Medical Technology: organ harvesting and Transplants

Medical Technology: organ harvesting and Transplants


april • VOL. 69 • NO. 7


Organ Harvesting and Transplants

Describes how, with organ harvesting, transplants,

and now stem cell research, the human body may be

repairable just as are the machines of our inventions.

Kimberly G. Baskette and John M. Ritz, DTE


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Extending Engineering Education to K-12

Describes a project to develop a teacher professional-development program aimed at

introducing middle and high school math and science teachers to the work of engineers

and to support them in using the information and related resources in the development

and implementation of lesson plans, providing a viable way to infuse engineering into the

K-12 curriculum.

Gwen Nugent, Gina Kunz, Larry Rilett, and Elizabeth Jones

Exploring Alternative Fuels in Middle Schools

This article focuses on a new unit of study that teaches concepts relating to alternative

fuels, specifically, ethanol, and biodiesel.

John F. Donley and Gary A. Stewardson

A Different Angle for Teaching Math

Real-life demonstrations and experiences with math and science principles are best

learned in a technology education setting.

John S. Bellamy and John M. Mativo

2010 Directory of ITEEA Institutional and Museum Members

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Steven Shumway, Director, Region IV

Greg Kane, Director, ITEEA-CS

Richard Seymour, Director, CTTE

Andrew Klenke, Director, TECA

Marlene Scott, Director, TECC

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