Fall 2009 • V ol. 43 No. 3 - San Diego Humane Society and SPCA


Fall 2009 • V ol. 43 No. 3 - San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Fall 2009 • Vol. 43 No. 3

president’s message

It Starts with the


Mark Goldstein, D.V.M.,

CAWA, President of

the San Diego Humane

Society and SPCA

with his dog Ren.

Emblazed on the wall of the PETCO Plaza at our campus, you will find one of my favorite quotes by Bradley

Miller: “Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.” Since

the first anti-cruelty laws were passed in England in 1822, incredible progress has been made on behalf of

animal welfare, yet there is still more to be done.

While animal cruelty has always been socially unacceptable in our country, there is an elevated level of consciousness

towards respecting animals today. It’s commonly understood that, similar to children who are victims of violence, animals

cannot effectively defend themselves, seek help on their own behalf, or understand why they are being hurt or neglected.

As further proof to why animal abuse should be taken so seriously, psychology and criminology studies over the

past 25 years confirm a strong link between violence towards animals and violence towards human beings.

The FBI first recognized this connection in the 1970s, when its analysis of serial killers suggested that most had, as

children, tortured or killed animals. A “chain of violence” can be traced in most criminal lives, often beginning with

animal abuse and later escalating into repeated acts of violence against people.

Therefore, when an adult demonstrates any level of abuse towards animals, not only the innocent animal is affected.

Along with the pain the animal endures, the child who witnesses the cock fight or the kick to a dog also faces a terrible

injustice. Whether he sees this violence regularly in his home or by peering through fence holes into a neighbor’s yard,

animal cruelty inflicts suffering on all innocent and, in the case of a child, impressionable victims.

It is for this reason that not only as a veterinarian and as the President of the San Diego Humane Society but also

as a parent and member of our community, I believe that preventing cruelty and caring for animals is just one thread

in the fabric of a compassionate and well-functioning society. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its

moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

There are many ways that we can choose to practice positive reinforcement in our lives. We can involve our children

in the daily caretaking of our pets. We can come up with a family emergency plan for disaster situations which includes

our pets, clearly making a statement of respect and value for the entire family. Also, we can read books to our children

that promote nurturing principles towards all living creatures. At the end of the day, it’s about teaching and rolemodeling.

This year, more than 500 kids came through the doors of the San Diego Humane Society to participate in our Animal

Adventure Camp. At www.sdhumane.org, you will discover plenty of opportunities to incorporate humane

education as a fun and important part of your child’s life. These educational programs, in addition to the efforts of our

Humane Investigations team that you will read about in this issue of AnimalFare, can only exist as a result of your generous

contributions. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for continuing to support vital Humane Society programs and services.

In closing, there are countless ways to combat animal cruelty with small acts of kindness. The link between animal

abuse and human violence can only be broken with education and the power of compassion. It begins with not stepping

on the caterpillar and ends with the child who understands why. In support of the human-animal bond which we all

care about, please consider donating to the San Diego Humane Society today.

Mark Goldstein, D.V.M., CAWA

President of the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Photo: Melisa Codgell

From the Mailbox

Thank you Humane Society!

Raylene (my daughter) and I adopted Dr.

Cecilia to be my daughter’s companion. She is

our first experience with a rabbit. Dr. Cecilia has

been an absolute delight in every way and quite

the character! She is curious, playful and very

adorable! She takes everything in stride, even our

cats! Dr. Cecilia has the run of my daughter’s room

and joins us frequently downstairs for movies and

just to hang out. She is the hit of our neighborhood, as Dr. Cecilia’s favorite activity is

taking walks! Kids, and adults too, run up to pet her and fawn over her, and she loves

all of the attention. Best of all, she and our little dog Boo bonded instantly. Thanks so

much for matching us with Dr. Cecilia. We can’t imagine our family without her.

Raylene & Jane Leo

Dear San Diego Humane Society,

Thank you for our new bundle of joy – or should

I say bundles of joy! My son wanted a kitten for

his birthday, so off we went to the Humane Society

to adopt a cat. We immediately fell in love with

two tiger stripped kittens and had to bring both of

them home. Awaiting them was our 5-month-old

Golden Retriever, “Prancer.” It took her a couple of

days to adjust to her furry friends, but soon after

that, she developed a special fondness for “Scamper”! They sleep together, snuggle

often and give each other kisses whenever they pass by. It is wonderful to have such

loving kittens, which inspired my nephew to get a kitten from the Humane Society

too! Thank you for your help in the adoption of our newest family members! They are

loved by everyone in our family.

Shawn Fettel

Greetings, Humane Society!

Thank you so much for helping me to find my newest family

member, Cordelia, whom I renamed as Mija (Spanish for

“my girl”). She has adjusted to her new home very well and

I absolutely adore her! I’ve been monitoring her medication

and taking her to the veterinary office for check-ups as

needed; I’m grateful to say that she is doing fantastic. Also,

Mija has a new best friend, a black Labrador named Luca. He is my neighbor’s dog and

the two can’t go a whole day without seeing one another. Thanks again for introducing

me to my beloved and entertaining Mija … every day she warms my heart and brings

not only me but everyone she meets endless joy!

Tim Chrockrem

Do you have a happy adoption story to share? Then we’d love to hear from you!

Visit www.sdhumane.org and go to the Success Stories page for more details.

ON THE COVER: Humane Officer Lisa McDaniels carries a young Boxer safely back to her owners after

finding the dog in traffic during routine inspections.

Cover Photo: Candice Eley

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Serving San Diego County since 1880, the San Diego

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adopting animals, providing positive reinforcement

behavior training for adoptable animals and for owned

animals through public training classes, investigating

animal cruelty and neglect, providing adult and youth

education programs, sharing animals through pet-assisted

therapy and rescuing animals in emergency situations.

A private, nonprofit organization that receives no

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For your privacy, the Humane Society does not sell, rent,

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AnimalFare • Fall 2009



It’s just after 10 a.m. on

Friday, July 3, when

Humane Officer Lisa

McDaniels sets out for

the day. Today’s cases involve

trekking from the San Diego

Humane Society and SPCA

campus in central San Diego

to Ramona to check on a

report that some horses are

living in unsanitary conditions.

Also on today’s schedule is

a recheck of some horses at

another property that had

been malnourished to see if

they have improved. Despite

the cruelty that she sees in

her day-to-day job, Officer

McDaniels is hopeful.

In 2008, the San Diego Humane

Society’s Investigations Department

responded to nearly 1,200 reports of abuse

or neglect. As peace officers that receive

enforcement powers from the California

Corporations Code 14502, Humane

Officers have the ability to investigate

and, when necessary, arrest individuals on

charges of animal cruelty or neglect just as

the police department does. Fortunately,

for the majority of cases investigated, the

situation can be dramatically improved

through education.

