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Welcome to Brittany Ferries

About this pack

This guide is designed to give you an

in-depth understanding of the service

Brittany Ferries provides. It is full of

useful information and we hope you

will find it invaluable both as a reference

to making a reservation, and as a way

of familiarising yourself with the many

advantages that only Brittany Ferries

can offer.

How to complete your

self-study quiz

We’ve also included a self-study quiz

based on the Brittany Ferries experience.

Not only will this increase your knowledge

in an enjoyable and practical way, it will

also earn you a completion certificate and

a travel voucher worth £100.

Don’t forget, you can use our 2010

brochures and agents’ website, to help you

with your answers!

A world of holidays in France and Spain

When it comes to holidays in France and northern Spain, there’s no better choice

than Brittany Ferries. After all, we’ve been taking people on holiday across the

Channel for over 30 years, giving our customers:

• The widest choice of mile-saving routes, sailing direct to the best regions of France

• Sailings to suit their holiday – daytime, overnight and high speed

• The fastest, most luxurious ferry service to Santander, northern Spain

• A superb range of hand-picked accommodation

• Award-wining onboard service and top-class facilities

New for 2010

We’re pleased to announce some exciting

improvements to our services for 2010.

• More sailings to Spain – three sailings

per week from Portsmouth and one

from Plymouth

• More high-speed sailings from

Portsmouth to Cherbourg

• New cruise ferry service from Portsmouth

to Cherbourg (replacing the current cruise

ferry service from Poole)

The Cross Channel Ferry Market:

France & Spain

Just over 4.3 million vehicles crossed the

Channel in 2008 with 25% using Western

Channel routes. Brittany Ferries has a 74%

share of this high

value market sector.

We also hold a 60%

share of the

UK-Spain market.











Brittany Ferries at a glance



Most popular route on the 6 hours Up to 3 daily Mont St Michel

Western Channel. Ideal not only for return sailings Normandie

Normandy, but also for Loire, Paris

and southern Europe. 3 3 /4 hours Weekend Normandie

high-speed service Express


Ideal not only for Normandy, but also 3 hours Up to 2 daily Normandie

Brittany and beyond. return sailings Express

4 ½ hours Regular Cap

return service Finistère








Ideal for Brittany, Loire, Dordogne 8 3 /4 hours Daily Bretagne

and south west France.

return service


Ideal not only for Normandy, 2 1 /4 hours Seasonal daily Normandie

but also Brittany and beyond. high-speed service Vitesse


Gateway to Brittany and ideal 6 hours Up to 3 return Armorique

for Atlantic Coast, Dordogne sailings daily Pont-Aven

and south west France.


Unique service for Spain, Portugal 24 hours 3 return Pont-Aven

and south west France. sailings per week Cap Finistère



Unique service for Spain, Portugal 21 hours Weekly return Pont-Aven

and south west France.



Introduction to Brittany Ferries SECTION 1

Your clients will be

miles better off

The strongest selling point of Brittany Ferries is the fact that our unique route

network takes your clients direct to the popular holiday areas of France, saving

miles of unnecessary driving.

Mileage chart

See how many miles can be saved from the tables below which show driving distances

from our ports compared to Calais and the Channel Tunnel. France and Spain are big

countries and journey planning is important. You may find it useful to also refer to the

enclosed maps of France and Spain.

DRIVING IN FRANCE Distance in miles

Caen Roscoff St Malo Cherbourg Santander Calais/Tunnel

Biarritz 466 495 422 501 150 617

Bordeaux 358 379 310 391 264 499

La Baule 195 152 111 202 505 380

La Rochelle 250 270 198 277 371 417

Paris 136 334 227 712 607 169

Quimper 217 62 122 232 600 425

Toulouse 452 527 455 525 327 580

Tours 149 261 171 222 469 299


Santander Roscoff St Malo Cherbourg Caen Calais/Tunnel

Alicante 498 940 871 952 909 1059

Barcelona 427 726 653 723 651 779

Faro 598 1183 1115 1196 1154 1304

Lisbon 517 1094 1021 1101 1066 1216

Madrid 243 795 722 801 766 917

Marbella 587 1152 1084 1164 1123 1273

Oporto 390 996 928 1009 967 1117

Santiago 298 936 863 943 908 1059

DRIVING TO OUR UK PORTS Distance in miles

Portsmouth Poole Plymouth Dover

London 74 109 215 78

Birmingham 145 142 200 185

Manchester 226 223 275 257

Bristol 93 69 115 195

Newcastle 331 337 399 341

Edinburgh 430 427 477 440


A guide to our ports

Ferry Port







St Malo



Motoring in Europe

Introduction to Brittany Ferries SECTION 1

The following provides a useful summary of requirements for motoring in Europe:



