Volume 12 / Issue 3 / 2012 - Fleet first


Volume 12 / Issue 3 / 2012 - Fleet first




News and information from Goodyear Dunlop Tires / Volume 12 / Issue 3 / 2012

Driving Innovation

for class A tires


Dear Reader,

I have recently been appointed Vice President of Goodyear Dunlop’s Commercial Tire

Business Unit covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and I am very excited to be taking

on the responsibility for commercial vehicle tires at a time when we have more to offer our

customers than ever before.

The IAA Commercial Vehicle Show is the biggest exhibition in the region for the industry and

one of the biggest in the world. There last month we proved our leading position as a tire

manufacturer as you will read in the following pages. The announcement of our AA label grade

tire and Air Maintenance Technology for truck tires showed the world just how far advanced

we are in terms of technology and product development. We also underlined our commitment

to meeting customer needs with the introduction of our new coach tires.

My over ten years’ experience with the company has taught me the importance of operational

excellence and a strong and sustainable performance but above how vital it is to listen to and

respond to customers’ needs and anticipating them as well. This edition of Truck Tire News

provides some strong evidence that we are successfully achieving that goal.

I hope you will find this issue interesting.


George Rietbergen

Vice President Commercial Tire Business Unit

Goodyear Dunlop EMEA


Goodyear 1:1 scale LEGO truck fascinates the press at IAA .................................................................................................................... 3

Goodyear’s first AA-grade concept tire ......................................................................................................................................................... 4

Goodyear self-inflating technology for commercial tires ............................................................................................................................ 5

World premier for Goodyear coach tires ....................................................................................................................................................... 6

Look beyond the label when choosing winter tires ..................................................................................................................................... 8

Goodyear tires boost fuel efficiency for MAN in South Africa ................................................................................................................. 10

UK vehicle logistics providers signing up with Goodyear ........................................................................................................................ 11


News and information from Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe

Published by Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations S.A.

Avenue Gordon Smith, 7750 Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg

Editor: Boris Stevanovic, Marketing Director Truck Tires Europe

Phone: +32 (0)2 761 18 43

E-mail: TruckTire_News@goodyear.com

Website: www.fleetfirst.eu

Goodyear 1:1 scale

LEGO truck fascinates

the press at IAA

Over 250 people attend the Goodyear Press Conference at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show

George Rietbergen, Vice President

Com mer cial Tires EMEA, opened the

Goodyear press conference at the IAA

Commercial Vehicle show in Hanover,

Germany, on September 19 in front of

an audience of 250 spectators including

150 journalists. He talked about the

company strategy in the current challenging

environment and highlighted

in particular Goodyear’s dedication to

delivering products and services that

anticipated and met customers’ needs.

a total of 410 hours was invested in its

planning and construction.

After the show the model, which boasts

Goodyear Marathon LHS II+ tires, will be

offered for sale on eBay (www.ebay.de

and http://pages.ebay.de/starsandcharity/).

The eBay auction of the Goodyear truck

will run for 10 days from October 19 to

29, 2012.

All the money raised will be donated

by Goodyear to DocStop, which offers

professional drivers medical care while

they are traveling. DocStop’s aim is to

provide every truck driver in Europe with

quick and easy access to a doctor if


Popular German entertainer Jürgen

Drews, who is a supporter of Docstop,

signed the LEGO truck on the Goodyear

stand during the press conference and

entertained an enthusiastic audience,

singing some of his most famous songs.

At the official public opening of the

show on September 20, the German

Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer, who

also supports the DocStop campaign,

visited the Goodyear stand and signed

the huge model in front of some 50 top


George Rietbergen,

VP Commercial Tires EMEA

Henk van Tuyl, Director Tire Technology

Commercial Tires EMEA, introduced

the IAA product highlights; the first

AA-grade truck concept tire, the new

Goodyear Coach range and last but not

least Air Maintenance Technology for

truck tires.