“Often, when we visit a person who

has been suspected of animal neglect,

they are not aware of all the laws that

pertain to how they are keeping their

pet,” says Officer McDaniels. “An owner

that has his dog tied on a short leash

to a post in their yard may not be fully

aware of the tethering laws, so our goal

with each inspection is both to make

sure the animal is safe and ensure that

the owner is properly educated.” After

Photo: Candice Eley

A Case for


Officer Terisa Harju spends some quality time with Buster, a dog brought into the

Humane Society through one of her cases.

addressing how to become compliant

with the laws, Humane Officers will also

offer advice and instruction on ways to

make the animal more happy, healthy

and improve the pet’s quality of life

overall. “Most people want to improve,

so when we begin an investigation, it’s

always important to give each person

a chance to correct their mistakes and

work on being a better pet owner,” states

McDaniels. If the owner has been given

the opportunity to improve their pet’s

A Day

quality of life but has not made any

progress or shown any interest in

complying, intervention may become

necessary. Officers can suggest that

the owner sign the pet over to the San

Diego Humane Society. If the owner

refuses and it is clear that the owner

is subjecting the animal to needless

suffering, the officer can seize the pet,

taking it into protective custody.

Buster, a social and outgoing German

Shepherd, came to the San Diego

Photo: Candice Eley

cover story

Humane Society through just such

a case. Officer Terisa Harju received

a report that a family was keeping

a dog that appeared to be suffering,

and upon investigating, Officer Harju

found 4-year-old Buster limping around

their backyard. “The family was going

through a difficult domestic situation,

and caring for the dog was no longer

their top priority,” said Officer Harju.

“I informed them that the dog needed

veterinary care, but they did not want to

provide it. Though it was hard for them,

they realized that they could not give

Buster the best possible life, and they

relinquished him to our custody.” After

receiving attention from the San Diego

Humane Society’s veterinarians, Buster

is on the road to recovery and waiting

to be adopted into a new home where he

will receive the love and attention that

he deserves.

Buster’s case was an instance of

animal neglect. California law dictates

that pet owners must provide their pets

with adequate food, water, shelter and

veterinary care when sick or injured.

With neglect, one or more of these items

may have been unintentionally ignored.

However, when an owner knowingly

denies basic needs or intentionally

causes physical harm, the situation

escalates to animal abuse. When officers

investigating a case have discovered

proof that an animal was intentionally

abused, an arrest will be made.

Depending on the level of abuse, charges

can range from a misdemeanor to a

felony, leading to up to a year in prison

and a fine of up to $20,000.

Fortunately, Buster’s story isn’t the

only happy ending that Officer Harju has

witnessed recently. In June, a concerned

pet lover reported that a mother cat and

her three kittens were being kept in a

bird cage at a neighbor’s home. Upon

inspection, it was clear that the kittens

were lethargic and covered in fleas.

One kitten had a severe laceration to

his eye. Officer Harju knew that this

kitten needed attention immediately

and assured the owners that it would be

in all the cats’ best interest if they were

surrendered, and the owners consented.

Photo: Candice Eley

Humane Officer Lisa McDaniels checks in with

the Investigations Dispatcher while out working

on cases.

Rather that returning to the campus,

Officer McDaniels is instructed to head

to the Humane Society’s equipment

storage facility to hook up the rescue

trailer to her vehicle in case any calls for

in the Life of a Humane Investigations Officer

Captain Roscoe Redbeard recovers from his eye

laceration alongside his brother in the Humane

Society’s Veterinary Medicine department.

Now known as Captain Roscoe Redbeard,

the 7-week-old kitten with the eye

laceration is making a speedy recovery

through the efforts of the San Diego

Humane Society’s veterinarians and

some extra love and attention in a Foster

Care home.

It’s now late in the afternoon

on July 3 when Officer McDaniels

leaves Ramona after inspecting the

malnourished horses to return to the

Humane Society campus. Though the

progress is slow, she is pleased to see

that the horses have gained some weight,

and she’ll be back soon to make sure

that progress continues. On the journey

home, a call comes over the radio that a

fire has broken out in the Poway area.

emergency fire rescue are placed. It’s an

unexpected stop, but just another part

of the day-to-day job of being a Humane

Investigations Officer.

The San Diego Humane Society and

SPCA takes reports of animal cruelty

24 hours a day on our abuse hotline.

Reports can be made anonymously both

on our hotline at (619) 243-3466 or

via our website, www.sdhumane.org.

Please note, the San Diego Humane

Society investigates instances of abuse

or neglect and does not respond to calls

on barking dogs or loose or stray pets

– please contact the San Diego County

Department of Animal Services for

assistance with these issues.


AnimalFare • Fall 2009




San Diego Rises to the Occasion of Supporting

Animals in Need!

Walk At A Glance

Number of Walkers: 4,000+

Amount Raised: $300,000+

Top Dog Fundraisers: Marianne Harmon,

Cindy Curtin, Berkeley Cavignac

Top Fundraising Team: GEICO,


Top Youth Fundraisers:

Berkeley Cavignac, Katie Petrus,

Colin Ward

Despite the chance of rain on Saturday, May 2, thousands of animal

lovers and their four-legged companions gathered at Crown Point

Shores, Mission Bay for the 15 th annual Walk for Animals. To the

delight of all, except for perhaps a few water-loving Labradors, the sun

shined down on a truly memorable, New Orleans style event!

While most people have been effected by the economy this year, sponsors

and walkers still raised an incredible $300,000 to support the vital

community programs and services of the San Diego Humane Society and

SPCA. When Mayor Jerry Sanders addressed the crowd, he remarked that

it is no wonder that San Diego is the most pet-friendly city in the U.S.!

There was a true sense of pride in the Mayor’s voice and proof among the

participants watching that the San Diego community will always come

together in celebration and support of animals.

More than 144 volunteers dedicated 844 hours of service on this special

day, doing everything from flipping pancakes to leading animal activities

such as bobbing for hot dogs. Long-time supporter of the Humane Society

Dave Mason of 105.7 FM “The Walrus” emceed the event from a Mardi Gras

decorated stage. In addition, The Bayou Brothers, a New Orleans band,

provided walkers with entertainment all morning long!

There were more than 20 raffle contests with prizes ranging from San

Diego Chargers memorabilia contributed by LaTorsha and LaDainian

Tomlinson to luxurious spa visits. A diverse Vendor Village spread across the

park alongside behavior and training booths and a mobile adoptions center.

With all there was to see and do at the Walk, most present was the portrayal

of a strong human-animal bond. From wagging tales to smiling faces, the

energy was contagious.

As a result of the community’s dedicated contributions, the San Diego

Humane Society is proudly able to walk on in its mission. We are thankful

for your support every step of the way!


6 www.sdhumane.org

AnimalFare • Fall 2009

2 3 4

5 6 7

Photos: 1) Thousands of animal lovers gathered at Crown Point Shores to show their support and celebrate their pets. 2) Mayor Jerry Sanders addresses the

crowd. 3) A great time was had by walkers of all ages, both two-legged and four-legged. 4) Pups went all out to “Celebrate, New Orleans Style!” 5) Festive

music got everyone in the Mardi Gras spirit. 6) Best Trick Winner Tiki shows off the skills that won him the prize. 7) Ralph Aniunas proudly shows off

Humphrey, who at 17 years old, completed the entire Walk course on his own little legs!

