Operating Instructions Blu-ray Disc Player DMP-BD35 - Panasonic


Operating Instructions Blu-ray Disc Player DMP-BD35 - Panasonic

On the unit’s display Page

F99 ≥ The unit fails to operate properly. Press [POWER Í/I] on the main unit to switch

the unit to standby for 3 seconds. Now press [POWER Í/I] on the main unit

again to turn the unit on.

HDMI ONLY ≥ Some BD-Video discs can only be output with HDMI. —

No PLAY ≥ There is a viewing restriction on a BD-Video or DVD-Video. 30

No READ ≥ The disc is dirty or badly scratched. The unit cannot play. —

PLEASE WAIT ≥ The unit is carrying out internal process.This is not a malfunction. You cannot

operate the unit while “PLEASE WAIT” is displayed.


(“ � ” stands for a number.)

≥ The remote control and main unit are using different codes. Change the code on

the remote control.

Press and hold [OK] and the indicated number button at the

same time for more than 5 seconds.

UNFORMAT ≥ You inserted an unformatted DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, +RW, an unused +R, +R DL

or DVD-RW (DVD-Video format).

UNSUPPORT ≥ You have inserted a disc the unit cannot play. 6, 7

U59 ≥ The unit is hot.

The unit switches to standby for safety reasons. Wait for about 30 minutes until

the message disappears.

Select a position with good ventilation when installing the unit. Do not block the

cooling fan on the rear of the unit.



≥ The HDMI connection acts unusually.

– The connected equipment is not HDMI compatible.

– Please use HDMI cables that have the HDMI logo (as shown on the cover).

– The HDMI cable is damaged.

H�� or F�� ≥ There is something unusual. (The service number displayed after H and F

depends on the unit’s condition.)

≥ Check the unit using the troubleshooting guide. If the service number does not

disappear, do the following.

1)Disconnect the plug from the AC outlet, wait a few seconds, then reconnect it.

2)Press [POWER Í/I] to turn the power on. (The unit may be fixed.)

If the service number does not disappear despite doing the above, request

service from the dealer. Inform the dealer of the service number when requesting


START ≥ The system is being restarted during the firmware update. Please do not turn off


UPD�/� ≥ The firmware is being updated. 14

FINISH ≥ The firmware update is complete. 14






RQT9243 or RQT9350

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