union, h 23 Tompkins.

Harton John, blacksmith, h 52 Wayne.

Hartz Henry, refiner, house 109 State.

Harvison William, foreman, h 32 Wayne.

Hassat John, house 8 Green.

Hassat Tim, house 15 Green n Fourth.

Hastings A. J., law student, 115 Union.

Hastings J. T., oil, house 72 Barry.

Hatch Frank, laborer, 50 State.

Hatch N., house 83 Union.

Hatch Ralph, house 64 State.

Hatch W. D., blacksmith, h 62 State.

Hauenstein J. W., cooper, h 18 Barry.

Haues Peter, barber, 110 Union.

Haugh M. J., bottling works, Erie Depot.

Hausknecht Ed., clerk, Buffalo House.

Hausknecht Herman, h Reed cor Seventh.

Havens Charles W., house 50 Barry.

Havens G. S., house 46 Barry.

Hawkins R. W. Rev., 8 Ex. Block, house Sixth

near Sullivan.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Iron, Steel and Nails.


Hawks Wm. E., boiler maker, h Irving.

Hayes John, laborer, house 88 Seventh.

Haynes L. ft,barber, 110 Union.

Hazlett George, house 49 Henley.

Healey James, horse trainer, h 11 Thirteenth.

Heberle J. A., cooper, h 87 Sullivan.

Heilbrunn J., junk, State cor Third.

Helm A., shoemaker, house 192 Union.

Heller W., carpenter, house Jay.

Hellwege Fred. J., h Ninth n State.

Hemmelman Chas. ft,carpenter, h 102 Irving.

Hemsley L. H., barber, 8 R. R. av.

Henderson Henry, house Ja}7.

Henderson W. ft, messenger, h Jay.

Hennesy D., house 14 Fulton.

Hennesy James, house Seventh n Wayne.

Henry Hugo, laborer, bds 53 Henley.

Herrold John, mason, house 34 Seventh.

Herse Robert, liouse State cor Third.

Heysel Phillip, marble, house 135 State.

Hibbard D. V. M., physician, h 76 Barry.

Hickey Robert, house Seventh n Wayne.

Higby W. L., driller, house 171 State.

HIGGINS & SON, General Store, Erie Depot.

HIGGINS F. W. & CO., Grocers, 74 Union.

Higgins F. W., (F. W. H. & Co.,) h Barry cor


Higgins J. M., agent, bds 235 Union.

Higgins 0. T. & F. W., office 89 Union.

Higgins 0. T., (F. W. H. & Co.,) h Barry cor


Hill Sarah Mrs., liouse 53 Irving.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.'& Co., the Great Supply House


5 l

Hill W. B., clerk, h 20 Henley.

Hillenmeyer Alfred, laborer, h 84 Snllivan.

Hite Charles, painter, h 69 State.

Hites Henry ft, tobacco, 222 Union.

Hodge Henry, engineer, h 18 Fourth.

Hodges Jerome, house 143 State.

Hodges Thos. J., mason, h 42 Clinton.

Hoffman Frank, tobacco, 146 State.

Hoffman N. D., h Laurens c Union.

Hoffmeyer Antone, h State c Third.

Hoffmeyer Augustus, laborer, h 24 Third.

Hogan David, producer, h 102 State.

Hogan Kate, house 10 Irving.

Holber Fred., cooper, bds 76 State.

Holden John, foreman, house 94 Barry.

Holliday Samuel, house 90 State.

Hollis Spring Co., 154 to 156 Union.

Hollren John, house Twelfth n State.

Holman C. E. Mrs., h Barry cor State.

Holmes James, house 106 Irving.

Holzberg Julius, clerk, 113 Union.

Homer E. A., agent A. Ex. Co., h 13 Laurens.

Homer S. R., liouse 92 First.

Homer W. M., boards Option House.

Horan John, artist, boards City Hotel.

Hornbeck Myron, house 12 Tompkins.

Horner P. L., clerk, 120 Union.

Horner Wm., clothing, 120 Union, h 15 Laurel av.

Horton D. T., clerk, Union cor Laurens.

Horton Geo. S., mason, h State cor Eighth.

Houghton Wesley, packer, h 18 Coleman.

Hovey George, house 41 Third.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.; 41-43-45 Main Street.


Hoven N. P., livery, Sullivan, h 44 Third.

Howes E. T., oil, house 14 First

Howlett F. D., job printer, Herald, h 52 Clinton.

Hozlberg Julius, carpet fitter, h 38 Barry.

Hughes J. H., producer, h 3 r Hub Factory,

Humes J. D., painter, h 13 Laurel av.

Humphrey F. B., agent, N. T. Co., Ex. Block, h

58 Second.

Hunt J., manager, The Cable Tea Co., 102 Union.

Hunt J. B., clerk, 102 Union.

Hunt M. A., house 23 Second.

Hunt M. A. Mrs., milliner, 140 Union.

Huntington D. W. C. Rev., D. D., h 69 Fourth

Hurlbut H. S., carpenter, h 27 Tompkins.

Hurley John, laborer, house 157 State.

Huson Joseph, grocer, 58 State, h 43 Union.

Hutchings W., (Genesee House,) 20 R. R. av.

Hyde Caroline, rooms State c Third.

Hyde L. D., house 132 Sullivan.

INGRAM F. W., flagman, h r 24 Wayne.

Ingram Lee, fireman, bds Option House.

Irish W. M., supt., h 39 Third.

JACKSON G. P., dispatcher, bds 24 Laurel av.

Jackson N. V., h Green n Union.

Jacob John, cigar maker, h 90 Henley.

Jacquett Wm. H., fireman, h 8 Whitney av.

Jakely Jacob, meat market, Erie Depot

James Mark, carpenter, h 13th n Sullivan.

Jandrew Lewis, house 21 Fulton.

Jarvis W. M., fireman, bds Option House.

Jessmore John, cooper, h 123 Sullivan.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and liouse Goods.


Jewell J. R. & M. B., lawyers, 93 Union, house

70 Second.

John Emma Mrs., house rear 90 State.

Johnson Albert, house 15 Green.

Johnson Bernard, house 32 Seventh.

Johnson C. O., hotel, 52 State.

Johnson E. M., h First cor Sullivan.

Johnson Frank, pumper,, h 77 Sullivan.

Johnson F. E., carpenter, h 17 Clinton.

Johnson F. H., florist,75 Whitney av.

Johnson H. H., barber, 205 Union.

Johnson John A., tailor, house 14 Washington.

Johnson J. F., house 8 Hamilton.

JOHNSON J. M., Boots and Shoes, 105 Union,

h 12 Clinton.

Johnson J. P., carpenter, h 62 Sullivan av.

Johnson L. Miss, h Hamilton cor Barry.

Johnson Sarah, house Fourth, cor Green.

Johnston Mrs., house Fifth ab Sullivan.

Jones David, engineer, 13p Sullivan.

Jones Ed., conductor, house 26 Tompkins.

Jones Mrs., house 61 Sullivan.

Jones M. T., painter, 110 Union, h 52 Third.

Jones N. I., billiards, 179 Union.

Jones W. P. Mrs., creamery, 153 Union.

Jordan Thos. B., engineer, h Seventh n Wayne.

