to download a PDF of the 2012 event program - Consumer Action

to download a PDF of the 2012 event program - Consumer Action


41st Annual

Awards Reception

Consumer Action

2012 Awards Program

Welcome Remarks and Introduction

Ken McEldowney, Executive Director, Consumer Action

Presentation of the

Consumer Excellence Awards


Bob Sullivan, author and investigative journalist

(Stop Getting Ripped Off!, The Red Tape Chronicles)

Presented by Jennifer Openshaw, President, Finect & WSJ Columnist


The American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom

Presented by Erica Swanson, Policy Outreach Manager, Google


Ruth Y. Goldway, Chairman, Postal Regulatory Commission

Presented by Don Soifer, Executive Director, Consumer Postal Council

Closing Remarks

Andrea Brands, AT&T

Chairman, Consumer Action Event Committee

Consumer Action

Educational Programs

Consumer Action is a nonprofit

organization that has championed the

rights of underrepresented consumers

nationwide since 1971. Throughout its

history, the organization has dedicated its

resources to promoting financial literacy

and advocating for consumer rights in

both the media and before lawmakers to

promote economic justice for all. With

the resources and infrastructure

to reach millions of consumers,

Consumer Action is one of the

most recognized, effective and

trusted consumer organizations

in the nation.

Financial Education. To empower

consumers to assert their rights in the

marketplace, Consumer Action provides

a range of educational resources.

The organization’s extensive library

of free publications offers in-depth

financial information, while its hotline

provides non-legal advice and referrals.

Consumer Action also publishes an

unbiased Annual Credit Card Survey

that exposes excessive prices and anticonsumer

practices to help consumers

make informed buying choices and elicit

change from big business.

Community Outreach. With a special

focus on serving low- to moderateincome

and limited-English-speaking

consumers, Consumer Action maintains

strong ties to a national network of

more than 7,500 community-based

organizations. Outreach services include

training and free mailings of consumer

and privacy education materials in many

languages, including English, Spanish,

Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and

others. Consumer Action’s rapidly

expanding network is the largest and

most diverse of its kind.

Advocacy. Consumer Action is

deeply committed to ensuring that

underrepresented consumers are

represented in the national media

and in front of lawmakers. The

organization promotes pro-consumer

policy, regulations, and legislation by

taking positions on almost 200 bills per

legislative session and testifying at least

three times per year. Additionally, its

diverse staff provides the media with

expert commentary on key consumer

issues supported by solid data and victim


Consumer Action Honorees



Reporter and

author, Mr.

Sullivan, who

writes The

Red Tape





our 2012

Consumer Excellence Award in the Media

category. We honor Mr. Sullivan because

of his consumer-rights focused reporting

and exposés on fraud and identity theft.

Mr. Sullivan has written more than 100

articles about identity fraud since 1996,

and is the author of best-selling non-fiction

titles Gotcha Capitalism, which details how

consumers are confused, deceived and

overcharged by big business, and Stop

Getting Ripped Off!, containing advice

that consumers can utilize for comparison

shopping, including how to get the best





Ruth Y.


Ms. Goldway

is a dedicated



serving her

third term

as a Postal

Regulatory Commissioner (PRC). She

receives our 2012 Consumer Excellence

Award in the Regulatory category. We

honor Chairman Goldway for her

considerable contributions protecting

postal consumers during a time of

unprecedented change and challenges

for the U.S. postal community. Chairman

Goldway has played a key role in the

Postal Service’s adoption of the “Forever

Stamp” to ensure that stamp buyers can

use existing stamps even when rates rise.

She has offered creative suggestions on

how to save the nation’s beloved post

offices and postal services and developed

expertise about the disparate impacts of

postal policy on first-class stamp buyers

and low-income, elderly and rural postal


The American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom

(ALA OIF) receives our 2012 Consumer Excellence Award in the Community

Organization category. We honor the ALA OIF because of its outstanding efforts to

educate consumers on their privacy rights via participation in privacy coalitions, Choose

Privacy Week at local libraries and the development of the Privacy

website. Acknowledging Choose Privacy Week, the OIF produced an excellent short

video called “Vanishing Liberties,” focusing on the loss of privacy and civil liberties for

immigrant communities.