Henk van Tuyl,

Director Tire Technology Commercial Tires EMEA

One of the main attractions at the press

conference was the 1:1 scale LEGO

truck built by Goodyear specially for the

IAA. The LEGO truck, was unique among

the exhibits at the show, measuring 2.5

meters wide, 3.5 meters high, about 2.5

meters long and weighing approximately

740 kilograms. The model was built

using about 250,000 LEGO bricks, and



first AA-grade

concept tire

The tire - developed to meet the highest fuel efficiency and wet grip standards set out by

the new EU tire labeling scheme - was showcased for the first time at IAA

Goodyear’s first AA-labeled truck

tire will be available on the market

soon. A first concept of the tire was

displayed at the 2012 IAA Commercial

Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany to

illustrate the progress on the AA tire,

which is currently undergoing further

development and testing to ensure it

meets all the ambitious goals set for it

by the Goodyear engineering team.

The development of an AA tire is a

major leap in technology, delivering

tires that get an A in both wet grip

and fuel efficiency as set out by the

European tire label regulation, which

becomes compulsory on November 1 1 .

The European tire label looks similar to

existing energy efficiency labels (such

as on household appliances) with A

being the highest performing tire in its

category and G the least performing 2 .

The label will inform tire buyers of three

key tire performance attributes; fuel

efficiency, wet grip performance and

exterior rolling noise.

The concept tire uses proprietary technol

ogy developed by Goodyear at its

Innovations Center in Luxembourg.

This includes the development of new

compound technology, an improved

tread structure and an adapted manufacturing

technique. The concept tire

shown is in size 385/55R22.5.

Goodyear has decided not to unveil

the actual tread design at this stage.

Instead, the concept tire shows a

creative tread design highlighting the

tire’s label performance by displaying

two label icons: a fuel pump on one side

and a cloud and rain icon on the other

side, accompanied by two A-letters.

“We are proud to announce that

Goodyear will soon launch its first AA

truck tire” said Henk van Tuyl, Director

Tire Technology Commercial Tires

Europe, Middle East & Africa. “The new

tire is a technological breakthrough

that will deliver improved levels of wet

grip performance and fuel efficiency to

Europe’s fleets. To give some concrete

examples, the difference between

a complete set of new A-grade and

F-grade tires could reduce a truck’s

fuel consumption by up to 15%, which

represents around 7000 € per year 3 .

Concerning wet grip, in the case of full

braking, the difference between A-grade

and F-grade tires could be up to 30%

shorter braking distance. This means for

a typical truck driving at 80 km/h up to

25 meters shorter braking distance. 4 ”


Tires tested on the requirements set out by European Regulation

1222/2009 and accompanying implementing regulations.


Class G will be displayed on the label but will not be used for

truck tires. The lowest class for truck tires will be F.


The calculation is the result of tests made by the Goodyear

Innovation Centre Luxembourg in 2012 and is based on the

following assumption: Average fuel consumption of vehicle

32.3 l/100km → 323 l/1,000km → 14.7% potential savings =

47.5l less fuel consumption per 1,000km → fuel price 1.50 €/

litre = 71.25 €/1000km → 100,000km mileage/year = 7.125 €



The calculation is based on a typical truck with semi-trailer

operating at 40 tonnes GTW.

A Grade in Fuel Efficiency since 2010

A-grade tires are not new to Goodyear. The Goodyear LHT II trailer tire

boasts an EU label A-class in fuel efficiency in two sizes 5 , and has been

on the market since 2010. Currently, around 50 per cent of Goodyear and

Dunlop truck tires score a C/C or better, which is impressive proof of the

superb performance characteristics of Goodyear premium products.

The Association of the German Rubber Industry describes tires with

C/C and higher as very good and tires with A/C – A/A and C/A – A/A

as extraordinary tires of very high quality.





LHT II sizes385/55R22.5 and 435/50R19.5

1222/2009 - C3



Goodyear selfinflating


for commercial tires

Goodyear technology can aid fuel savings and CO 2

reduction; potential to improve performance and

eliminate need for external inflation pressure intervention

Over the past year, researchers at The

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company have

been working on a new Air Maintenance

Technology application that can aid in

fuel savings and CO 2

reductions while

potentially improving performance and

eliminating need for external inflation

pressure intervention. The commercial

appli cation of Goodyear’s Air Maintenance

Technology made its debut at

the 2012 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show

in Hanover, in September.

