Spring Edition - St Luke's Anglican School


Spring Edition - St Luke's Anglican School


Spring Edition | 2009

Inside this issue:

Principal’s Pen

Year 6 Shakespearean

Theatre Restaurant

Year 12 Drama

Jemma Joiner (Macbeth)

and Georgia Ramsay

(Macduff) draw swords

in a performance of

Macbeth at the Year 6

Shakespearean Theatre


Snakes Alive!

Life @ St Luke’s

Old Saints

and much more!

THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009


Term 3 was traditionally considered the quiet term of the year. That I believe is no longer the case as I am surprised at how much we

managed to fit into the short nine weeks. You will see in the following pages many activities that encompass the Academic, Cultural,

Service and Sporting accomplishments of our students.

Towards the end of the term the trucks rolled in and building on the new Performing Arts Centre and Library commenced in earnest.

Work is progressing well and we are still on track to open these buildings in February 2010, weather dependent. To commemorate the

“breaking of the ground” for the Performing Arts Centre, we invited donors who had made a financial contribution towards the Capital

Campaign to an afternoon tea to thank them for their significant support. The Capital Campaign is crucial for the School’s capital works

programs and we acknowledge with gratitude the support of these benefactors.

The Year 6 Theatre Restaurant that captured Shakespeare in a new light thrilled those who attended. The quality of performance and

support of parents in catering made for a memorable evening. The Old Saints function at the Regatta Hotel in Brisbane was again a

very enjoyable time for me to catch up with past students of my era as well as meet Old Saints from previous years. They are certainly

wonderful and interesting young people. The 10 Year reunion for the 1999 cohort was held in the last weekend of September in

Bundaberg and I have invited them to St Luke’s to see the building work that is changing the face of the School as they remember it.

The Life @ St Luke’s weekend was another busy time for all at the School, supported by beautiful weather, as was Jazz in the Garden

which moved venues on campus this year with much success. The Cultural side of the School remains as strong as ever as the

students and staff watch the new Performing Arts Centre being built.

The energy that the students show towards their Service activities each term never wanes. This is a great credit to them and a great source of

pride to me that so many students are prepared to help others less fortunate than themselves. I particularly congratulate Amy Clements on her

accomplishments within the Cultural and Service side of the School.

Of course no publication would be complete without highlighting the huge talent of our sports men and women. For a small school, we certainly have

more than our share of representative athletes. Congratulations to them all.

Capital Campaign Donors

Maria Baigrie

Susan and Darren Browne

Craig and Belinda Corpe

John and Annette Evans

Matt Farthing

Freshest Spring Water

Russ and Trish Garrad

W&T Goodfellow Electrical Pty Ltd

Samantha and Warwick Hawes

Francis, Kay, Kylie and Travis Hagens

Len and Irene Harper

Hayhoe Family

Ben and Meredith Hayward

Homes-R-Us (Aust) Pty Ltd

Richard and Catherine Johnson

McLean Family

Neta Home & Commercial Pty Ltd

Oates Family

Hugh Peers

Fred, Helen, Jacinta and Lachlan Phillips

Jason and Margaret Powning

Pressler-McHugh Family

I G Reynolds

Andrew and Dale Rickert

N Rowland

Glenn Ryan

B Walker & Co Pty Ltd

R, P, R & K Williams

Wright Family

D & S Yunus Medical Pty Ltd

Plus 8 Anonymous donations


Living with Lady Macbeth

Year 12 Drama students were happy that their final performance at St Luke’s was based

on a character they knew, for they had been studying Macbeth in English. Living with Lady

Macbeth is a story of senior student Lily, who is dying to play Lady Macbeth in her school’s

production of the Shakespeare play. Lily is average. She gets average grades, is considered

average looking, and has never done anything remarkable. Lily has never done any acting

before but she is determined to audition for the role. Her teacher, her mother, her brother, her

boyfriend and even her geeky best friend Monica doubt her ability and fear she is doomed for

failure. Everyone believes one of the “perfect girls” will be awarded the role of Lady Macbeth.

