Proposal for Sole Provider -

Proposal for Sole Provider -

An Introduction to the

Grace Self Storage Franchise System

A unique & limited Franchise business opportunity

Grace Has Moved Into The Self Storage Industry!!!

The Grace Mobile Self Storage Concept is a unique

business opportunity that will be limited to only a select

few Franchisees. These fortunate Franchisees will

operate in an exclusive territory utilising a house hold

brand name to build a successful business.

The storage business is about to be transformed by

new technology and business systems developed by

Grace Self Storage. The innovative service Grace has

launched will be provided to customers via a Franchise


What is the Grace Self Storage Service?

Grace Franchisees will provide mobile self storage services to customers by delivering a

Grace Mobile Storage Unit right to the door of the customer’s home. The customer

packs the Mobile Storage Unit with the goods they wish to store.

Once the customer has completed packing the Mobile Storage Unit in their own time, the

Grace Franchisee will collect the Mobile Storage Unit and deliver it to the Grace

warehouse. Once the Grace Franchisee arrives at the Warehouse we will unload the

internal Container that is stored inside the Mobile Storage Unit and store it until the

customer requests to have their goods returned.

How Does The Mobile Self Storage Service Work?

Step 1

A booking is made

Step 2

Franchisee Delivers The MSU

Step 3

The customer loads the MSU

Step 4

Franchisee Picks Up The

Loaded MSU

Step 5

Grace Store The Cartridge at

Our Warehouse

Step 6

Cartridge remains Securely

Stored Until returned to


Grace Franchisees benefit from:

• Low establishment costs to become a Franchisee.

• Joining a network that is a house hold brand name.

• Being a first mover in a growth industry.

Join A Powerhouse Brand and Company!!!

Grace Removals is Australasia’s largest

relocations organisation, employing in

excess of 1,000 people at peak times.

Within Australia we operate a national

network of over 40 branches, which

includes international specialist branches

in each capital city, and a fleet of over

500 vehicles. Grace enjoys a long and

proud reputation. It was established in

1911. Through acquisition and branch

openings, we completed the formation of

a national network in 1967 which

positions Grace to become a market

leader in the Self Storage Industry.

How Does A Franchisee Operate Their Business?

A Grace Franchisee is responsible for a range of activities and tasks to operate a

profitable and successful business. The three main tasks however include:

Marketing & Advertising Phone & Home Sales Shell Deliveries To Customers

What Revenue Can A Franchisee Generate?

To understand the Franchise opportunity and the financial benefits in greater detail you

will have to arrange an appointment and meet with a Grace Self Storage Franchise


Franchisee Revenue Streams:

• Monthly self storage income.

• Packing supplies, Insurance & other value added


• Delivery and drop off fees.





At Grace we are

committed to


our Franchisees

with unparralled


For further information on this opportunity


- 0405 116 953


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