October 2008 - Jersey Shore Area School District

October 2008 - Jersey Shore Area School District

October 2008 - Jersey Shore Area School District


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Volume 6 Issue 2 OCTOBER 2010<br />

<strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> <strong>Area</strong> High <strong>School</strong>, 701 Cemetery Street, <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong>, PA 17740

Editors in Chief<br />

Ashley Weaver * Hannah Burdick<br />

inside<br />

News Editor<br />

Molly Hyland<br />

Assistant News Editor<br />

Mariah DeParasis<br />

this issue<br />

Features Editors<br />

Taylor Curry * Kailyn Fausey<br />

Sports Editor<br />

Joshua Bowser<br />

Assistant Sports Editor<br />

Amber Kachelries<br />

Opinions Editor<br />

Eric Budd<br />

Page 6<br />

News<br />

5 Senior girls win<br />

8 Silver medalist<br />

Features<br />

12 Hottest costumes<br />

14 ‘This or That’<br />

Opinion<br />

20 Revisiting 2003<br />

21 Reality TV<br />

Sports<br />

23 Athletes of Month<br />

25 Fantasy football<br />

Assistant Opinions<br />

Editor<br />

Abbey Haldeman<br />

Seasonal clip art<br />

here<br />

Editorial Staff<br />

Kierstin Bathurst<br />

Kortnee Blair<br />

Samantha Boerner<br />

Elasha Brown<br />

Dereck Cannady<br />

Lindsay Dudek<br />

Chelsea Hartzel<br />

Taylor Hawkins<br />

Morgan Rhinehart<br />

Cassandra Sechrist<br />

David Sweeney<br />

Emily Thomas<br />

Megan Tomb<br />

Krista Weymouth<br />

Introduction Staff<br />

Utoa Agae-Naipo * Emily Confair<br />

Madeline Dincher * Tiara Edwards<br />

Leighanne Eisenhauer * Gage Feigles<br />

Danyelle Fuller * Krys Fuller<br />

Samantha Grinnell * Andrew Kiess<br />

Victoria Mirabella * Emily Sander<br />

Tawney Squier<br />

Advisor<br />

Mrs. Janna Riggle<br />

The Paw Print<br />

<strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> Senior High<br />

701 Cemetery St..,<br />

<strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong>, PA 17740<br />

Page 10<br />

Puzzle #10 Solution page 7<br />


Page 24<br />

Seasonal clip art<br />

here<br />



Page 7<br />

Page 11<br />

did you know?<br />

The microwave was invented when a<br />

researcher walked by a radar tube<br />

and a chocolate bar melted in his<br />

pocket.<br />

You share your birthday with approximately<br />

900 million other people<br />

in the world.<br />

The electric chair was invented by a<br />

dentist.<br />

No word in the English language<br />

rhymes with the word “month”.


Scenes from the homecoming parade (above) and Hannah Burdick, who was crowned 2010 Homecoming Queen. She was<br />

escorted by Matthew Strayer.<br />

3 The Paw Print OCTOBER


Week of Fun<br />

Homecoming Week was filled with fun<br />

activities for students, including mismatch<br />

day, tie-dye day, and school<br />

spirit day. Students got in the spirit by<br />

wearing clothing that matched that<br />

day’s theme.<br />

4 The Paw Print OCTOBER


Rally, Powder Puff Highlight Homecoming<br />

Homecoming 2010 drew to a close Friday with a pep assembly in the gymnasium. Student athletes from fall sports were<br />

introduced, and students got in the spirit of homecoming with a beauty pageant featuring some non-traditional contestants.<br />

On Saturday night, the junior girls took on the senior girls in a Powder Puff football game. This is the first Powder Puff<br />

game in the past several years, and students are hopeful that the tradition continues. The senior girls were able to bring<br />

home a victory. While the girls were on the field, they had some unusual cheerleaders on the sidelines encouraging them<br />

to win.<br />

5 The Paw Print OCTOBER

NEWS<br />

By the<br />

numbers<br />

By: Kierstin Bathurst and<br />

Megan Tomb<br />

There are a total of<br />

860<br />

students who attend<br />

<strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> High<br />

<strong>School</strong>.<br />

Mr. Wolford poses near the new kitchen equipment that was installed in the culinary classroom.<br />

By: Krista Weymouth<br />

A Shiny Enhancement<br />

“Great strides in the advancement of the Culinary<br />

Arts Technology Lab.”<br />

This is how Mr. Matthew Wolford described the<br />

new kitchen set-up in the<br />

culinary classroom.<br />

Over the summer,<br />

Mr. Wolford’s classroom/<br />

kitchen received a makeover.<br />

The kitchen has been upgraded<br />

with an all stainless<br />

steel kitchen and countertops<br />

in addition to two brand<br />

new gas stoves and a deep<br />

fryer.<br />

Only one minor dilemma with the new<br />

makeover: There is no gas for the stoves. However,<br />

the gas is supposed to be coming very soon,<br />

which will allow the culinary arts students to begin<br />

their cooking with the new equipment.<br />

With the room undergoing its construction,<br />

Mr. Wolford said there’s just a little reorganizing<br />

and waiting for a few things to come in to get<br />

everything back in place.<br />

“It’s already worth it,”<br />

“The school has been more than<br />

accommodating in the realization of<br />

the goals in the Culinary Arts<br />

Program,”<br />

said Mr. Wolford.<br />

Mr. Wolford is very<br />

happy with the progress.<br />

He said, “It is a huge step<br />

forward for the students<br />

in the Culinary Arts Program.”<br />

A special thanks<br />

goes out to the school<br />

district for making it all<br />

happen.<br />

“The school has been more than accommodating<br />

in the realization of the goals in the Culinary<br />

Arts Program,” said Mr. Wolford.<br />

Freshmen: 243<br />

Sophomores: 231<br />

Juniors: 204<br />

Seniors: 182<br />

Teachers: 72<br />

Aids: 9<br />

Cafeteria Workers: 11<br />

Librarians: 1<br />

Nurses: 1<br />

Athletic Directors: 1<br />

Librarian Aids: 1<br />

Custodians: 5<br />

Secretaries: 2<br />

Guidance Counselors: 3<br />

Psychologists: 1<br />

Administrators: 4<br />

Truant Officers: 1<br />

Mechanics: 1<br />

6 The Paw Print OCTOBER

NEWS<br />

Did I See You at the Pole?<br />

By Amber Kachelries<br />

“I liked that it was very fun to be able to connect with<br />

other Christian teens and all pray and sing together.”<br />

Adam Campbell<br />

Soduko solution (Puzzle on page 2)<br />

Anyone entering <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> High <strong>School</strong> early Wednesday<br />

morning Sept. 22, would probably have wondered why there<br />

were students and teachers singing and praying around the<br />

flagpole. That day, the See You at the Pole Rally was held at<br />

our school.<br />

See you at the Pole is a global day of prayer where<br />

Christian students from all across America gather together<br />

around their school’s flagpole to praise their God through song<br />

and prayer. This year, our very own Bible Club held the See<br />

You at the Pole Rally at 7 a.m. in front of the school and<br />

around the flagpole, and the turnout was great. There were<br />

about 30 students and teachers in attendance, and it was a<br />

great time of worshipping and connecting to the other Christians<br />

in our school.<br />

“I liked that it was very fun to be able to connect with<br />

other Christian teens and all pray and sing together,” said<br />

Adam Campbell (9). Everyone present agreed that God was<br />

working at the Rally. See you at the Pole started off with singing<br />

a few praise and worship songs, then moved into conversation<br />

about the Bible and the works of God.<br />

Susan Barrows (12) noted that everyone took a turn speaking<br />

and adding ideas as the time went on. The rally ended with<br />

a joined prayer in which any student was able to say whatever<br />

they felt they needed to contribute. Although the event didn’t<br />

produce the same number of students as the previous year, it<br />

was a success in the sense that everyone seemed to be brought<br />

together by a common love for their God, and a passion to pray<br />

for others.<br />

Hopeful for a<br />

Drug Free Town<br />

By Dereck Cannady<br />

On Sept. 24 drug enforcement agents had to make a stop in<br />

<strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong>. Eric Bilbay, 33, was accused of building a meth<br />

lab in his house on 131 N. Main St., located right above a children’s<br />

daycare center.<br />

He is accused of manufacturing methamphetamine which<br />

consists of highly toxic and explosive chemicals. He is facing<br />

several drug charges, and theft conspiracy. Bilbay was sent to<br />

the county prison with a set bail of $75,000.<br />

One person that is highly concerned with this meth lab is<br />

one of our health teachers Mr. Eric Hess. Mr. Hess said, “I’m<br />

disappointed, but I’m not naïve to the problem of drugs.” Mr.<br />

Hess said that this is why it is important to educate our youth<br />

so they won’t be oblivious to the possibility of drugs in our<br />

towns.<br />

Our own Elijah Herman (11) shared the same feelings as Mr.<br />

Hess. “It’s kind of scary that there was a meth lab in town,”<br />

said Elijah. He said that we should inform the youth about the<br />

dangers of drugs.<br />

While the case becomes more known throughout <strong>Jersey</strong><br />

<strong>Shore</strong>, people are starting to fear the possibility of drugs in our<br />