Minimum age at which UK Driving Licence accepted 18 18

National driving licence required YES YES

International driving permit required (for UK licence holders) NO NO

Vehicle registration document required YES YES

Motor vehicle insurance required YES YES

Bail Bond required NO R

GB sticker/Europlates required C C

Warning triangle required C C

Reflectorised jacket/waistcoat C C

Spare headlamp bulbs required R C

Headlamp adjustment needed C C

Seatbelts required front and rear YES YES

Minimum age of children allowed in front seat 10 12

Wide acceptance of credit cards for petrol YES YES

Use of radar detectors F F

Motorway tolls payable YES YES

Maximum motorway speed limit 130kph 120kph

81mph 74mph

On the spot fines YES YES

R = Recommended. C = Compulsory. F = Forbidden.


Fleet and onboard information

In addition to unique routes, our ships offer unrivalled standards of service,

style and facilities. For information on routes and duration refer to page 2.


Plymouth – Roscoff

Portsmouth – St Malo

Portsmouth – Santander

Portsmouth – Cherbourg

Portsmouth – Caen

Portsmouth – Santander

Plymouth – Santander

Plymouth – Roscoff

Portsmouth – Caen

Portsmouth – Caen

Portsmouth – Cherbourg

Poole – Cherbourg



Cap Finistère

Mont St Michel







Ship description

Tonnage 22,500 24,534 32,728 30,000 39,500 27,541 6,581 5,000

Passenger Capacity 1,500 2,056 850 2,200 2,400 1,500 750 750

Car Capacity 470 580 500 884 650 600 260 185

Onboard facilities

Restaurant ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ – –

Self-service restaurant ✓ ✓ – ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Salon de Thé ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ – –

Bar ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Bureau de Change ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Shops ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Playroom ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ – –

Cinema † ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ – –

Lifts ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ – –

Disabled cabins ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ – –

Disabled toilets ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Kennels – ✓ ✓ – ✓ – – –

Children's Club (Seasonal) ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ – –

†Charge payable on board


Introduction to Brittany Ferries SECTION 1


Mont St Michel




Cap Finistère





Onboard facilities continued

Teenage area ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ – – – –

Tourist Information ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Sundeck ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ – –

Video games room ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Baggage room ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ – –

Swimming pool ✓ – – – – ✓ – –

Baby changing room ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Onboard accommodation*

Commodore Class 18 8 – 16 8 – – –

De Luxe 16 – – – – 8 – –

Club Plus – – 8 – – – – –

2 Berth Outside 12 – 6 – 3 57 – –

2 Berth Inside 252 40 95 149 33 – – –

4 Berth Club 56 – 96 49 – – – –

4 Berth Outside 97 68 – 37 123 102 – –

4 Berth Inside 158 80 34 108 27 66 – –

Reclining Seats 47 419 319 319 416 – F 578 750

P 90

C 52

Cots 30 15 15 15 14 10 – –

* Normandie Vitesse - Reclining Seats: F=Free, C=Commodore, P=Pre-allocated


Why your customers should choose

to holiday with Brittany Ferries

Easy to book, easy to get to and great value for money, France and Spain with

Brittany Ferries is the perfect choice for customers looking for an unforgettable

holiday experience, with the freedom of taking their own car. But if that’s not

convincing enough, here are just a few examples of who you should be telling

about us, and why:

Families with kids of all ages

• A wide choice of accommodation suitable

for families in all sorts of locations

• Convenient and hassle-free sailings with

something to keep everyone occupied

on board

• No baggage limitations – simply pack the

car with everything they need

Couples – young and old

• Great choice of self-catering and hotel

accommodation – selected for their high


• An unrivalled onboard experience, offering

restaurants, stylish bars and lounges and

well-appointed cabins

• Freedom and flexibility of taking the car

and exploring at their own pace

UK holiday makers

Fabulous selection of properties – often

proving to be better value than their

UK equivalent

• Direct sailings from the easily accessible

ports of Portsmouth, Poole and Plymouth,

makes France and Spain closer than

you think

• Quieter roads, beautiful scenery – and the

opportunity to really ‘get away from it all’

Better still, all customers will enjoy:

No hidden supplements – plus if booking

early, only a small deposit to pay.

