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LED Outdoor e-series - ProShop Europe


LED Outdoor e-series

Energy Efficient Signage


Energy Efficient Signage

LED Solutions

The EXP25e LED-O offers crystal-clear imagery with an amazing contrast ratio. The products in our e-series are highly reliable and have

low power consumption, which makes the screen solutions very cost-effective. The cabinet is custom-designed for outdoor usage,

which ensures impressive imagery even in full daylight and direct sunlight and it is furthermore sufficiently robust to withstand and

perform in all other kinds of weather conditions.

The high visual performance combined with the low power consumption makes the EXP25e LED-O ideal for outdoor applications e.g.

digital signage and large screens.

Integrate a digital signage solution in the architecture of your building

and strengthen your communication.

Use the endless possibilities of digital signage to stand out from the

surroundings and optimize your communication.



LED 25 mm 5200 nits

Expromo Europe A/S has sales offices in Denmark, Germany and UAE. The company is a developer and global supplier of professional LED modular screens.


For detailed specifications – please contact our sales team:

Phone: +45 87 45 80 29

Mail: info@expromo.eu

Expromo reserves the right to change any specifications without prior notice.


Expromo Europe A/S | Langdyssen 3 | Lisbjerg | DK-8200 Aarhus N | Phone +45 87 45 80 29 | info@expromo.eu | www.expromo.eu

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