Judd C. D., teller F. N. B., h 17 Henley.

Judge A. (Gillingham & Co.), h 83 Buffalo.

Judge George, clerk, 127 Union.

Judge Henry, milkman, h 83 Buffalo.

Judge Levi, foreman, h 71 Buffalo.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Rohes and Blankets.


KAISER A.. Carpenter, h 20 Third.

Kamler Frank, h Washington cor R. R.

Kane J. N. & Co., millinery, 124 Union.

Kane Wm., plumber, h Green n Union.

Karagan Anna, house'85 Union.

KaserJChristjohn L.,laborer, h Seventh nWayne.

Kear, house 91 Sullivan.

Keenan Michael, house 18 Buffalo.

KEEFLIN CALVIN, Hotel, 145 Union.

Keenan Peter F., carpenter, h 25 Tompkins.

Keeler M. B, fireman, house 47 Irving.

Keim John, grocer, State cor Thirteenth.

Keisel Charles, clerk, Erie Depot.

Keith George T., civil engineer, h 17 Laurens.

Kelley Daniel, laborer, bds 185 Union.

Kellington George, teamster, h ft Fulton.

Kelly ft,carpenter, house 34 Barry.

Kelsey George, h 21 Laurel av.

Kelsey Geo. S., cigars, h 49 First.

KELSEY JAMES, Tobacconist, 98 Union, h 10




J. & ' • O W I 6 J 6 J B E .


98 Union Street, OLEAN, N. Y.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


Kendall Jennie-Mrs., h 25 Stone.

Kenelly John, teamster, bds 189 Union.

Kennedy Geo., bds Grand Central Hotel.

Kennedy John, laborer, h Fifth c R. R.

Kenney John, laborer, bds 76 State.

Kent Amos, former, h 124 Sullivan.

Kent A. H., clerk, 2 Whitney av.

Kent O. P., grocer, 2 Whitney av.

Kent W. S., general store, Erie Depot.

Kerr B. M. Jr., watchmaker. 87 Union.

Kerr N. C. Mrs., house Clinton n Irving.

Keer William, boiler maker, h 11 Buffalo.

Kesauer Paul F., brakeman, h 8 Whitney av.

Keys George, bds 59 State.

KEYSTONE GAS CO., 126 Union.

Kiely Patrick, house r 12 Coleman.

Kiesl Henry, clerk, 74 Union.

Kiesel Michael, shoemaker, Erie Depot.

Kiltz John and Michael, bds 189 Union.

King Richard, house Union cor Green.

Kinney Mrs., house 1 First

Kirkland M. ft,house 134 Sullivan.

Klamt Joseph, house 6 Green.

Klice John, h Thirteenth n Sullivan.

Klink Jacob, h 161 Henley.

Klink John, h Thirteenth n Sullivan.

Klink Wm., house 167 State.

Kluge John T., barber, Erie Depot.

Klumph L. R., sailor, h 26 Washington.

Knapp Geo. W., h 130 State.

Koch John and Frank, h 173 State.

Krebs F. P., carpenter, h 43 Third.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


Krettar Peter and Victor, h Eleventh n State.

Kris Thos., carpenter, h 33 Buffalo.

Kruse E. P., (F. W. &. E. F. K.), bds 42 Barry.

KRUSE P. W. & E. F., Lawyers, Lawton Block.

Kruse F. W., (P. W. & E. F. K.,) h 11 Clinton.

Kurtzhols Edmond, tailor, h 28 Seventh.

LAHAN, Mrs., house 30 Wayne.

Lampock George, house 51 Buffalo.

Lampock Henry, liouse 58 Buffalo.

Lane A. D. Prof., h 2 r Hub Factory.

Lane John, rooms 183 Union.

Lannon Sarah, house 48 Henley.

Lapham B. A. Mrs., house 155 Union.

Larkin Matthew, cigars, 175 Union, h Henley cor


Latimer L., house 63 Second.

Laverty John, house Fifth n Wayne.

Lawrence Rachael.Mrs., h Green n Third.

Lawton L. F., house Laurens cor First.

Lawton W. J. Jr., foreman, h 45 Buffalo.

LAY A. L., Shoemaker and Tobacco, 64 State.

LAY LENHARDT, Saloon, 80 State, house 61


Leader Fred. G., clerk, 76 Union.

Leader G. W. tinsmith, house r 82 First

Leader Simon, tinsmith, house 13 First.

Lee H. F., agent, Erie Express, h 49 Barry.

Lee James, house Twelfth n State.

LeFever D. ft, (C. V. B. B. & Co., h South cor


LeFevre John Z., Supt. City Water Works, City

Building, h 8 Henley.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


Lehman Joseph, blacksmith, h 18 Fulton.

Lemkie Otto, house Ninth u Irving.

Lenhart ft W., saloon, Opera House, State, h

67 do.

Lent Levi, painter, house 27 Barry.

Leroy S. M., house Eleventh n State.

Lestrange W. P., house 115 State.

Levridge Grace, house 14 Washington.

Lewis Mary A. Mrs., h 88 Sullivan.

LEWIS S. E., Dentist, 130 Union, h 4 Coleman.

Lewis T. ft,supt, house 134 Sullivan.

Lewis Wm. & James, h Eighth n State.

Lidstone Wm. H., engineer, h 8th c Sullivan.

Linstrom Oscar, machinist, rooms 144 Union.

Lippert Casper, saloon, 55 Henley.

Lippert Jehn, upholsterer, h 55 Henley.

Lisk Elmer, house 14 Thirteenth.

Little John, deputy sheriff, h 157 Union.

Little Martin, house Thirteenth n Sullivan.

Livingston D. ft,laborer, h 96 State.

Llewellyn Myron, house 52 Washington.

Lockrey J. Mrs., house Clinton cor Jay.

Lockwood H. H., (L. W. & Co.,) h 173 Union.

Lockwood, Wisner & Co., carriages, 210 Union.

Loan Thomas, oil, house Sullivan cor Sixth.

Long Charles, house Henley n Eleventh.

Lowry V. M. Miss, book-keeper, 113 Union.

Lowrey W. U., mail carrier, bds 24 Laurel av.

Luce Richard, carpenter, house 42 Second.

Ludwig L. Miss, house 19 Buffalo.

• Luh John, machinist, house 46 Fourth.

Lundquist Samuel, machinist, h 6 Whitney av.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Lunney Patrick, h Thirteenth n Buffalo.

Luther Chas. P. (J. H. L. & Sons), h 58 Clinton.

Luther Geo. H. (J. H. L. & Sons), h 14 Tompkins.

Luther J. H. (J. H. L. & Sons), h 58 Clinton.

LUTHER J. H. & SONS, Oil Well Tools, R R av.

Lynch Daniel, h Seventh n Wayne.

Lynd Mark, h Seventh n Wayne.

Lyman Dayton, house 6 Barry.

Lyman Gideon S., house 4 Barry.

Lyon Mary Miss, h Union cor Henley.

Lyons James, house Henley cor Clinton.

MAGEE JOSEPH, repairer, h 43 Fourth.

Mahar James, porter, Buffalo House.

Mack Dennis, h Thirteenth n Buffalo.

Macomber Judson B., carpenter, h 58 State.