small town. Like Elijah mentioned, this incident should be a<br />

reason to spread awareness of drugs and try, to the best of our<br />

ability, to shield our town from them.<br />

7 The Paw Print OCTOBER

By Cassie Sechrist<br />

Big Goals for This Year<br />

We all know that there were a lot of<br />

changes made this year, but some of us don’t<br />

realize the problems, and what we take for<br />

granted. Although we have<br />

had a budget cut, we still<br />

have all of our necessities.<br />

Many of us walk around<br />

this school talking about<br />

what we don’t have, but a<br />

lot of us have gone to<br />

school in <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> all of<br />

our lives.<br />

Principal Mrs. Mary<br />

Thomas said, “I think when<br />

students get to college, they will realize that<br />

they had a lot in high school.”<br />

If we look at other schools, and how much<br />

we have that they don’t, maybe we would have<br />

more pride in our school. A lot of people trash<br />

the school by throwing their garbage on the<br />

floor, and not picking it up. Mrs. Thomas’s big<br />

goal for this year is to create more pride in our<br />

school. She thinks that the new painted walls<br />

will add more pride. The teams that come to<br />

our school for games should be able to see how<br />

much we love this school, and how much this<br />

school means to us.<br />

A problem that we have had for a long<br />

time is ninth graders failing. For a long time<br />

ninth graders have had the greatest rate of<br />

failures than any other grade levels. Mrs. Thomas<br />

said, “I think it takes a while for the freshmen<br />

to get out of shock at how different middle<br />

school and high school are.”<br />

A lot of freshmen are blown back<br />

by the differences, and they don’t<br />

realize for a while that you can’t<br />

just get by. You have to work<br />

hard to get the grade, and you<br />

will end up spending at least an<br />

hour on homework some nights.<br />

Still, people question<br />

the budget cut with curious eyes.<br />

How can we get new laptops, and<br />

new programs, but yet so many other things<br />

were cut? The answer is that technology is a<br />

whole other department. We have a different<br />

budget for technology.<br />

We seem to cut our budget every year,<br />

but will these cuts effect students later on?<br />

Mrs. Thomas said, “The cuts have not affected<br />

the students because they have everything they<br />

need. I don’t think the budget cuts will affect<br />

the well-being of our students.” Mrs. Thomas<br />

discusses what the necessities for each year<br />

are, and then she looks at the wish list for the<br />

year. She said her highest priority is the students.<br />

NEWS<br />

Open Mic<br />

Writing Club is hosting<br />

another open mic, and plans for it<br />

now to become a monthly event.<br />

Open mic is where anyone, even<br />

people not members of the club,<br />

can come and share their writings,<br />

or play an instrument.<br />

This upcoming event will<br />

encourage creativity and bring<br />

some people out of their shell to<br />

express themselves. If anyone<br />

would like to share their writings,<br />

they must see Mr. Russ Dauberman<br />

in B205 by Oct. 21 and show<br />

him what they’re going to be<br />

reading or playing. All writings<br />

should be school appropriate. He<br />

will accept anyone reading an excerpt<br />

from his/her story, poetry,<br />

playing an instrument, or even<br />

singing.<br />

The open mic will be held<br />

on Oct. 26 in the library. Anyone<br />

is welcome to come and have a<br />

great time seeing some new talents.<br />

If you have any questions,<br />

feel free to ask Mr. Dauberman.<br />

Second Place Win in the Windy City<br />

By Sam Boerner<br />

Who ever thought that a cheesy motivation<br />

technique could actually lead<br />

to real life success? Laura Helsel did<br />

when she put a poster of Chicago on<br />

her wall as a way to continually motivate<br />

herself. Last year Laura and her<br />

close friend Jessica made a pact with<br />

one another to reach the national<br />

level of competition for FCCLA, and<br />

Laura did just that.<br />

Laura joined FCCLA, the student led<br />

organization that focuses on community<br />

service, in her freshman year.<br />

Laura had never considered joining<br />

FCCLA until her sister’s friend pressured<br />

her into it. However, she is<br />

now very thankful for the encouragement,<br />

no matter the manner in which<br />

it was given.<br />

Laura originally competed in her<br />

sophomore year and focused on children’s<br />

services. Laura helped out an<br />

adoptive family by supplying the children<br />

with toys and gifts. She placed<br />

bronze in that competition.<br />

Last year she held a dinner for 22 elderly<br />

men and women. Laura won gold for the<br />

chapter project service which sent her to<br />

nationals this past summer. Nationals for<br />

FCCLA this year were held in Chicago, Ill.,<br />

over the Fourth of July. When she heard<br />

the news that she had made it, she said she<br />

was ecstatic.<br />

While Laura was there she competed<br />

and had an overall wonderful time. FCCLA<br />

chapters from all over were in attendance,<br />

including those from Puerto Rico and the<br />

Virgin Islands. Laura met many new people<br />

who all shared a common interest. While<br />

she was there she also toured the city and<br />

learned many interesting facts about Chicago<br />

and learned more about leadership<br />

skills.<br />

However, her time spent in Chicago was<br />

not all about fun and games. Laura spent<br />

her time preparing to present her chapter<br />

service project to fellow FCCLA members<br />

and judges. Congratulations are in order;<br />

Laura’s hard work paid off and she placed<br />

second in the nation, winning silver after<br />

only being two points away from reaching<br />

gold.<br />

8 The Paw Print OCTOBER

NEWS<br />

Students of the Month<br />

Amy<br />

Dick<br />

Jeremiah Bubb<br />

The <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> Lions’ Club Citizen of the Month for<br />

<strong>October</strong> is Jeremiah Dell Bubb, son of Paul and Melissa<br />

Bubb of Linden.<br />

Jeremiah’s activities include the following:<br />

For 1 year: Pep Club.<br />

For 2 years: Basketball, Model U.N., and National<br />

Honor Society.<br />

For 3 years: Outdoor Club, and Madigan/Yaw Seminar.<br />

For 4 years: Football, and baseball.<br />

Jeremiah has been selected to attend the seminar for<br />

student government at Penn College for three<br />

years. Jeremiah worked at the Benchrest Club of Trout<br />

Run for the Annual World Open 1000 Yard Shootout.<br />

He currently holds a part-time position at Olympia<br />

Sports.<br />

Jeremiah enjoys hunting, fishing, and campfires. He<br />

plans to attend Slippery Rock University or Penn State<br />

University to pursue a degree in either physical therapy<br />

or constructional engineering.<br />

The Business<br />

and Professional<br />

Women’s Club Girl<br />

of the Month for<br />

<strong>October</strong> is Amy<br />

Karina Dick,<br />

daughter of John<br />

and Betsy Dick of<br />

<strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong>.<br />

Amy’s activities<br />

include the following:<br />

For 1 year: Prom<br />

Committee, Key<br />

Club, Marching and<br />

Concert Bands,<br />

National Art Honor<br />

Society, and tutoring.<br />

For 2 years: National<br />

Honor Society,<br />

Jazz Band, and<br />

Women’s Ensemble.<br />

For 3 years: Bible<br />

Club, Homecoming<br />

Committee,<br />

<strong>School</strong> Musical, and<br />

Mosaic (Select Ensemble).<br />

For 4 years:<br />

FBLA, Chorus, and<br />

Tennis.<br />

Amy has served<br />

as student director<br />

of musicals for three years. She is currently National Honor Society president<br />

and senior class treasurer. Outside school, Amy is a member of her<br />

church choir, performing annually in the Christmas cantata. She is a<br />

member of the women’s bible study and youth groups as well as an assistant<br />

cook at Summit Grove Christian Conference Center. She has also<br />

volunteered her services to the Busted program.<br />

Amy has earned three varsity letters in tennis, two Academic All Star<br />

awards and two letters for chorus. In addition, she earned a spot in the<br />

<strong>District</strong> 8 choir. Amy was selected to represent <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> at the Hugh<br />

O’Brien Youth leadership conference. She has received the President’s<br />

Education Award and the Roger Madigan Citizenship Award.<br />

Amy enjoys playing violin, taking pictures, singing, art, and watching<br />

movies. She plans to attend Penn College to major in interactive media.<br />

9 The Paw Print OCTOBER

NEWS<br />

By Kierstin Bathurst and<br />

Megan Tomb<br />

Are you in need of an adrenaline<br />

rush? If you are looking for a good<br />

scare this <strong>October</strong>, why not visit<br />

Spook Haven? Unlike most<br />

“haunted” houses, this warehouse<br />

walkthrough is actually<br />

haunted.<br />

Legend has it that in the<br />

1800’s Native American tribes<br />

lived on the land that is<br />

now called Castanea.<br />

They captured colonists,<br />

took them to<br />

their “sacred land”<br />

known as the<br />

Death Marsh, and<br />

then scalped and<br />

killed them.<br />

Years later, after<br />

many were too<br />

scared to buy the<br />

cursed land, a man<br />

named Mathias<br />

Thorton bought<br />

the land to make into a brick and tile<br />

company.<br />

He was a mean, cruel man however<br />

and only cared about making money.<br />

One day a man named Lawrence Pennypin,<br />

who was known for his whistling,<br />

was working and a load of clay<br />

fell on him. Workers tried to pull it<br />

all off but Mathias told most of them<br />

to get back to work and left only ten<br />

workers there to help Lawrence. Ten<br />

workers weren’t enough though, and<br />

Lawrence died. To this day, people<br />

still hear Lawrence’s whistling, and<br />

Native Americans and even scalpless<br />

spirits have been seen wondering<br />

around. It seems that the evil of the<br />

past has attached itself to the land<br />

once known as “Death Marsh.”<br />

That piece of land has seen many<br />

other uses from the 1800s to today,<br />

including many years as a warehouse<br />

that closed more than two decades<br />

ago. After 21 years of being abandoned<br />

and neglected, the property<br />

was bought and turned into Spook<br />

Haven. Located in the warehouse are<br />

rooms of many<br />

different,<br />

unique, and<br />

some just plainout<br />

weird<br />

scenes.<br />

The characters<br />

are<br />

also<br />

unique<br />

and they’ll<br />

do anything<br />

for a<br />

scare.<br />

They’re<br />

not only<br />

located in<br />

the walkthrough,<br />

but they also wander<br />

around the parking lot and<br />

line, and don’t think they just<br />

walk around… they sneak up<br />

on you and get right in your<br />

face!<br />

Abigail Frye (10)<br />

and Samantha Dutton (10)<br />

experienced this firsthand. It was their<br />

first year going, and they both admitted<br />

they were pretty scared. Both girls said<br />

they would definitely go back again. If<br />

you want to experience this scary terror,<br />

Spook Haven is open every Friday and<br />

Saturday in <strong>October</strong> from 7 to 10 p.m.<br />

Tickets are $10. Be sure to come, but<br />

watch your back because you never know<br />

what could be lurking around the corner.<br />

10 The Paw Print OCTOBER


Too Old for Trick or Treat?<br />

By Lindsay Dudek<br />

Some call it a childish activity, some refer to it as “free candy,” and others just purely enjoy it. This activity is trick or treating<br />

