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Company Overview



Cost Efficient


Disinfection made Convenient

Aseptix is a clean chemistry biosciences company focused on developing and commercializing

proprietary technologies that safely, effectively, and quickly kill contagious pathogens.

Aseptix owns a portfolio of intellectual property and platform technologies that enable the

development of safe, sustainable Aseptix technology provides a solution to a broad range of

markets that depend upon controlling contamination, including food safety, area disinfection,

healthcare, wellness, leisure, nursing, medical device disinfection, and hospitality. Aseptix

patented technologies are designed to limit the spread of infectious disease, including major

public health threats of Tuberculosis, MRSA, VRE, E.coli, norovirus, avian influenza, HIV, poliovirus,

SARS, and Legionella.

Technologies: Plasma & Formulation

Aseptix uses as a core ingredient in all its antimicrobial solutions,

a very elegant molecule: hydrogen peroxide. There

are, however, three main disadvantages of hydrogen peroxide.

First, it is unstable as a molecule, easily degrading back to

water and oxygen. Secondly, the molecule is only in high

concentrations effective enough as a true antimicrobial product;

at these concentrations the product bleaches and irritates

the skin and surfaces. Thirdly, the molecule is easily

affected by organic material, and therefore only usable in

clean situations. Aseptix has developed two technologies to

overcome these disadvantages, while maintaining the positive

characteristics of hydrogen peroxide.

Plasma Enhanced Peroxide

The core technology of Aseptix is based on a plasma chemical

process, in which the antimicrobial capacity of hydrogen

peroxide is “boosted”.

high voltage electrical pulses according a very specific and

proprietary method, producing a very effective and safe biocidal


Possessing a long shelf life, in time it degrades back into water

after attacking micro-organisms, making it an extremely

safe and potent, easy-to-use base product for use in various

applications. This technology platform implies a radical shift

in the thinking about food safety and sanitary hygiene and

opens up previously impossible application areas.

Patented synergistic formulations

The second core technology consists of unique and proprietary

formulations that are proven to be highly effective

against micro organisms and have high cleaning capacity.


Aseptix markets a portfolio of branded products and systems

which are effective at killing a broad spectrum of microorganisms,

while very safe and convenient to handle and use.

They are effective as soaks, sprays, mists and in other forms.

Aseptix applies true sustainability thinking at all phases of the

product life-cycle, from product design to manufacture, to

use, work instructions and disposal. This means Aseptix is

not only active in reducing impacts on the environment, but

also in guarding the health and well-being of customers and

consumers, in operating with high ethical standards and in

contributing to economic advancement.

This technology has been developed over many years and

resulted originally from waste water treatment technology.

The antiseptic and safe solution resulting after processing is

branded Plasma Enhanced Peroxide TM .

To obtain Plasma Enhanced Peroxide TM , the hydrogen peroxide

in low concentrations, is bombarded with ultra short,



Cost Efficient


Realistic contact times

Highly effective

Exceeds industry standards

No use precautions


Wipe to dry, no rinsing

Cleaner & disinfect in one

Saves time

No spills

Sustainable disinfection


Hard Surfaces Aseptix offers a whole range of fast acting

and convenient hard surface disinfection products. The products

range from ultra rapid bactericidal and virucidal products

up to broad spectrum products, killing a whole range of

pathogenic microorganisms. These products are free of

Quats, Aldehydes, Chlorine, Alcohols, VOC’s, Phenols, and

other harsh or polluting chemicals. Safe for users, visitors,

guests and patients. Safe for the environment. These products

do not contain any labeling and no precautionary use

measures are required. Spray and wipe to dry, no rinsing

required. A true revolution in surface disinfection.

Skin The skin product range of Aseptix consists of rinse-off

(soaps) and leave-on products (rubs). All products are extremely

caring for the hands and do not contain any Triclosan,

Quats, Halogens, Phenols, Chlorhexidine, or other

harsh and skin unfriendly chemicals. The disinfection power

is unprecedented. The Purax hand soap range provides for a

well-cared after feel and kills over 99.999% of pathogens in

less than one minute.

Instruments Aseptix’ instrument disinfection and sterilization

range consists of Adelhyde free, quat free, phenol free,

low corrosive disinfectants. To be used as soak, with or

without thermal disinfection or ultrasound support. These

products provide for a full spectrum of kill within acceptable

contact times and are not inhibited by proteins or blood.


