English Brochure (PDF) - Satyug Darshan Trust


English Brochure (PDF) - Satyug Darshan Trust

Satyug Darshan Trust

...... marching towards the Golden Era,

......taking along the society to serve the humanity,

......spiritually enlightening us to achieve the ultimate goal of our life.

Satyug Darshan Trust

Satyug Darshan Trust is an expanded transformation of 'Mahabir Satsang Sabha',

which originated in the then undivided India in the form of daily 'Satsang' in a small

town called Gojra Mandi, District Layalpur, now in Pakistan. After the partition of the

country in 1947, the followers of 'Mahabir Satsang Sabha', who were scattered all over

the northern India and later in other parts of the world started 'Satsang' from their

homes. This continued till 1995 when Satyug Darshan Trust was founded and


registered on 17 July 1995 with the objective of alleviating physical, mental and

spiritual sufferings of humanity. It is a registered Public Trust, which has undertaken

various activities from time to time to fulfill its charter which is to infuse

consciousness, fraternity and love for humanity by all possible means.

'Satyug' : The Golden Era

It is universally acknowledged that nature has divided

the eternal time into four eras (YUGAS) i.e. 'Satyug',

'Tretayug', 'Dwaparyug' and 'Kalyug'. The present era

is 'Kalyug'. As per the laws of nature, 'Satyug' - The

Golden Era, is definite to follow 'Kalyug'. It therefore,

becomes necessary that all of us enlighten ourselves

about the approaching time i.e. 'Satyug', so that we are

mentally geared for this impending change and

become competent to mould ourselves accordingly.


During the years 1995-96, with the

help and support of its members, the

Trust had purchased approx. 26 acre of

land to set up its main campus on

village Bhopani-Lalpur Road, which is

about 10 km. far from Faridabad town

in the National Capital Region of Delhi.

The campus has been named as 'Satyug

Darshan Vasundhara', which in

collective terms mean, a place on earth

from where to march towards 'Satyug' -

The Era Of Truth.

Activities Of The Trust

Within a span of nine years, it has emerged as a small township. Surrounded by

boundary wall on all sides, it has a Satsang Hall, a 'Satya Deep Grih' with 128 single

room independent units for senior citizens, a small Dairy Farm, a Nursery to class XII coed

residential-cum-day boarding school namely 'Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya', a Sewage

Treatment Plant, a Laundry Unit, an in-house Power Generation Unit, an extension

counter of a Bank and a Small Dispensary with 6 bedded medical-investigation room.

Considering the future requirements, the Trust has recently purchased another 10 acre

of land adjoining the main campus for expanding its school activities.

Provision to open a Naturopathy-cum-Eye Care Center has also been made and approx.

2 acre of land has been earmarked for the same.

In the midst of this calm, serene and pollution free campus, a huge dome-shaped

meditation-hall is under construction. From here the science of inner dimensions will be

taught through the process of meditation i.e. a way by which one could always remain in

one's natural state of Pure Being in all its splendour. Meditation is the only spiritual tool

to liberate the mind from ignorance, illusion and evil instincts. This Meditation Hall

would have a water body around it and lighthouse on its top. Lush green large lawns

surround it. Various kinds of shrubs and floral trees enrich its beauty to manifold. Its

main gate, which would be followed by seven other gates leading to the Meditation Hall,

is under construction and once completed will further enhance its sacred view.

To maintain the pious environment at 'Vasundhara'- where one can easily be inclined

towards spirituality; smoking, playing cards or gambling, taking liquor/alcohol and

non-vegetarian food etc. is totally prohibited.

Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya

Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya was established

by the Trust in April 2001. It was a step

taken to awaken humanity to the Supreme

Truth of life by not only understanding the

true worth of worldly knowledge but also

understanding the knowledge about the

eternal oneness of 'Jiva' and 'Brahm'. This is

essential to perceive the reality of our

existence and to achieve the goal of our life

by harmonizing the spirit of different


The main objective of opening this school is to impart such moral values so that all the

actions and deeds of the supreme creation of God, i.e. 'Man', remain truthfully supreme

for establishment of the atmosphere of peace and harmony in this Universe.

The school, popularly known as SDV, is a CBSE affiliated co-ed english medium

residential-cum-day boarding school, which started from Nursery to Class VIII, has now

successfully completed its three academic years. The school has now added class XI and

will be upto XII by next year. It has over 700 students, out of which 560 are boarders and

150 are day-scholars and the school is being run at its full boarding capacity. The

construction of a new 300 bedded boys hostel will be started soon.

Satyug Darshan Charitable Dispensary/Laboratory

The Trust had established its first Charitable

Dispensary in its complex at Vasundhara in

1999 and started rendering its services to

the villagers and agricultural labourers of

nearby areas. From the year 2002, the Trust

started opening some more Charitable

Dispensaries/Laboratories in other parts of

the country. As on April 2004, the Trust was

running 13 Satyug Darshan Charitable

Dispensaries/Laboratories at Jalandhar

City, Jalandhar Cantt, Ambala City, Ambala

Cantt, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Gurgaon,

Kurukshetra, Raiwali, Yamunanagar, Rohtak, Bareilly and at 'Vasundhara', Faridabad.