No baggage restrictions and surcharges –

simply pack the car and go.

No inconvenient check-in times – arrive just

45 minutes before departure.

No more long drives through north east France

– saving on fuel, tolls and overnight stops.

Reservations and information

0871 244 1444



Brittany Ferries Holidays SECTION 2

Hand-picked holidays

in France and Spain

Cottages and villas

With a fabulous choice of gites, cottages, villas

with pools and casas set in many of the most

desirable locations of France and northern

Spain, this is the ultimate guide to holiday

accommodation with a true home-from-home

feel. All are great value for money, especially as

prices include return ferry travel for a standard

car and occupants

Chalet camping and


Absolutely perfect for clients whose idea

of a great time is having lots of fun-packed

activities right on their doorstep. Each of these

sites feature special play areas for kids and live

entertainment in the evenings, whilst most

locations also feature a large pool and offer

a wide range of outdoor pursuits too.

All are great value for money, especially as

prices include return ferry travel for a

standard car and occupants.


Our great selection of hotels in France and

Spain covers virtually every type of location,

style and budget. Historic châteaux, luxurious

paradores, city centre hotels and small country

inns specialising in a personal welcome are just

some of the many choices available. All offer

superb value for money and can be booked for

any length of stay.


The magic of France

When reading this section you might find it useful to refer to

the enclosed map of France. For further information view our

regional guide online at

France has an irresistible, year-round appeal boasting a landscape as diverse as

it is grand in scale. From the lush green countryside and rich medieval heritage

of Brittany and Normandy, to the stylish sun-drenched beach resorts of the

Côte d’Azur – from the chic boulevards of Paris, to the sunlit vineyards of

Bordeaux and the majestic snow capped mountains of the Alps and Pyrenees.

And, there’s no better way to discover these delights than on a self-drive

holiday with Brittany Ferries.

Normandy and Brittany

East of Caen, the Côte Fleurie – or

Floral Coast – of Normandy boasts a

clutch of stylish seaside resorts including

family-friendly Cabourg, chic Deauville

with its race course and boardwalk, and

neighbouring Trouville with its busy fishing

harbour. Don’t miss picturesque Honfleur

where cafés line the quay around the old

port. West of Caen, the historic D-Day

Landing beaches stretch in a long arc

towards Cherbourg – visit the museums

and memorials and enjoy miles of

peaceful sands.

Mont St Michel, on the border with

Brittany, is one of the country’s most iconic

landmarks, a Gothic hilltop abbey that

rises from a sheltered bay, whilst nearby

Saint Malo with its impressive walled town

is another must-see site. Brittany’s coastline

embraces pretty coves and broad beaches,

rugged cliffs and dramatic rock formations,

all dotted with authentic fishing villages

such as Roscoff. For the true Breton

experience, watch the comings and goings

of nautical folk over a towering seafood

platter at a restaurant on the quay.

Visit Quimper, Brittany’s oldest town; soak

up the mystical atmosphere of Carnac

where lines of standing stones date from

5,000 BC; and wander amongst the halftimbered

buildings in historic Vannes.

Loire Valley and

Atlantic coast

Travel south from Brittany into Western

Loire and you reach the stylish resort of

La Baule with its five miles of beautiful

sandy beach, before crossing over the

Loire – France’s longest river – into

the Vendée. With 90 miles of beaches

and a micro-climate that ensures near-

Mediterranean summer weather, this

is a great family destination with childfriendly

resorts such as Saint Jean de

Monts and La Tranche sur Mer.


Holiday Regions SECTION 3

There’s something for all ages in the Poitou

Charentes region, which lies beyond the

regional nature park of the Marais Poitevin

or ‘Green Venice’, an enchanting area

of unspoilt marshland and canals. Relax

round the bustling marina at La Rochelle

with its three historic watch towers and

quaint old streets, and take the road

bridges to Ile de Ré and Ile d’Oléron to

enjoy whitewashed villages dotted with

hollyhocks. Take the ferry across the

Gironde estuary from Royan to enter the

wine-growing area of the Médoc, gateway

to Aquitaine. From here the coast is one

long sandy beach that stretches to the

Spanish border. Learn to surf the Atlantic

waves; climb the extraordinary Dune

du Pyla near Arcachon; and take in the

colourful resorts of Biarritz and Saint Jean

de Luz in the French sector of Basque

Country, an area steeped in tradition

and atmosphere.