on Halloween night. Now, we are high school students but a large portion of us are still just kids at heart, afraid to grow<br />

up. Though others can’t wait to grow up, and enjoy spending their Halloween at parties, scaring younger children, or just staying<br />

home, we still have those who will trick or treat forever.<br />

Our die-hard trick or treaters live for Halloween night. They cannot wait for free candy and dressing up like something<br />

they can never be. Some even prepare weeks in advance just to make this one night that will never be forgotten. From the actually<br />

trick or treating to an after party, Halloween is downright one fun holiday.<br />

Even though many parents disagree with high school students’ trick or treating, it rarely stops them. Katie Flook (10) said, “I will<br />

never stop trick or treating!”<br />

She does not believe it is only for younger children and never has a random adult told her she was too old for trick or treating. So in<br />

her mind nothing is stopping her from receiving free candy.<br />

Then we have our students who are too old for childish games and enjoy spending Halloween in a different way. Some non-trick or<br />

treaters scare children or party all night long. For some bizarre reason, some students find amusement in scaring younger children!<br />

They say it is just fun. The parties that many high school students go to still involve dressing up, but they find other ways to enjoy the<br />

night; dancing, bonfires, and just hanging with friends tend to be the way many of us spend our Halloween night.<br />

All in all, Halloween is always a fun holiday no matter how it is spent. If you are trick or treating or dancing all night long, have fun<br />

with Halloween. Just do not to scare the youngsters too much, and don’t steal candy from them either. Make sure you have a blast no<br />

matter what!<br />

TV Shows Focus on<br />

Paranormal<br />

By Emily Thomas<br />

We all watch TV. There are so many genres<br />

of TV to watch - reality, comedy, drama<br />

- but ghost shows? They may be out of the<br />

ordinary but there are many shows about<br />

them. Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State,<br />

Ghost Adventures, Medium, A Haunting,<br />

Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters International,<br />

Psychic Kids, and Destination Truth<br />

are just a few of the haunted shows. Many<br />

shows are based on true stories or involve<br />

hunting for ghosts, but others like Ghost Whisperer, are fictional<br />

stories made to entertain viewers.<br />

So what makes these shows so popular?<br />

“I love being scared. The shows are intense and scary, but at<br />

the same time thrilling,” Hannah Worth (11) said. Several of these<br />

shows are based on a group of people who are on a hunt for ghosts<br />

in haunted areas all around US or the world. Eastern State Penitentiary<br />

is the one of the top places to be investigated for ghosts. It<br />

is located in Philadelphia and some claim it is the most haunted<br />

place in the U.S. Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, Ghost Adventures,<br />

and Paranormal State are just a few shows that investigated<br />

the penitentiary in hopes of finding a few<br />

lingering ghosts. Sure enough they found<br />

some.<br />

Paranormal State is a ghost show<br />

with investigators who are Penn State students.<br />

A few college students with paranormal<br />

experiences decided to make a group<br />

and find a reason for ghostly scares. They<br />

help people all over the United States find<br />

answers to these questions. They investigate<br />

reports of haunted houses and attempt<br />

to get rid of these spirits. Paranormal State<br />

is aired on A&E TV Sunday nights at nine. The new season starts<br />

<strong>October</strong> 17 at 9 PM, just in time for Halloween.<br />

“I’ve gone around Penn State asking around for Ryan Buell (the<br />

main investigator) but no one saw him the day I went,” Alainah<br />

Rosencrance (11) said. “I was depressed.”<br />

These shows are well known to many people, so keep an<br />

eye on your TV guide to see when these shows are on. Maybe<br />

you’ll like them. Sometimes it’s just interesting to see what<br />

haunted places are around, and other times its just funny to see<br />

people get scared.<br />

11 The Paw Print OCTOBER

What’s<br />

Hot?<br />

7 Deadly<br />

Sins<br />

Pin-up Girl<br />

<strong>Jersey</strong><br />

<strong>Shore</strong><br />

Couples<br />

Poison Ivy<br />

Lady Gaga<br />

Nerd Boy<br />

Ariel<br />

Peacock<br />

By Kortnee Blair<br />


Get Tricked Out in a Hot Halloween Costume<br />

Boo! Halloween is just around<br />

the corner; do you know what<br />

you are going to be? Halloween is<br />

a time of the year that everyone<br />

dresses up as either something<br />

crazy, scary, funny, cute or even<br />

stupid. All the kids are excited<br />

about the new costume ideas for<br />

this year.<br />

The new costumes for the year<br />

are Alice in Wonderland and The<br />

<strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong>. It’s the new movie<br />

and show that everyone seems to<br />

love.<br />

“I am going to be Alice, from<br />

Alice in Wonderland!” Katie<br />

Loveland said.<br />

Lady Gaga will probably be a<br />

good choice for a costume because<br />

she has a lot of new trend<br />

ideas that everyone is talking<br />

Matt Winkelman checks out some costume ideas online.<br />

about. Other costumes everyone<br />

is talking about wearing are the Twilight characters. Even though a lot of students said they are going<br />

to wear the latest costume idea, there are also some students that came up with their own ideas for<br />

costumes.<br />

“I am being an Oreo!” Cameron Hart (10) said.<br />

“I am being a troll!” Kendell Edwards (10) said.<br />

“I am being Eve, like Adam and Eve,” said Jessica Bass (10).<br />

There are also some cool ideas from people who are dressing up in groups.<br />

“We are going to be 80’s girls,” said Amanda Grinnell (11) and Samantha Grinnell (10).<br />

Other people are dressing up as Freddy or Jason, Jeepers Creepers, or even scary things that will<br />

creep you out. Even though Freddy and Jason have been around for a long time, they still seem to be<br />

a popular costume idea each year. Every year there are always a few people that dress up as them.<br />

“I am being a dead fairy,” said Amanda Snyder (9).<br />

While you’re looking for the best costume to wear for the holiday you should always keep in mind<br />

the policies for your costume if you are going to wear it to school. If any shorts are part of your costume,<br />

make sure they are no more than six inches above your knee. Also make sure that you are wearing<br />

more than a spaghetti strap, and you aren’t allowed to wear anything that reveals too much skin.<br />

Your stomach has to be covered and open-backed shirts and halter tops are not permitted.<br />

Also for guys, you aren’t allowed to wear muscle shirts that are low cut in the front, back, or the<br />

sides. If you have a costume that has studs or chains that go along with it, you might want to pick<br />

another costume or leave them at home.<br />

Looking for Spooktacular Fun?<br />

By Morgan Rhinehart<br />

Halloween is right around the corner. From trick or treating to<br />

hay rides and haunted houses, they’ve got them all.<br />

There are places all over in Pennsylvania. Who’s up for it? The<br />

Clinton County Art Council is back for Halloween with new features.<br />

They include spooky bus tours, Triangle Park ghost stories,<br />

and hauntings right on the Lock Haven University campus. Residents<br />

and visitors will take a journey through the city, and hear<br />

allegedly true life tales of the supernatural connections to dozens<br />

of the homes and business buildings throughout the city.<br />

In Allenwood, Reptiland is going to celebrate educating the<br />

public on the “night shift.” This event allows visitors to get a first-<br />

hand look at some of the animals there that call the night, their<br />

day. Live “nocturnal shows” will be taking place and the keepers<br />

will show off some of the extraordinary creatures. The animals<br />

will be brought out and shown to the audience and the keepers<br />

will talk about how the animals survive.<br />

Field of Screams, located in Lancaster, is a popular haunted<br />

attraction with a haunted hay ride and Den of Darkness. Those<br />

who operate this attraction said visitors should avoid Saturdays in<br />

<strong>October</strong> if they want to avoid big crowds at Field of Screams.<br />