Maklem S. S. Miss, h 84 Barry.

Mallery F. J., grocer, State c Fourth.

Mallery L. A., spring beds, Fourth n State.

MANDEVILLE W. H. & CO., General Insurance,

Ex. Bank Block.

Mandeville W. H., (W. H. M. & Co.), h 77 First-

Mann Michael, h Fifth n R. R.

Manning Edwin J., driller, h 15 First.

Marcus H. W., dry goods, 67 Union, h 47 1st.

Marsh Kittie, clerk, 113 Union.

Marsh, painter, h Thirteenth n Sullivan.

Martin A. B., painter, h 49 Barry.

Martin F. J., chief dispatcher, h 24 Laurel av.

Martin George, painter, bds Option House.

Martin Stanley, bds 22 Laurens.

Martin William, Spreter House, Erie Depot.

THOM PSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates.


MARCUS H. W., Dry Goods and Millinery, 67

Union, h 47 First.

Mason F. T., clerk, Buffalo cpr Sullivan.

Maurer James, house 19 Fulton.

Maurer Lewis, house 19 Barry.

Mayer Bros., (R. C. M. Jr. & J. A.,) butchers,

104 Union.

Mayer F. C. & Co., butchers, 44 State.

Mayer George, law student, 95 Union.

Mayer John N., laborer, house 9 Coleman.

Mayer Max, house 104 Union.

MAYER M. J., Standard Hotel, 76 State.

Mayer R. Mrs., baker, 46 State.

McAbee Edward E., fireman, house ft Fulton.

McAllister, h Eighth n Wayne.

McAuliff John, clerk, Option House.

McCarthy J. I., carpenter, h Canal ab State.

McCarty Michael, h Seventh n R. R.

McClure F. D., clerk, 113 Union.

McClure O. S., painter, h 148 Union.

McClure S. M. Mrs., h 148 Union.

McConnell J. R., painter, h Canal n Henley.

McCormick Benj., clerk, 81 Union.

McCormick J. H., liquors, 16 R. R. av.

McCray Patrick, saloon, Wayne, h 24 Coleman.

McCready Chas., foreman, h Sullivan b Buffalo-

McCreary Warren J., h 2 Hamilton.

McCutcheon Thos. S., h Fourth n Wayne.

McDonald J. B., clerk, bds Grand Cen. Hotel.

McDonald M. D., clerk, 74 Union.

McElligott Mary, h Fifth n Main.

McGann Thos., h Eighth cor Reed.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


McGannon T. F., tel. operator, b Option House.

McGever Andrew, blacksmith, h 22 Clinton.

McGever Catherine Mrs., h 22 Clinton.

McGillis A. S., bar tender, Olean House.

McGinniss John, boards 189 Union.

McGiveron Eugene, h Green n Fourth.

McGraw John, house 75 Sullivan.

McGregor W. H., engineer, bds Grand Central.

McGuire John, h Thirteenth n Buffalo.

McGuire Pat, house Eighth cor Reed.

Mcintosh G. S. Mrs., house 22 State.

Mcintosh Sarah Miss, house 95 Barry.

Mcintosh Schuyler H., carpenter, h 7 Irving,

McKay E. J., law student, 95 Union.

NcKay Thomas, house 138 State.

McKee John, bds 24 Wayne.

McKINLEY HENRY, Justice, Union cor State.

McLowry J. F., (C. & McL.,) h 42 Clinton.

McLowry Mark, clerk, 122 Union.

McLowry Nellie and Mary clerks, 113 Union.

McMahon Ed. and Harrv, h Fourth cor Coleman.

McMahon Kate, house Fourth cor Coleman.

McMahon Mary Mrs., house Irving n Third.

McMillen Dell, correspondent, h 154 State.

McNeille A. & S. E., milliners, 132 Union.

McWilliams William, house 22 Fulton.

Mclntyre Adam, house Ninth n State.

Mead William L., house 45 Fourth.

Mears John, house 13 Green.

Meloy E. R., grocer, 75 Union.

Melville R. E., clerk, Grand Central Hotel.

Merritt A., grocer, Union c State h 71 Second.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.

—-i. i.,..—— —•«......•. —„ , i >


Merritt Daniel, house Wayne n Seventh.

Merritt O. M., Assessor, house 47 Irving.

Messer John, watchman, house 34 Wayne.

Michael S., clothing, 83 Union, h 38 Second.

Michler Gotleib, house Fourth n State.

Middleton George, house 28 First.

Miles G. D., carpenter, h 4 Whitney av.

Miller Conrad, house Eleventh n R. R.

Miller D. H., carpenter, house 2 Green.

Miller Ernest, fireman, house 30 Seventh.

Miller G. ft,house 50 First.

Miller Henry, Grand Central Hotel.

Miller Jacob, h 29 Thirteenth.

Miller Joe, machinist, h 42 Barry.

Miller Lewis, carpenter, h Second n Wayne.

Miller Louis, h Green n Fourth.

Miller M. A., train dispatcher, bds 24 Laurel av.

Miller Michael and Edward, h 39 Second.

Miller Otto, watchmaker, 81 Union.

Miller Peter, h Fourth n State.

Miller R. E., cigars, 50 State, h 40 Seventh.

Miller Thos., cigar maker, h 23 Barry.

Miller Wm., driver, bds 199 Union.

Milliken Robert, h Wayne c Sixth.

Milliken Seth Mrs., h 27 Fulton.

MILLIKEN WILLIAM, Eating House, 171


Millspaugh E. Mrs., house 72 Barry.

Miltner Girard, house State cor Thirteenth.

Miney Fred., City Hotel, 197 Union.

Minney Fred., house Seventh n Wayne.

Monfort Joseph, house Jay.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


Monston Michael, house hd Sixth.

Moodle Charles F., carpenter, h 247 Union.

Mooney B. F., shoemaker, 144 Union, h 36 Barry.

Moore & Beers, planing Mill. Wayne.

Moore Arthur, house 52 Washington.

Moore Ed., house 54 First.

Moore E. B., photographer, 141 Union, h First.

Moore F. S., mfg jeweler, 97 Union, h 50 do.

Moore Geo., carpenter, h 56 Washington.

Moore G. N., producer, h Sullivan c Fourth.

Moore Geo. W., carpenter, h Washington c R.R.

Moore H. W. & Co., carriages, 154 Union, h 50


Moore John, brakeman, bds 86 Barry.

Moore L. M., opera house, bds Moore House.

Moore Mrs., h 50 First.

MOORE M. V., Moore House, Union c State.

Moore W. D., furniture, 164 Union.

Moore W. D., (Moore & B.), h 84 First.

More L. F., dentist, 105 Union, h 86 Henley.

Morgan Arthur, laborer, h 10 Whitney av.

Morian ft ft,fruits, h 55 Clinton.

Morian Fred. E., clerk, 111 Union.

Morian M. E., confectionery, 111 Union.

Morris H. ft, & Co., clothing, 106 Union.

Morris Jos., tailor, 170 Union, h 18 Washington.

Morris J. K., physician, 149 Union, h do.

Morris J. J., tailor, bds Grand Central Hotel.

Morrison W. A. Rev., h Henley cor First.

Morse E., house 20 Fulton.