Photos: Doug Gates, Jen Petit, Aaron Thompson

Thanks to the following sponsors for their support and generosity


on san diego bay

AnimalFare • Fall 2009



Celebrating Man’s Other Best Friend

Photos: Laura Coburn and Candice Eley

This June, the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA went crazy for cats and

celebrated “Adopt a Cat Month” with many exciting events and promotions

aimed at finding new homes for “man’s other best friend.”

Cat lovers from around the county turned out for the annual feline focused

adoptathon, Meow Madness, on June 7. As part of the festivities, our Feline Fun

Fair featured booths with helpful information and tasty treats including ice cream

courtesy of Ben and Jerry’s and savory snacks from Boudin Bakery.

Meow Madness also marked the unveiling of our newly redesigned cat habitat,

“Cataquarium”! The habitat formerly known as “Cool Cats” got a head-to-toe

makeover courtesy of the San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Interior

Designers (ASID). ASID’s professional and student members entered their ideas in

a redesign challenge. Anne Kellett of the design company A Kinder Space created

the winning habitat concept featuring cat-friendly spaces in an aquarium theme.

Adopt a Cat Month resulted in more than 95 cat and kitten adoptions during

June, but there are many more wonderful feline companions still looking for homes.

To learn more about why cats truly are “man’s other best friend,” visit the San

Diego Humane Society and SPCA website, www.sdhumane.org, today!


Cataquarium designer Anne Kellett shows the room

to its newest resident.

Photos this row from left to right: A resident of Cataquarium looks out over the room; A kitten at Meow Madness enjoys some toys; The new “Cataquarium.”

Did you know…

• Though the San Diego Humane Society has not had to euthanize a treatable pet in

8 years, cats and kittens accounted for 71 percent of treatable animals euthanized

in area shelters between July 2006 and June 2007.

• At the San Diego Humane Society, it takes on average 30 days to find a new home

for an adult cat, as compared to only 13 days for an adult dog.

• The San Diego Humane Society receives an average of 5,000 dog adoption

applications each year but only 2,000 cat adoption applications.

• There are more cats available for adoption than dogs: cats and kittens make up

51 percent of available pets at the San Diego Humane Society while dogs only

account for 29 percent.

A family searches for their new feline friend at

Meow Madness.

• When you adopt a cat from the San Diego Humane Society, he or she will

have already been spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, examined by a

veterinarian, and behaviorally assessed.

8 www.sdhumane.org

AnimalFare • Fall 2009

Retirement Plan Giving – A Gift With a Future

Making a planned gift to the San Diego Humane

Society and SPCA is a meaningful way to carry

forward your compassion and concern for animals.

Some assets, such as IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Keogh Plans and

other qualified retirement plans do not pass through your

will or trust and require you to specifically name one or more

beneficiaries. We hope you will consider naming the San Diego

Humane Society and SPCA as a beneficiary.

Normally, retirement funds will be subject to income taxes

when received by your heirs. However, by listing the San Diego

Humane Society and SPCA as a beneficiary, the value of your

gift will pass to the Humane Society tax-free and be used to

benefit the animals and people in our community. You can avoid

this taxation by funding charitable gifts with retirement funds

and leaving less heavily taxed assets to loved ones.

It is extremely easy to make a charitable gift from your

retirement accounts. Simply ask the administrator of your plan

for a Change of Beneficiary form. You can then designate one or

more beneficiaries to receive your retirement plan assets under

the conditions you specify.

If you need help, rest assured that our Planned Giving

Coordinator, Nicole Angelucci, an attorney with a background

in estate planning, is here to help you through the process.

She would be happy to order the paperwork for you and sit

Photo: Jen Petit

down with you to answer any questions you may have about

the estate planning process. We also have other complimentary

brochures available about planning your estate upon request.

Nicole can be reached by email at nangelucci@sdhumane.org.

or (619) 243-3443.

Please complete and return this reply form.

Dear Friends at San Diego Humane Society and SPCA:

Please send me/us complimentary estate planning brochures and bequest


Please contact me/us at ( ) _________________________ so that

I can receive further information.

I/we have already provided for the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

in my/our estate planning documents. Please send information about the

Humane Heritage Circle.

Name __________________________________________________________________


City ____________________________________ State ________ Zip_______________

Phone__________________________ Email ___________________________________

Mail this form to:

Nicole Angelucci, Planned Giving Coordinator

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

5500 Gaines Street

San Diego, CA 92110

AnimalFare • Fall 2009



Photo: Melissa Jacobs

Photo: Candice Eley

s County Supervisors Honor Adopt A Cat

Month in June

The County of San Diego Board of Supervisors showed

their support for spurring cat adoptions, officially recognizing

June as Adopt a Cat Month. On June 16, Vice Chairwoman

Pam Slater-Price presented a proclamation on behalf of

the Board of Supervisors to San Diego Humane Society

President Dr. Mark Goldstein and Dawn Danielson, Director

of the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services,

thanking both for their organizations’ commitment to finding

homes for fantastic felines.

s A Rescue to Quack About

Animal Rescue Reserve (ARR) came to the rescue of

two lucky ducks. A local business called for assistance

when they discovered that the resident ducks had become

trapped in the man-made lake on their property. One duck

appeared to be injured and the other was visibly entangled

in twine. ARR volunteers saved the day by crossing the

lake and saving the stranded fowl. After their rescue, the

ducks were delivered to Project Wildlife for recuperation.

Photo: Laura Coburn


Happy Campers

Hundreds of children from ages 5-13 took part in the

San Diego Humane Society’s exciting, annual Summer

Animal Adventure Camp. They enjoyed games, crafts,

hands-on animal activities and more. Some special pet

guests included kittens, guinea pigs, a bearded dragon

and even a goat! These fun programs help campers

develop character values and a positive attitude toward

all living beings.

10 www.sdhumane.org

AnimalFare • Fall 2009

Photo: Stacey Zeitlin

Photo: Shannon Gusy

s Our Pups are Padres Fans Too!

Sunday, June 21 was “Adoption Sunday” at PETCO

Park. Adoptable pups from the San Diego Humane

Society joined hundreds of Padres fans at the ballpark

and were even featured on the giant JumboTron screen.

Our Community Programs department was on hand also,

distributing brochures and answering questions about our

fun adult and children’s classes and events.

s Dixie: A Tale of Rescue and Hope

Dixie came to the San Diego Humane Society as a malnourished

and unhappy Humane Investigations rescue. Thanks to the tender

care and patient help of the San Diego Humane Society, she was

nursed back to health. She now spends her days helping at the

Therapeutic Equestrian Activity Center for the Handicapped

or “TEACH.” Here, Dixie is shown during a therapy session

with a special little girl named Hope. Dixie’s heartwarming

transformation is a testament to the power of hope and love.

Photo: Candice Eley


Paws Nursery Grand Opening

On Friday, May 31, community leaders, representatives

of local animal welfare organizations, and other special

guests were invited to a private tour and preview event of

our Paws to Success nursery facility. The Paws program

aims to end the euthanasia of treatable animals by the year

2020. Since January 2009, the San Diego Humane Society

has already been able to help more than 500 kittens looking

for homes. ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayers joined San

Diego Humane Society President Dr. Mark Goldstein for a

special breakfast presentation to guests before the tour.