The Devils Folly Barn in the Lehigh Valley is 6,600 acres of<br />

haunted barn that features many live zombies, mazes, some moving<br />

walls, a few sound effects and a lot more. There are plenty of<br />

Continued on pg 13<br />

12 The Paw Print OCTOBER

Halloween fiction<br />

By Emily Thomas and Dereck Cannady<br />

was the night before Halloween. In<br />

It<br />

the dark of night, two lonely girls,<br />

Abby and Maria, were lost in the<br />

little town of <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong>. Around<br />

midnight the girls decided to head home<br />

from the costume party.<br />

Abby had an idea to walk through the<br />

cemetery to see if they could arouse any<br />

sprits that may still be lingering on the<br />

Earth. The girls needed to walk over the<br />

bridge to head to Rauchtown. So they went<br />

out of their way to go up the high school<br />

hill to wander the cemetery. All the houses<br />

were dark and the doors were locked. The<br />

children were resting for the next night,<br />

where they would be up all night from<br />

sugar high. In the distance the girls could<br />

hear a few rowdy boys yelling, probably just<br />

coming home from a Halloween party like<br />

them. The boys’ voices got closer and<br />

closer. Soon enough they could see two<br />

teenage boys down the street. The girls<br />

could see these boys were carrying something.<br />

As the girls approached the boys they<br />

realized it was Tom and Mark from school.<br />

The object they were carrying was an Ouija<br />

Board.<br />

“Want to play?” Tom asked them. They<br />

agreed and set up the board behind a grave<br />

and played.<br />

As the group was asking the board random,<br />

pointless questions, Mark asked<br />

where the most haunted area in <strong>Jersey</strong><br />

<strong>Shore</strong> was. Suddenly the candles lit went<br />

out, the wind started to pick up and the<br />

neighborly wind chimes went crazy. The<br />

board spelled out “Kruger Mansion.” Eager<br />

to see what this meant, the group packed<br />

up and headed to Rauchtown, where the<br />

infamous mansion was located. For generations,<br />

local legends were told about this<br />

supposedly haunted house that had been<br />

abandoned and empty for decades.<br />

The walk to Rauchtown was cold. A light<br />

rain began to fall. The group’s clothes were<br />

all wet, and with the harsh winds blowing<br />

at them, it made them seem even colder.<br />

Continued from pg 12<br />

surprises in this barn near Allentown. There are also over 40 live<br />

actors helping to scare people who walk by. This attraction is for<br />

most ages, although many younger children are afraid to enter.<br />

The wind pushed them back as they tried to<br />

walk against it, but they were determined<br />

to see what was going on in the old house.<br />

Suddenly they saw it.<br />

They slowly made their way to the house,<br />

their hearts pounding in fear, but no one<br />

was brave enough to say they were scared.<br />

Each step creaked with a high pitched<br />

screech resembling that of a high scream.<br />

The porch was falling apart, with boards<br />

and nails jutting in the air. The appearance<br />

of the front of the house screamed “I’m<br />

haunted” as if it didn’t want anyone to trespass.<br />

In fact, the whole house was falling<br />

apart. Mark opened the door carefully to<br />

make sure it didn’t fall off, but it wouldn’t<br />

open. So he gave the handle a few more<br />

twists and a pull and the door forcefully<br />

opened. The house was beautiful inside, old<br />

and dusty, but the ceilings were high and a<br />

beautiful chandelier was hanging just above<br />

the entrance. As they looked around in awe<br />

the door slammed behind them.<br />

“Did you do that?” Abby asked. They all<br />

looked at her shaking their heads. In the<br />

distance they swore they could hear a raspy<br />

voice say, “Let the games begin.”<br />

The chandelier began to shake and lights<br />

were flickering off and on. The doors began<br />

slamming open and shut. The group now<br />

wished they never came here. Through the<br />

flashing lights they could make out a shape<br />

on the top of the stairs standing there that<br />

looked like two women. They were dressed<br />

in ragged old garments and they looked<br />

crazy. One figure left a loud, ear-piercing<br />

scream as the other one laughed and<br />

jumped from the upstairs landing to meet<br />

the kids face to face. The kids kept backing<br />

farther and farther away until their backs<br />

hit the door. Abby tried to open the door<br />

behind her but it was locked. They started<br />

shaking as the ghosts got closer and closer.<br />

“Why have you come to interrupt our<br />

rest?” the one ghost asked. The kids couldn’t<br />

get a word out from fear.<br />

“Answer me!” the other said. Since no<br />

one answered, the ghosts left, but the kids<br />

knew they’d be back.<br />


A Halloween Tale to Chill Your Bones<br />

Looking for Spooktacular Fun?<br />

After a few minutes the kids thought<br />

they’d explore this amazing house since the<br />

ghosts left. They entered the kitchen. Under<br />

an old dirty rug they could feel boards<br />

move under their feet. They moved the rug<br />

and an old passage door was underneath. It<br />

took all four kids to help lift it up to see<br />

what was under it. With all their might<br />

they opened the door to find a hidden<br />

room. The room was small, leaving very<br />

little room for the four of them. Candles<br />

were placed around the room leading to<br />

some type of casket with a statue of a little<br />

girl on top of it. Astonished, they approached<br />

the casket looking for some<br />

name. They shed light on the center of the<br />

casket which said “Emily”. They examined<br />

the casket trying to look for some more<br />

information but they found nothing. They<br />

knew it was time for them to leave when<br />

they felt a chilling wind similar to the one<br />

in the cemetery. No windows were around<br />

and there were no ways for air to circulate<br />

in that small room. All of the candles lit up.<br />

Everyone felt a menacing presence in the<br />

room. Out of thin air they heard a voice,<br />

the same voice they heard when they entered<br />

the house.<br />

“Got you!” the raspy voice yelled. The<br />

passage door slammed making it impossible<br />

for them to escape. They pulled on the<br />

door with all their might but it wouldn’t<br />

budge. The wind came again as Abby was<br />

thrown across the room. She was being<br />

thrashed from side to side like a rag doll<br />

unable to regain control. They knew she<br />

was gone. They pulled and pulled until the<br />

door finally opened. They ran through the<br />

house trying to escape the footsteps behind<br />

them. While they ran, the entity caught<br />

Tom. Mark and Maria didn’t hesitate to<br />

look back. Upon reaching the door, Mark<br />

and Maria tried to open it, but like the passage<br />

door, it wouldn’t budge. They finally<br />

knew their time had come. Savoring their<br />

last moments of life they sat there with<br />

their eyes closed ready for their fate they<br />

asked for.<br />

No one does Halloween like Jason’s Woods in the Altoona<br />

area. This legendary attraction features nine hair-raising<br />

haunted attractions with breath taking effects.<br />

With all these events, there’s no excuse for anyone to<br />

have a boring weekend.<br />

13 The Paw Print OCTOBER


Freshman-Paige Lorson<br />

Junior-Cameron Crawford<br />

By Chelsea Hartzel<br />

Sophomore-Brooke Miller<br />

Candy Corn or Candy Pumpkins?<br />

Freshman- Candy Corn, they taste better.<br />

Sophomore- Candy Corn, they taste way better. Pumpkins<br />

are yucky.<br />

Junior- Candy Pumpkins, I don’t like candy corn.<br />

Senior- Neither! They are both quite repulsive .<br />

Lollipops or Chocolate?<br />

Freshman- Lollipops, I like lollipops.<br />

Sophomore- Lollipops, they don’t melt and they’re yummy.<br />

Junior- Chocolate, it’s chocolate and chocolate’s amazing.<br />

Senior -Chocolate, because it’s wonderful!<br />

Werewolves or Vampires?<br />

Freshman- Werewolves, Team Jacob has better abs.<br />

Sophomore- Werewolves, vampires are stupid.<br />

Junior- Vampires, they were cool when they were like Dracula<br />

Senior- Ha-ha, just because?<br />

Saw or Scream?<br />

Freshman- Saw, they’re gorier.<br />

Sophomore- Neither, I haven’t seen either one.<br />

Junior- Neither, I haven’t seen them.<br />

Senior- Neither! I hate scary movies.<br />

Freddy or Jason?<br />

Freshman- Jason, you can’t see his face.<br />

Sophomore- Freddy, he’s amazing. I love Freddy!<br />

Junior- Neither, I haven’t seen those movies.<br />

Senior- Freddy, I hate chainsaws.<br />

Senior– Clayton Lose<br />

Haunted House or Haunted Hay Ride?<br />

Freshman- Hayride, you get to go on a ride.<br />

Sophomore- Hayride, I like how they’re outside and they’re<br />

awesome like that.<br />

Junior- Hayride, they’re more fun and they’re outside.<br />

Senior- Hayride, I’m a wimp and they aren’t as scary.<br />

Ghost or Zombie?<br />

Freshman- Zombie, they’re cooler.<br />

Sophomore- Zombie, they eat people and they walk funny.<br />

Junior- Ghost, zombies are used in too many movies.<br />

Senior- Ghost, because of Charlie Brown.<br />

Mask or Make-Up?<br />

Freshman- Make-up, it looks better.<br />

Sophomore- Mask, Make-up bugs me.<br />

Junior- Make-up, masks are too much to put on your face.<br />

Senior- Make-up, masks are hot.<br />

Dracula or Frankenstein?<br />

Freshman- Frankenstein, I don’t like vampires .<br />

Sophomore- Frankenstein, because he’s green.<br />

Junior- Frankenstein, because of the movie.<br />

Senior- Frankenstein, Dracula sucks.<br />

Orange or Black?<br />

Freshman- Black, I don’t like orange.<br />

Sophomore- Orange, black brings me down .<br />

Junior- Black, its cooler then orange.<br />

Senior- Black definitely.<br />

14 The Paw Print OCTOBER


Boots Made for Walkin’<br />

By Taylor Hawkins<br />

As the temperature drops, more and more people have ditched their flip<br />

flops and have started wearing boots.<br />

Not only are boots the stylish footwear of the season, they also keep your<br />

feet warm. Also, there are many different styles of boots from Uggs to cowboy<br />

boots to hiking boots to rubber rain boots to black leather boots to<br />

heavy snow boots to simple ankle boots and everything in between.<br />

Boys and girls from all ages can wear them, too. “My rain boots are definitely<br />

my favorite type of boot,” said Ashley Hawkins (11). So, go put on a<br />

pair of boots. You’re guaranteed to be warm and fashionable.<br />

Cassie Englert<br />

(11) shows off<br />

her boots.<br />

Join the Party<br />

Robert “Tommy” Todd<br />

Our custodian for 10 years of commendable service<br />

By Krista Weymouth<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

- Every morning at 5:00, the majority of us are still sleeping and<br />

Robert is just beginning his day with a work-out at the local<br />

YMCA for an hour or hour and a half steady.<br />

- Robert loves to sing. He is an excellent singer and enjoys singing<br />

Irish songs. One of his favorite Irish songs is “Anniversary<br />

Song.” He states that he likes to sing in the stairs and hallways<br />

because of such great acoustics.<br />

- At St. Luke’s Church in <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong>, Robert canters for the<br />

church choir. This means he leads the church service in songs.<br />

- He has a daughter and is very pleased with her success in education.<br />

She received a PH. D.<br />

- Robert displays grandfatherly pride by supporting his grandson’s<br />

phenomenal skills in playing the bag pipes. His grandson is<br />

one of the top two young pipers in the country at the age of fourteen.<br />

By Mariah DeParasis<br />

Beto Perez<br />

Zumba is a new dance fitness craze sweeping<br />

the hallways of <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> High <strong>School</strong> these days.<br />