After studying the script over and over, even dreaming about Shakespeare’s characters

entangled with her real-life friends, Lily finds herself onstage ready for her audition. She

begins her monologue which is rudely disturbed by the “perfect girls” making fun of her.

Suddenly Lily begins to intertwine her own dialogue with that of the power-mad, blood-thirsty

Lady Macbeth, frightening all those who watch. At the end of her audition, Lily surprises her

teacher by requesting a backstage role. Explaining her decision to opt-out of the race for Lady

Macbeth, Lily tells Monica she has already played her. And indeed she has, as Ms Beavis and

the “perfect girls” are none too sure of Lily whenever she is around. In the end, it seems, Lily

holds the power.

Ultimately, this play is about peer pressure and breaking free of the “label” that is usually placed

upon adolescents at school. The role of Lily was skilfully played by three different students,

Julie Buckle, Kalya Brand and Hannah Witten, each one bringing their own personalities to

the character. With a supporting cast of Jessica Barnes and Sarah Whan (Monica), Anja Britz

(Mum), Karis Ramsay (brother Alex), Kendall Stevenson (Barry the boyfriend), Kendal McLeod

(Ms Beavis) and the “perfect girls” played by Courtney Rudken, Gabrielle Fairbrass, Julie

Buckle, Jessica Barnes, Karis Ramsay and Sarah Whan, the performance was an inspiring

show featuring

a modern-day

tale forged from an Elizabethan classic.

Well done to the entire cast and

crew for such a wonderful show.

Thank you also to the Heritage

Christian Centre for the use of

their hall.

THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009


THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009

Sounds of Music – The St Luke’s Way

The instrumental music program at St Luke’s involves a diverse range

of ages and abilities across the campus from as young as Year 3 to the

Senior years. The opportunity to hear them all play in the one evening

does not come very often; however, this term

the many bands and ensembles performed

at Christ Church to a packed audience of

proud parents and family members. Some

of the audience were on holidays from as far

away as South Africa, and it was such a treat to see their grandchildren


An evening such as this showcases the breadth and depth of the

instrumental program at St Luke’s. Groups such as the Beginner Concert

Band and Year 3 Strings which act as the breeding grounds; and as

the night progresses, the audience gets to build an understanding of

the talent development of the these young people as the program moves through the Primary,

Middle and Senior School bands and ensembles. We even heard from our very own St Luke’s

Staff Choir!

These performances are not possible without the staff, and St Luke’s is truly blessed to have such

wonderfully talented people working with our young people. The opening of the new Performing

Arts Centre should further inspire all who work and teach in it to even greater heights.


Shakespeare under the stars

The Shakespeare plays for me were all about the experience and a great challenge. The challenge

was learning such great plays and then performing them in front of family and friends. From the

start of the year every Year 6 student was looking forward to performing the plays, and when the

time came it was a big thing.

You can’t do Shakespeare and do a “mediocre” job and we didn’t! We had a theatre restaurant where

families could come and watch their children perform while eating a three course meal. It wasn’t only

the meal experience; there were lights, projector screens, backdrops

and even a smoke machine. But most of all, it was the acting of the two

plays - Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

The Year 6 students rehearsed the plays for about six weeks. I was

playing a great part of Macduff from the play Macbeth. Macduff returns

to kill Macbeth so Malcolm can become King of Scotland. We practised

sword fights, acting on stage, speech and bringing our character to life.

After six weeks of practice, it was time for the show!

Our plays started at 6.00 pm and more and more people arrived by

the minute. The night started out with Macbeth, which I was in. When I

was up on stage, I didn’t think about anything except what I had to say

and do. After I had finished, I felt great because the experience I had

just had was fantastic. The next play was Romeo and Juliet. Then the

night concluded. I learned a lot with doing the plays, like how to really

become a character. It will be an experience that I will remember for a

long time.