AnimalFare • Fall 2009



Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love Tribute and memorial donations are a special way to remember and honor loved ones and pets. A card will be sent

to whomever you ask us to notify. The following memorial and tribute gifts were received between April 16 and July 15, 2009.

To make a Gift of Love or for more information, call (619) 299-7012 x2276 or email devast@sdhumane.org.

In Memory of People

Lawrence F. Bazinet

Carol Bazinet

Ellen Warner Scott

John Beale

The Nethery Family

Debra Berton

Deanne Bloom

Norman O. Brink

Ocean Mist Farms

Audrey Burns

Ada McDaniel

Doris J. Colton

Dan & Ann Curtis

Tim & Marilyn Jasper

Bill & Mollie Needham

Dean & Jan Nugent

Tip Coward

Marcia Kirk

Mary (Betty) Craig

Marcella Quirk

Bob Crowther

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Wirtz

Elaine Culver

Jeannette & John Steiger

Maralyn Davis

Dennis & Mary Nugent

Linda Day

Lori Day Hakman

Kathy Doering & Richard Sullivan

Dr. Warren Dedrick

Dennis Falkowski

Jean Immenschuh

Doris Dettmer

Charles Wiedenhoft, Jr.

Ms. Margaret Erp

Janet & Glenda Hightower

Joel Gottesfeld & Cathy Bucciarelli

Penelope P. Ferreira

Robert A. Ferreira

Carol Fishell

The Hay Foundation

Margaret A. Fisher

Vintage Chevrolet Club of America,

Orange County Region

Michael Retz

Frank & Marla Woodward

Mary Louise Hallman

Lionel & Judy Wilson

Sheila Higley

Pamela Cortelyou


Janet Kwan, Goodrich Foundation

Alan Jewett

Bill Clarke

Tom Krieger

Beverly Krieger

Jewel Lattuca

Eileen Edwards

Ms. Miyeko Lee

Nancy Hirabayashi

The Shimura & Matsumoto


Sue & Janous Marks

Marjorie Marks

Carol Marotta

Mary Ann Paquin

David May

Michelle Marshall, Spa 4 Paws

Nora E. McNeill

Patricia Ann Dell’Acqua

Ann V. Means

Leslie & Jerry Brown

Nancy Lou Mesa

Chris Mesa

Charles F. Miller

Catharine Miller

Judy Miller

Patricia S. Fry

Michael Mulligan

Wendy Perry

Jean Muncy

Marguerite Sayre

Pat Nelson

Jim & Norma Peterson

Shirley Weeks

SeJ & Jason Parker

Barbara Cord

John Parr

Patricia Raibourne

Leona Pederson

Marjorie Moss

Keith Peterson

Arrowhead General Ins. Agency

Ralph Pina

Hage Elementary School staff

Erika Rahlson & Tim Wheeler

Kristine Serafin

Mike Rasmussen

Tracy Anton

Dr. Norman Roberts

Robert & Yvonne Muzzy

Margaret Rowe

Yvonne & Robert Muzzy


Michael Trebbien

Charlotte Scellhaas

Jim & Pat Stockfisch

Hugo Walter Schreiner

Brian & Gwynn Thomas

Harvey W. Searl

William Heard

Marsha Lewis

The Raitt Family

Mary Jane Sherman

Joan Boeman

Judy Shinohara

Jan Thorne

Robert H. Simon

Dell Schroeder

Pat Slijk

Louise Ribal

Maxine Stites

Macine Nelson

George Stuart

Diane Gilabert

Wayne & Sharon Hanson

Hugh & Joyce Heinecke

Alyce Lynn

John Parker

Kelly Riseley

Jake Shakhman

Shelly Stuart

Edwina Villanueva

Stacey Zeitlin

Mr. Charles Third

Cindy Barone

Frances Third

John Edward Tolosko

George & Carol Ito

The Lambron Family

William Schrader

Mary Urcan Reed

Bob & Deb Blizzard

Rosemary Cesario

Hanna Geneti

Diane Jolley

Kim Watson

Ronald M. Walker

Kaiser Permanente Sleep Clinic

Timothy C. Wheeler

Elaine Eifler

Lorelei Hanson

Laura Rankin

Esther Grace Westover

George & Lucille Westover

Robert Wood

Anne McDermott

In Memory of Pets

In Memory Of

In Memory Of

In Memory Of

Andy (Martha Elin Blomquist)

Moti & Diane Shalom


Barbara & Gene Kading

BJ (Jane Goff)

Cynthia Sacchetti

Bandita (The Newkirk Family)

Albert Killen-Harvey

Barney (Ruth Sanchez)

Rupert Rodriguez




Baxtor (Lori & Joey)

Monika Crawford

12 www.sdhumane.org

AnimalFare • Fall 2009

Bear (Mary Vannoy)

Karen Ulvila

Georgette (Carol Bazinet)

Adele Kowalski

In Memory Of

In Memory Of

Ben (Tracy Myers)

Christy Martin & Yvonne Campos

GiGi, Gidget, Tawnisha & Tanya

Marlene Amaral


Gloria Berry


Laura Ruiz

Bo (The Mayo Family)

John & Peggy Holl


Paula Brooks

Boots, Muffit, Felish & Windy

Lee Noorda

Hans (Margaret Ryan)

Pam & Wally Johnson

Britton (Dr. Erin Griffith)

Angela & Matt Bachmann

The Matthews Family


Kyra & Enzo D’Augusta


Larry & Consetta Hartley

Bud D. Dog

Richard Cloward

Buddy (Christopher McCutcheon)

Barbara Peck

Cami (Jeanne Robert & Tony Basurto)

Yvonne & Chuck Kludt


Edie Hoberg

Chloe & Dominick

Jean Sullivan

Chuchi (The Garza Family)

Phyllis Lanphier

Clyde (Pam Hawkins)

Bradley & Ida Amos

Coasti (The Young-Pen Family)

Kathryn Steinberger

Cognac & Rascal

Steve Janiszewski

Cookie (Vinny Ludovissy)

Jami Spector

Diamond (The Neveln Family)

Katie & Chuck Boyer

Dillon (Nancy Munser)

Paula Oros

Dodo (Laurie Peck)

Karen Kahn

Dozia (The Fox Family)

Mark & Kris Goldstein

Duke (The Starnes Family)

Diana Starnes


Sandra Lambert


Raymond Glaman


Guy Mitchell

Figaro (Devon MacDermott)

Claudia MacDermott

Heather (The Eisman Family)

Janet & Bill Eisberg

Heather Ann, Lucy & Goofy

Karen Kohler Ware

Heffe (David Hackworth)

Richard Hackworth

Hildy (Barbara Whitman)

Kathleen Hare

Honey (Shannon, Chris & Dulce


Sam & Leslie Clemens

Huerfy (Judith Muñoz)

Mark & Kris Goldstein


Concepcion Dolan

Hunter (OB Cornelison)

Christy Stanley


Mildred Genatempo


Jenny Ludovissy

Jack (Leah Wandersee)

Joan Hill

Jakey (The Turner Family)