This new dance craze is a mix of Latin and international<br />

music to make working out fun. Music is the key<br />

ingredient to these Zumba classes.<br />

Cameron Hart (10) did Zumba at his church. “It was<br />

intense, definitely a workout,” explained Cameron, who<br />

suggested wearing Spandex.<br />

Samantha Dutton (10) is a regular at Zumba workouts.<br />

“It’s like an aerobic workout, and I really enjoy it,” she<br />

said.<br />

Zumba has become so popular that it has recently<br />

come out as a wii game. Spreading like wildfire, Zumba<br />

has become a revolution in the fitness world. Zumba<br />

came about as an accident. Beto Perez, a well known fitness<br />

trainer, forgot to bring his music to class one day<br />

and just popped in whatever tape he had with him. Without<br />

his traditional music, Beto started to improvise the<br />

class, new music and new dance moves started this fitness<br />

party we call Zumba.<br />

15 The Paw Print OCTOBER


Second trophy<br />

Eric Wenner (12) bagged this nice 10-point buck<br />

hunting on the opening day of archery season.<br />

He said he was hunting near Salladasburg when<br />

he shot this buck, which had a 17-inch spread.<br />

He said this was not the largest buck he’s gotten,<br />

however. In <strong>2008</strong>, he shot an eight-point with a<br />

larger spread.<br />

Happy Birthday to...<br />

Sept. 1- Luke Lilley, Seth Slykhuis, Shalissa Smith,<br />

Sept. 2- Brandon Clark<br />

Sept. 3- Courtney Breon, Troy Rafter, Cody Winter, Desiree<br />

Worth, Hannah Worth<br />

Sept. 4- Tyler Fenderson, Sierra Hoy, Micheal Kershner<br />

Sept. 5- Albert Crossley, McKayla Green, Allen Mertz, Anthony<br />

Mertz, Spencer Ross<br />

Sept. 6- Courtney Entz, Oaklyn Henry, Nicholas Outzen, Derek<br />

Watts<br />

Sept. 7- Zachary Velez, Brittani Young<br />

Sept. 8- Tamara Bakto, Adam Campbell, Carissa Guthrie,<br />

Stephen Smeltzer, David Sweeny<br />

Sept. 9- Tyler Eck, Arien Warner, Caitlin Weaver<br />

Sept. 10- Karina Brass, Samantha Lehman, Robert Smith, John<br />

Wehler<br />

Sept. 11- Taryn Fulkrod, Ashley Hawkins, Logan Wool<br />

Sept. 12- Leigh Eisenhauer, McKenzie Hakin, Bethany Hughes,<br />

Bethany Lehman<br />

Sept. 13-Ian Endresen<br />

Sept. 14- Logan Beaver, Jesse Loner, Marissa Loner<br />

Sept. 15- Tyler Fulkrod<br />

Sept. 16- Blake Musser<br />

Sept. 17- Kevin Baney, Ryan Palski<br />

Sept. 18- Jessie Bower<br />

Sept. 19- Julia Ely, Rebecca Young<br />

Sept. 20- Dylan Hamm, Jared Lewis, Crystal Welch<br />

Sept. 22- Stephen Baier<br />

Sept. 23- Roselaine Confer, Megan Tomb<br />

Sept. 24- Caitlin Chapman, Zachary Shreck, Britney Younkin<br />

Sept. 25- Jacalyn Daniels, Joshua Dincher, Dillan Eck, Britney<br />

Hostrander<br />

Sept. 26- Sophie Hatalsky, Ryan Rosato<br />

Sept. 27- Mojave Bovard, Lindsay Hill, Nicole Redinski<br />

Sept. 28- Lilly Entz, Tevin Fulkrod, Casey McCracken, Tyler<br />

Percy, Auria Wampler<br />

Sept. 29- Jamie Brown, Emily Eiswerth, Andrew Kiess,<br />

Miranda Lowell, Sara Shaffer, Sierra Waybright<br />

Sept. 30- Alex Clementoni, Ryan Harer<br />

Oct. 1- Caleb Barnhart, Brandy Butler, Nathaniel Caputo, Aaron<br />

Eck, Marissa Karstetter, Joshua Rhian, Riley Schaefer<br />

Oct. 2- Holley Fuller, Alexis Seibert, Jesse Smith<br />

Oct. 3- Rusty Banks, Cody Bradley, Lindsay Dudek<br />

Oct. 4- Travis Eiswerth, Zachary Garman, Brooklyn Hillyard,<br />

Teisa Meixel, Hannah Yost<br />

Oct. 5- Lindsay Crist, Courtney Morlock, Damon Norman<br />

Oct. 6- Lauren Green, Cody Miller, Robert Weaver, Cody Welsh<br />

Oct. 7- Kyle Dauberman, Brennan Eiswerth, Hayley Rhian,<br />

Matthew Shirey, McKinley Thompson<br />

Oct. 8- Caleib Shade, Bethany Shirk, Calissa Weatherly<br />

Oct. 9- Cheyenne Higgins, Tobi Letterman<br />

Oct. 10- Sabrina Blawn, Cameron Crawford, Kyle Gibson,<br />

Kayleen Maihle, Cheyenne Merrill, Joseph Rankinen, Janel Welch<br />

Oct. 11- Steven DeMarco, Maria Eck, Logan Engel, Jamie Mason<br />

Oct. 12- Trent Andrews, Mason Lauer, Lindsey Stewart<br />

Oct. 14- Colt Fritz, Amanda Grinell, Kristen Hopple<br />

Oct. 15- Danielle Jodun, Lukas Kreger, Eric Leonard<br />

Oct. 16- Kelsey Umstead<br />

Oct. 18- Megan Harpster, Dominik Mauck, Madalyn Thompson<br />

Oct. 19- Kasha Bassett, Britney Hanley, Amanda Stephens<br />

Oct. 20-Brianna Biblehimer, Todd Bowes, Dell Snook<br />

Oct. 21- Keri Fargus, Julie Fryer, Kayle Fryer, Benjamin<br />

Lorson, Zachery Magaw, Emily Miller<br />

Oct. 22- Daniel Wrench<br />

Oct. 23- Lauren Fisher, Craig Schmoldt, Kirsti Stabley<br />

Oct. 24- Utoafili Agae-Naipo, Jeremiah Paucke, Justin Pequignot<br />

Oct. 25- Grace Naehu<br />

Oct. 26-Katie Flook, Samantha Grinell, Katlyn Taylor<br />

Oct. 28- Tiffany Beck, Ashley Bremigen, Kirstyn Harstead<br />

Oct. 29- Susan Barrows, Aaron Miller, Tyler Myers, Justin Norman<br />

Oct. 30- Jennifer Christian, Gerry Luxenberger, Danielle Ohlsson<br />

Oct. 31- Kyle Camerer, Rebecca Jodun, Jami Levan, Kortney<br />

Umbenhauer<br />

17 The Paw Print OCTOBER


Libra (September 23- <strong>October</strong> 22) – If you hunt this is a lucky month for you because deer will seemingly be<br />

attracted to you so make sure you are a good shot.<br />

Scorpio (<strong>October</strong> 23- November 21) - Be careful with superstitions this month, don’t walk under ladders, break<br />

mirrors and be sure to wear your lucky rabbit’s foot.<br />

Sagittarius (November 22- December 21) – You will be smashed with a never ending fountain of homework.<br />

Be sure not to put it off or your grade will plummet.<br />

Capricorn (December 22- January 19) - For the next few weeks your life will be a daze so just enjoy it and take<br />

the ride. Not much homework, not many test and not many arguments.<br />

Aquarius (January 20- February 18) - Just like when you were a child things will be handed to you and everyone<br />

will baby you. Enjoy it while it last because the next month you won’t be so lucky.<br />

Pisces (February 19- March 20) - This month will suck for you. If you like money, friends and not having homework<br />

then don’t expect any of that.<br />

Aries (March 21- April 19) - This <strong>October</strong> will be terrible for you, anything from falling down the stairs, falling<br />

out of bed, and stubbing your toe can and will happen.<br />

Taurus (April 20- May 20) – As you get up in the morning tell yourself you will have a great day because being<br />

positive will make this month flow and you may come into some money or a new friend.<br />

Gemini (May 21- June 20) – When out be careful of what you say and how you word it. This month you may<br />

hurt others feelings easily so try to watch your mouth or karma could come back to bite you.<br />

Cancer (June 21- July 22) -Things that you don’t expect will happen this month so keep your eyes open. It may<br />

be anything from a trick on Halloween to a bird doing its business on your head before school.<br />

Leo (July 23- August 22) - You will have the extreme urge to be lazy this month. Resist being lazy and do stuff<br />

yourself because if you copy homework or hide your tray under the table you are guarantee to get caught.<br />