Goodyear’s Air Maintenance Technology

mechanism allows tires to maintain

constant, optimum pressure without the

use of external pumps, electronics or

driver intervention. Proper tire inflation

can result in improved fuel economy,

prolonged tread life and improved tire

performance. Customers should receive

the following key benefits from Air

Maintenance Technology-enabled tires:

Improved Fuel Economy

Proper tire inflation is key in the

commercial market. It is estimated that

for every 0.5 bar (50 kPa) lost in tire

inflation, there is a 1 percent 6 loss in

km per liter. While 1 percent may seem

insignificant, it could cost a truck owner

over 735 € in fuel, based on a vehicle that

has a fuel consumption of 35 l/100 km,

runs 150,000 km a year with a fuel price

of 1.40 € 7 .

Prolonged Tread Life

AMT is expected to play a major role in

prolonging tread life in the commercial

tire market. Tires which are 10 percent

under-inflated decrease tread life by

9-16 percent 8 . By utilizing Goodyear’s

Air Maintenance Technology, commercial

vehicle fleet operators will be able to

realize the full mileage potential of their


Optimized Performance

Tire-related costs are the single largest

maintenance item for commercial vehicle

fleet operators with nearly 50 percent of

all truck and trailer breakdowns involving

a tire in some way 9 .

Properly inflated tires are also necessary

to keep a vehicle’s handling performance

at optimal levels. Under-inflation means

less evenly distributed pressure on the

road. It also reduces the tread area that

is in direct contact with the road and can

impact the integrity of the tire casing,

which is key to the retreading process.

Commercial trucks pose a different

challenge for AMT, as tires are larger,

have higher inflation pressures, drive

longer distances and carry much heavier

loads. Commercial tires operate at a

higher air pressure, typically 8.5 bar

(850 kPa) for commercial tires vs. 2.5

bar (250 kPa) for consumer tires. This is

a much more challenging performance

requirement for the pump system. The

life of a commercial truck tire is often

extended by retreading. The commercial

truck AMT system is being designed to

perform after the retreading process.

“We believe the Air Maintenance

Technology application for commercial

vehicle tires will not only enhance the

performance of the tire, but will also

provide cost savings to fleet owners and

operators through the extension of tire

tread life and increased fuel economy”

stated Goodyear’s Chief Technical

Officer, Jean-Claude Kihn. “The progress

we continue to make with this technology

is very encouraging. We look forward to

further testing of this concept.”

Engineers at Goodyear’s Innovation

Center in Akron, Ohio, USA are credited

with the development of the commercial

application of this concept and the

supporting technology. Prototype tires

have been produced in Goodyear’s

Topeka manufacturing plant in Kansas,

USA, and rigorous validation testing

has confirmed that the AMT pumping

mechanism works. Next year, an

extensive fleet trial is planned to gather

real-world information from customers.

A $1.5 million grant from The United

States Department of Energy’s Office

(DOE) of Vehicle Technology is helping

speed up research, development and

demonstration of the AMT system for

commercial vehicle tires. A grant from the

Luxembourg government for research and

development will continue to help fund

Goodyear’s efforts in researching and

developing the AMT system for car tires.


Goodyear (2003). Section 10: Factors Affecting Truck Fuel

Economy. Radial Truck and Tire Retread Service Manual, pg.



Kotanides Jr., J. (2012).


Statistic according to “The High Cost of Low Tire Pressure”

by Mark S. Kuhar.


American Trucking Association, (2008). Tire Pressure Monitoring

and Inflation. Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine.


World premier for

Goodyear coach tires

Goodyear survey reveals that coach operators need fuel efficient tires to face

the increasing costs of the road transport industry

Goodyear has launched its first ever

dedicated coach tires in Europe; the

Goodyear all position tire Marathon

Coach and Goodyear Ultra Grip Coach

winter drive tire.

Goodyear’s recently commissioned

survey reveals that 89% of the

interviewed bus and coach fleets

see rising fuel costs as the main key

challenge in the road transport sector.

The survey also showed that cost

per kilometer was the most important

characteristic that operators look for

in coach and bus tires generally, with

64% of participants listing this as top

priority or very important. Second was

fuel efficiency / rolling resistance (62%),

third mileage (58%). Comfort and

wet grip followed with 54% and 48 %


The new Goodyear Coach tire ranges

meet the needs of European coach

operators that were revealed by the

survey and offer excellent all round

performance and label grades.