Timothy & Christina Bird


Bobbie & Patricia Tousley

Jeffrey Jones & Mr. SOS

Angie Salmerón Sosa

Kirby Whopper

Carol Trujillo


Craig Norman


Molly Vasquez

Kitty Woo

Nina Wack

KoKo (Edna Canham)

Alta Dillon

KoKo & Chauncey

Edna Canham


Susan Busch

Lilly (Anita & James Crandall)

Bette Hoffman

Kitty Woo


K.W. Morgenroth

Lola (Todd Edelblute)

Margie Soderlund


Annalou Tirol

MacGregor (Mark LaBonte)

Jim & Meridith Rieman

Maggie (The Johnson Family)

The Pommering Family


Laura Dell’Aquila

Maude (Laura Cohen)

Linda Quon

Max (Joey Horgen)

Steve & Joan Miller

Max (The Putt Family)

The Akers Family

Max (John & Ruth West)

Ben & Donna Puente

Meisha “Little Boogie”

J. Leonard


Nancy Miller

Mimi (The Victor Family)

Peggie Chilton

Missie Lynn

G.J. Wade

Mister, Bree, Spot, Snow, Shady

Lady & Snuggles (The Starkey


Janiece Chisholm


Adele Torres


Marsha Chandler


Mitch and Alyce Lynn

Morgan (Matthew Nohelty)

Chelsea Schepps

Morgan & Gazi (The Rupert Family)

Jean Spengel



Charlotte Marshall

Murphy (Kelly Riley)

Pamela Skelton

Nasubi (Michele Franzesi)

John Franzesi


Darlene Bash


Lynn Shrader


Margaret Roff

O’Hare & Harper (Lyndon Little &

Duane Brown)

Albert Killen-Harvey

Olivia of Arden Way

Marjorie Marks


Helene Isbell


Edward DiBella


Elizabeth & Guillermo Aviles

Primo (The Brady Family)

Linda Schneider


Julie Martindale

Ralph, Whiteshoes, Banana & E.T.

Ervel Rice


Alan & Sue Clements


Betty Bossard

Ricky (George McNeal)

Lynn Miller


Jennifer Feng

Rose (The Zurcher Family)

Pat Nevlins


John Soisson

Rus-T (Verena Somer)

Ronald & Susan Doris

AnimalFare • Fall 2009



Gifts of Love

In Memory Of

In Memory Of

In Memory Of

Carol Otjens’ birthday

Noshir (Wally) Khambata

Dr. Doug Paulson

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Joan Slote’s birthday

Robin Pelletier

Tom Renzulli


Taylor Ann Robb’s 11 th birthday

David & Lisa Swaim



Toby Tu

Roger & Rio

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Sadie (The Way Family)

Dana Di Ferdinando

Samantha (Connie Fowle)

Tony & Bobbi Baron

Samantha (The Kelley Family)

The Rodifer Family


Cindy Mack


Don Rossignol

Sammy (Joan Dawkins)

Aimee Garten


Francine Rucoba


John & Barbara Tracy


Donald Scherzi


Jane Marie Underwood


Anne McDermott


Jan Thorne


Sabrina Guinty

Snappy (Steve Boros)

Linda Paulen

Sophie & Blanche (David McCaskill)

Steven Halvorson

Soxs (Barbara Kort)

Kevin & Nancy Kort

Spike (The Pemberton Family)

Judy Stern


Dr. Phillip & Lynn Reuter

Suzie (The Steme Family)

Dell Grace Schroeder

Taurus & Thor-Bert

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Whittingham

Tawney (The Nelson Family)

Dell Grace Schroeder

Taylor II

Ronald Polk

Tedi Bear, Humbug, Pepper, Lucky,

Jewell & Shakespeare

Stephen Sablack


Jesus Villa Flores

Tess (Dan Larson & Nick Wetzel)

John & Peggy Holl

Toby Tu (The Wilkinson Family)

The Nissen Family

Torrey (The Hawkins Family)

Brian Owen


Robert Brown


Mick Donahue

Tioga (Laura Cerqua)

The Dogs on the Run team


Linda & Reggie Frank

Tuffy (Tracy Myers)

Christy Martin & Yvonne Campos

Ulysses (Teresa Gait)

Arthur Sweeney


Supinya Kearney

Winston (The Magnus Family)

Damon & Erin LaCasella

Brett & Kelly Makley

Wrigley (Amy Varas)

Kimberly Lunsford


John & Carol Fuller

Zoë & Zachary

Mike Schwilk

In Honor of People

Nicole Arvanaghi’s 10 th birthday

Austin McKinney

Damian & Lorraine McKinney

Elissa Barber

Carol Schmitt

Bob & Marilyn Bergman’s wedding

Patti & Craig Scott

Kat Chapman

Eric Steuer

Ms. Allison Christian

Diane Wewerka

Chuck’s recovery

Henrietta Salm

Anna Conaway

Susan Eshelman

Maddox Conte

Shannon Tamayo

Leisha Cummins

Noelle Chartier

Mr. Don Dodson

Heather Moore

Paul & Cheree Elliott

New Wave Real Estate

Carla Fox

Henry J. Fox Charitable Foundation

Barbara Garber’s birthday

Maureen Squazzo

Sue Girard’s birthday

Susan Malinao

Nigel & Clare Hyde

Jimmy & Sonya Parker

Ann Johnson’s birthday

Sentre Partners

Taylor Anne Khoury

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Diana King’s birthday

Kathy Harper

Jessica Rupp

Meghann Kruming

Barbara Kruming

Dana Lee

Teresa Georgi

Samantha Levine’s Bat Mitzvah

Jackie Mann & Family

Marjorie’s 97 th birthday

Timothy & Debra Mills

Aubrey Miller

Sentre Partners

Carol Rubin’s birthday

Lawrence Rubin

Evan Rubin’s birthday

Lawrence Rubin

Bert Shure’s birthday

Larry & Penny Fox

Dr. John Silbert

David Buckley

Lee Simpson

Susanne Simpson

Barbara E. Smith

Christopher Smith

Ruth Smith

Douglas & Wanda Teasley

Charlene Soriano’s birthday

Sheridan Johnston

Abigail South

Tracy South

Ashley Stephens’ birthday

Frenchy, Pepe, Teddy & Sadie

Sandra Suzuki

Barbara Clayton

Jean Tait’s birthday

Joyce Falk

Ms. Yuri Tam

Noelle Chartier

Kathleen Walsh’s birthday

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Queen

In Honor of Pets

Bendypants (Jessica McGregor)

David Herrin

Chico & Queenie

Louis & Laraine Melzer


The San Diego Foundation, Elaine

Kalin Fund


Catherine Waldien


Jeanie Keddington


Lance Hawkins

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Jen DeMik & Aili Kato

Johnny Cat (Mitchell Falk)

Cheri Cason

Kava’s “Bark” Mitzvah

Arlene & Randi Coulthard

MacGregor (aka Obie)

Faith Ann McGee


Lee Ivey


Robyn Smalley Lind

Milo & Flirty

Dawn Milligan & Eric Webb


Megan Humber & David Toms


Ruth Eigner


Gail Stewart

Shiloh & Ariel (Helen Armstrong)