Moskowitz Matt, clothing, 107 Union.

Mott Martin, cabinet maker, h 23 Thirteenth.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


Mott Stephen A., fireman, h 28 Laurel av.

MOULTON CHAS. P., Lawyer and Real Estate,

65 Union, h 6 Henley.

Moynihan P. A., engineer, h 30 Coleman.

Milliken Thomas, brakeman, bds 171 Union.

Madge Charles, book-keeper, 99 Union.

MUDGE S. L., Lawyer, Union cor First, h 26


Mudge L. T., (Eddy & M.,) house 6 State.

Mundt F. W., Prof., house 53 Washington.

Murphy Ann Mrs., house 22 Laurens.

Murphy Daniel, oil, house 73 Clinton.

Murphy John, house Seventh n Reed.

Mnrphy Will, clerk, 122 Union.

Murphy Thomas, house Twelfth n State.


183 Union.

Mutschlechner A., (M. & W.,) h 17 Fulton.


Butterrick's Patterns, 19 Union.

Myers Ed., house rear 5 Barry.

Myers L. Mrs., house 32 Union.

Myrick F. H. Mrs., house Sullivan cor First.

Myrick W. P., foundry, h Sullivan n Barry.

NELSON JOHN J., house Thirteenth n Sullivan.

Nelson Mary, Rail Road House, Union cor RR.

Nelson Paul, house Wayne n Eighth.

Nettleton Hattie, house 58 State.

Neuschel Fred., house 35 Thirteenth.

Newman John, bds 24 Wayne.

Newman W. J., architect, house 16 Jay.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China.


Newton Joseph, clerk, house 60 Washington.

Fewton WT. ft,clerk, 117 Union.

Nichols Ernest, house Seventh n Wayne.

Nichols Joseph J., h Eleventh c Henley.

Nichols Samuel, h Henley n Eleventh.

Nicholson W. H., oil, h Henley cor Fourth.

Nicklas John, barber, M. H., house Fourth n


Nickum C. T., painter, 83 Union, h 18 Second.

Nisei Robert, tailor, house 12 Washington.

Norberg Lawrence, shoemaker. Opera House,


Norton Albertus, house 9 Barry.

Norton A. B., clerk, house 56 First.

Norton W. S., local editor, Herald, h 28 Union.

NOURSE W. H., Lawyer, 101 Union, house 111


Nutting Alonzo, teamster, h 50 First.

OAKLEAF F. H., news, 89 Union, h 71 Fourth.

Oakley John S., teamster, h 16 Barry.

O'Brien P. H., engineer, bds Grand Cen. Hotel.

O'Connell James, h 5 Irving.

O'Connell Patrick, h Fourth n Wayne.

O'Day Michael, h 21 Coleman.

Odell J. K., painter, h 21 Clinton.

O'DONNELL & CO., Tobacconists, News, etc.,

Union c R. R. av.

O'Donnell Charles, h 29 Second.

O'Donnell Jas. P., (O'Donnell & Co.), h Union

cor R. R. av.

O'Donnell P., oil, h Union c R. R. av.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr.& Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


Oelkrug Wm., h Seventh n Wayne.

O'Harra Henry, blacksmith, h 37 Seventh.

Olbey J. B., blacksmith, 215 Union, h 16 Third.

Olds & Dorsey, general store, Buffalo c Sullivan.

Olds John A., (Olds & D.), h 58 Sullivan.

OLEAN BOTTLING CO., Sullivan c Union.


W. D. Todd, Manager, 116 Union.

Olean Chemical Co., Erie Depot

OLEAN TIMES, Daily and Weekly, 87 Union.

Oles J. M., house Green n Second.

Oles Mrs., house 6 East Green.

O'Mara Edward, bricklayer, bds 185 Union.

O'Meara L., hotel, 185 Union.

O'Neil H. F., house 54 Barry.

Oosterhoudt E. Mrs., house Jay.

Oosterhoudt Frank S., of Acme Milling Co., house

First near Sullivan.

Oosterhoudt Samuel Mrs., h Clinton cor State.

Osterman John Jr., drayman, h Union c Irving.

Osterman John Sr., drayman, h 44 First.

Otto A. J., clerk, house 42 Barry.

Overton D. W., clerk, 78 Union.

Overton G. B., house Fifth n Reed.

Overton Wm. ft, law student, h Fifth n Reed.

Owen Ross, tanner, house 9 E Green.

OWENS W. H. & CO., Boston 99c. Store, 108


PAGE FRANK, house 20 Green.

Page F. R., book keeper, h Sullivan c First.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


Page M. T., book keeper, F. N. B., h 18 Second.

Page R. L., house 59 State.

Page Tracy, house 59 Second.

Page W. R., house 30 Second.

Painter F. B., collector, h Sullivan n Third.

Painter Reuben, oil, h Sullivan n Third.

Palmer Amelia Mrs., h Sullivan n Buffalo.

Palmer A. M., clerk, 65 Union.

Palmer George ft,clerk, American Express.

Palmer J. K., house 70 Clinton.

Pancoast S. W., glass mfr., Buffalo, h Sixth.

PARKER;& YATES, Lawyers, 83 Union.

Parker Leroy Mrs., h Eleventh cor Henley.

Parker Mrs., house 12 Fulton.

Parker W. D., (Parker & Y.,) house Eleventh n


Parsons ft D., harness, house ft Fulton.

Passmore Betsy Mrs., house 26 Fulton.

Passmore J. H., house 19 Clinton.

Passmore W. D., lineman, house 26 Fulton.

Paterson Duncan F., house 38 Seventh.

Patterson Lemuel, architect, h Green opp Third-

Peck L, boiler maker, h 65 Irving.

Peckham Frank ft, manager Olean Bottling Co.,

h 166 Union.

Pelton J. G., mer. tailor, 103 Union.

Penfield C., Mrs , milliner, 50 Union.

Penfield Martin F., h South cor Union.

Perkins A. A., watchman, h 8 Coleman.

Perrin & Ernst, producers, Exchange bl.

Perrin L. D.. oil, h 14 Barry.

Perrin W. L., house 8 State.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House.


Perry Mary Mrs., h Tow Path.

PERSONS C. P., Editor and Pro. Daily Herald

and Weekly Democrat, 83 Union, house 18


Peterson Andrew, bds 7 r Hub Factory.

Peterson C. F., barber, Olean House.

Peterson P. O., h Canal ab State.

Pfirsch Adam, h 4 Thirteenth.

PHELPS G. H.,-Lawyer, 85 Union, h 74 4th.

Phinney B., h r Hub Factory.

Pierce A. L., traveling agt., h 46 Third.

Pierce E., clerk, 164Union.

Pierce E. S., house 47 Third.

Pierce Kelley, house 62 Washington.

Pierce Laura Mrs., house 40 Second.

PIERCE W. B. & SON, Coal, Wood and Hay,

122 Union, house 87 Barry.

Pinkiriton Al, house 28 Barry.

Piott A. E. Mrs., house 66 State.

PITTS FRED., Pitts House, 201 Union.

Piatt Adam, baker, house 89 State.

Piatt Frank, mason, house 89 State.

Playford Henry .ft, machinist, h 60 Sullivan.

Pope A. P., manager, h 13 Fulton.