Georgia Ramsay, 6C

Our thanks go to the parents who helped stage such a successful event. In particular we thank Mrs

Sharon Joiner for catering the entire event, Mrs Narelle Chivers, Mrs Cathy Jhetam, Mrs Kate

Sobczak and Mrs Fiona Kelly.




Roger Rekless and

Nico Suave are a

stage team who has

worked together with

most of Germany’s

celebrated Hip Hop bands - both live on stage and in music


In workshops for German

teachers, the musicians

give concrete, realisable

examples of how to become a

producer of songs in German

and thereby to motivate

students to use the German

language in a more liberated,

creative and authentic way.

As part of their Australian tour

and their only Queensland

workshop, Nico and Roger

ran a Hip Hop songwriting workshop at St Luke’s for students

studying German as a foreign language. At the end of the

workshop, the students’ songs were performed in front of the

whole audience - with a little help from the musicians.

The audience may have been small; however, the enthusiasm was

large and infectious. Experiences such as this certainly motivate

students to explore

real life uses for the

development of the

language skills in

any areas that the

students have a high

level of interest.

THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009


THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009

What a

The Primary School dance spectacular was held at the

end of the term as a culmination to the dance unit covered

during Physical Education lessons. Although it was a fancy

dress dance, the children were encouraged to dress in a

country theme to match the styles of dances that had been

taught. The staff as well as all the children went to great

lengths to be dressed for the event, and everyone looked


Each year level performed dances with partners and in line

dance formation to the delight of parents, grandparents

and family friends. The adults also didn’t miss out on the

fun as the children got them out of their chairs on the floor.

Some of the parents looked like they were having more fun

than the children!

The highlight however, was the staff performance in the

afternoon where they performed a popular YouTube

wedding ceremony. Laughing to the point of crying is

possibly the best way to describe the reaction of all who

witnessed this joyous occasion as Miss Behaving (Mrs

Boreel) was wed to Mr Boat (Mr Davison).

Hoe Down!

The whole school enjoyed the whole day immensely. Mrs

Baren is to be thanked for her efforts and congratulated on

running a wonderful event.


Simply Relaxing!

Winter in Bundaberg is certainly a great time to spend an afternoon in the sun with friends enjoying fine food and

drinks while listening to live music. This is how many of the school community and their friends spent a Sunday

afternoon in August at Jazz in the Garden. As the crowd swelled to over 120, this year’s event was certainly going

to be the most successful ever.

With the bands playing in the Lohse Centre and the audience in the fresh air, the scene was set for a superbly

lazy afternoon of relaxation and enjoyment. The Bundaberg Jazz Band, School bands and even our staff choir

filled the air with easy listening music much to everyone’s pleasure.

Jazz in the Garden has become a popular and must-do event in the School’s musical calendar.

Cut the Glow to Help Turtles Go!

During August students from St Luke’s were invited to attend a press

conference to launch the 2009 Cut The Glow To Help Turtles Go

community campaign during the Bundaberg Community Cabinet.

These students were surprised to find that Premier Anna Bligh and

Minister Kate Jones were launching the campaign and enjoyed the

opportunity to rub shoulders with our Premier and Environment

Minister. The Premier announced a positive increase in the number of

endangered Loggerhead turtles in the South Pacific Ocean and talked about the great work

being undertaken by schools in the area who were getting students to be Turtle Rangers and

campaigning about turtle welfare. Ms Robyn Deer, along with Science 21 Year 12 students

and Ms Trudi Zormann from Prep R with

Samuel Fenwick, Hurley Gatley, Georgia

Weston and Hayden Drewett attended on

behalf of St Luke’s.

Life’s a beach!

The waves were fairly calm but the

spirit on the beach was soaring. The

St Luke’s Surf Life Saving team pulled

out all stops in the schools’ competition

held at Nielson’s Beach, Bargara, on the last day of Term 3.

