STRAND News - Strand Lighting

STRAND News - Strand Lighting

40 years service with Strand

On September 9th 2005 John

Wright celebrated 40 years service

with Strand Lighting. Strand

commemorated this amazing

milestone during the PLASA show

with a presentation and cake,

which John graciously shared with

our customers. In 1965 John joined

Strand at the Kennington premises

following an interview with some of

Strand’s (and the industry’s) greatest

figures - Phillip Sheridan, Arthur

Earnshaw and Fred Bentham. John’s

thirst for knowledge and skills for

problem-solving meant that an early

move to the R&D department in the

late 1960’s became inevitable.

John’s contribution to product

development has been extensive.

Over the last four decades he has

been involved in most major product

developments including: IDM-R,

MMS, Lightboard and Galaxy control


His ideas and forward thinking

have helped develop Strand

digital dimming products and his

Tim Burnham presents John with his

“520i console” cake at PLASA 2005

contributions are still in demand

today. John has travelled the world

commissioning systems, and

solving customer dilemmas. He

now holds a central role in Product

Support for Strand Lighting. He has

had a varied career with Strand and

has served many of you with typical

enthusiasm, skill and precision.

Group President Tim Burnham

added a personal tribute at the

PLASA presentation: “In the sixties,

Strand was the only game in town,

and I remember as a trainee in the

West End being sent to Kennington

or Gunnersbury for lights or spare

parts. What blows me away when

I think of all the years and of

everything that has happened since

then, is that John Wright was there

then - and he’s still here with us

today! I have only had the privilege

of working with John for a relatively

short time, but I have developed an

enormous respect for his amazing

store of knowledge, his technical

expertise, and the way he pops

up all over the world, just when a

customer needs him - I swear he

travels more than I do! John is a

great and unique guy, and I deeply

appreciate working with him. I

heartily congratulate him on his forty

years with Strand Lighting.”

Everybody at Strand would like to

thank John Wright very sincerely

for his unique contribution to the

company - we look forward to his

50th anniversary!

New General Manager for Strand Asia

Strand Lighting has appointed

Kenneth Yeung as the new General

Manager of Strand Lighting Asia.

“Ken brings over 25 years sales and

business development experience

in the audiovisual and business

imaging industries to our Hong Kong

operation according Tim Burnham

Strand Lighting Group President.

“His responsibilities include

developing the company’s business

in the region, establishing strategic

partnerships to facilitate business

growth, and managing the group’s

day-to-day sales operation. All of

us are pleased to have Ken join

our team his experience and skills

will enhance our already strong

organization in Hong Kong” adds


Ken recently worked with Lighthouse

Technologies Hong Kong Limited as

Director – Sales APAC . During his

time with Lighthouse Technology,

he managed to build the group’s

business in Asia and generated

significant financial results. Based

in Hong Kong native Ken is fluent in

Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

New Dealer in Sweden

We are pleased to announce the

appointment of Spectra Stage

& Event Technologies AB as an

official dealer in Sweden.

Spectra have four offices

throughout Sweden providing

rental and installation services

for local theatres, TV studios and

event venues.

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