Porsch Wm., machinist, h 48 Washington.

Porter S. P- Mrs., house 3 Laurens.

Porter T. H., clerk, house 3 Laurens.

Porvers John, house Buffalo c Thirteenth.

Postal Telegraph & Cable Co., Exchange Block.

Potter Catherine, house 90 State.

Potter C. B., printer, house 19 Henley.

Potter O. A., druggist, Erie Depot.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41-43-45 Main Street.


Powers J. J., physician, 5 Hamilton.

Pratt D. A., (J. W. & D. A. P.,) h 7 Laurel av.

Pratt I. F., grocer, 74 Union.

PrUTT J. W. k D. A„

Wholesale and Retail Cash Grocers, 127


Pratt J. W., (J. W. & D. A. P.,) h 77 Fourth.

Pratt O. J., carpenter, house 2 Buffalo.

Preckle W. B., engineer, h 14 Coleman.

Preist Patrick, house 104 Henley.

Preston Chester, house Green u Third.

Price A. R., barber, house 19 Third.

Price Warren, carpenter, h 57 Clinton.

Priest John, house 121 State.

Prime Wm., dyer, house 3 Barry.

Prindell, machinist, bds 59 State.

Pullman Bros., livery, 50 State.

Pullman Harry (P. Bros.), h 21 First.

Purrington C. L., clerk, bds 76 Second.

Purvis Robert, house 117 Henley.

Putnam E. E., barber, bds Option House.

QUACKENBUSH IRA, house 90 Sullivan.

Quigley J. J., clerk, bds Option House.

Quigley Wm., house Clinton n Henley.

.Quinlivan Edward, bricklayer, bds 1S5 Union.

Quinlivan James, plasterer, bds City Hotel.

Quinlivan John, mason, h 90 State.

Quinn Michael, h 6 r Hub Factory.

RABER CHRIS., laborer, h 20 Coleman.

Rairdon John, h Fifth ab Sullivan.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


Ramsdell Charles, driller, h 115 Henley.

Ramsey Geo. E., mfg., house 80 First.

Ramsey S. S., oil, h 4 Henley.

Ramsey W. H., h Henley c Barry.

Randall Adam, h 112 Irving.

Randall Fannie, h 25 Union.

Randall John, h 51 Irving.

Rapp W. A., station agt., h Jay.

Raub Joseph, house 6 Sixth.

Rauschert Adam, tinsmith, h 5 Barry.

Rawson E. W., painter, Union, h 8 Whitney av.

Ray G. W., oil refiner, h 2 Buffalo.

Reaser F. H. & Co., druggists, Union c Laurens,

h State c Fourth.

Redding Henry, carpenter, h 28 Tompkins.

Redman Frank, machinist, bds Buffalo House.

Reed Edward, laborer, house 173 Union.

Reel Fabian, carpenter, liouse 158 State.

Rees George B., house Ninth n Irving.

Reeve & Stickney, grocers, 162 Union.

Reeve J. ft, (Reeve & S.,) h 54 Third.

Reich L., hides &c, 89 Union.

Reed W. L., (H. W. Moore & Co.,) h 99 Barry.

Reel Frank, house 22 Barry.

Reeve J. ft,grocer, house 54 Third.

Revels F. W., clerk, house 33 Ninth.

Revels Robert, carpenter, house 33 Ninth.

Reynolds David, painter, house 43 Barry.

Reynolds P. H., house 66 Seventh.

Reynolds Samuel, carpenter, h 28 Laurens.

Reynold W. E., liouse 10 Coleman.

Rhoades Hosea, house 20 Coleman.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


Rice Bert J., conductor, h 54 Sullivan.

Rice Chas. S., house Eleventh n State.

Richards B., house State cor Second.

Richards H. S., dressmaker, h 6S State.

Richards J. ft,physician, 116 Union, h 40 Third.

Richards J. P. (Curtis & R.), h 52 Clinton.

Richards W. B., h Sullivan n Depot.

Riddell Enos S., clerk, h 36 Second.

Riehm George, butcher, 109 State.

Riley & Wands, groceries, &c, 166 Union.

Riley Ella Mrs., bakery, Erie Depot.

Riley Frank, house Erie Depot.

Riley M. F. (Riley & W.), h 63 Henley.

Ringbower Martin, fireman,bds 26 Coleman.

Ritter John, h Seventh n Wayne.

Ritzaur J. ft, finisher,164 Union.

ROALL M. A., clerk Grand Central Hotel.

Robbins M. R. & M. J., grocers, 92 State.

Robertson A. F., house 15 Clinton.

Robinson John, house Tow Path.

Robinson Peter, engineer, h 40 Canal.

Rockafellow M. E., yard master, h 29 Sullivan.

Rockwood C. H., h Sullivan n Sixth.

Rockwood D. ft,painter, State c First.

Rogers Amos, h Henley c Clinton.

Rogers Frank, house 8 Henley.

Rogers Wm., mason, h Seventh n Reed.

Rolensou, mason, house Jay.

Rooney Margaret, house Seventh n Wayne.

Rooney, Supt, bds 74 Barry.

Root & Keeting, tanners, Erie Depot.

Root Charles R., house 2 Sixth.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Oil Well Supplies.


Rose F. W., clerk, 77 Union.

Rosin John, laborer, bds 60 Wayne.

Ross Charles H., (S. & Ross,) h 39 First.

Ross Cyrus, house 6 Barry.

Ross Fred., machinist, bds 26 Coleman.

Ross George, carpenter, house 11 Green.

Ross Mrs., house 11 R. R. av.

Roth Peter, carpenter, h 5 r Hub Factory.

Rotschkey G., shoemaker, 105 Union.

Rowland Charles H., trav. agent, h 22 Laural av.

Royan Charles, laborer, 50 State.

Ruchti Fred., tailor, house 83 State.

Rumsey Frank, (Cary & R.,) h 48 Second.

Russ John, laborer, house 30 Seventh.

Russell Elmer, carpenter, bds 220 Union.

Russell George, h Irving opp Third.

Russell Henry, carpenter, bds 76 State.

Russell N., house Fourth n Wayne.

Rutherford M. J. Miss, bookkeeper, h 20 Laurens

Rutherford T. B., house 20 Laurens.

RYAN & COLLOPY, Liquors, &c, 174 Union.

Ryan E. J. (Ryan & ft), h 1 Coleman.

Ryan F. Mrs., house 21 Fnlton.

Ryan J. E., laundry, 12 Whitney av.

Ryer Walter, painter, h 13 Barry.

SAGE F. E., Bottler, house 98 Barry.

Sage U. V., collector, h Boardmanville.

Sage W. H., physician, 81 Union, h 16 First.

Sanderson Ira, house 51 Washington.

Sanford C. M., grocer, Henley cor Eleventh.

Savage Bat, farmer, house 56 Buffalo.

Savage Morris, house 52 Buffalo.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Robes and Blankets.


Savage Patrick, house 44 Washington.

Schaffer John, restaurant, 86 State.

Schmidt Peter, hotel, State cor Fourth.

Schmidt William, baker, 81 State.

Schnabel George, house 39 Washington.

Schneider Augustus, house 81 State.

Schneider Rudolph, upholsterer, h 3 Irving.