In these Dispensaries/Laboratories, qualified Allopathic and Homeopathic doctors

provide consultation and treatment to patients on OPD basis for a very nominal fee. This

fee is charged for three days of consultation and treatment for which medicines are

being provided free of charge. However, arrangement for treatment or hospitalization

at discounted rates in collaboration with other hospitals and nursing homes, has also

been made in these branches.

Till now, more than 100,000 people have already benefited through these


Although, the overall control of these Dispensaries/Laboratories lies with the Trust, Adhoc

Management Committee consisting of five members has been constituted at each

center. This has been constituted to manage the affairs of each unit smoothly on regular

basis not only to run the Dispensary/Laboratory on day-to-day basis, but to also raise

funds for providing more facilities like X-Ray, Dental-care and Eye-care etc. at their

respective centers.

At Jalandhar City, Dental Care and Cure facility has also been recently added. Gradually

some more facilities will be added at other branches also.

In order to self-sufficiently run the above Dispensaries/Laboratories, the Trust has

recently launched a campaign to enrol at least 1100 members at each center who will

become member contributor and avail the golden opportunity to serve the society.

Thousands of people have voluntarily enrolled themselves as member contributor

within a short span of time and the process is still going on.

Satyug Darshan Trust is rendering these services as per one of its aims and objectives to

serve the downtrodden and needy people of the society.

Free Eye Care and Health Care Camps

The Trust organizes free eye care camps in

which operations and transplantation of

lenses is provided by expert eye-surgeons.

Free medical & health care camps are also

organized from time to time to provide

treatment and consultation in

Till June 2004, 18 free Eye Camps and 27 free Medical Camps have been organized and

18,166 number of people have been benefited from these camps.

Charity Distribution

allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic,

naturopathy, yoga, acupressure and other

alternative medical sciences. These camps

are organized at 'Vasundhara' and other

parts of the country.

On a regular basis, the Trust distributes items like clothes, blankets, ration etc. to the

weaker sections of the society in various cities.

The Trust also renders financial support for the marriage of needy people of the society,

including widows.

Cultural Programmes and other events to convey the

message of God - "Let's march towards Satyug"

The Trust also organizes cultural programs

purely based on the themes related to


spiritual development. On 9 December 2002,

it had organized a cultural program 'Kirtanin-action'

at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New

Delhi which was attended by over four

thousand people. Likewise, similar cultural

events were also organized at Ambala,

Jalandhar and other cities.

To lead the society towards 'Satyug - the

Golden Era', in a more meaningful and

effective manner, a Music Center is being established at 'Vasundhara' itself. Here, the

students will be so trained that they not only become perfect in this art but also acquire

superior spiritual ability to skillfully convey this message of God to the World. Free

lodging and boarding facility will be provided to dedicated and selfless volunteers.

Besides, the Trust also organizes various types of events and camps which help people

understand ways to maintain unity in the family, serve elders and aged people, foster

children with emphasis on character building and value education, practice discipline

in one's life etc. Various Personality Development and Career-Counseling Camps are

organized for marriageable girls and other girls and boys under 25 years of age, which

help them learn social etiquettes, manners and to improve or develop their skills

relating to cookery, house hold activities, aesthetics etc. This helps them lead a

successful social life.

The Trust also plans to extend its services to the rural youth living around 'Vasundhara'

by way of organizing Personality Development Camps. These camps will be linked to

need based vocational training programs, which besides providing proper guidance to

unemployed rural youth, will also enhance their employment and earning prospects.

Later, this scheme will also be launched in some other rural areas of India.

The Guiding Force

The activities of the Trust are guided by its Holy Book - "Satvastu Ka Kudarati Granth",

which means - "Sacred Scripture of Satyug as revealed by the Nature".

It proclaims omnipresence of the Supreme Being with message:

"The day is about to come when Kalyug will retreat

That day is about to come 'Sajanji', that day is about to come"

In this 'Granth', the absolute 'God' has put it into words comprehensively not only the

past and the present state of affairs of this Universe, but also a forecasted detail about

the constitution of 'Satyug' i.e. fundamental principals according to which mental and

bodily character of a person shall be governed in future.

" Discern nonetheless but me (Real/Eternal Self) is the 'Lord' "

" Only Ignorant say that the Lord is someone along with "

Accordingly, it further emphasises that:

" 'Shabad ' (i.e. the word of God) is our Guru (i.e. Master)

not the figure or image of any person "

This 'Granth' therefore preaches that, instead of different kind of prevalent systems of

devotion, only one type of faith shall prevail universally, i.e. to inculcate the skill of

equanimity and even-sightedness which would help in keeping our soul, energy,

wisdom and mind at the prime levels forever. It makes one's faith strong enough to

gain knowledge that one's real self in itself is the 'Lord' omnipotent, omnipresent and

omniscient. This reveals the truth itself that in 'Satyug' oneness shall prevail. Instead of

the silent repetition of the mantra or the name of any deity by way of devotion or by

worshipping or by chanting or by salutation to God, one shall always remain in the

state of Meditation. In 'Satyug', each one would be a lover of truth having high

integrity and uniform vision and would love to live in harmony. Further, the natural

science would make the people of 'Satyug' so enlightened that they would become

spiritually capable of producing any thing technically with brilliance. Therefore, to

become a symbol of equanimity and even-sightedness one ought to have an unflinching

love for God with one's divine eye focused on the embodied spirit i.e. eternal light. All

these virtues are essential for universal brotherhood for keeping harmony and peace

all the time besides performing one's worldly duties selflessly, sincerely and faithfully

and to attain salvation.