Consumer Action Sponsors



Mortgage Bankers Association



CAPA (Certified Automotive

Parts Association)


Identity Theft 911


Money Management International


Philip and Janice Levin Foundation





American Express Company


Bank of America

Chase Blueprint

Bill Imada


Time Warner Cable

VantageScore Solutions, LLC


Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, LLP

Fan Freedom Project


The Hastings Group



James Beck

Certified Financial Planner Board

of Standards



DCI Group

Donovan Axler, LLC


Neil Gendel

Greeting Card Association

In memory of Eugene Coleman,

Chairman of Consumer Action

SoundBite Communications

VOX Global

Western Union Financial Services


Paul Bland

Marsha N. Cohen

Consumers First, Inc.

Consumers Union

CUNA Mutual Group

Dr. Irene Leech

PNC Bank

United Policyholders

Consumer Action


Patricia Sturdevant, Board President

Jim Conran, Board Vice President

Sue Hestor, Board Treasurer

Ken McEldowney, Board Secretary

Chris Bjorklund

Anna Alvarez Boyd

Trish Butler

Pastor Herrera, Jr.

Dr. Irene Leech

Kay Pachtner, Emeritus


Andrea Brands, AT&T


Jason Alderman, Visa

Debra Berlyn, Consumer Policy Solutions

Bill Imada, IW Group

Adam Levin,

Jennifer Openshaw, Finect & WSJ

James Sturdevant, Sturdevant Law Firm

Frank Torres, Microsoft Corporation

Audrey Perrott, Associate Director,


Monica Steinisch, Senior Associate, Editorial

Jamie Woo, Community Outreach Manager

Joseph Ridout, Consumer Services Manager

Angela Kwan, Web Manager

Hazel Kong, Office Manager

Kinny Li, Cui Yan Xie, Project Associates

Tasneem Pitalwala, Administrative

Assistant / Consumer Advice Counselor

Ricardo Perez, Mail Room Operations

Rose Chan, Schelly Gartner, Vickie Tse,

Consumer Advice Counselors

Alden Chan, Robert La, Support


523 West Sixth St., Suite 1105

Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 624-4631

Nelson Santiago, Linda Williams,

Community Outreach Managers

Guo Guang Zhuo, Support


221 Main St., Suite 480

San Francisco, CA 94105

(415) 777-9648


Ken McEldowney, Executive Director

Michael Heffer, Business Manager

Kathy Li, Director of San Francisco Office

Nani Susanti Hansen, Associate Director

of San Francisco Office


P.O. Box 70037

Washington, DC 20024

(202) 544-3088

Linda Sherry, Director, National Priorities

(Editor, Consumer Action News)

Ruth Susswein, Deputy Director,

National Priorities

Michelle de Mooy, Senior Associate,

National Priorities

Alegra Howard, Associate, National


Knowledge is

key to financial


Access to responsible financial products

and services + timely information in the

right format = financial capability.

Citi is proud to work with community

organizations like Consumer Action to

advance financial capability in the U.S.

Learn more at:

© 2012 Citigroup Inc. All rights reserved.

Citi and Citi with Arc Design are registered service marks of Citigroup Inc.

Thank You,

Consumer Action!

Congratulations on over four decades

of service on behalf of under-served

consumers and communities.

Thank you for the unceasing effort

to fight for better consumer rights,

protection, and education.

Adam Levin and the entire family

Google is proud to work with

Consumer Action and congratulates this year’s

Consumer Excellence Awards winners.

© Copyright 2012. Google and the Google logo are trademarks of Google, Inc.

Putting People First.

Microsoft is proud to support Consumer Action’s work to make a difference

in the lives of consumers and to join in honoring this year’s Awardees.

Visa Salutes Consumer Action for its

Year-Round Dedication to Underserved

Consumers and Communities

Visa looks forward to our continued partnership

with Consumer Action through Practical Money

Skills for Life, our program dedicated to providing

important financial literacy tools, education and

resources to consumers nationwide.

Find free financial literacy materials, including Your Digital Dollars

by Consumer Action and Visa, at

Time Warner Cable applauds Consumer Action

for more than 40 years of consumer education,

multicultural community outreach and

issue-focused advocacy.

Congratulations to honorees Ruth Y. Goldway,

The American Library Association’s Office of

Intellectual Freedom and Bob Sullivan.