Scheissler John and Simon, laborers, h 94 State.

Scheissler M. A. Mrs., house 96 State.

Scheiterle Michael, house 168 State.

Schelin Andrew, saloon, 109 State.

Schermerhorn Alex., barber, h80 State.

Schue Conrad, house 34 Thirteenth.

Schuetz Gottfried, house 37 Second.

Schuetz Herman, jewelry, 71 Union, h 75 State.

Schulze John G., hotel, 54 State, h 74 do.

Scofield A. B., store, Erie Depot.

Scott Elizabeth Mrs., h 30 Union.

SCOTT L. C. & CO., Wholesale Grocers, 145

Union, h Sullivan between Fifth and Sixth.

Scott L. E., expressman. U. S. Express.

Scott John B., stone cutter, h 30 Union.

Scott Walter, blacksmith, h 79 Irving.

Scoville B. L., carpenter, h 16 Coleman.

Sculley M., cigar maker, bds 177 Union.

See Eber D., accountant, h 4 Laurens.

Seefried Henry, laborer, h 13 Tompkins.

Seefried John, fireman, h 33 Seventh.

Seefried John, laborer, house 13 Tompkins.

Seeley D. W., clerk, Erie Depot.

Senter James M., house 27 Sullivan.

Series W. F , physician, 120 Union, h 20 State.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Paints, Oils and Brushes.


Seymour J. W., clerk, P. O., h 48 Third.

Shafer Jacob, drayman, house 155 State.

Shaffer Charles, Chief Police, h 128 State.

SHANBACHER J. H., Option House, opp

Union Depot.

Shannon James, roofer, h 31 Thirteenth.

Shannon Patrick, laborer, house 5 Second.

Sharp W., laborer, house 86 Sullivan.

Shaw John S. Mrs., house 79 Barry.

Sheenan Bros., groceries, meat, &c, Erie Depot.

Sheehan John, painter, house 28 Coleman.

Shepherd P. K., house 53 First.

Sheridan J. L., carpenter, h 100 Irving.

Sherman Henry, carpenter, h 153 Union.

Shiber E. Miss, cashier, 117 Union.

Shiber Geo. W., clerk, Union c State.

Shiber J. T., inspector, h 16 Washington.

Shine Daniel, h Fourth opp Coleman.

Shuler ft H., oil broker, h South n Union.

Shuler H, S., house 44 Union.

Shumway P. H., bottling, 16 Whitney av.

Sigel & Sturm, undertakers, Opera House.

Sigel Henry, h Fifth n State.

Sigel John, saloon, 48 State.

Sigel John H., cigar maker, h 94 Henley.

Sigler Frank, house Fifth n R. R.

Sigman J. S., watchmaker, bds Moore House.

Simmons Everett, h Seventh n R. R.

Simmons L. H., clerk, house 81 First.

Simons Eli, house Tow Path.

Simmons L. M., grocer, 91 Union.

Simons Nellie Mrs., milliner, 131 Union.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Baby Carriages.


Simons Robert, clerk, 97 Union.

Simpier Harriet Mrs., h 22 Wayne.

Simpson Geo. H., h Fifth n State.

Simpson J. L., steam fitter, h 88 State.

SIMPSON W. H., Plumber, &c, 128 Union, h

88 State.

Singer Manufacturing Co., 142 Union.

Sisson Ed. G., clerk, Ex. National Bank.

Slater J. W., carpenter, h 12 Barry.

Slattery Frank, h Seventh n Wayne.

Slingker Christian, house 16 Green.

Sloane John, book keeper, h 15 Clinton.

Small Peter, dispatcher, house 28 Wayne.

Smith Byron, drayman, house ft Fulton.

M3L§ m

Contractor for the Best Class of

Steam Heating, Gas Fitting and Sewers.



Specifications and Estimates furnished without charge.

128 Union Street, OLEAN, N. Y.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Roller Skates,


Smith Charles, house 88 Barry.

Smith ft W., grocer, h Clinton cor Tompkins.

Smith D. L., harness, 141 Union, h do.

Smith E. L., music dealer, 148 Union, h do.

Smith Frank, hostler, Olean House Livery.

Smith Frank, painter, bds 86 Barry.

Smith Fred., teamster, 16 Whitney av.

Smith George, house 86 State.

Smith G. F., clerk, 113 Union.

Smith George P., house Fourth n Wayne.

Smith George W., teamster, house 3 Clinton.

Smith Herman, teamster, house 16 Union.

Smith Hiram, architect, house 148 Union.

Smith H. B., house 37 Clinton.

Smith James, house ft Fulton.

Smith Joseph, h Sixth n Wayne.

SMITH JOSEPH A., Hotel The Earth, State cor


Smith J. B., lumber,'26 Union, h Clinton c State.

Srruth J. E., law student, 67 Union.

Smith J. H., carpenter, h 21 Laurens.

Smith Lee, clerk, h 16 Coleman.

Smith Marsh, house ft Fulton.

Smith N. M., expressman, h21 Barry.

Smith Patrick, house Fifth n R. R.

Smith R. 0., h Second c Sullivan.

Smith Williard M., drayman, h 41 Third.

Smith Wm., painter, h 83 Barry.

Smith W. V., lawyer. 67 Union, h 98 State.

Snyder Andrew, cooper, h 89 Henley.

Snyder Conrad, carpenter, h 89 Henley.

Snyder L. G., clerk, house Barry cor Greene.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Watches and Jewelry.


Snyner Matilda Mrs., h Eleventh n Henley.

Snyder M. U., house Fifth n R. R.

Sonstrom John, house Fifth ab Sullivan.

Snow John, house 31 Second.

Snowden & Ross, barbers, Olean House.

Snowden Jerome (S. & Ross,) h First n State.

Sole Leather Pad Co., 144 and 146 Union.

Southeron Martin, st. com., h 137 State

Spaulding C. A., miller, house 30 Clinton.

Spaulding P., foreman, Times.

Spaulding Wm. H., carpenter, h 89 Sullivan.

Speisman Matt, butcher, 109 State.

Spelman Jas. O., conductor, bds Option House.

Sprague Henry, clerk, 145 Union.

Spreter C. Mrs., h 73 Union.

Srena Fred., laborer, h Tow Path.

Stanley Daniel, laborer, h r 90 State.

Starks Daniel, h Canal ab State.

Steele Alex., laborer, h 139 Union.

Steele Frank H., engineer, h 23 Coleman.

Stegner Adam, h State c Thirteenth.

Stenson W. H. Mrs., h 9 Hamilton.

Stephan Wm. N., clerk, n 78 Fourth.

Stevens Frank, house 15 Henley.

Stevens Geo. F., laborer, h 96 State.

Steyner E. R., clerk, 100 Union.

Steyner J. F., physician, 100 Union, h Sullivan.

Steyner J. J., grocer, 100 Union, h Sullivan.

Stickney E. W., h Sullivan n Fourth.

Stickney J. B., (Reeve & S.), h Sullivan c 4th.

Stiles B. G. & W. H., clerks, 113 Union.

St. John T. H., shoemaker, h 82 First.

THOMPSON & WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Granite Ware.


Stone A. J. Mrs., house 25 Second.