Carina Winter


Don Reese


Dalia Hargrave


Charles & Sally Jordan

Tiger’s 20 th birthday

Bernice Hammon

Vet Memorials

Dr. Nancy Bushnell

Archie (Terre Becker)

Daisy (The Attenburg Family)

Figaro (Jennifer Ford)

Jeanie (Colin Gibson)

Kenobi (The Porrell Family)

Motor (Donna Arnicar)

Reno (Vergie Nantz)

Saffy (The Newman Family)

Sedona (Ingrid Van Winter)

Titan (Beth Anderson & Don


Winston (Nancy Crocker)

The Eye Clinic for Animals

Bugsy (Mary Hanger)

Daisy (The Anderson Family)

Duke (The Hegerty Family)

Kachina (The Muslovski Family)

Maui (Janice Paseur)

Melody (The Nelson Family)

Shadow (Karen Squire)

Snoopy (The Gotfredson Family)

Tigre (Christi Papworth)

Toto (Melvin Hawkes)

Zelle (Carol Hackett)

Dr. John D. Hackett

Aslan (The Clark Family)

Blue (Rob Pangborn)

Buddy (Susan Givens)

Cornelius (Cindy Proctor)

Daisy Mae (Glen White)

Daisy Mae (Virginia Napierskie)

Eldon-T (Mildred Klein)

Frankie (Lysandra Pedrin)

Harley (The Havens Family)

Jerome (The Limbach Family)

Karan (The Fairweather Family)

Klee (The Watters Family)

Liya (The Smith Family)

Luke (The Morse Family)

Maggie (The Lind Family)

Maizy (The Kuban Family)

Mamie (The Forness Family)

Molly (The Truax Family)

Nutmeg (Annick Webb)

Pepper (The Louk Family)

Scooby (The Conner Family)

Sweet Pea (The Stanfield Family)

Tough (Hans Meyer)

Ziggy (The Gray Family)

Dr. Anthony Michael

Alice (Tod Shelburne)

Angel (Ellen Wilks)

Angel (The Buelterman Family)

Bandit (David Newkirk)

Barge (The Pereyra Family)

Bosco (Jeanne Lobue)

Brindle (Quentin Heinemann)

Brooke (The Morris Family)

Bubba (The Payne Family)

Bubby (Donald Parker)

Casper (Peggy Manges)

Chada (The Arandjelovic Family)

Chance (Kelly Smith)

Charlie (Barbara Nance)

Chloe (Andrea Stout)

Chloe (Beth Pires)

In Memoriam

Clancy (Gerald Alfrets)

Clapton (Danielle Green)

Cooper (Melodie Black)

Daisy (Stephen Wheaton)

Delilah (George Gribbions)

Dusty (Susan Markley)

Ellie (Sharon Rollinson)

Fannie (The Richards Family)

Fingley (The Kashani Family)

Franklin (The Glaudini Family)

Freeway (Jerry Micklos)

Geneva (The Stewart Family)

Ginger (Diane Fuller)

Guera (Deanna Rodriguez)

Jack (Patrick Maher)

Jasmine (The Owens-Hoy Family)

Jewel (The Neilson Family)

Junior (Frances Mooney)

Kate (The Burdg Family)

Kingsley (Nicola McFadzean)

Kitten (Leigh Freeman)

Kitty (Sandy Truntz)

Lady (Betsy Wilbur)

Lady (Winnie Butterfield)

Lou (Charles Granger)

Luke (The Bendett Family)

Luke (The Trumbo Family)

Margaret (Jeanne Kennington)

Mason (The Levey Family)

Max (Stephanie Shanks)

Mia (The Houts Family)

Mia (The Souza Family)

Miles (The Trice Family)

Minu (Catherine Rom)

Miss Kelly (The Swanson Family)

Mocha (Rene Richey)

Molly (Anne Parker)

Molly (Merritt Callentine)

Murphy (The Tange Family)

Nashoba (Howard Savige)

Neffie (Currie Cameron)

Noel (The Deely Family)

Norman (William Andrakowicz)

Panda (Rachael Cardenas)

Picol (Anne Thomas)

Psycho (Stephanie Chambers)

Rough (Anne King)

Sasha (Mike Gray)

Sheldie (Sharie Hollenbeck)

Slip (The Burch Family)

Sparky (The Weldele Family)

Squirt (The Marcus Family)

Sweetie Girl (Karen Click)

Teddy (Cindy Jordan)

Toby (Judy Alden)

Trixie (The Manuel Family)

Tundra (The Estrada Family)

Xander (Tamekia Leverton)

Zorro (Jean Nettleton)

Dr. Gerry Soifer

Barkley (The Elliot Family)

Buddy (Ken Blevins)

Buddy (Sylvan Silberg)

Chloe (Taryn Jelovich)

Cookie (Jami & Cara Spector)

Dal Kai (Anita Wilson)

Duncan (Karen Vold)

Higgins (Deborah Twiner-Allen)

Max (Mark Cira)

Max (The Linder Family)

Maya (Rod Mindlin)

Piper (Bill Heary)

Sierra (Paul Harris)

Sophia (Lois Ruble)

Tache (The Gifford Family)

Toby (Ann Dunham)

Whoopi (Kathy Lathrum)

Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital

Shirley (The Schuldies Family)

Sweet Pea (Mill Hoemann)

Dr. Jean Spengel

Riley (Maril Suess)

Xena (The Warfield Family)

Gifts from wills and trusts help to ensure that the Humane Society’s charitable programs serving animals

and people will be available long into the future. The San Diego Humane Society and SPCA wishes to

acknowledge, in memoriam, recent gifts from the following individuals’ estates received between April 24

and July 2, 2009.

Minnie Imogene Duncan Ames &

Charles Joseph Ames

Catherine C. Briney

Giovanni and Rina Bucolo

Cecelia M. Collier

Arlyne R. Dryer

William and Imbi Friedberg

Richard Garrison Gayle

Alexandra A. Grant

Carol Lebeck

Mildred M. MacMillan

Glendawon Melcher

William and Dorothy Onkst

Winnifred J. Portland

Joseph and Amy Savelli

Elizabeth H. Thiele

Bishop Robert M. Wolterstorff

Emmett J. and Florence M.


AnimalFare • Fall 2009



Ask a Trainer

Housetraining Help from the Experts

Q: – I have a 3-year-old German

Shepherd. Recently, she’s started having

accidents in the house. I’ve tried to

correct her by gently scolding and

walking her outside, but she still has

accidents! What’s the best way to teach

her that outside is the place to do her


– Sally in Tierrasanta

A: This is an important topic and

a common behavior question among

pet parents. In addressing your dog’s

undesired elimination habits, first you

should also check with your veterinarian

to rule out the possibility of any medical

issues. If there is no medical explanation

for the accidents in the house, then

consider the following possibilities.

Dogs relieve in undesirable places

due to a variety of behavioral reasons: 1.)

preference for certain locations, 2.) inability

or unfamiliarity with “holding it” for the

amount of time necessary, 3.) not knowing

the designated relieving place, 4.) not feeling

comfortable in the area or on the surface of

the desired place, and/or 5.) discomfort with

the route to the desirable relieving area.