The day started with the water events and quickly moved to

the beach flag and sprint races. It was wonderful to see the

team encouraging and supporting each other. What was even

better was that many students who “gave it a go” were not surf

life saving regulars. In fact, Robin Toder, one of our German

exchange students, was earnestly competing for St Luke’s!

THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009

In Term 4, Prep R and Year 1B will be

participating in the Turtle Ranger program

with a number of activities planned as well

as participating in the opening of the 2009

Turtle Season on Sunday 18 October at

the Turtle Park in Bargara, during which

we get to adopt a turtle. During Weeks

2 and 3 our Turtle-themed artwork will

be displayed at the Bundaberg Regional


In the end we had great participation and results, but just

not enough to retain the trophy for 2009. It was a formidable

challenge this year, and each competitor is to be commended

for his or her participation. Particular congratulations go to Age

Champions Emma Sheppard and Aamon Lammi.

Thank you to Mr Mick Parsons

and Ms Danielle Thompson, Team

Managers, and to the many parents,

friends and past students who came

along to support our team.


THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009

Life @


St Luke’s

THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009



THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009

Term 3 at the ELC!

Another busy term at the Early Learning Centre! We had a special morning with our

dads celebrating Father’s Day. We participated in the Book Fair Parade and the

Primary Bush Dance. Each week we had a visit from our buddy readers from Year 3

whom we are always happy to see and, as the weather warmed up, we got to have wet

days which were lots of fun!

The Pre-prep children went on a journey through the alphabet A to Z! We looked

at every letter and reinforced our learning through many crafts, games, songs and

activities. Our classroom became a gallery of our colourful creations as we made Ants

from egg cartons for the letter A, right up to using our imagination to paint zebras for

the letter Z with loads of stripes. We made pizza for the letter P and noodles for the

letter N. We painted faces for the letter F and lots more! We looked at the letters that

start our names and the letters we see at school and all around us. We practised

writing our names with collage, paint, stamps and even magnets! Most of all we had

lots of fun together, laughing and learning!

In the Kindergarten we learnt all about Healthy Bodies and Minds! We exercised

our bodies with lots of tricky obstacle courses and games with running, jumping and

hopping! We learnt about making healthy choices with sometimes food and everyday

foods! We had a visit from Mal the Dentist and Flossy to learn about keeping our teeth

healthy. We did lots of cooking and tasted some yummy fruits and vegetables. One of

our Kindy friends brought in an interesting book about Japan which led us into a mini

theme about Japan and China. We cooked fried rice and ate fortune cookies, we made

paper blossoms and did rice collages, we made Japanese musical instruments and

lots more. We had a great time together!

Old Saints News

The annual Old Saints function held in Brisbane once again proved to be a

great night out as past students joined Mr Oates and Mr Corpe to catch up with

other old scholars to relive the ‘tall tales and true for the legendary past’.

It was wonderful to see many different graduation years present, and even

better to listen to the life stories of these young people who certainly know

how to pack a great number of experiences into a short period of time. They

definitely live up to the reputation of ‘Y Genners’ as so many of them move from

one career path to the next.

Their level of connectedness also did not cease to amaze as phones came out

throughout the evening to

text others about what was

proving to be a top night.

Numbers grew as the night

went on, and everyone was

enjoying the company.

The School thanks all those

who attended and hopes

that even more Old Saints

will join this annual event in


Studying for a sustainable future

Selling a shopping centre? How about

building a pipeline? These and many other

projects are all in a day’s work for the

lawyers in the Property and Infrastructure

Group at Corrs Chambers Westgarth in


Camille MacDonald (Class of 1999) was

admitted as a fully qualified lawyer nearly

three years ago and has been working at

Corrs for almost two years. During that

time, she has worked on many exciting and

interesting projects, including the restructure

of South East Queensland’s bulk water assets, the sale of one of Queensland’s bestknown

resorts and the construction of numerous pipelines.