The Marathon Coach is an all position

tire for year-round use. It is characterized

by a unique asymmetric design, which

offers excellent even wear and mileage

with a high comfort level. Uneven tire

wear has been a serious problem for

tires on modern coaches, resulting

in reduced tire life. The asymmetric

design, which Goodyear has developed

specifically for the Marathon Coach tire,

addresses this problem.

The Ultra Grip Coach is a specific winter

drive tire with enhanced snow traction.

This tire will be of particular benefit on

coaches which operate in areas such

as the Nordic Countries and in alpine

regions, where icy roads are common

and sudden snow falls can cause

serious delays. The tread design and

width give it not only excellent grip and

traction in winter conditions but also

low noise levels, which mean enhanced

customer comfort.

The new Goodyear Coach tires feature

a combination of technologies, called

TravelMax. These technologies include

Silefex tread compound, an asymmetric

design and latest carcass designs.

TravelMax is a key element in the allround

performance these tires offer. A

further advantage offered by both tires

is an increased load carrying capacity in

the 295/80R22.5 size resulting in a load

index of 154, which represents 3750 kg.

Key Challenges in the Road Transport Sector

Fuel price increase


Other costs increase




Stricter EU

Legislations CO2



A(""-+B C2,/2,D"+ E&") 5&//+,)* %/'5& 1,2"+

Cost / Km




Rolling Resistance/

Fuel Efficiency












Wet Grip





Top priority

Very important

Marathon Coach

The Marathon Coach has an asymmetric design that plays an important role in

ensuring even wear and high mileage, which are key benefits offered by this tire.

In addition to this, a robust outside shoulder provides a high level of resistance

to irregular wear, such as chamfer and fast shoulder wear. The wide 5-rib pattern

offers extended mileage potential plus excellent ride, handling and comfort.

The latest generation tread compound uses Sileflex technology to enhance

mileage and fuel efficiency. It also increases wet skid performance, which is further

improved by high density Flexomatic blading. Casing protection is enhanced by

stone penetration protectors, which ensure long tire life.

“The new Marathon Coach tires

are impressively good in relation to

cost per kilometer and even wear,”

said Ad Bruintjes, owner of Royal

Coach Travel; a coach fleet based

in Belgium and operating on long

distance journeys. “We tested the

new Marathon Coach tires for one

and a half years on all our coaches.

Their asymmetric design really

makes the difference. Previous

tires we have used mostly wear on

the outer shoulder but the new Marathon coach tires wear evenly,

allowing greater mileage and therefore lower costs. All my drivers agree that tire

noise is extremely low and driving more comfortable than with any other tires we

have used.” Royal Coach Travel is a coach company operating long distance

journeys on behalf of Dutch travel company Solmar Tours.

Ultra Grip Coach

The Ultra Grip Coach is a winter drive tire offering enhanced mileage performance,

superior traction and handling as well as low noise. The wide tread pattern of

the Ultra Grip Coach has decoupled blocks for enhanced mileage potential and

high blade density with semi-open shoulders for increased traction on snowy

and icy roads. The latest generation waffle blades further maintain high handling

performance and regular wear. Groove width and shape, and block decoupling

have been defined by numerical tools to reduce noise while keeping a high level of

traction and stone rejection.

“We were very satisfied with the

results of tests we took part in to

assess the performance of the

new Goodyear Ultra Grip Coach

tires.” said Jos Derkum, Technical

Director of Luxembourg bus and

coach company Sales-Lentz. “The

tests were very successful and we

were particularly impressed by the

traction on winter roads and the

even wear, which means very good



Look beyond the

label when choosing

winter tires

EU tire label grades are not relevant to all tires





1222/2009 - C3

Commercial vehicle operators should

look beyond the new EU label grades

when purchasing winter tires. While fuel

efficiency and wet grip, which are shown

on the labels, are among the most important

performance areas for operators of

long haul trucks, they are less relevant in

winter conditions. Grip and traction on

snow and ice together with mileage are

the key priority areas for winter tires but

are not shown on labels. In a recent survey

that Goodyear Dunlop carried out in

the Nordic countries almost all operators

put traction on snow and packed snow

as the two most important performance

criteria for a winter tire 10 .