It is not uncommon for people to

think that they should punish their

dog for soiling in the house. In fact, the

opposite is true. Punishment not only

delays successful housetraining, it tends

to create other behavioral issues as well.

The dog may lose trust in you, especially

in relation to the act of elimination. This

will likely cause the dog to hide and

try to go indoors out of your sight, thus

perpetuating the undesired behavior.

Instead of punishment, use managed

confinement with supervised freedom as well

as positive reinforcement to house train your

dog. During times of supervised freedom,

spend time reinforcing your dog for calm

behaviors when hanging out in the house

with you. When you are not supervising your

dog, allow her to rest comfortably in a crate

or enclosed area with a nice chew toy.

When you take your dog out of the crate,

guide her directly to the relieving area on

leash. Give your dog food rewards, or at

least be good company, on the way to the

relieving area. When you reach the area,

be calm and quiet to avoid distracting your

dog from her job of finding a good spot to

relieve. When your dog eliminates outside,

gently praise her, walk away from the spot

and then deliver a food reward. After giving

the reward, do not rush back in the house

– instead, spend time outside doing some

rewarding activity (such as playing fetch or

tug) with your dog.

If it is unrealistic to confine your dog in

a crate or enclosed area, spend more time

supervising and reinforcing her for going

to the desired place. Encourage your dog’s

desire to go to the relieving area, even when

she does not have to relieve. Once your dog

starts sniffing around, she will likely relieve

there at some point, so be ready to reward.

When supervising your dog indoors,

watch for signs that she “needs to go,”

such as sniffing, circling, or trying to find

a secluded area. If you see your dog doing

any of these behaviors, redirect her to the

desired relieving area. If she does not go

outside at that time, keep her under close

supervision when inside, and take your

dog back outside within a few minutes to

try again.

Set your dog up for success by initially

taking her out more often than necessary.

Once you get to know her system and

relieving habits, you can anticipate when she

is most likely to go. If your dog does have an

accident in the house, remove her from the

location neutrally, not drawing any attention

to the soiled area. Then clean the area when

the dog is not there.

With dogs, err on the side of trust,

safety, and positive reinforcement. Some

dogs need to feel more secure during the

relieving time because it is one of the most

vulnerable acts an animal engages in. To

summarize, reinforce your dog for relieving

in the desired place, and prevent her

from going in undesired places through

supervision and managed confinement.

There are many services available

at the San Diego Humane Society that

address important aspects of a successful

housetraining program. Our helpful

lecture “Happily Ever After with Your

Dog” is free to attend for dog parents that

adopted from the San Diego Humane

Society. Our group class, “Head Start,” also

offers a lot of great tips. Finally, we offer

private behavior training sessions either

on campus or in your home. To sign up for

a class or private session, please call the

Health and Behavior Support Center at

(619) 299-7012 x2334 or x2335.

Margaret Lenoir

Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) and San

Diego Humane Society and SPCA Trainer

For more information about classes

and tips for introducing a new dog

to your household, contact our

Behavior Helpline at (619) 299-7012

x2244 or visit www.sdhumane.org.

16 www.sdhumane.org

AnimalFare • Fall 2009

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

For the Animals


• Cat and Dog Treats:

– Bonito flake cat treats

– Dog biscuits (e.g. Milk Bones)

– Natural Balance rolls

– Soft-type dog and cat treats

• For Behavior Training and Veterinary Use:

– Canned Chicken

– Cheeze Whiz

– Meat-flavored baby food

• For Nusery:

– KMR Kitten Milk Replacer (powdered)

– Royal Canin dry kitten food

– Nutro kitten food (canned)

• Purina One dog food (canned)

• Purina One cat/kitten food (canned)

Toys/Enrichment Items:

• Cat/kitten toys and scratchers

• Dog Chew Toys:

– Nylabones

– Pig’s ears

– Pressed rawhide bones

– Bully sticks

• Plastic children’s pool


• Agility tunnel

• Baby blankets

• Bathmats with rubber backings

• Cat litter (clumping and non-clumping)

• Disposable plastic feeding trays

• Disposable pee pads

• Dog and cat grooming brushes and combs

• Dog houses

• Hard-sided warm water recirculating


• Heating pads (electrical, non-automatic

shutoff type)

• Grooming Tool Kit*

• Kleenex tissue (white)

• Newspapers

• Portable CD players with built in speakers

(battery operated and AC adapter)

For the Society


• AA, AAA and D batteries

• Bleach

• Dawn dish soap

• Cardstock, various weights and colors

• Defibrillator*

• Digital animal temperature


• Double-sided adhesive mounting squares

• EZ-Up tent for special events*

• Flashlight mount for vehicle*

• General office supplies (see website for


w i s h l i s t

• Gift wrap supplies (cellophane, ribbon,

tissue, etc.)

• Investigations Field Evidence Kits*

• Latex balloons and disposable helium


• Lint rollers and refills

• Paper towels

• Party/non-denominational holiday

decorations (new)

• Printer ink cartridges (HP color photo

printer #95)

• Reflective safety vests

• Silk flowers (assorted)

• FRS two-way radios (cordless, with


• Plastic trash bags (45 gallon or larger)

• Wet/dry Vacuum (small canister, heavy

duty style)

• Ziploc bags

Gift Certificates/Cards to:

• Grocery stores


• Michaels

• Office Depot

• Target

• local gas stations, restaurants, movie

theaters and bookstores

*please call for more details

For more information about Wish List items, please contact devast@sdhumane.org or (619) 243-3401.


Thank You to Our Media Friends

Tune in to learn about the San Diego Humane Society!

The following media outlets provide regular coverage on adoptable animals, behavior training advice and other information for the

San Diego Humane Society at no cost. For questions or comments on any of our media outreach efforts, contact pr@sdhumane.org or

call (619) 243-3419.

San Diego



Channel 8


Channel 9/51


San Diego 6


92.5 FM

San Diego Suburban


Pet of the Week

(Thurs. in the

Our San Diego


Adopt a Pet



Pet Friends

(Fri. at

6:50 a.m.)

Pet of the Week

(Sat. at 8:40 a.m.)

Ask Dr. Mark


(2 nd Wed. of every

month at 7:40


Adoptable Pets

(Every third Sun.

at 8:30 a.m.)

Jagger and


Kritters segment

(Monthly on Mon.

at 8:30 a.m.)

Pet of the Week

(Every Thurs. in

La Jolla Light and

Friday in the Del Mar

Times, Carmel Valley

Leader, Solana Beach

Sun and Rancho Santa

Fe Record)

AnimalFare • Fall 2009





The following pets are looking for new homes at the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA!

Photo: Candice Eley

Photo: Jen Petit

Photo: Jen Petit


Rat (Mixed Breed)

Age: 2 years / Sex: Male

Adoption Fee: $15

Identification #: 34234

Ed is an adorable and very friendly

rat looking for a new family and home!

Often described as a similar to a “little

dog,” Ed loves to play, cuddle and hang

out with his people friends. He is very

comfortable being handled and enjoys

the attention. Ed will do well in a

variety of homes, including a home with

children and other pets.


