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IT IS NOT - Arbonne




That is our team motto, reminding us every day that it is not about who

becomes NVP, RVP or Area Manager fi rst. It is about us all getting there

by helping each other and believing.

I was an Arbonne Consultant for nine months before promoting to RVP.

The journey to this height has been a whirlwind of excitement. In this short

time, I have grown a lot outside my comfort zone and will continue to do

so every day. Had someone told me a year ago that I would be doing

things like talking in front of 100 people, I would have laughed at them,

just like I did numerous times when my upline would say, “Gay, you are

going to be an Area,” and, “Gay, you are going to be driving that white

Mercedes-Benz soon.” I was a non-believer. For me to grow, that belief

had to grow. But fi rst came inspiration to grow — my Why.

My Why for enjoying the Arbonne business is my family: My husband,

Jim, has been circle track racing — dirt track — in Saskatchewan and

North Dakota for 25 years; our son, Ryan, 17 has been racing for three

years and our daughter, Alyssa, 14 will be able to start next summer.

During the winter we spend our time watching both kids play hockey

and rebuilding race cars. That ties up weekends almost year round,

which made me want to be able to leverage my time with work and

play. I did not want to miss any of this precious time with my family. I

also needed to consider my kids will soon be going off to college and

someone will have to pay for that.

I am a hairstylist by trade but have not worked in a salon for years. I

became a stay-at-home mom when Alyssa was born. I turned a small

room in my basement into a salon and worked from there every day.

When both kids entered school I started a pre-school in my home for

3- and 4-year-olds to come twice a week for two hours. That was great.

I was home every day for my own kids and had no school when they

gay harris

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

G. Harris Region; Estevan, SK

did not. After six years of the preschool, my family said that they had

had enough of people in our house all the time between the school and

salon. I tried working in a salon downtown, but I felt like I was missing

things because I had to be at work. Then I went to a bank as a teller

and thought it would be perfect — done at 4 p.m. and no working on

weekends. But still, I had to work all summer and holidays while the kids

were out. There had to be another answer.

I found that answer Labor Day weekend 2006, at the races in Minot,

North Dakota. During the Labor Day weekend I was approached by

Gay with her family — Husband, Jim; son, Ryan, 17

and daughter, Alyssa, 14 — at her Mercedes-Benz car

presentation, August 29, 2007.

Gay’s son, Ryan’s hobbystock racecar.

continued ...

Gay with her upline, ENVP Kerry Winfi eld and ENVP Shanel

Maragos at the July 2007 Oklahoma event.

success strategy:

It is not a race,

but a journey — dream big.

Scott Fuchs, who we knew considering he is very involved in racing.

Scott is the husband to ERVP Janel Fuchs. Scott asked me, “Would you

like to earn some extra money?” Well, who is going to say, “No, I could

not use any extra money”? A few days later, Janel called me and told

me about Arbonne. I had never heard of this so she encouraged me to

visit the Web site and check it out. After I did that, I called Janel and

we set up a date for her to come up to Estevan, bring her product and

do a “One-on-One” Presentation with me. September 30 th was Janel’s

fi rst trip of many. I tried her samples and understood the opportunity she

was offering me. I jumped in with both feet.

The fi rst couple months were not easy, bringing something so new to

our town of 10,000. People just did not want to listen. Tara Holma was

my fi rst business builder, and once we got going we caught on fi re. My

team appeared out of nowhere and just kept growing. I have made

many new friends along the way and renewed some older ones too;

for that I am so grateful. Although I am the fi rst of my team to make RVP,

I would not have done it without all of you and now I will help all of

you to become RVPs.

I especially want to thank my upline, ERVP Janel Fuchs, for all her trips

to Canada and the endless phone calls. You gave us the support and

encouragement that got our team to a Region. It has become a great

friendship that I treasure every day.

To ENVP Shanel Maragos: You are an inspiration to all of us. We have

seen in North Dakota what you have done and that alone makes us

want to make a difference in the lives of others. I am proud to have you

as my upline and grateful to have you as a friend.

To my friend, EAM Tara Holma: You were the fi rst to see what this

could be and joined me. Together we have grown in so many ways

and together we can enjoy the journey. Thank you for all you do and

for believing in this.

To EAM Teresa Benning: You enthusiasm is contagious and your leadership

is impressive. I am so glad you are a part of our team.

To AM Paula Herzberg: We did not know each other when you joined

our team, but I look so forward to meetings to hear your laughter and

see your smile. You are always ready to help whenever help is needed.

May our friendship grow as our Arbonne business will.

Gay’s team at a showcase in June 2007. BACK, L-R: June Frijouf, Rhonda Hall,

Teresa Benning, Roni Sue Coulter, Gay and Judy Martin. FRONT, L-R: Janel Fuchs,

Melissa Gervais, Cindy Collopy, Tara Holma and Lee Schnell.

Gay’s team at her Mercedes-Benz car presentation: BACK, L-R: Jamie Vilcu, June

Frijouf, Ray Liese, Rhonda Hall and Bev Nevladomy. MIDDLE, L-R: ERVP Janel

Fuchs, Teresa Benning, Gay, Roni Sue Coulter, ENVP Shanel Maragos, Paula

Herzberg and Teresa Smyth. FRONT, L-R: Tara Holma, Suzie Stubel, Debbie

Olson, Melissa Gervais, Joanne Howard, ENVP Becky Young and Karen Meckler.

To AM Suzie Stubel: You are another person I have been so blessed

to get to know and have on our team. Thank you for your support and

all the hard work you do.

To all my DMs and EDMs, Roni Sue Coulter, Audrey Dahl, Karen Meckler,

Shelly Cantin, Kim Pappel, Debbie Olson, June Frijouf, Jamie Vilcu, Joanne

Howard, Bev Cameron, Cindy Collopy, Rhonda Hall, Melissa Gervais,

Bev Nieviadomy, Jinny Nieviadomy, Ray Liese and all my business building

Consultants: You guys are amazing and I love you all.

To my husband, Jim: You are always there to support me and encourage

me. You are always networking and planting seeds for me. You do not

complain when I am out working my Arbonne business and you and

the kids are on your own. To my son, Ryan, who is fi guring out how he

can do this business next year and leverage his time for more important

things like computers and racing: You have already started this business

by talking to people about the products for me. To my daughter, Alyssa:

Thank you for understanding all the sports I have missed and for your

help in selling products to your friends. I promise all of you that the small

sacrifi ces now will turn into huge rewards in the future. I love you and

appreciate everything you do.

Arbonne is about helping people and changing the way we think and

live. When you join Arbonne they tell you to dream big. Then they tell

you to dream bigger and to believe it will happen for you. With that

belief, anything can happen. With Arbonne, anything is possible.

Gay’s husband, Jim’s IMCA

modifi ed racecar.


The testimonials in this story refl ect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

Gay with Chairman & CEO Bob Henry and President Rita Davenport at WCC in

Edmonton, September 2007.


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