• Water based

• No Aldehydes, Quats,


• Exceed efficacy standards

• Extremely biodegradable

• No VOCs


• Excellent cleaning performance

• Efficient, time saving

• No rinsing required

• Wipe to dry

• Ready to use, no dilutions

tants for use in fogging equipment. Provide for a complete

kill of a broad spectrum of organisms in acceptable contact

times. Environmentally responsible. Does not burden users,

patients, visitors and guests. No effect on respirational tract,

no toxic gases or waste, no residual odors. No use precautions

necessary. No rinsing of surfaces required after use.

Other Aseptix provides products and technologies for use

in wound disinfection, water disinfection, air decontamination,

legionella prevention, etc. Please contact Aseptix to

discuss further opportunities and possible application areas.

Food Processing The Hydrax Range for food processing

consists of a range of antimicrobial agents for reduction of

pathogens in process waters of fruits and vegetables in both

batch and continuous operations. The products have virtually

no effect on taste, color and smell. Hydrax provides and

effective control of spoilage and decay causing organisms

present in processing waters and on the surface of processed

fruits and vegetables.

Large Areas Aseptix unique room and large area disinfectants

are aldehyde, quat, chlorine and phenol free disinfect-


Aseptix provides a solution to a broad range of markets that depend upon controlling contamination, including food safety,

area disinfection, healthcare, wellness, leisure, nursing, medical device disinfection, and hospitality. Aseptix operates three lines

of business:

Distribution and resale of Aseptix branded products via a global distribution network. Aseptix has an advanced distributor

partnership program.

Licensing and OEM of the proven and registered Aseptix technologies and/or formulations, fully supported by Aseptix

and supplemented with overwhelming independent test data, safety data, and biocide registrations

in key countries.

Joint Development opportunities are provided on a non-exclusive basis to companies wishing to leverage their knowhow

or market access with proprietary technologies of Aseptix to develop targeted solutions for

niche markets.


Faster. Simpler. SAFER.


Aseptix on choices

The microbe poses a rapidly increasing threat to human health. Increasing population, easier

spread of pathogens, increasing emergence of outbreaks and increasing resistance of microbes

are driving the need for enhanced safety and health precautions. However, while science made

enormous strides over the last century in our war against germs, now we face a new problem.

The very chemicals we have been using to fight microbes are causing occupational and environmental

problems and threats to our health and safety. Government regulation and sustainability

are driving the industry towards new solutions. With Aseptix portfolio of breakthrough technologies,

an unmatched efficacy against a wide range of pathogens is effectively combined with

high environmental integrity and safety in application.

There is no need to trade off efficacy with ease of application and environmental integrity. We

make disinfection convenient and truly sustainable.

Product Efficacy Overview

All our products have been extensively tested on efficacy and safety by independent, external laboratories, in controlled tests

according European Norms.

EN 1040 EN 1276 EN 1275 EN 1650 EN 13624 EN 14348 EN 14476

UltraSan® is an ultra rapid professional ready-to-use disinfectant cleaner.

UltraSan® x x x

UltraSan® Healthcare x x x x x x x

UltraSan® Broad Spectrum x x x x x x x

UltraSan® Dental x x x x x x x

PuraSan® is a professional ready-to-use acidic disinfectant cleaner specifically developed for sanitary.

PuraSan® Sanitary x x x

CidalSan® is a heavy duty ready-to-use disinfectant cleaner with extra cleaning capacity.

CidalSan® x x x x x x

CidalSan® KitchenGuard® x x x x x x

CidalSan® Ultra x x x x x x

PuraShield® is a specialty cleaner disinfectant designed for user friendliness and customer facing cleaning and hygiene situations.

PuraShield® x x x

PuraShield® Health & Wellness x x x

Purax® is a disinfecting skin wash based on a revolutionary and patented formula. No triclosan, no quats, no phenols, no PCMX, no

chlorhexidine, no alcohol.

Purax® Foam x x x x

Purax® Foam Extra Care x x x x

GermGuard® Ultra is a disinfecting and moisturizing hand rub, specially designed for skin disinfection applications in which high efficacy

and good skin compatibility and skin feel are required.To be used without water.

GermGuard® Ultra x x x x x

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