The Mediterranean

Mention the Mediterranean and

most people immediately think of

sophisticated resorts like Nice, Cannes

and St Tropez on the Côte d’Azur, but

France’s Mediterranean coast is just as

varied as its Atlantic shoreline, stretching

from the Pyrenees in the west to

Monaco in the east.

The Languedoc Roussillon region

includes the picturesque resort of

Collioure near the Spanish border,

historic Perpignan and the vibrant city of

Montpellier, finishing up on the western

fringes of the Camargue, a vast wetland

area that also marks the beginning of

Provence. Here cowboys on white horses

still round up black bulls beside lagoons

dotted with pink flamingos. Visit the

unpretentious resort of Saintes Maries de

la Mer where you can discover the area’s

rich folklore and traditions, relax on the

beach and climb to the church roof for a

panoramic view.


The magic of Spain

When reading this section you might find it useful to refer to the enclosed map of Spain.

For further information view our regional guide online at

If you like the idea of a Spanish holiday but don’t like the idea of

commercialised Mediterranean resorts, allow us to introduce you to a very

different kind of Spanish destination – a whole new world just waiting to

be explored, just a ferry journey from Britain. Northern Spain could not be

more different from the Costas – a magical land of dramatic mountains,

lush green countryside and glorious, golden beaches – a land still proud of

their local traditions.

Beside the sea

Spanning the regions of Cantabria and

Asturias, the glorious north coast of

Spain is one long chain of broad sandy

beaches and secluded coves, dotted with

picturesque fishing villages and authentic

small towns. Here you can relax beside the

sea or get active on the water.

Have a go at surfing or sailing, jet skiing,

water skiing or windsurfing; go diving

beneath the waves; or fly over them on a

paraglider. The choices – like the beaches

– are endless.

The north coast communities have a long

maritime history and fishing is still an

important part of the economy, so be sure

to enjoy the harvest at a local restaurant.

Forget fish and chips as you know it and

sample the local seafood, freshly caught

each day and delivered to the quayside.

Crabs, lobsters, king prawns and sea bass

are all popular in Cantabria, with monkfish,

tuna and hake featuring regularly on

Asturian menus.

A region of genuine natural beauty

untouched by tourism – and it’s all just a

short drive from our port at Santander.

Stunning Santander

Brittany Ferries’ passengers could not have

a more fitting gateway to this beautiful

area than the port of Santander, principal

city of the Cantabria region and one

of Spain’s best kept secrets. Here you’ll

find wide tree-lined avenues, elegant

squares and shady public parks which are

guaranteed to get your holiday off to a

relaxing start. Soak up the atmosphere of

the old town in Plaza Porticada, fringed

with arcades and the venue for a vibrant

summer festival of music and dance.


Holiday Regions SECTION 3

As evening falls, you can enjoy tapas bars,

restaurants and night clubs that are lively

with none of the rowdiness of the Costas.

Just a mile from the city centre on the

west of the Magdalena peninsula, the

upmarket suburb of El Sardinero offers a

choice of spotless sandy beaches, some

with calm water for families, others with

white water for surfers. Play a few euros

at the Grand Casino, an opulent white

building that seems to have come straight

from a James Bond movie. Look out

too for the Magdalena Palace, favourite

summer residence of King Alfonso XIII and

his wife Victoria Eugenia at the turn of the

20th century.

History and heritage

The past is never far away in Northern

Spain, an area which is fiercely proud of

its history and heritage, its traditions and

way of life. You’ll find architectural remains

dating back to the Romans and Middle

Ages, as well as rural traditions and festivals

that date back generations.

A short drive west of Santander is

Santillana del Mar, one of the best

preserved historic villages in Europe.

Wander the two main streets leading

from the market square to enjoy a

variety of architectural styles from

across the centuries. Close by are the

famous Altamira caves, where cave

paintings dating from the Stone Age

were discovered in 1879. So precious are

they that the caves are now closed to the

public but a visit to the replica caves and

museum is still a must.

Further west, the beach resort of Gijón

is the largest city in Asturias, offering an

attractive combination of lively urban life

and long sandy beach. The atmospheric

old town clings to a narrow strip of land

that joins the city with the Cimadevilla

district – literally ‘top of the town’. For a

cultural day out within easy reach of the

beaches, try Oviedo, capital city of Asturias

- don’t miss the historic old quarter, nor

the Fine Arts Museum housed in an

impressive 18th century mansion.