But now Camille is facing what could be her toughest challenge yet – going back to


Camille was recently awarded a scholarship through the Corrs Study Assistance

Program to complete a Master of Laws. One of only two lawyers who were awarded

the scholarship from the Brisbane office, Camille is studying her Masters at the

Queensland University of Technology.

Camille’s major is Environment and Resources Law, and she is currently studying

a special topic in Environmental Law: Climate Change. Camille chose to study

climate change because not only does she find the topic interesting, it is also a very

controversial subject from a legal point of view.

THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009

Queensland is particularly vulnerable to climate change, and the ways in which

we develop land and build communities now will impact how the effects of climate

change are felt by future generations. Camille’s research focuses on how current

planning laws in Queensland can be changed to better cope with climate change and

achieve sustainable development.

After Camille completes her Masters,

she hopes to continue studying and

practising Law, while contributing to

the ongoing development of law in



THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009

Snakes Alive!

Nothing excites Year 1 students more

than dinosaurs and other reptiles, so the

chance to spend the day at Snakes Down

Under in Childers was always going to be

a big hit with the children from 1H.

The children set off in the morning with a caravan of parents

and other family members following close behind. As soon

as they arrived it was off to the first of two snake shows. The children

were enthralled as a variety of non-venomous and venomous snakes

were brought out. Whatever the attraction, this certainly kept the children


A wide range of other reptiles is also on display

through the park. The main snake enclosure also

kept them busy, as they were able to view them ‘up

close and personal’ through the glass cages. The

children were keen to see these, but most of all the

main attraction – Macca the crocodile. It may have

taken a little bit of coaxing, but eventually Macca

came out of her pond and put on quite a display

including the infamous crocodile ‘death roll’!

Fun with Maths

For three days in mid August, St Luke’s students were

challenged, extended and entertained with a handson

mathematical display delivered by Geoff Todman

from Fun With Maths. Two whole classrooms were

filled with nearly 30

different mathematical


Students from Years 5 to 10 spent 90 minutes

exploring, investigating and reasoning their

way through lateral thinking problems

designed to take them beyond their

normal reasoning processes. The students

b a l a n c e d

equations, undid knots, played music, built

towers, measured soap bubbles, got out of

mazes and so much more...

Our thanks go to Geoff and the people from

Fun With Maths and also to the teachers who

enthusiastically took their students through

each session.

Book Characters come to life

On Friday 28 August, the Kindergarten to Year 6 students proudly strutted the ‘Book Week Catwalk’

to show off their favourite book character. The overall theme was a safari theme and we saw

many wild animals prancing about and even some daring rangers and poachers! The effort from

all the students (and parents!) was outstanding and the colourful display was greatly assisted by

much dancing and prancing and roaring! As has

become tradition, the staff, led by Mr Farthing,

performed a song sung to the tune of The Lion

Sleeps Tonight.

When you’re reading, some quiet reading, the library seems just right.

If you’re reading, for quiet reading, the library seems just right.


Service Activities

Browning House students were kept busy earlier this term promoting

and selling products to support

the Queensland Cancer Council’s

Daffodil Day. This service event

for Browning is always a popular

activity with plenty of products for

sale including the Dr Dougal Bear,

pens, pins and wristbands. The

event raised over $1000 which

will be directed to the Queensland

Cancer Council.

The Bundaberg Multicultural Festival was held at

Riverside Parklands on Sunday 30 August and the St

Luke’s Interact Club was there in full

force! To raise money for several

different charities, members of the

Interact Club sold sno cones and

spiders, painted faces and some

theatrical members posed as living

statues. At a meeting following

the Festival, the Club nominated

various charities to receive support from the money raised. Donations will

be directed to the Helena Goldie Hospital in The Solomon Islands to assist

with the replacement of their maternity ward destroyed during

a tsunami a few years ago. Other

beneficiaries are the Make-a-Wish

Foundation, Salvation Army, Phoenix

House, Bundaberg Special Olympics

and the Leukaemia Foundation of

Queensland. The members of the Club

are very pleased to make a difference

to the lives of others and are confident

that these donations will go some way

to assisting others in need.

