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On November 14, 2003, my job with a large corporation ended. I

was laid off along with three-fourths of our office staff. I realized

then that there is no such thing as “job security,” even with a large

corporation. Here I was a “baby boomer,” unemployed with twoand-a-half

months of severance pay and I needed to make important

life decisions very quickly. Was fear coming at me from all

directions? Yes, indeed.

In the meantime, our daughter, ENVP Ashley Monroe, launched her

business with Arbonne. I had heard of Arbonne, but no one ever

approached me about the business, or offered me the products at a

discount. Within eight months, Ashley became a Regional Vice

President. Her paychecks were very impressive. I began to sit up

and pay attention. Six months later, she was a National Vice

President. “Wow,” I thought, “that was fast.” This success sparked a

desire within me to move in a direction that fear of failure, and even

fear of success, had thwarted in the past.

In between Ashley’s promotions, I began to dream that just maybe I

could be successful in a career with Arbonne. I knew that I, too, could

be successful, even at my age. To quit was not an option, nor did I

put a time limit on my success. The key was not to compare myself

with Ashley or with others, but to be who I was, be coachable and

build a team of “power players.” And did we ever do that.


deborah coates

Independent Consultant, Executive Regional Vice President

Deborah Coates Region; Oklahoma City, OK

faith and testimony of others who had set the standard, until my faith

began to grow and strengthen my confidence. Reading Eye on

Arbonne stories daily, attending meetings, listening to Arbonne Learn

& Burn trainings and reading motivational books were all a necessity

to stay focused.

On April 1, 2005, I slipped out of the proverbial corporate boat and

started walking in a harvest of prosperity with Arbonne. The concept

of network marketing is quite simple, but hard work and commitment

are necessary in order to be successful. I was able to stand on the

Deborah’s daughter, ENVP Ashley Monroe with her

husband, Mark and children, Grace and Gabriel.

Deborah’s son, Wes with family,

Alex, Kimberly, Annie and Dylan.

I began to realize that I had allowed the world to dictate who I was,

and what I could and could not do. Well, Arbonne has blown this

theory out of the water, literally! I now know that I will one day possibly

have the vacation home we have dreamed of for years. I will

potentially be debt-free. I will be able to have the potential to write

checks when prompted to do so. I will be successful! I know that all

things are possible if I combine my faith with action.

continued ...

Deborah with husband, Paul,

and the new Mercedes-Benz.

success strategy:

Make a commitment, persevere

and stay focused on your goal.

Arbonne has been a vehicle that has allowed me to dream again,

to grow confident in who I was created to be and not conform to

worldly standards. There is no corporate “glass ceiling” over my

achievements, as long as I believe and walk in faith, knowing that

all things are possible when I work toward the goals I have set.

When I hear someone say “no” to this awesome opportunity, I say,

“Who is next?” and move on down the road. By the way, I have

found that “no” really means maybe. It is all about timing.

Within 12 months, our team promoted to Region. I keep pinching

myself to see if I am dreaming. The reality is I am walking through

this dream one chapter at a time as it unfolds. The revelation that we

have the power to overcome every obstacle, including fear, has

changed my life forever.

Are you willing to get out of the boat and put fear underneath your

feet, where it belongs? Do not miss an opportunity of a lifetime that

can set your feet on the path to your destiny and open the door to

prosperity in all areas. Dream big and in living color, no matter

what your age or gender!

First of all, I want to thank my daughter and my friend, ENVP Ashley

Monroe, for believing in me, and for challenging me to grow and

have the vision to see the potential of this awesome opportunity for

our family. I love you and I am so excited that we have the opportunity

to work together. This is truly a miracle.

To ERVP Rachel Lewis: You are every VP’s dream of a “super-charged

power player.” There is no such thing as “quit” in your vocabulary.

What a powerful testimonial you have to share with others at your

young age of 23! I have learned so much from you, and you are such

a blessing to my life.

To my first business builder and one of my “top 20,” Darquita Maggard:

I am so very grateful for our friendship that has evolved through

Arbonne. I cannot wait to see you promote to Regional Vice President.

Your promotion is right around the corner. I am standing with you.

To ENVPs, Meloni Barkley and Cindy Pipkin: Thanks is not enough

for your persistence in breaking the hard ground necessary to make

this success possible for the rest of your team. Through your example

and the bar of excellence set for our team, we know there is no

The Oklahoma City team. L–R: Lenny Oatman, DM Lucky Spencer, DM Becca Crandall,

ENVP Ashley Monroe, Deborah, DM Darquita Maggard and

Robin Hadlock Shirley.

The Bossier City, Louisiana team. BACK, L–R: DM Amy Pierrelee and Bobby Lewis. MIDDLE

(STANDING), L–R: DM Beverly Bohanan, DM Inez Felknor, Michele Craft, RVP Kasey Smith,

DM Earl Haynes, AM Linda Mitchell and DM Lynda Davis. MIDDLE (KNEELING), L–R: Alicia

Craft, AM Kay Lottinger and DM Jamie Barnett. FRONT, L–R: AM Kelly Brandon, DM Amy

Masters, Shelby Duncan, DM Alison Friar, ERVP Rachel Lewis and Jennifer Santelices.

where for our team to go but up! I love you both and I am so blessed

to be in the lineage of such awesome leaders.

To all our Area Managers, District Managers and Consultants:

Establish your goals and do not stop until you reach the top. I am

blessed to have each and every one of you on our team. We will

not stop until each one of our team members achieves their goal.

Teamwork, persistence and commitment are the key!

To my husband, Paul: You are the best cheerleader and friend a

wife could ask for. You made this leg of the journey so much fun and

I look forward to seeing where we are going in the next 12 months

together. I love riding in the two-seat “roadster” with my honey by

my side. Life is good!

I saved the best for last! I thank God for all the doors that have been

opened for me and for the blessings that have been poured onto my

life. Without God, nothing would be possible.

To be continued …

The Bossier City, LA team meeting. BACK, L–R: DM Jody Groves, Sara Fulghum,

Racheal Stroud, Deborah, ERVP Rachel Lewis, DM Alison Friar, DM Beverly Bohanan

and DM Jerry Brandon. FRONT, L–R: DM Marc Cappello, ENVP Ashley Monroe, DM

Gina Rider, DM Mary Jane Cappello and AM Kelly Brandon.

NTC 2006 St. Louis. L–R: ERVP Rachel Lewis, AM Kay Lottinger,

ENVP Ashley Monroe and ERVP Deborah Coates.


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