STRAND News - Strand Lighting

STRAND News - Strand Lighting

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

by Stephen Yim, Chia Kah Leong

The Kuala Lumpur Performing

Arts Centre (PentasSeni KL) is

fast becoming the hub for the

performing arts community,

fostering creative excellence

through the development and

nurturing of performing arts


Main Theatre Pentas1

A not-for-profit organisation, the

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts

Centre is designed to meet the

needs of an ever more demanding

and diverse performing arts scene

in Malaysia. Located in the midst

of parkland and lakes in Sentul Park,

the arts centre is located only 10

minutes from a railway station and

20 minutes by car from the city


The complex comprises a 504 seat

proscenium theatre, a 200 seat

experimental black box, the IndiCine

for independent film makers; an

onsite set construction workshop,

an academy with 10 studios, and

much more.

KLPac collaborates with companies

from around the world on a regular

basis. They also work closely with

organisations such as the British

Council, The Japan Foundation

and the cultural sections of many

foreign missions to bring overseas

productions to the Malaysian stage.

The founding partners in the

complex are Yayasan Budi Penyayang

Malaysia, YTL Corporation and The

Actors Studio.

Penyayang’s role in the newly

formed KL Performing Arts Centre/

PentasSeni KL is in keeping with

their objective of assisting the

promotion of cultural heritage and

the arts. Datin Paduka Seri Endon

Main Theatre Barrel View

Main Theatre Grid Floor

Mahmood, who heads the charitable

Foundation, is the Patron of KLPac.

YTL Corporation is widely recognised

as a supporter of the arts with their

sponsorship of the Penang-YTL Arts

Festival, the annual YTL Concert of

Celebration and past sponsorship

of the Kuala Lumpur Symphony

Orchestra. KLPac is a continuation

of this commitment to share the gift

of the arts with the community and

to promote cultural development in


Experimental Theatre Grid View

Experimental Theatre Dimmer Room

The Actors

Studio is one

of Malaysia’s

l e a d i n g

t h e a t r e


F o u n d e r s

Joe Hasham

and Faridah

M e r i c a n ,

in their

r e s p e c t i v e

roles as Artistic Director and

Executive Producer of KLPac, will

be instrumental in managing the

artistic programme and helping to

realise KLPac’s vision of establishing

the Centre as the performing arts

heart of the community, making

quality live theatre accessible to all


Equipment List

Control & Dimming Systems

Main Theatre

4 x CD80SV (192 channels) with SN110/


Controlled by a 600 channel 520i control


Network & Accessories:

R140 Wired Remote Focus Unit,

xConnect USB Designer Remote, SWC

System Wide Control, 6 x SN110/POE

Ethernet Nodes

Experimental Theatre

1 x CD80SV (48 channels)

Controlled by a 125 channel GSX desk


48 x Alto F Fresnel Spotlight

26 x Alto PC PC Spotlight

24 x Cantata F Fresnel Spotlight

18 x Cantata PC PC Spotlight

40 x SL19 Coolbeam Profile Spotlight

40 x SL26 Coolbeam Profile Spotlight

40 x SL36 Coolbeam Profile Spotlight

30 x SL50 Coolbeam Profile Spotlight

30 x SL15/32 Coolbeam Profile Spotlight

30 x SL23/50 Coolbeam Profile Spotlight

20 x Quartet F Fresnel Spotlight

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