Tires for use on cold and slippery winter

roads require a different set of performance

criteria than for other conditions.

Here it is grip and traction, particularly

in snowy and icy conditions, which are

most important and are just two of 50 different

criteria that Goodyear Dunlop assesses

when developing commercial vehicle

tires. Mileage is also very relevant to

all types of vehicle operation. Goodyear

Dunlop accordingly prioritizes the performance

areas according to the criteria

most relevant for each type of operation.

“We develop tires to meet customer needs and offer a wide range of

applications, each with different demands that have to be satisfied,”

said Boris Stevanovic, Marketing Director Truck Tires, Goodyear

Dunlop EMEA. “In the final analysis, our customers are looking for the

lowest possible whole-life operating costs with no compromise on

safety and with minimum environmental impact. Our goal is to achieve

this if possible but the way we achieve it varies according to the type

of operation in which the tire will be used.”



More than 500 commercial vehicle operators in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden took part in the comprehensive Goodyear tire-related survey in which performance-related questions were

an important part. Here winter tire capabilities were overwhelmingly the top priority with between 89% and 95% of operators in Finland, Norway and Sweden placing good winter performance as

the ‘most important’ criteria. In Denmark with its more temperate climate, the figure was nonetheless more than 50%. The top two criteria for winter tires in all countries was traction on packed

snow and traction on snow, with in most cases almost 100% support. Low rolling resistance on the other hand was well down the list in all cases. The survey was realized by GFK on behalf of

Goodyear Dunlop in March and April 2012.

Goodyear Dunlop Performance Criteria

The label criteria only cover three performance

aspects of a tire: fuel efficiency,

wet grip and exterior noise. These vary in

importance according to the type of vehicle

operation. Depending on the position

of the tire and the specific application for

which it was designed, other performance

criteria may be equally or more important

than those on the label. Some label

criteria may be influenced negatively

because a tire has been optimized for a

particular application. Goodyear Dunlop

prioritizes its tire performance attributes

according to the type of operation in

which the tire will be used.

Long haul operations mainly involve the transport of goods with a tractor and trailer

over long distances, mostly on motorways at constant speeds and where there is limited

cornering. Low rolling resistance and wet braking are among the top performance

criteria for both Goodyear Dunlop and the operators of such vehicles, so here the EU

tire label is extremely relevant.

Regional haul and distribution take place over medium to long distances and

involve frequent stop and go traffic. Urban roads mean a constant exposure to lateral

forces and rough, uneven as well as damaged roads are frequently encountered. This

type of operation involves a wide variety of vehicle configurations. Goodyear Dunlop

puts high mileage, good all season capability and a high level of damage resistance as

the top three criteria, followed by wet grip and fuel economy. This means that long tire

life (including retreading) and good all round performance meet the top operator needs

but fuel consumption is still very relevant.

Mixed service and construction vehicles vary in configuration and generally operate

over medium to short distances with up to 10% of distances covered being off

road, involving severe conditions. The ability to drive on soft ground and long tire life

are essential in tires used on vehicles such as tippers and concrete mixers. This is

why off-road traction, retreadability and mileage are most important. Here the Fuel Efficiency

and Noise elements from the label criteria are of much less relevance but Wet

Grip is relevant to these types of vehicles.

Municipal and urban operations involve constant stop and go at low to medium

speeds. Kerbing of the sidewalls and exposure to lateral forces is frequent. In many

cases high torque is involved, especially with hybrid vehicles, and municipal vehicles

experience a wide variety of load conditions. Mileage and damage resistance are top

qualities for municipal tires, together with wet grip and retreadability. Exterior noise

is also important to town and city environments and for passengers in public service

vehicles. In this case only wet grip and exterior noise are the relevant label items.

Winter transport involves the possibility of extreme low grip conditions. Road conditions

often change between wet, dry, snow and ice, and all types of commercial vehicle

can be involved. Traction and grip on snow and ice are the first priority for winter

tire performance: to keep vehicles moving and for safety. Retreadability, wet grip and

mileage are also relevant. Although fuel consumption is important, good winter traction

is of higher importance.