On the final day of Term 3, the Student Council organized a ‘Jeans for Genes’ day. Students

were permitted to wear free dress for a $2 donation which is to be directed towards the

Children’s Medical Research Institute. In addition, the Student Council sold badges and pens

to staff and students. It was great to see so many people supporting “today’s scientists for

tomorrow’s children”.

Things on Strings

From finger puppets to marionettes,

Master Puppeteer David Hamilton

expertly entertained and educated our

Prep to Year 6 students on the amazing

world of puppetry. Using a highly

visual song and dance routine, David

introduced us to the various forms of

puppets, how they are made and how

they work. The show was fast-paced

and energetic, with every eye glued to

the stage as David interacted with his

puppet friends and the audience. Some

lucky students were invited onstage

and were taught how easy it is to make

a glove puppet come to life!

One of the highlights of the show was

when David introduced the marionette

Gepetto, who then introduced his

marionette Pinocchio. What incredible

skill to be able to bring a puppet to life at

the end of some strings, and then have

that puppet manipulate another!

Before the final curtain fell, David and

his puppets farewelled the audience with

a cabaret-style extravaganza that would

surely rival any Broadway show.

THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009


THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009

Fractured Fairy Tales

The Sleeping Beauty

story was retold as

part of the end of

term items involving

Middle School and

Primary classes;

however, it did have

a twist. ‘Leaping

Beauty’ as she was

known, was able to

keep a very boring

and uninspiring

kingdom happy as she leapt about spreading

her infectious joy upon all until one day she

trod on the toe of an evil witch.

Now the witch was

quite upset by this

event. So instead

of putting Leaping

Beauty to sleep until

a handsome prince

kissed her, she

would be so boring

that she would put

everyone around

her to sleep. That way

no prince would ever

kiss her and the spell

would last forever.

The spell worked, and

everyone with whom

Leaping Beauty came

in contact fell asleep. The kingdom stopped

in its tracks, and soon the King and Prime

Minister banished her to an island where only

animals and the deaf Old MacDonald lived.

As always, good prevailed over evil, Leaping

Beauty met her prince and to save herself from

putting him to sleep she kept her mouth full of

chewing toffy. The

prince fell in love

with her and that

faithful kiss ended

the spell.

State and National


Congratulations to the following students who

have made State or National representation in

their chosen sport:

Georgia Corpe

Squash (Qld)

Sophie Jarvis

Rowing (Qld)

Luke Gerry

Tennis (Qld)

Bianka McKlaren

Triathlon (Qld)

Congratulations Amy Clements!

Jock Oates

Australian Football


Morgan Riemer

Football (Qld)

Isabella Spring

Tennis & Softball (Qld)

We are very proud of Amy Clements who has received one

of four scholarships awarded to Australian music students to

the Pacific Honours Ensemble Program in Seattle in USA in

November. This is a wonderful accolade for a very talented

musician. We wish Amy all the best.


Celebrating Father’s Day

The Primary School welcomed our Fathers and Grandfathers with open arms on Friday 2 September

to celebrate Father’s Day. There were many opportunities for children to show their Dads what they

have been learning in class. Everywhere you looked there were Dads reading books, assembling

blocks, throwing paper planes, playing ten pin bowls, learning how the computers work and playing

tag. After hearing about the insect project Prep R has just completed, Preppie Dads were lucky

enough to have a red-back spider painted on their hands! Some Dads in the ELC were ankle-deep

in the sandpit while others were spotted happily producing some outstanding finger paintings.

After working hard all morning, our Dads were then treated to a special morning tea (lovingly prepared by our Mums, perhaps?) and the

chance to wind down from all that excitement

before heading back to the “real world”.

THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009


THESTLUKE’SWAY Spring Edition | 2009

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