Stone W. O., fireman, bds Option House.

Storrs Thomas, lawyer, 145 Union, h 19 Laural av

STOUGH C. L., Olean House, 82 to 86 Union.

Stowe Emma Miss, house 90 State.

Stowell C. S., Postmaster, house 71 First.

Stowell F. L., house 57 Second.

Strawser J. G., foreman, h 16 Thirteenth.

Streb Joseph, house 6 Sixth.

Strong G. H., real estate, Ex. Block, h Laurens

cor First.

Strong J. B. Mrs., house Laurens cor First.

Stryker John, butcher, 44 State.

Sturges Frank F., clerk, bds Olean House.

Sturm Charles, machinist, house 163 State.

Sturm Edward, Sturm Hotel, 153 State.

Sullivan Dennis, house Seventh, cor Reed.

Sullivan Tim, house 84 Buffalo.

Swarts A. A., blacksmith, State c Fourth.

Swart Amanda Mrs., r 9 Henley.

Sweeney Patrick, h 24 Fulton.

Swift Warren, laborer, h 24 Wayne.

Switzer Daniel, h 32 Thirteenth.

Sylvesters & Wilkins, painters, 39 First.

Sylvesters David, h 24 Barry.

TAFEL L. O., liquors, 3 R. R. av., h 17 State.

Tanner Wm., rig builder, h 8 r Hub Factory.

Tarbell Fred., tel. operator, bds 48 First.

Taylor A. M., wagon maker, h Greene op Third.

Taylor Frank, agent, house Jay.

Taylor George B., h Irving opp Ninth.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Bronze Goods.


Taylor H. A., laborer, h 10 Whitney av.

Taylorson Geo. 0., engineer, bds Option House.

Tebo Chas. W., painter, house Fifth n R. R.

Terry Ann Mrs., house 11 Henley.

The Cable Tea Company, 102 Union.



Thill en, bds 86 Barry.

Thirds James, house 7 Hamilton.

Thomas Ephraim, h Canal n State.

Thomas John A., machinist, h 72 Clinton.

Thompson A. J., Ex. bl., h 60 Second.

Thompson G. F., manager W. U. T. Co., h 45


Thompson Jesse, h 23 Henley.

Thompson J. H., (W. H. M. & Co.), h 3 Laurens

Thurston, trav. agt, h 114 Union.

Thyng ft G. & Co., producers, City Building.

Thyng C. G., h State c Clinton.

Thyng F. P., bds 75 Barry.

Tide Water Pipe Co., Limited, Ex. Block.

TODD W. D., Manager Olean Cash Store, 116

Union, h 30 Clinton.

Tompkins R. D., machinist, h 36 Barry.

Toohey Jeremiah, stone mason, h Second n


Townsend William, house 3 Laurens.

Troutner Howard, carpenter, bds 220 Union.

Troy Edward, clerk, bds 22 Second.

Troy John, (W. H. M. & Co.), Ex. Bank Block.

Troy Thomas, book-keeper, h Hinsdale rd.

True E. Guy, book-keeper, bds 22 Second.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Lamps and Glass Ware.


Tubbs F. H., laborer, house 216 Union.

Tubbs Henry and Samuel, h 94 Irving.

Tulley Lottie Mrs., house 94 Irving.

Tuller H. E., engineer, bds Option House.

Tumser Paul, stone cutter, house 144 State.

Tunbridge William E., painter, h 9 Buffalo.

TurnerC. E.. master mechanic, b Option House.

Turner James, house Tow Path.

Turner William, fireman, bds 26 Coleman.

UBELHAR SEBASTIAN, house hd Seventh.

Uhl Henry, house Fourth n Wayne.

Ulp George, painter, house 67 State.

Underwood, book-keeper, bds 86 Barry.

Unferfate John, h Eleventh n Henley.

Urso Joseph, fruits, 172 Union, h Henley.

United States Express Co., 91 Union.

VALENTINE DAVID, h Eleventh n R. R.

Valentine William, house 9 Barry.

Vanderhoof A., sewing machines, h 56 Clinton.

Vanderhoof F. L., clerk, house 56 Clinton.

Van Deusen J. H., tinsmith, h 29 Barry.

Van Campen George, bds Olean House.

Van Campen George, Jr., house 52 First.

Van Campen James K., oil h 14 State.

Van Liew T. G., clerk, 79 State.

Van Natta W., tel. operator, bds 24 Laurel av.

Varney E. J., clerk, h 17 Third.

Vaughn Geo., machinist, h 7 Jay.

Vaugh Geo., pattern maker, bds 86 Barry.

Vincent Chas. ft,clerk, Tremont Hotel.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Fancy China.


VINCENT G. K., Tremont Hotel, R. R. av cor


Virginia W. W., barber, 80 Union.

Vogel F. Mrs., h Eleventh n Irving.

Volk Kate Miss, h 53 Henley.

Vollmer Fred., butcher, 78 State.

WAGNER JOHN, Dry Goods, 70 State.

Wagner W., brewer, h 32 Irving.

Walcott C. F. Prof., h 19 Henley.

Wallace Hattie Mrs., house hd Fifth.

Walley T. A. Mrs., house 73 Washinton.

Walsh J. C, conductor, house 13 Jay.

Walsh Lizzie, rooms 78 Barry.

Walsh Patrick, house Eighth cor R. R.

Wands C. R., (Riley & W.,) bds 63 Henley.

WARD D., Druggist, 130 Union h 3 Coleman.

Ward Mrs., house 3 Coleman.

Ward William, house Seventh n Wayne.

Waring J. H., (Bolles & W.,) bds 22 Laurens.

Warner H. S., blacksmith, h 8 Whitney av.

Warner James W., engineer, h 36 Wayne.

Warren Seth W., house 86 Barry.

Washington Eva Miss, house 84 Barry.

Waterhouse George, brakeman, bds City Hotel.

Waterhouse, brakeman, h 49 Buffalo.

Waters C. R., painter, h Jay.

Waters E. A., clerk, 118 Union.

Watson J. W., superintendent, h 76 Second.

Watson S., producer, h 87 Henley.

Watts F. E., physician, 95 Union.

Weaver W. H., (W. & W.), h 220 Union.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Spectacles and Eye-Glasses.


WEAVER & WILLIAMS, Music Store. 160


Webb Chas. W. & Henry, h 173 Union.

Webber W., tinsmith, h 215 Union.

Weigel Frank, barber, 134 Union.

Weinhauer Ernest, tailor, bds 86 Barrry.

Weith Henry (M. & W.), h 36 Seventh.

Welander John, boards 79 State.

Welch James, boiler maker, bds 79 State.



Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music,

Musical Merchandise and


Also Proprietorstof the

at Jpttt*.

Olean Roller Rink,

The largest and best equipped in Western

New York, i

Store. 160 Union Street, Olean, 1 1

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co.. Iron, Steel and Nails.


Welch J. H., saloon, 177 Union, h do.

Wendell Maggie Mrs., h 49 First.

Wengler John G., harness maker, 111 Union.

Wenke Paul, house 93 Irving. '

Weyman E. A., barber, 134 Union.

Wheat Lemuel, sash maker, h 130 Union.

Wheate George, clerk, 117 Union.

WHEATON F. B., Revere House, 195 Union.