Goodyear tires boost

fuel efficiency for

MAN in South Africa

Roadshow demonstrates Goodyear fuel savings

Goodyear’s revolutionary truck tire technol

ogies, which offer proven performance

benefits to fleet owners, are further

boosting the fuel-saving capabilities

of MAN’s impressive new EfficientLine

range of commercial vehicles in South


Premium range Goodyear Marathon

LHS ll and LHD ll tires have been selected

by MAN for 100% original fitment on their

EfficientLine TGS trucks for South Africa.

A group of MAN vehicles toured South

Africa during August, demonstrating

fuel savings to operators and promoting

EfficientLine as the ultimate long-haul


Goodyear RHS ll and RHD ll truck tires

are also fitted to MAN’s other TGS

range of trucks. The tour tested vehicles

against each other to show the enviable

fuel efficiency of EfficientLine.

“Of the countless challenges facing

fleet owners today, one of the toughest

must be the seemingly relentless rise

in fuel costs. Both MAN and Goodyear

worldwide are committed to improving

transport efficiency and supporting the

road freight industry, an indication of

many important synergies between the

two brands,” said Norman Newcombe,

Goodyear’s National Sales Manager

Commercial OE (Original Equipment).

While tires themselves account for just

6.6% of the average total cost of truck

ownership on South-African roads, the

cost of fuel weighs heavily at an average

of more than 40% - and that’s where

Goodyear’s innovative tire technologies

can have the greatest impact.

vehicle’s air compressor when it is not


The Marathon truck tires on MAN TGS

EfficientLine vehicles benefit from

Goodyear’s award-winning FuelMax

Technology. This was developed at

the Goodyear Innovation Centre in

Luxembourg, specifically to achieve

improved fuel efficiency, extended

mileage and reduced braking distances.

The tires are characterized by a dedicated

compound, as well as a specific tread

pattern and carcass structure. In

addition to cost savings, the improved

fuel efficiency and reduction of carbon

dioxide emissions reduce the impact on

the environment.

Bruce Dickson, vice-president and

deputy CEO of MAN Truck and Bus

South Africa, said the tires’ proven

performance further enhanced the fuel

efficient capabilities of the exciting

new EfficientLine solution. He added,

“Goodyear is already a main supplier

for our TGM, CLA and Volkswagen

Constellation range of trucks, so we have

experience with the company’s excellent

products and superb logistics operation.

Goodyear also has a broad footprint in

sub-Saharan Africa. This is important for

us as it means we can sell these trucks

with Marathon tires, and be confident that

our customers will find expert, on-theground

support for their tire requirements

anywhere in the region.”

“It is particularly rewarding when a truck

manufacturer recognizes our products

as being the best available in terms of

fuel consumption. We could not possibly

ask for a better testimonial,” said Henk

van Tuyl, Director Tire Technology

Commercial Tires Goodyear Dunlop

Europe. “We work very closely with

Original Equipment Manufacturers right

across the world in the development of

tires. We offer them solutions to transport

problems and they give us challenges to

help them improve the performance of

their vehicles. In both cases the results

benefit operators, who not only buy those

vehicles but also can benefit from fitting

such tires as aftermarket replacements

for their vehicles.”


Reduced aerodynamic drag and

reduced rolling resistance are two key

elements in the EfficientLine concept.

The tires - Goodyear Marathon LHS ll

and LHD ll - offer significantly reduced

rolling resistance, and fuel efficiency

promises to be reduced even further by

EfficientLine’s air pressure management

system, which simply disconnects the

UK vehicle logistics

providers signing up

with Goodyear

Autologic switches to Goodyear’s latest car transporter tire

Autologic, a leading provider of support

services to the automotive industry

specialising in vehicle technical services

and distribution, has signed a five

year contract with Goodyear Dunlop.

Goodyear Dunlop will provide Autologic

with Goodyear tires, including its recently

developed 275/70R22.5 Marathon LHT II

tire, which will be fitted and maintained

by the tire manufacturer’s dedicated

TruckForce network. Autologic will fit

the Goodyear Marathon LHT II tire to

its more than 400 strong fleet of vehicle

transporters. The tire is the latest

generation of trailer tire for long haul

operations and significantly reduces fuel

consumption and CO 2


Commenting on the new partnership with

Goodyear Dunlop, Simon Knight, Head

of Operations – Fleet and Planning at

Autologic, said: “Our business is focused

on providing excellent service to our

customers, which means it’s imperative

we operate a robust and reliable fleet.

