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PASSION - Arbonne

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“Are you doing what you’ve always wanted to do?” That was the question

my now sponsor, ERVP Azure Winter asked me. Looking back at her, I

commented with raised eyebrows, “No, I am not.”

After graduating with degrees in International Business and Spanish, I

looked for jobs in the corporate world that would keep me excited and, of

course, pay the big bucks. This was the summer following the tragedy of

9/11. It did not matter if you had incredible grades and qualifications; jobs

in the corporate world were few and far between. If you were lucky enough

to land a great job, you were more than likely not going to be paid well

for it. So, I got involved in commercial real estate. My idea was to help

American businesses get established in Latin America. This was not a simple

endeavor. After a year of struggling, my father offered me a job at his

land development company in Wichita. Although it was an hourly wage, I

was happy to be getting paid. I gained more knowledge and confidence

in business and real estate; however, it did not take long to discover the

drawbacks of working for a small family-owned business, including the

salary cap, boredom and simply being an order-taker.

I was so blessed to have the man of my dreams, Lewis Kelley come into my

life. We were married and after things started settling down, I really started

to analyze where my career was headed. This was somewhat discouraging.

I was seriously considering going back to earn my MBA simply

because I thought that it was the answer. This option was weighing heavy

on my mind. I wanted a career change, yet I really did not want to spend

the time, money and effort for more college if I did not have a specific goal

in mind, nor any guarantees!

b r e e k e l l e y

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Bree Kelly Region; Wichita, KS

At this particular time in my life — not quite six months ago — Azure

brought me a NutriMinC ® RE 9® product set. Having been looking for a

great skin care line, I immediately fell in love with the products. When she

came by to follow up with me, I was definitely interested! We talked

about the Arbonne opportunity and she told me about this new marketing

approach that Consultants had been hearing and learning about.

When Azure first talked to me about Arbonne, just before our wedding,

I was excited about the growth of the business potential; however, the

continued ...

Bree with mom, EDM Pamela Russell.

ERVP Azure Winter and Bree.

Lewis and Bree.

success strategy:

Keeping in steady activity will

not only help your team grow,

but it will also move you forward

through the low moments.

thought of holding Presentations only to get in front of people did not

excite me. Initially thinking of my warm market — myself included — I

did not see a great turnout. Everyone is so busy these days.

Then, it made sense to me. Most people I knew had never heard of

Arbonne before, let alone been able to try it. I felt that this marketing

approach was a non-pressure avenue to introduce the company and

products to potential Consultants who could purchase product on their

own time … which is also quite attractive and easily duplicatable for

potential business builders.

My goal has been to distribute at least two NutriMinC ® RE 9 skin care sets

a day. There are a number of elements that have contributed to my success

in this business, however I found that my steady level of activity has

not only helped with growth, but also with stability. Whenever I was

having a less positive day or moment, I would say, “Alright, who do I

get to talk to next?”

After a couple weeks, I had promoted to District Manager by sharing

the phenomenal products. The next couple months were all about figuring

out what this business was all about. I realized that I needed to follow

the path that had been laid in front of me by my amazing sponsor

and upline. I also started setting personal and spiritual growth goals. I

wrote them down, told others and then acted on them. Many times I

pushed myself out of my comfort zone and made what I used to think

was hard, much easier. Plus, my interpersonal and sales skills improved

dramatically. I was gaining confidence in myself, my business and my

dreams; all while helping others rediscover their dreams.

By word of mouth, I was blessed to meet my first business builder, EAM

Melissa Roldan. Her delightful and positive influence has been so inspiring

to our entire team. It has been such a pleasure to start new relationships

with such amazing people whom I would may have never met

otherwise. Thanks so much to you, Melissa, and your family for being a

part of my life.

Bree with her new Mercedes-Benz.

Bree with team members at Recognition night. BACK, L–R: Jennifer Edwards, DM

Jennifer Winter, Larry Walty, Tony Roldan, Courtney Biggs, Whitney Rodriguez, Larry

Walty, Tony Roldan, Courtney Biggs, Whitney Rodriguez and DM Jennifer Adkins.

FRONT, L–R: Alli Ringle, DM Pam Russell, EAM Stephanie Walty, Bree, EAM Melissa

Roldan, AM Lisa Burghart, DM CJ Bachman, DM Lori Tatro and Melissa McKibben.

To my best friend and life partner, DM Lewis Kelley: Thanks for unselfishly

letting me pursue my dreams. You are “my favorite” and I love living

my life with you. You are amazing.

To my sponsor, ERVP Azure Winter and DM Justin Winter: Thanks for

sharing this opportunity with me. It has been a life-changing experience

for Lewis and me. You have inspired me to touch as many lives as I can

with this opportunity and encouraged me to become the leader you see

me to be. More than anything, thanks for becoming our great friends,

even when we are not talking about Arbonne!

To our AMs, Melissa Roldan, Stephanie Walty and Lisa Burghart: You are

great leaders and visionaries. I appreciate your hard work, dedication

and faith.

To our DMs, Brenda Church, Lori Tatro, Krista Hall, Julie True, Stacy

Glatzcak, Pamela Russell, Dana Cain, CJ Bachman, Miquela Angleton,

Kimberly Jackson, Jennifer Winter, Lewis Kelley and Jennifer Adkins: Your

dedication to our business and team spirit inspire me. I look forward to

watching you build your own Regions.

To our DMs-in-qualification, Consultants, family and friends: You are the

backbone of our business. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all your support in my journey!

And, most of all, thank you to God, for Your precise timing.

NVP Paula Winter, Bree, EAM Melissa Roldan and sponsor ERVP Azure Winter.


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