Owner's Manual Blu-ray DiscTM Player - Panasonic


Owner's Manual Blu-ray DiscTM Player - Panasonic

Play back the contents in the

DLNA server using DMC

It is possible to play back the video or still pictures in the

shared folder of the DLNA server by controlling with DLNA

DMC (Digital Media Controller) compatible equipment.

≥ Windows Media ® Player and a smartphone that has the

compatible application serve as the DLNA server and the



Perform steps 1 and 2. (� 24)

3 Add the contents and folder to the libraries of the

Windows Media ® Player or the smartphone, etc.

≥ Playlist of Windows Media ® Player can play back only

the contents that are stored in the libraries.

4 Perform the “Remote Device Settings”. (� 33)

≥ The maximum number of equipment that can be

registered is 16.

1 Press [HOME].

2 Press [3] to select “Network”.

3 Press [3] to select “Home Network”.

4 Press [1] to select “Media Renderer”.

5 Operate the DMC compatible equipment.

To exit from Media Renderer screen

Press [HOME].

≥ Ensure that the router for your home network has adequate security

system to prevent unauthorized access.

≥ Menu structure will be different depending on the equipment connected

to this unit. Select the contents by repeating the operation.

≥ Depending on the contents and the connected equipment, playback

may not be possible.

≥ Items displayed in gray on the display cannot be played back by this


≥ This unit can be played back via connected equipment only when

controlled using DMC.

≥ Depending on the performance of the connected PC, video frames may

be dropped during playback, or video may not playback at all.




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