Goodyear Dunlop signs deal with BP Oil UK

BP Oil UK Limited, which has in the

region of 1300 service stations in the UK,

has signed a deal with Goodyear Dunlop

that will see the leading tire manufacturer

supply, service and maintain BP’s 150

strong tanker fleet.

BP has switched its fleet to Goodyear

taking advantage of Goodyear’s technol

ogical advancements in design and

construction – optimizing performance

in both fuel consumption and mileage.

The company’s strong environmental

and safety credentials - Goodyear

Dunlop holds the global environmental

management standard ISO14001 and

the global health and safety management

standard OHSAS18001 - played a key

role in the contract win, alongside its

comprehensive fleet management service

supported by its TruckForce UK network.

Goodyear Dunlop’s fleet management

The support we will now get through

TruckForce UK helps to cement this

promise to our customers. As a part

of our partnership we have adopted

Goodyear’s FleetOnlineSolutions and

FleetOnlineSolutions Mobile and now

have much greater visibility of our fleet.

Very simply this means we have complete

and instant information when it comes

to monitoring and maintaining each and

every tire – helping us to identify and

prevent problems before they occur.”

According to Knight, achieving optimal

mileage with the Goodyear Marathon

LHT II was also a key decision-making

factor. He continued: “As well as having

a responsibility to our customers, we also

have a responsibility to the environment

and our shareholders. The Goodyear

tire allows us to achieve excellence in

performance as well maximizing our

mileage and fuel efficiency. From both an

environmental and financial perspective,

this is an incredibly important business


service includes FleetOnlineSolutions

(FOS) and FleetOnlineSolutions Mobile


According to Wayne Park, National

Transport Manager at BP Oil UK, a

winning product and service offer had

to be combined with an exhaustive

approach to health and safety to seal

the contract win. Park said: “We were

particularly impressed with the risk

assessments in place for all aspects of

the TruckForce operation and Goodyear

Dunlop’s continuous improvement

programme.” Park continued: “An

efficient and effective fleet is paramount

to our performance as a business and

so our demands are very high. The

FOS and FOSMI systems provide total

transparency, greatly improving our tire

husbandry and enhancing each vehicle’s

fuel efficiency.”

FleetOnlineSolutions (FOS) is

an internet-based tire management

system that links the customer with

Goodyear Dunlop, taking care of all

aspects of contract administration.

Goodyear Dunlop contract

customers can access the system,

which links service providers with

Goodyear Dunlop’s FOS database.

Wherever service is required, the

local TruckForce center can access

the database and is able to see

the customers’ tire policy technical

requirements in the local language.

The system takes care of invoicing

and stock control and ensures that

customers are charged according to

their agreements and are invoiced

accordingly. In-built reporting

systems allow customers to access

the system to monitor their accounts

and view key performance indicators.

FOS also significantly reduces


Fleet Online Solutions Mobile

(FOSMI) is an integrated hand held

solution to manage fleet checking

and all round tire maintenance. As

the system is web based it provides

up to the minute control from all

sites and allows the fleet operator

complete online visibility of all things

tire related.

TruckForce service centers provide

dedicated tire-related support to

commercial vehicles throughout

Europe. These service providers are

strategically located to cover the

main European transport routes.

The TruckForce service network

comprises approximately 2000

locations in 28 countries, each

equipped with the trained staff and

specialist equipment necessary to

competently and efficiently undertake

any tire-related task.


Efficient. Durable. Comfortable.

The New Goodyear Coach Line.

The new Goodyear Marathon Coach and UltraGrip Coach

Made to enhance your fleet efficiency * , Goodyear offers you coach tires featuring TravelMax Technology.

Asymmetric design, Silefex tread compound, waffle blades – it all stands for reduced rolling resistance,

improved fuel efficiency, longer lasting performance and low running noise for more comfort.

In addition, it offers you mobility in all weather conditions. Learn more at goodyear.eu/truck


Performances compared to Goodyear’s previous recommended fitment for coaches (Marathon LHS II, UltraGrip WTD).

M A D E T O F E E L G O O D.

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