Domestic Short Hair

Age: 10 years / Sex: Female

Adoption Fee: $50

Identification #: 27485

Athena is a friendly kitty who can’t

wait to find a special family of her own.

While Athena can be a bit shy at first,

she quickly warms up to her human

companions. She is social and playful at

heart and absolutely loves her toys and

treats. This special girl will do well in a

variety of homes, including those with

children and other pets. Athena may

also be perfect for an older pet parent

who wants to take part in the Seniors for

Seniors Program, which waives adoption

fees for adopters over age 60.


German Shepherd (mix)

Age: 4 years / Sex: Male

Adoption Fee: $100

Identification #: 33084

Buster is a sensational companion

who loves spending time with his

people friends! With a huge heart and

affectionate nature, Buster is an easygoing

guy. He enjoys taking walks in

the great outdoors and relaxing by a

person’s side. Buster will do well in a

variety of homes, including a home with

children. He would prefer to be the only

dog in the home. To read more about

this very special dog and his story, see

our cover story on page 4!

Sebastian, a resident guinea pig at the

San Diego Humane Society, dines on

the finest vegetables from Specialty

Produce. You can treat your small pet

to a delicious and healthy menu by

visiting www.specialtyproduce.com.

Photo: Candice Eley

Big Hearts Lead to Big Treats for Small Pets

Bob Harrington, owner of San Diego’s own Specialty Produce, knows the health benefits

of making fresh fruits and vegetables a daily part of one’s diet. Well, a healthy diet is

just as important to animals too. Thanks to Bob, donated organic produce at the peak of

freshness has become an expected daily treat for the rabbits, guinea pigs and other small

animals awaiting new homes at the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA. The company

has been donating these organics to our furry friends for more than eight years now.

Humane Society staff visit the family-owned and operated produce supplier an average

of twice a week. They stock up – free of charge – on locally-grown romaine lettuce, delicious

red apples, green bell peppers, parsley, cilantro, cucumbers, carrots, and a variety of other

high quality fruits and veggies for the small animals in our care. The guinea pigs staying

with us are treated to their favorites: swiss chard and juicy navel oranges.

Thanks to the dedicated support of Bob and everyone at Specialty Produce, the Humane

Society is able to ensure that foods rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are

always on hand for our small, furry friends!

18 www.sdhumane.org

AnimalFare • Fall 2009

AUGUST 2009 Calendar of Events

The following is a sampling of Humane Society classes, workshops and events occurring August 15 through October 31, 2009.


15 Pet Loss Support Group, 10 a.m., Free (sponsored by San Diego

Pet Memorial Park)

15 23 rd Annual Fur Ball, 6 p.m. to midnight

17 Head Start (first of five classes), 6-7:15 p.m. or 7:30-8:45 p.m., $69

18 Moving on Up (first of five classes), 6:30-7:45 p.m., $69*

20 Happy Hour Lecture Series: Pet Acupressure, 6:30-8 p.m., $12

22 Leash Walking 1, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

27 How to Live Happily Ever After with Your Cat, 6:30-8 p.m., $35

28 Summer Beach Party Doggie Café, 6-8 p.m., $10

29 Really Reliable Recall, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

29 Puppy Support Group, 10:30-11:30 a.m., $35


2 Pet Loss Support Group, 6:30 p.m., Free (sponsored by San Diego

Pet Memorial Park)

3 Shy Dog (first of five classes), 6:30-7:45 p.m., $249†

5 Pet PALS Kids Club, 10 a.m.-12 p.m., $75 yearly/$15 per meeting

7 Humane Society Closed for Labor Day Holiday

8 Tots and Tales, 10:30 a.m., $3 per child

12 Puppy Support Group, 10:30-11:30 a.m., $35

12 Canine Good Citizen (first of five classes), 1-2:15 p.m., $119*

16 Home-school Lessons (Citizenship), 10-11:30 a.m., $7 per child

16 Puppy Fun Class (first of five classes), 1:30-3 p.m., $159

17 Happy Hour Lecture Series: Introduction to Reiki, 6:30-8 p.m., $12

18 Clicker Training for Cats, 6:30-8 p.m., $35

23 Moving on Up (first of five classes), 6:30-7:45 p.m., $69*

25 Doggie Café, 6-8 p.m., $10

26 Really Reliable Recall, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

28 Head Start (first of five classes), 6-7:15 p.m. or 7:30-8:45 p.m., $69

* Requires a prerequisite class.

† Requires a consultation prior to enrollment.


2 Feisty Fido, 6:30-7:45 p.m., $249†

3 Pet PALS Kids Club, 10 a.m.-12 p.m., $75 yearly/$15 per meeting

3 Puppy Support Group, 10:30-11:30 a.m., $35

6 Head Start (first of five classes), 6-7:15 p.m. or 7:30-8:45 p.m., $69

7 Pet Loss Support Group, 6:30 p.m., Free (sponsored by San Diego

Pet Memorial Park)

10 Leash Walking, Level 2, 9-10:30 a.m., $35*

10 Barktoberfest, Adoption Hours 9 a.m.-6 p.m.,

Canine Carnival 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Free

13 Tots and Tales, 10:30 a.m., $3 per child

15 How to Live Happily Ever After with Your Cat, 6:30-8 p.m., $35

15 Happy Hour Lecture Series: Telepathic Communication with

Animals, 6:30-8 p.m., $12

17 First Aid for Dogs and Cats, 1-5 p.m., $60

17 Really Reliable Recall, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

21 Puppy Fun Class (first of five classes), 1:30-3 p.m., $159

21 Home-school Lessons (Kindness), 10-11:30 a.m., $7 per child

24 Leash Walking, Level 1, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

30 Halloween Doggie Café and Costume Contest, 6-8 p.m., $10

All events are held at the San Diego Humane Society and

SPCA and require pre-registration or reservations unless

otherwise noted. Please call (619) 299-7012 and the extension

listed to pre-register/reserve a space in a program, or visit our

website at www.sdhumane.org for a full calendar of events.

Activities for Kids:

Home-school Lessons: ext. 2320

Pet PALS Kids Club and Tots and Tales: ext. 2251

Activities for Adults/Families:

Doggie Café: ext. 2230; Happy Hour Lecture Series: ext. 2249

Pet Loss Support Group: ext. 2311

Behavior and Training Classes:

Advanced Training Class*, Agility Obstacle Skills*, Foundation for Dog

Sports*, Head Start, How to Live Happily Ever After with Your Dog,

Moving on Up*, Puppy Fun Class, Puppy Support Group, Shy Dog†:

ext. 2334

Canine Good Citizen*, Clicker Training for Cats, Feisty Fido†, How to

Live Happily Ever After with Your Cat/Dog, Leash Walking 1/2*, Really

Reliable Recall: ext. 2247

AnimalFare • Fall 2009



5500 Gaines Street

San Diego, CA 92110-2572

(619) 299-7012


Non-Profit Org.

U.S. Postage


San Diego, CA

Permit No. 331

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Adoptions and Animal Viewing:

Monday-Friday, 11a.m.-6 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday, 11a.m.-5 p.m.

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