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What an incredible few years this has been for me. My life has gone

through so many changes and Arbonne has never left my side. I am so

grateful for the opportunities this business has given me and even more

passionate about sharing it with others more than ever before.

Arbonne found me back in 1997. I had a terrible year with my

health, which ultimately became a gift. As an esthetician and Reiki

practitioner, I moved toward being more holistic, and Arbonne

became the product line I used as I started my skin care business. I

love educating new estheticians about thinking bigger and working

beyond just 10 facials a week. This business has the potential to

really get you and your family where you want and need to be

financially, which equates to freedom.

Personally, I have been very lucky. My father always told me, “You

will never get rich working for someone else.” And with that in mind,

I finished college with the intention of owning my own business and

my own life. The truth is I am a terrible employee. I hate being told

what to do. I do, however, love helping people.

When I started with Arbonne in 1998, even though I signed up in

1997, I was married and had a 3-year-old son. During MTS 1998

Atlanta, President Rita Davenport spoke to my heart. I came home

a changed woman. I knew inside that my marriage did not have

what it needed to survive the tests of time, even though we had

already been tested by tragedy; I lost my mother, had miscarried a

child, and my husband lost his job all within a three-year period. I

s a r a h s a i n t a m o u r

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Sarah Saint Amour Region; Mystic, CT

felt like I was not being true to myself and was not being a good

example to my son by staying in a marriage that could not be fixed.

In 2000, I started a new life. Scared and not knowing what would

be out there for me, Arbonne still sat happily on my backburner. My

sponsor, ENVP Phoebe James, kept in touch and constantly encouraged

me to look forward. It was 2002 when I finally got it all together

and came back with strength. My Why came into clear focus. I

had to rebuild my team and my life. Not a problem. What a gift to

be able to choose!

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Oreo the Arbonne cat.

Sarah’s Why: Nick Saint Amour, 10.

success strategy:

First, you must decide and

then commit to making

your business successful.

My new sense of purpose attracted so many wonderful people into

my Arbonne business, many of whom are some of my closest

friends. Together, we plan our work and work our plans. I really

want to thank all the NVPs in Arbonne for their time and efforts in

providing such wonderful trainings.

Promoting from Area to Region actually took a shorter amount of

time than all the time I spent reaching Area. First, you must “decide”

and then “commit” to making this happen. When you do, the pieces

will magically fall into place. Read and learn as much as you can.

Take part in conference calls. Go everywhere your VP goes. Go to

all Arbonne trainings and be a sponge. NTC is a must! I cannot

believe how many people do not take the time to go to the national

or local trainings. This is where the stars are. Decide to be a star

right now!

Tell your upline, sponsor and crossline where you plan to go and

give a date. Write it down and put it in front of you so you see it

often. Be responsible for the success and failure in your business.

And stop listening to the people who tell you that you cannot do this.

They are only jealous that you have a dream and actually are working

to get there.

This business takes heart and soul. You will laugh and cry along the

way. Look inside and truly see the person you were meant to be and

have the courage to become that person. You are the gift. And by

not being that person you are supposed to be, you are not sharing

that gift. I never truly understood when NVPs would say that

Arbonne is a personal development business wrapped up in wellness

clothing. When I did, I moved to RVP within months.

Life Is Good is the name of my Region because life is good! Do not

ignore the blessings and gifts that are given to you every day. Do

not sweat what happened yesterday, focus on today and tomorrow.

If you are not where you want to be, look at your commitment level.

Our Region is filled with some awesome people. To AMs Kim

Oshana, Cherie Tauro and their teams: I am so proud to have you

DM Ivy Bendixen, Erika Spencer, DM Lisa Orzechowski, Sarah, AM Cherie Tauro

and ENVP Phoebe James.

AM Cherie Tauro and Sarah at the 2004 Area Managers’ challenge.

by my side in this journey. Cherie, you are my soul-sister and my

angel. Thanks for your hard work and help in getting me there. To

DMs Susan David and Ivy Bendixen: What a blessing to have such

focused women helping to lead the way. To the up-and-coming

Consultants and DMs: You are the gifts that are starting to be

unwrapped. You warm my heart.

To ENVP Phoebe James: I truly owe so much to you. You have been by

my side through all the ups and downs. Your experience and advice

are everything to me. I plan to be one of your 10 NVPs this year.

To Founder Petter Mørck and Executive Vice President Stian Mørck:

Your family’s vision has given so many of us freedom. To Sr. VP of

Product Development & Field Events, Candee Keefe and the Home

Office staff: There are not enough words to thank you for all you do

for us. To President Rita Davenport: Thank you for loving us so

much. I wish I could personally thank you for the words you said to

me (even though there were 1,500 other people in the room) that

gave me the courage to make my life the best it can be and to continue

doing so.

Finally, to my son, Nick: You are my Why for so many reasons. I

love you so much. To my boyfriend, Jondy: Thank you for all the

support you give me. It is a much sweeter journey with you by my

side. To my dad: Thank you for teaching me to be an entrepreneur.

To my mom: Even though you are not here, I know you are watching

and enjoying the show. I want to make you proud. My ultimate

gratitude goes to God and all my angels.

AM Cherie Tauro, DM Lisa Orzechowski, Hillary Maymard, AM Kim Oshana, DM Ivy Bendixen

and Sarah.


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