Virgo (August 23- September 22) - The spot light will love you this month so don’t be afraid to speak out and be<br />

loud.<br />

18 The Paw Print OCTOBER


Seniors Kick Off Busy Year Ahead<br />

By Kailyn Fausey<br />

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a senior?<br />

Well everyone in the senior class has their own<br />

opinion of what senior year is like.<br />

“Senior year is actually pretty boring. I really do<br />

nothing all day,” said Emily Oberle. But many of the<br />

seniors have one thing in common, and that is, they all<br />

think this school year is going slowly.<br />

Understand that it’s only <strong>October</strong>, the only major<br />

thing they’ve worked on so far is senior projects (Oct. 1<br />

was presentation day).<br />

Many seniors continue doing their thing. Matthew<br />

Winkelman is still in band, and doing great. Some of<br />

the seniors are still in sports like Casey Rishel and<br />

Aaron Reidell, who are on the varsity football team. But<br />

“life is pretty average,” said Emily. Hanging out with<br />

friends, going to parties and regular life is all the same.<br />

Like Emily, there are many others who have their<br />

college planning and know what they want to do, but<br />

who hates to look at colleges. Matthew already has his<br />

college ideas and so does Emily. Others may not be<br />

ready yet.<br />

By Ashley Weaver<br />

Seniors<br />

First Stop: Finishing Senior Projects<br />

The seniors faced one of the most difficult<br />

tasks that are required to graduate when they gave their<br />

senior presentations earlier this month. To graduate<br />

every student must complete a senior paper, a senior<br />

presentation, and a reflection journal.<br />

There were many different things that the seniors<br />

thought was the most difficult thing to do out of the<br />

JSASD Culminating Project. For Jami Levan (12), the<br />

hardest part of presenting was getting up and talking in<br />

front of a group of teachers.<br />

“The most difficult part of presenting was remembering<br />

not to say ‘umm’ or ‘like’ a bunch of times,”<br />

she said.<br />

“Not looking at your note cards could be quite<br />

difficult because you're afraid of forgetting the information,”<br />

said Emily Cook (12).<br />

Some students felt prepared walking in the<br />

room to present, ready to pass, while others felt rather<br />

unprepared, feeling pessimistic or nervous about passing.<br />

“Going into the room, I was a nervous wreck,”<br />

said Karina Brass (12).<br />

“I felt really prepared going into the room, although<br />

I think I would have liked to run through the<br />

presentation one more time,” said Victoria Snyder (12).<br />

After presenting, many students felt like a great<br />

weight had been lifted off their shoulders. “I felt very<br />

good after presenting, and it is just one less thing that I<br />

have to worry about anymore,” stated Jami.<br />

Some students felt like some changes could be<br />

made to make the culminating project better. Emily<br />

Cook (12) thinks that one thing that should change is<br />

being able to know right then and there if you passed or<br />

not because waiting to hear the verdict is quite nerve<br />

wracking.<br />

“One thing that I would change about senior<br />

presentations is being able to talk to the teachers before<br />

the presentation, so that you could be more comfortable<br />

with presenting in front of them,” stated Cassandra Sobers<br />

(12).<br />

“I wouldn’t change anything about the presentations,<br />

I liked how my whole project came together in<br />

the end,” said Jami.<br />

19 The Paw Print DATE

By Eric Budd<br />

I love music. I really do. I enjoy listening<br />

to it. I like the feel of it. I like being able to<br />

go on a trip through the artist's head, trying<br />

to unravel their music and get to the bottom<br />

of what they are trying to convey.<br />

I like all sorts of music, from international<br />

legends such as Pink Floyd to tiny<br />

independent productions such as Built to<br />

Spill. Naturally, I have difficulty in narrowing<br />

my choices down to one album for a<br />

review, out of bands spanning dozens of<br />

genres from several decades and multiple<br />

continents. The album I chose is somewhere<br />

between Pink Floyd and Built to<br />

Spill, but it's something I hope pretty much<br />

everybody can like.<br />

The band is Explosions in the Sky, a<br />

group of guys from Austin, Texas, who<br />

grouped up in 1999 and have been producing<br />

some of the most critically-acclaimed<br />

post-rock music ever since. Out of the four<br />

members, three play electric guitar (one<br />

switches out for a bass when necessary)<br />

and one plays the drums.<br />

There is no vocalist.<br />

The album is The Earth Is Not a Cold<br />

Dead Place, a brilliant 45-minute display of<br />

By Molly Hyland<br />

The teenage world depends on it,<br />

adults reconnect with their past lives<br />

on it, and almost EVERYONE uses it:<br />

Facebook.<br />

Facebook is one of the most influential<br />

creations of our time. It connects<br />

the world. It’s becoming a huge<br />

part of our daily lives. People can even<br />

be heard saying things like “Facebook<br />

that” referring to pictures, or “Oh, I<br />

saw it on Facebook!” as well as many<br />

people characterizing themselves as<br />

“Facebook stalkers.” But how’d the<br />

madness begin?<br />

The Social Network portrays the<br />

answer in an amusing and entertaining<br />

way. Finally there is a movie that<br />

can make you laugh without involving<br />

the word “retard” or a jab at sexual<br />

affairs. In The Social Network, Jesse<br />

Eisenburg plays Mark Zuckerberg (the<br />

inventor of Facebook) and in my opinion<br />

he does an incredible job of capturing<br />

Zuckerberg’s dry, sarcastic<br />

sense of humor. Justin Timberlake<br />


The Social Network:<br />

Millions like this<br />

Revisiting a 2003 classic<br />

emotion and probably the coolest thing to<br />

happen in the year 2003. Earth isn't the<br />

greatest piece of music ever made, but it<br />

has to be among the most likeable. Most<br />

genres of music have firm opponents—a<br />

huge number of people openly hate rap and<br />

country music, for instance. Earth, on the<br />

other hand, really doesn't offer much to<br />

hate: just three guitars and a drum track,<br />

with no overarching theme, no specific audience<br />

to please, and no complicated message.<br />

Explosions in the Sky, these four thencollege<br />

aged kids from Texas, just wanted<br />

to make something pleasurable to the ear.<br />

They succeeded beautifully. With swirling,<br />

almost hypnotic lows and crashing, thunderous<br />

highs, Earth sends chills down your<br />

spine even during the fourth and fifth listen.<br />

The entire album, though technically<br />

composed of five separate songs, is one<br />

unbroken string of music. The first track,<br />

First Breath After Coma, blends seamlessly<br />

into the next, The Only Moment We Were<br />

Alone. Out of 45 minutes of music, there<br />

may be five seconds of silence.<br />

I don't care if you like music or not. I<br />

don't care whether you only listen to Taylor<br />

Swift or Lil' Wayne. Earth asks for less than<br />

plays the carefree, wildcard inventor<br />

of Napster, Sean Parker, and plays his<br />

part extremely well also.<br />

All of the actors and actresses had a<br />

great deal of talent and told their section<br />

of the story very well. The story is<br />

a series of flashbacks that tell how<br />

Zuckerberg, the twins, and Eduardo<br />

became involved throughout the making<br />

of Facebook and ends with a conclusion<br />

to it all. I was very impressed<br />

and would definitely recommend The<br />

Social Network to anyone. The Social<br />

Network is funny, informative and<br />

definitely entertaining. This movie is<br />

PG13.<br />

an hour out of your day. You can easily<br />

listen to the entire album from beginning to<br />

end on Grooveshark.<br />

Perhaps <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> alum Abe Williams,<br />