Whelan J. T., constable, h Washington c Buffalo

Whelply Wm. M., painter, h 41 Fourth.

Whipple H. C. (Winsor & W.), h 68 Fourth.

Whipple J. S., book-keeper, h Seventh n Sullivan.

Whitaker Clark, house Green n Union.

White ft A., book-keeper, with ft G. Thyng &

Co., City Building.

White Ellen, house 143 Henley.

White Henry, druggist, 87 Union, h 160 do.

White Irving, stone mason, h Green n Third.

White James, house Seventh n Wayne.

White James, laborer, 222 Union.

White John, house Barry n Green.

White John, house r Seventh n Wayne.

White J. J., house 4 Coleman.

White J.;K., (L. C. Scott & Co.,) 145 Union.

Whitney Bros., hub mfrs., Union cor Wayne.

Whitney J. O., (Whitney Bros.,) h 49 Union.

Whitney Lambert, physician, h 37 Union.

Whitney L. S., producer, h 40 Union.

Whittam Mary Mrs., h 7 Coleman.

Wholeben Martin, h 7 Tenth.

Wholeben Philip, h 127 State.

Wichert C J., blacksmith, State, h Fourth.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., the Great Supply House-


Wiedman John, harness maker, 31 First.

Wilber Robert, house 5 Irving.

Wilbur T. S., machinist, h 216 Union.

Wilcox Estella Mrs., h 10 r Hub Factory.

Wilcox I. ft,furniture, h 132 State.

Wilcox Joseph, carpenter, h 31 Washington.

Wilder D., peddler, h Canal ab State.

Wiley Ed., photographer, h 150 Union.

Wiley Henry, saloon, 11 R. R. av.

Wiley John, house 23 Laurens.

Wilkins Fred., painter, h 20 Barry.

Wilkins O. H., boards 92 Barry.

Wilkinson W. S. (Blake & W.), h 56 First.

Williams Allen B., clerk, h 1 Jay.

Williams Allen I., book keeper, h 1 Jay.

Williams Charles G., oil, h 24 State.

Williams H. J. (Weaver & W.), h 220 Union.

Williams John, house 85 Barry.

Williams J. G., producer, h 91 Barry.

Williams J. M. (L, W. & Co.), 85 Barry.

Williams M., laborer, h 27 Thirteenth.

Williams M. P., clerk, 108 Union.

Williams Peter, house Jay.

Williams Peter, barber, 80 Union.

Willis H., trav. agt, h 126 Sullivan.

Wilson Andrew, cooper, h 75 Washington.

Wilson J. A., hotel, Erie Depot

Wilson John E., switchman, h Second h Wayne.

Wilson J. L., plumber, h 47 Irving.

Wilson Jos. W., blacksmith, h Jay.

Wilson L. ft,producer, h Sullivan c Sixth.

Winchell Chas. E., trav. agt., h 17 Laurel av.7,

^ Urn

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.

L. Emery Jr. & Co., 41-43-45 Main Street;


Wind Jacob, Eagle Hotel, 79 State.

Wing Chas. A., clerk, 106 Union.

Winnie D. K., clerk, 81 Union.

Winsor & Whipple, photographers, 106 Union.

Winsor W. ft, (Winsor & W.,) h 46 Second.

Winters George L., house 59 Second.

Wirtz Wm., bar tender, Grand Central Hotel.

WISE W. J., Architect and Builder, 76 Sullivan.

Wisner Fred., (L. W. & Co.,) h 177 Union.

Witheral Fred,, bds 26 Coleman.

Wolf Joseph, cooper, house, r 146 State,

Wolf W. B., barber, 170 Union.

Wolfe S H., engineer, house 11 Jay.

Wolfkiel Sherman, clerk, 89 Union.

Wood A. B., machinist, h Third oor Irving.

WOOD GEO. N., Editor and Pro. Olean Timet,

87 Union, h 21 Laurens.

Wood Monroe, carpenter, h 58 Fourth.

Wood W. ft,printer, Times.

W . J. W I S E ,

Plans Drawn and Specifications

Furnished when desired.

Contract and Stair Work a

[Specialty. All work done with

neatness and dispatch, and sat.

jsfaction guaranteed.




P. O. Box, 1287.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Stoves and House Goods.


Woodard C. P., expressman, h Laurens cor 4th.

Wooddell J. B., driller, h 71 Washington.

Woods John, h Eleventh cor Irving.

Woods J. W., carpenter, h 2 Barry.

Wooley Miss, teacher, bds 73 First.

Woolsey Henry, house Canal ab State.

Worden C. W., clerk, h Washington n Buffalo.

Worden I. E., book keeper, E. N. B., bds Olean


Worden W. ft, carpenter, house 38 Washington.

Wright Benj. F., barber, 205 Union.

Wright Dolphin, janitor, 18 Third.

Wright Geo., house Canal ab State.

Wright Lewis, stone, house 11 Barry.

Wright R. R., restaurant, 170 & 172 Union.

WRIGHT WM. R., Bar Room Fixtures, &c,

Fourth bet State and Henley.

Wyman Gottleib, house Fifth n State.

Dry Refrigerators

Manufacturer of



Fourth Street, between State and Henley,


P. O. Box i123,

Practical Mechanic and Jobber in all kinds of Hardwood Finish.

THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford,

L. Emery Jr. & Co., Silver Ware.


YARD D. S., Carpenter, house 6 First

Ya.rdL J. W., carpenter, house 5 First

Yates E. N.,( Parker & Y.,) bds 42 Barry.

Yarton Edward, h Washington cor Seventh.

Yarton William, printer, Herald.

Yaw J. W., sexton, h Washington opp Sixth.

Yhan Anthony, tailor, house Ninth n State.

Yingling Wm. J., machinist, h 53 Clinton.

York Joseph A., h Eleventh n State.

YOUNG P. A., Liquors, &c, 96 Union, rooms

107 do.

Young S. E., house 11 Laurens-.

Youngs Robert, house 41 Seventh.

ZEILE F. L., Tailor, h Washington cor Ninth.

Zimmerman John, grocer, State cor Seventh.

Zimmerman J. Jr. & Philip, State c Seventh.

Zimmerman Philip, Hotel, 199 Union.

Zink J., boards 86 Barry.

P. A . Y O U N G

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in


Imported and Domestic


Liquors and Cigars.

Agent for Kosskam, Gerstley

& Co's Celebrated Whiskies,


96 Union Street,


THOMPSON fit WOOD, Druggists, Bradford.


• "•* " **^»"***•• ? 93 Main Street, Bradford.

K e n d a l l T o r p e d o C o , ,

I09&I I r Main St.

Bradford ?a.

w. a. McConnell. S. J. BIGLEY.

M i l ! T o r p e d o C o ,

We Manufacture our own Glycerine, do our own Shooting, and Guarantee

P e r f e c t S«,tia»f«,otioriL.


Office, Nickel PXatellSIock,


Factory at Rullicford Run. (TELEPHONE 266.) Post Office Rex No. 9.

McConnell & Bigley, - •- - Propriet > s.

D . E . B A R R O W S ,



10 -is

By the Richmond patent process of netting *ooth crowns oj r

The Dodd Manufacturing Company,


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