STRAND News - Strand Lighting

STRAND News - Strand Lighting

Trey McIntyre Project 2005 Inaugural Season

by Nic Phillips

When planning TMP’s first tour I

decided it was necessary to have

the company tour with a lighting

console. The company was touring,

for the most part, to festival venues

where there would be significant

recreation work to be done as no

two plots were the same.

Without question the Strand 500

series was the only choice for me

with its unique features to translate

shows within the console. The rep

consisted of three ballets, one

a premiere, and the other two

from two existing with cues from

different sources. One of which

was a Trackmaster 2 (by Status

Software) file, and the other an

ETC Expression file. Using Strand’s

Showport program, I was able to

convert both to a Strand Show File,

and then use the console to translate

the old channels to the new.

This saved an immense amount

of time since the console already

had cues in the console ready to

go for the first tech. I could then

quickly track changes needed to

make the pieces look as they did

when originally set. Features like

trackback, spreadsheet style editing

in the live command line, the ability

to renumber channels globally,

selective loading of show data, and

all the features of the Tracker Preset

application are what make the

Strand system stand out. To me it

equates confidence in not having to

be concerned with how the console

is going to get done what I need

done. Strand’s software actually

helps the designer!

This would have all been so easy

if I could have actually sent a 500

Series desk with the company. On

the other hand, this would not be

so interesting if there was not some

sort of limitation, and in this case the

console needed to travel as checked

luggage on a commercial flight. This

requirement put the 500 Series form

factor out of the question, so the

compact and arrange-able panels

of the 300 Series fit the bill exactly.

To make the 300 Series tour able

this way I turned to Strand dealer

Parlites. Cary Levitt, Walt Dowling,

and their staff worked with Strand

to devise a system that fit the travel

and design requirements.

Our “custom” solution consisted of

a 300 Series programming panel, a

fader panel, a 300 Series processor,

two 15” LCD displays, a Linksys WiFi

router, a UPS, and a SN110 node. All

of this was packaged into two hard

cases that fit airline checked luggage

regulations, so it worked quite well.

The console was packaged with

400 intensity channels and 200

attribute channels, WiFi, and all of

the applications commensurate

with a 500 Series package.

Networking and the SN110 node

proved to be invaluable.

Being able to put two

universes of DMX away

from the console let

me quickly place the

faceplate in the house

for tech, and then to

the booth or backstage

for the performances.

XConnect running on my

Powerbook then allowed

me a remote console and

monitors anywhere in the

theater, and of course,

wireless remote via the iPaq, need

I say more?

Thank you greatly to Parlites and

Strand Lighting for their assistance

in making Trey McIntyre Project’s

inaugural such a success!

“Without question the

Strand was the only

choice for me ”

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