It therefore declares so that each one of us shall know and remember that: -

It contains perfect knowledge, verified and verifiable truth to make everyone

wise enough to lead a peaceful life collectively, truthfully and religiously based

on ethical principals i.e. strictly according to the rules of morality.

To keep one's thought, action and speech in a pure and independent state i.e. free

from any deformation, it suggests remain firmly dedicated to His command. Further

to keep our mind free from any pulsation, it is essential to station our subsistence in

the divine source of Universe i.e. 'God'.

It calls upon each one of us to become "Sajjan" in the real sense i.e. a person having a

spirit of gentleness, which is essential to live in a divine manner.

It prohibits one from being in the state of depression, weeping, lamenting or

negative thinking in any moment or circumstance.

It narrates the story of the past and the present time of 'Kalyug' in depth,

mentioning troubles, which befalls upon one as the result of one's own deeds. It

inspires one to eradicate selfishness and pride i.e. agitated state of mind, and

transform one from the restless 'Kalyug' temperament to a tranquil and stable

'Satyug' disposition.

We can say that it is a study of mankind and human affairs vis-a-vis spirituality, with an

intent to reduce human sufferings and to improve life specially by social and spiritual

reforms collectively.

Spiritual Development

The Trust infuses spiritual enlightenment among its members by way of various kinds of

programs and camps, with 'Satsang' being the most prime among them. Through this

process, stress is being laid with reasoning, to switch over to one faith i.e. to hold the

values of equanimity and even-sightedness firmly and skillfully. Then practice it on

daily basis to attain maturity. This is considered essential to adhere to the principals, as

contained in the 'Granth', for imbibing strong moral and spiritual values in life. For

general information, it is added that 'Satsang' is held on every Tuesday and Sunday at

'Vasundhara' and its over hundred other branches, spread across the country and


Besides 'Satsang', the 'Gade Ka Yagya' is celebrated in the Hindu month of Paush

(January) after observing forty days of worship called as 'Chalisa'. During these forty

days, celibacy and chastity is observed and abstinence from physical and worldly desires

is practiced to attain the true knowledge of the Supreme Self. One is required to keep

one's heart and mind in the pure and pious state to become entitled to wear 'Gada'. This

'Gada' is worn on the wrist of the right hand by the followers.

'Gada' is the divine ornament/weapon i.e. the mace or club of 'Lord Shri Vishnu', which

was given by Him as a weapon of peace and power to 'Lord Shri Hanuman'. The 'Gada'

acts as a defensive sheath for the wearer as it is not only capable of keeping one's heart

and mind away from lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism but also to firmly uphold

the virtues of equanimity, contentment, endurance, righteousness and truthfulness.

We can say that this 'Yagya' is meant to attain a virtue capable of keeping one's heart and

mind free from worldly pleasures and mental disorders and thus firmly uphold human

values essential to live peacefully. It is also a firm step towards salvation.

The auspicious day of 'Akhand Hawan' is celebrated in the month of Magha (February),

when each one is supposed to do charity within one's means and ability and transform

oneself to become benevolent.

Lastly, the main congregation is held every year during the month of Chaitra

(March/April) when the Trust celebrates 'Ram-Navami' as 'Yagya-Utsava' which

continues for four days. During this celebration, thousands of devotees, followers,

members and other people from all parts of India and abroad representing all sections of

the society attend in order to get spiritually enlightened. On this occasion each one is

supposed to assess one's own progress of the past year independently and

identify/understand further changes required to improve oneself to achieve the real goal

of life.

Strength and Support

The Trust derives its strength and support from a large number of selfless and dedicated

volunteers spread all over India, specially North India, as well as abroad.

Be a part of it…

More and more people are associating themselves with the activities of the Trust and are

contributing by way of physical effort and financial support in order to fulfill its


Contributions to the Trust can be made through A/c payee cheque or draft in favour of:

'Satyug Darshan Trust (Regd.)' payable at Faridabad. Payment facilities via wire transfer

and online through credit card is also available. The payment made to the Trust is

exempted under Section 80G of Income-Tax Act of Govt. of India.

If you feel interested in the activities of the Trust or need more information or

would like to make a contribution, please write to us or contact us at:

The Trust Office

Satyug Darshan Trust


Village Bhopani-Lalpur Road, Faridabad - 121 002

National Capital Region of Delhi, Haryana, India.

Ph.: 91-129-2202316, 317, 820 Ext. 504 Fax : 91-129-2202447

E-mail : info@satyugdarshantrust.org

Or visit us at: www.satyugdarshantrust.org

* The Picture on the front is the projection of actual "Dhyaan Kaksh" (Meditation Hall) under construction.

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