Consumer Action

Gratefully acknowledges the support of

our sponsors, supporters, educational

partners and coalition allies.

Thank you!



for protecting

and empowering

consumers and their

financial futures.

Chase Blueprint is pleased to

recognize your contributions

and those of tonight’s honorees.

We look forward to your

future success.

Plan before you spend with


Pretending Carrie

Reyes doesn’t exist

isn’t just unfair.

It’s unprofitable.

New realities have made credit scoring too important

to leave to old scoring models.

©2012VantageScoreSolutions, LLC. All RightsReserved.

The VantageScore ® credit scoring model scores millions of Americans that others miss. Even in

this changing economic climate, our patented and patent-pending model remains highly predictive.

Visit to learn more.




Allstate is proud to sponsor

Consumer Action’s 41st Annual Awards Reception.

People come first. Everything else is second.

That’s Allstate’s Stand.®

© 2012 Allstate Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL

In fond memory of

Eugene Coleman,

Chairman of Consumer Action,

on the 5th anniversary of his death.

A journey of a thousand miles

begins with the first step.

Thanks to you, things are getting done. Thanks to you, the world’s a

better place. Thanks to you, the lives of real people are being changed

for the better.

Bank of America is pleased to support Consumer Action for its active

community involvement. And thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

Visit us at

©2012 Bank of America Corporation | ARG216E3

Strength in numbers.

DIRECTV is proud to support Consumer Action and its mission

as a champion for individual consumers nationwide since 1971.

Consumer Action

Educational Partners 2012

American Express

Amplify Public Affairs


AT&T California

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

California Consumer Protection Foundation

California Department of Insurance

Capital One

Consumer Federation of America (CFA)

The Hastings Group

JPMorgan Chase

Library Foundation of Los Angeles

National Consumer Law Center (NCLC)

The Rose Foundation

Sage Communications

Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)

TracFone Wireless


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

VantageScore Solutions



Consumer Action’s work is supported in part

with cy pres awards from these lawsuits

Griego v. Rent-A-Center

ATI Tech HDCP Litigation

Bank of America Privacy Cases

Nobles Class Action

Hood et. al. v. Santa Barbara Bank & Trust

Georggin v. Collection Services Bureau

Gardner v. Chase Bank

Piscitelli v. Winn Sims

Consumer Action

Partners with these Coalitions

2012 Protect Your Identity Week

Auto Insurance LMI Working Group (CFA)

Americans for Financial Reform

California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC)

Campaign to Stop Gun Violence

City of San Francisco’s Financial Education Network (FEN-SF)

Coalition Consumer Affairs Association (CCAA)

Coalition for Patient Privacy

Coalition for Quality Credit Counseling (CQCC)

Consumer Federation of California (CFC)

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Complaint Process Committee

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Task Force (AFR)

Consumer Labor Coalition (National Consumers League)

Consumer Policy Solutions Roundtable

Credit Card Working Group

Digital Due Process Coalition

EPIC Privacy Coalition

Fair Arbitration Now Coalition

Fan Freedom Project

Foreclosure Prevention Task Force (AFR)

For-profit College Loans Reform Working Group

Fraud Alliance

Getting Older Adults Online (GOAL)

High Cost Credit/Payday Loan Coalition (CFA)

Identity Theft Prevention Coalition

Independent Foreclosure Review Committee (AFR)

Inland Empire Disabilities Collaborative

Internet Privacy Working Group

Medicaid Coalition

Mortgage Reform Task Force (AFR)

National CAPACD

Postal Consumer Council

Safe Checking Working Group (Pew)

Safe Rental Car Coalition

San Diego Veterans Coalition

Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC)

Student Loan Reform Coalition

Subscriptions Upselling Working Group

Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue

Unemployed Homeowner Foreclosure Prevention Working Group (AFR)

U.S Department of the Treasury’s Go Direct Campaign

Working Group to End Tax Strategy Patents

Capital One Bank ® proudly supports

Consumer Action’s 41st Annual

Awards Reception.

Products and services offered by Capital One, N.A., Member FDIC.

©2012 Capital One. All rights reserved.

221 Main Street #480, San Francisco, CA 94105

ph: 415-777-9648 fx: 415-777-5267

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