who let me pester him into listening<br />

to this album more than a year ago, said it<br />

best: “This may be the most beautiful piece<br />

of music I've ever heard.”<br />

If not Abe, perhaps it was senior Evan<br />

Sander: “That was awesome.”<br />

The Earth is not a cold, dead place.<br />

20 The Paw Print <strong>October</strong>


Harry Potter back and bigger than ever<br />

By Alainah Rosencrance and<br />

Taylor Hawkins<br />

Accio Harry Potter fans! With a<br />

new movie coming out on Nov. 19,<br />

Harry Potter fans worldwide are getting<br />

fired up. There are only two<br />

movies left, both installments of the<br />

last book, Harry Potter and the<br />

Deathly Hallows. This fantastic series<br />

has sold more than four hundred<br />

million copies and has been translated<br />

into almost 70 languages. J.K.<br />

Rowling is the first person to become<br />

a billionaire by writing books.<br />

For those of you who do not know<br />

much about this amazingly excellent<br />

series, it is about a boy named Harry<br />

Potter. He is a wizard sent to live<br />

with his non-magical aunt and uncle<br />

because his parents were killed by<br />

the most powerful dark wizard,<br />

Voldemort. At age 11, he was invited<br />

to go to a magical school named Hogwarts,<br />

and accepted happily.<br />

He encountered Voldemort many<br />

times and lived to tell the tale. In the<br />

last book, he is faced with a challenge;<br />

to destroy Voldemort once and<br />

for all. But, obstacles occur and if he<br />

fails he not only will lose his own life,<br />

but the whole wizarding community,<br />

and the world will be in grave danger.<br />

If you’re curious about what becomes<br />

of the boy and his friends,<br />

read the books. If you’re too lazy,<br />

wait for the movies.<br />

A good werewolf novel?<br />

By Sam Boerner<br />

In a time where teen literature is<br />

being taken over by vampires and<br />

werewolves, it’s hard to find a decent<br />

read. However, Shiver is a<br />

wonderful combination of the two.<br />

Grace has been watching the<br />

wolves from her backyard for years.<br />

As a young child Grace was attacked<br />

by a pack of wolves, torn<br />

from her<br />

swing in<br />

the backyard.<br />

During<br />

this<br />

encounter<br />

with the<br />

elusive<br />

wolf pack,<br />

Grace is<br />

saved by a<br />

gentle wolf<br />

with enthralling<br />

yellow<br />

eyes. Now<br />

years later, another supposed attack<br />

has taken place and a price is<br />

put on the wolves’ head. Grace is<br />

terrified, for over the years she has<br />

grown connected to the wolves in<br />

Boundary Wood. Read on as Grace<br />

discovers that not all things are as<br />

they appear and that looking beneath<br />

the surface can bring up<br />

many unbelievable things.<br />

Sam is a werewolf, and has been<br />

since he was a young boy. As the<br />

seasons change Sam always wonders<br />

just how long he’ll remain human,<br />

because his change is brought<br />

on by the drop in temperature, kind<br />

of like a supernatural sickness.<br />

He’s watched Grace from the<br />

woods for many years as a yelloweyed<br />

wolf<br />

and has<br />

grown<br />

fond of<br />

her.<br />

However,<br />

when the<br />

two are<br />

finally<br />

brought<br />

together,<br />

they must<br />

face an<br />

impending<br />

and perpetual<br />

separation. This novel will keep you<br />

hanging on, wondering just what<br />

will happen to the two. When<br />

you’ve finished with this first book<br />

in the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy,<br />

check out the sequel Linger,<br />

another wonderful work from<br />

Maggie Stiefvater.<br />

<strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong>’s<br />

take on<br />

<strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong><br />

By Dereck Cannady<br />

What is so special about reality TV? It’s the kind of<br />

TV everybody loves or hates, there is no in-between.<br />

From Keeping up with the Kardashians to Survivor,<br />

the basic definition of reality TV is anything that isn’t<br />

scripted. Reality TV has become a powerhouse on many<br />

TV networks as this genre has developed many different<br />

sub genres. There are reality shows that are focused on<br />

competition like American Idol, The Apprentice, and<br />

Survivor. Contestants entertain the watcher with their<br />

talent, wit, or competitive nature.<br />

Then there also is the drama filled shows that lean on<br />

their over-exaggerated lifestyles that usually include<br />

partying, humiliating actions and frivolous bickering.<br />

Snooki, American hero<br />

Continued on page 22<br />

21 The Paw Print OCTOBER

By David Sweeney<br />


The Ten SCARIEST Movies of All-Time<br />

One of the most entertaining things known to man is simply sitting down and watching a scary movie. It has been that way since<br />

movies began. Over time, some seriously scary movies have come out. Here are some of the scariest.<br />

10<br />


Coming in at number ten is the Dawn of the Dead<br />

movies. Both the original and remake are terrifying and<br />

are sure to give you a chill or at least make you think<br />

about what would happen if a zombie apocalypse happened.<br />

Both have extremely realistic gore and have a<br />

certain spook factor you can’t get away from.<br />

9<br />


5<br />


A classic and never-gets-old film making its way to<br />

number five is Stephen King’s The Shining. The director<br />

strayed somewhat from Stephen King’s novel, but made<br />

the original Shining one of the scariest of all time.<br />

4<br />


8<br />

Sliding in at number nine is the Child Play series. A<br />

toy coming to life and slashing you and your family may<br />

sound ridiculous, but it will make you jump and you will<br />

have a new respect for red-headed dolls. The reason it<br />

ranks so low is because the series turned into a joke more<br />

than it was meant to be scary.<br />


Ranking number eight is Nightmare on Elm Street.<br />

Dreams are reality and in your dreams there is a man<br />

bent on taking your life – it’s enough to make you afraid<br />

to go to bed at night. Just like Child’s Play though, after<br />

the second movie Freddy became more of a joke than a<br />

serious killer.<br />

6<br />

Sawing its way in at number seven is the Texas Chainsaw<br />

Massacre. You can’t get much more brutal than hacking your<br />

buddies apart with a chainsaw! The series took a downhill turn<br />

after the second one but was revived with the recent remake.<br />

Continued from page 21<br />

These shows include <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong>, Real<br />

Housewives, and Bad Girls Club. Even<br />

though these are all different type of shows,<br />

they all have one thing in common - drama.<br />

When teens in <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> High <strong>School</strong><br />

were asked about what show comes to<br />

mind, the majority said <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong>.<br />

Adrienne Bardo (11) said that when she<br />

thinks of reality shows, <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> comes<br />

to mind. She explained her like for the<br />

show to be a “guilty pleasure” given the<br />

7<br />



Number six is a movie that you either love or hate,<br />

Paranormal Activity. The movie gives the feeling that<br />

what you are watching is real and you will either be terrified<br />

or think it’s silly. It’s a love/hate relationship with<br />

most people, but the movie managed its way to spot six.<br />

3<br />

content and glorification of drama. She also<br />

watches the show just because of the name.<br />

She sees <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> just as a fun stupid<br />

show to watch.<br />

Madigan Drier (12) said he believed reality<br />

TV was fake and rehearsed. He described<br />

reality TV as rehearsed TV that<br />

emphasizes drama to gain ratings. Madigan<br />

said, “I’m not fond of reality TV because<br />

people act differently on camera than<br />

in person.”<br />

Some teachers had the same perception<br />

of reality TV. Mr. Tim Greene and Mr.<br />

Very appropriate for this time of year comes Halloween<br />

at number four. The original and remake both will<br />

make you shudder. A crazy man is bent on killing what is<br />

left of his family and slaughters anyone in his way.<br />

JAWS<br />

Number three kept people out of the water for years. Jaws<br />

scared people so badly that many refused to go to the beach.<br />

The idea of being stuck at sea with a giant great<br />

white shark eating your friends will keep you away<br />

from the beach for awhile.<br />

Coming in at number two is a movie that will scare the pants<br />

off of you and make you look at everyone different. The Thing is<br />

about a creature that can imitate your friends and kills everything<br />

that’s around. If you want to see people on fire, limbs<br />

coming off, or heads splitting, this is by far one of the best movies<br />

you will see.<br />

1<br />

2<br />


The Exorcist<br />

And at number one… Since this movie came<br />

out, it has been said to be the scariest movie ever made and<br />

is still considered the scariest in most places. The Exorcist<br />

will make you stay up at night and give you nightmares.<br />

When The Exorcist came out, people left the theaters in<br />

tears from the movie. In this movie, a mother battles for the<br />

soul of her young daughter who is possessed by a demon,<br />

and it promises to scare the pants off of you.<br />

What happened to reality TV?<br />

Rock Griswold expressed that they felt reality<br />

TV was simple minded TV that plugs up<br />

the airways.<br />

“Reality TV is nothing more than a marketing<br />

tool,” said Mr. Griswold. Mr. Greene<br />

saw it as TV that was created just for<br />

money and nothing else.<br />

Whether you love it or hate it, everyone<br />

has their own view about reality TV. But<br />

everyone can agree on one thing - Whether<br />

it’s exploiting someone’s drama or talent, it<br />

is the most viewed genre on television.<br />

22 The Paw Print OCTOBER

SPORTS<br />

Kershner Tackling<br />

His Way To Success<br />

By Amber Kachelries<br />

The male athlete for the month of <strong>October</strong> is football player Mike<br />

Kershner. Mike has been playing football since his seventh grade<br />

year and has fallen in<br />

love with the sport.<br />

Mike describes football<br />

as a way to release his<br />

anger by hitting people<br />

as hard as he can in<br />

sport.<br />

Mike became<br />

interested in the sport<br />

when his friends joined, and thought it would a good way to spend<br />

his time, but it turned out to be more.<br />

Mike also participates in wrestling, and in the off season, he enjoys<br />

weight lifting. He plans to play football and wrestle in college<br />

in the future. When asked what his greatest memories and accomplishments<br />

on the football team were, Mike responded, “Junior<br />

year was my best year. Our first win of the season was a great accomplishment,<br />

and it was so funny when Cody Mason flipped out<br />

over a spider!”<br />

Mike leaves this bit of advice to the underclassmen: “Do your<br />

best, have faith in coaches, and leave it all out on the field.”<br />

Fisher Making Big<br />

Strides In X-Country<br />

By Amber Kachelries<br />

The female athlete of the month for <strong>October</strong> is cross country<br />