Further south, the huge region of Castilla

y León boasts more UNESCO World

Heritage sites than anywhere else in

Europe. Find out about local history and

culture in elegant cities such as Salamanca,

León, Burgos and Segovia, where you

can visit castles, cathedrals and cloisters,

and step back in time at the Roman gold

mines of Las Médulas, an ancient industrial

site once worked by thousands of slaves.

Travel east, and the small Pyrenean region

of Navarra produces excellent wines in a

landscape of hills, valleys and rivers. The

main city, Pamplona, is famous for its

annual bull running festival, whilst Puente

La Reina to the south is another interesting

town which lies on the Pilgrim’s Way to

Santiago de Compostela.

Mountain magic

You don’t have to travel far from the

coast to find yourself in a totally different

landscape of lush river valleys and sparkling

lakes, peaceful forests and sleepy villages,

all against the stunning backdrop of the

Picos de Europa mountains. These craggy

peaks reach 8,000 feet towards the sky and

embrace 300 square miles of dramatic,

unspoilt countryside which many people

consider to be Spain’s finest national park.

If you love wildlife, you’ll be in your

element here. Among the endangered

mammals to be found in the Picos are the

European brown bear and the asturcon – a

small, shaggy wild horse. Many people are

lucky enough to spot chamois, thanks to a

total ban on hunting within the park, and

you’ll certainly spot birds of prey wheeling

overhead. Watch out for golden eagles

and peregrine falcons, but also for black

woodpeckers, snow finches and a wealth

of other species. Look down too – the

slopes are carpeted with a huge variety of

wild plants.

There’s hardly an outdoor sport that you

can’t try in the Picos – not just hiking

and horse riding, but climbing too and

a variety of adrenalin sports such as

white water rafting. If all that sounds too

energetic, enjoy a panoramic view from the

cable car that links the natural limestone

amphitheatre at Fuente Dé with the

high peaks.


Book online

Our agents’ exclusive website has

a lot more to offer than simply

booking online. The site is designed

to make it easier for you to sell a

Brittany Ferries crossing or holiday.

Additional information available


Online ferry booking – book a ferry

crossing in five easy steps, plus get confirmation

and tickets emailed immediately. Amendments

can be made online with no charge.

Online holiday booking – using the website

is the easiest way to make a self-drive holiday

booking. Features include:

• Holiday search – check availability of

hundreds of holidays. Search by holiday

type, accommodation size, location,

distance from the beach or pool and

even facilities

• Web exclusive – go online to view our

range of holidays that are not featured

in the brochures

• Additional pictures – available on

most holidays

• Distances from the ports – mileages

from each of our ports to the chosen


• Special offers – all the latest ferry and

holiday offers are included, plus ideas for

holidays with a difference

• Trade Support – the site contains

information on educationals, concessions,

and a downloadable version of

this guide

• Helpful information – from guides to

France and Spain, to terms and conditions

to how to get to each port, plus more

• Brochures – order further supplies

of all our brochures

• Accounts – online accounts facility


Trade Support SECTION 4

Agents' concessions







Day trips to France

from £20 for two


These special fares are available to management and staff of productive agents who

are actively involved in selling Brittany Ferries' range of products:

Ferry travel



(regardless of length of stay)

Valid for UK departures to France and

Spain throughout 2010, excluding

selected dates.*

Inclusive holidays



Bookings can only be made a maximum of

10 weeks and minimum of 48 hours prior

to departure.

Information and bookings

For further information on concessions,

including full terms and conditions

please contact our Concessions team on

0871 244 1444

Once you have made your reservation,

please send an email, a fax or a letter of

authorisation on agency headed paper,

signed by your Manager. Quote your own

booking reference number, along with

at least one other reference number of a

recent customer booking.

The concession will be processed and

the amended balance charged to your

agency account.

Send your authorisation to:


Fax: 0871 244 0927

Post: Trade Support, Brittany Ferries,

Millbay, Plymouth PL1 3EW

Terms and conditions apply to concessionary travel. *Where the full 50% discount is not available on certain dates a 25% discount will apply. Further details available on request.


Contact information


Brittany Ferries


Plymouth PL1 3EW

Agents' website


Tel: 0871 244 1444

Trade Support

Tel: 0871 244 0470

Fax: 0871 244 0927


Sales Ledger

Tel: 0871 244 0103

Fax: 0871 244 0113

Customer Services

Tel: 0871 244 0500

Fax: 0871 244 0476











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