runner Sara Fisher.<br />

Sara started her running<br />

career in seventh<br />

grade when she joined<br />

the middle school<br />

cross country team,<br />

and has been a top<br />

competitor in the<br />

sport throughout the<br />

years. Her favorite<br />

thing about cross country is simply running and competing<br />

against worthy opponents.<br />

Apart from cross country, Sara also participates in track<br />

and field for the school, and is a member of FBLA and National<br />

Honor Society. Sara plans to keep running cross country and<br />

track and field in college.<br />

Sara has high expectations for her cross country team<br />

this season and wants to win as many meets as possible and just<br />

do their best. Her favorite memory in cross country would be<br />

when she lettered in her freshman year.<br />

Congratulations to Sara and the Paw Print wishes her<br />

and her team the best of luck the rest of the season!<br />

23 The Paw Print OCTOBER

NEWS<br />

JS Students Bike To Great Distances !<br />

By Mariah DeParasis<br />

Fifty six miles,<br />

one team. The <strong>Jersey</strong><br />

<strong>Shore</strong> Cross Country team<br />

woke up at seven o’clock<br />

in the morning to meet at<br />

the local access area for<br />

the Rails to Trails. Tired<br />

and cold, the team set off<br />

from <strong>Jersey</strong> <strong>Shore</strong> to the<br />

Wellsboro Junction.<br />

Starting the trip<br />

was Gage Feigles (9) and<br />

followed by Sarah Fisher<br />

(12), Tess Nidetch (12),<br />

and Adrienne Bardo (11)<br />

on bikes. They all were<br />

picked up at White Tail<br />

access area in Pine Creek,<br />

and the next group set off<br />

for another leg of the trail.<br />

This kept up all<br />

the way to the last leg of<br />

the trail, where freshmen<br />

Cody Allen, Gage Feigles, and Brandon Best finished it up with<br />

sophomores Mariah<br />

DeParasis and Danielle<br />

Rozenberg following<br />

on bikes. Brandon was<br />

the last person to run,<br />

bringing the team to<br />

Wellsboro Junction.<br />

After stopping<br />

for ice cream, the<br />

team headed up to the<br />

campground. At the<br />

campground the students<br />

played card<br />

games, hiked, rode<br />

bikes, and even started<br />

a friendly game of football<br />

with some of the<br />

parents that came<br />

along. Later, after all<br />

the excitement died<br />

down, the team sat<br />

down and had a cookout.<br />

They ate and chatted<br />

around the fire.<br />

The atmosphere was<br />

more than that of a team; it felt more like a family.<br />

Baseball Season Coming to an End<br />

By Josh Bowser<br />

As baseball season comes to an end, there is one thing that all<br />

baseball fans are excited for. The World Series! One of America’s<br />

greatest pastimes that has been going on since dates as far back<br />

as 1919. But this year the World Series starts Wednesday Oct. 27,<br />

and the best out of seven wins will take the championship title.<br />

The teams that made it to the playoffs include the Texas Rangers,<br />

Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, Atlanta<br />

Braves, San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds, and the Philadelphia<br />

Phillies. When four random students were asked to predict<br />

who will win the World Series the results were a variety of<br />

choices. Aaron Eck (10) is confident that the Yankees will win. He<br />

thinks that the defending champs will go for a back to back win.<br />

While Ryan Dauber (11) says that the San Francisco Giants will<br />

steal the title. Caleb Harvey (11) decided that the Tampa Bay<br />

Rays will be named the champion, and Rachel Dauber (9) says<br />

that she thinks the Phillies will win the championship. But nobody<br />

really knows who is going to win yet. There may be a few<br />

teams in the running, but only one team will be named the<br />

Champion of MLB Baseball.<br />

24 The Paw Print OCTOBER

Students Manage Their own Football<br />

Team From Their Homes!<br />

by Eric Budd<br />

n case you haven't noticed<br />

I (and based on some of the<br />

emails you guys sent me, you<br />

haven't), fantasy football is sweeping<br />

the nation. Football has been around<br />

all our lives and will continue well<br />

into the future, but fantasy football<br />

is something new. Fantasy football is<br />

a game, a game played by 27 million<br />

people for an average of nine hours<br />

per person, per week.<br />

To put that into perspective, the<br />

Facebook app FarmVille has 24.6<br />

million fans. An estimated 25 million<br />

Americans pirate movies off the<br />

internet. 26 million people watched<br />

the 2010 Grammy Awards. Fantasy football is the real deal.<br />

Odds are good, though, that if you are not one of the 27 million<br />

fantasy football “owners,” you have no idea what fantasy football<br />

even is.<br />

Fantasy football is a weekly game dreamed up in 1962 by two<br />

then-employees of the Oakland Raiders. The front-office staff of<br />

the Raiders drafted a fictional team made up of real-life players<br />

and competed against each other, earning fictional points based<br />

on how well their real-life draft picks performed in the National<br />

Football League.<br />

The game, then known as the “Oakland Professional Pigskin<br />

Prognosticators' League,” stayed within the Raiders organization<br />

as a fun office hobby for nearly thirty years. Fantasy football didn't<br />

become public until 1989, when the first public fantasy sports<br />

leagues were launched in newspapers across the nation.<br />

The leagues worked in much the same way as the OPPPL—a<br />

group of friends would draft a team of real-life NFL players, and<br />

one unlucky soul (the “commissioner”) was responsible for tallying<br />

each team's score at the end of each week. The process was<br />

cumbersome and slow, and fantasy football failed to truly catch<br />

on.<br />

With the advent of the internet, however, fantasy sports were<br />

allowed to shine. Whereas before an “owner” had to wait an entire<br />

week for his “commissioner” to provide scores, now fantasy enthusiasts<br />

have real-time updates, podcasts, and television programs.<br />

Everything is done electronically; in 1989 an owner would<br />

have to wait until Wednesday to find out whether or not he had<br />

won his game, but today he knows as soon as the clock hits zero<br />

SPORTS<br />

on Monday night.<br />

ESPN, CBS, Yahoo!, Facebook,<br />

and even the NFL itself offer<br />

fantasy services. Its pervasiveness<br />

has changed the way we watch football.<br />

Houston Texans coach Gary<br />

Kubiak benched his star running<br />

back Arian Foster in the first quarter<br />

of his week-four game against the<br />

Oakland Raiders unannounced, and<br />

faced the anger of fantasy football<br />

owners across the nation.<br />

In a much more famous<br />

instance, then-Eagles running back<br />

Brian Westbrook knelt at the oneyard<br />

line in a game against the Dallas<br />

Cowboys in 2007, passing up a<br />

sure touchdown (and 6 precious fantasy points) in an effort to run<br />

out the clock. Fantasy owners across the nation called for his<br />

head. ESPN sportswriter Bill Simmons lost his fantasy matchup<br />

that week by fewer than six points—had Westbrook not knelt and<br />

continued running into the endzone, he would have won his<br />

match. He remains incredulous to this day.<br />

Several students in our school play fantasy football. Sophomore<br />

and Call of Duty addict Nick Corbett proudly drafted three teams,<br />

each with a winning record.<br />

Fellow tenth-grader Kyle Dauberman's team scored more than<br />

300 points in his first three games, going undefeated. He credits<br />

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, Chargers quarterback<br />

Philip Rivers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers defense for his success.<br />

Another tenth-grader, Tyler Fulkrod, scored 119 points in week<br />

three, but declined further comment.<br />

Senior Alex Clementoni is 3-1 through week four, thanks to the<br />

surprising successes of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and recentlytraded<br />

Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss.<br />

Yet another sophomore, Logan Beaver, also drafted Adrian<br />

Peterson, as well as solid Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. However,<br />

he lost to his own father in week three.<br />

I myself play fantasy football as well, but my team is 0-4 and<br />

my second pick broke his ankle. I'll chalk it up to bad luck. “The<br />

Favre Dollar Footlongs” (my team) just can't catch a break.<br />

If you watch the NFL, give it a shot. We don't want to live in a<br />

world where more people play FarmVille than fantasy football, do<br />

we?<br />

25 The Paw Print OCTOBER

Last Laugh<br />

By Emily Thomas<br />

We’ve all seen them...Facebook status<br />

updates that had us laughing, crying, or just<br />

scratching our heads. Each month we will<br />

highlight some of the status updates that<br />

caught our eyes. Note: The statuses below<br />

were taken off of Facebook but the names<br />

have been changed to protect the innocent.<br />

Buffy Getting a shower…shaving!!<br />

Sabrina That makes me want to<br />

vomit, don’t tell people that.<br />

Sylvester That guy was looking at me<br />

like I was crazy and he had a giant stuffed<br />

rabbit in his passenger seat.<br />

Raven If I have to eat one more spoonful<br />

of pudding this crap is going to hit the<br />

fan. Literally, I’m going to throw pudding<br />

into the fan.<br />

Freddy HELP! That blue squirrel just<br />

ate my orange gummy bear and my last<br />

fruit loop! We have to gather the army of<br />

chocolate bunnies.<br />

Lucida Realizes it’s okay to be chubby<br />

because skinny girls freeze to death faster!<br />

Just saying.<br />

Ichabod Why do you sick people like<br />

that I’m lonely? I hope you get locked in a<br />

closet all cold and alone.<br />

Talon Maybe it means we relate.<br />

Ichabod You’re locked in a closet<br />

too?<br />

By Kaylin Fausey<br />

Ghosts, goblins, witches and spooks! If you think these<br />

creatures don’t exist, you obviously haven’t been<br />

watching the latest videos on YouTube. This month, we<br />

look at some particularly spooky clips, so be prepared!<br />

1. Ghost Caught on Video- By Onision. This footage will definitely prove that<br />

ghosts exist.<br />

2. Ghosts Caught on Tape- By Stevezur. Not much to tell; can’t ruin the excitement.<br />

3. Ghosts Caught on Tape- By Rockrock14. Just watch the car…<br />

4. Michael Jackson’s ghost, scary at the end- By Rockstull25,<br />

Michael Jackson is alive!!!<br />

By Emily Thomas<br />

Today, at school we were being too rowdy so my teacher shouted, "FREEZE!" I proceeded<br />

to yell, " Everybody clap your hands." Everyone just stared at me. It was awkward.<br />

MLIA.<br />

Today, I had to choose between a strawberry flavored Dum Dum and a mystery flavored<br />

Dum Dum. I decided to be adventurous and choose the mystery flavor; it was<br />

strawberry flavored. MLIA<br />

Today, my little brother swore at my mom. My mom washed his mouth out with soap<br />

then went upstairs. He sat there smiling. I asked him how it tasted. Held up the soap<br />

and said flavored soap and started laughing. I was in awe at his genius until he offered<br />

me a bite. It wasn't flavored. That kid is going somewhere in life. MLIA<br />

Today, I wondered where people in China try to dig their holes to. MLIA<br />

Today, my mom bought me a new mattress and I had to get rid of my old one. So I<br />

laid the old mattress at the top of the stairs and attempted to ride it down. It was an epic<br />

journey until I met the wall at the bottom...with my face. MLIA<br />

Short Takes<br />

By Krista Weymouth and Emily Thomas<br />

Yesterday…<br />

26 The Paw Print OCTOBER

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