to view this brochure from SCA Tissue North America LLC - NFMT

to view this brochure from SCA Tissue North America LLC - NFMT

SCA – a leader in


at SCA green is more

than just a color

Healthy People, Healthy Planet.

A leader in sustainability

SCA Tissue: 80 years of stewardship

• We have been making recycled paper since 1927, the same year Charles

Lindbergh made his first solo trans-Atlantic flight.

• Our products have been third-party certified since 2005, more than four years

earlier than other major brands.

• We have over 100 third-party certified Tork ® bath tissue, towel, napkin, facial

tissue, soap, and wiper products – more than anyone else in our industry.

A holistic approach to

environmental sustainability

Some companies rely on marketing a specific green attribute,

like post-consumer content or source reduction.

Source Reduction

At SCA Tissue, we consider all branches of environmental

attributes and actions.

EcoLogo CM

Green Seal TM










Solar Panels

Wind Turbines



ISO 14001

Most Ethical


Proven History

400,000 tons are


Recycled paper

since 1927






Mill Energy


20% CO 2

Reduction Target

Tools and



Fill Rate




EcoLogo CM


Prevention Awards

Vegetable and

Soy Inks



Green Seal TM



Drum Pulper



2nd Greenest




LEED Buildings

Code of


Reclaimed Water

Smart Fit TM

15% Water Use

Reduction Targets

Regional Mills

Efficient Fleet





Cost Savings

750,000 Tons

Recycled Annually







SCA Tissue believes

that to be truly sustainable

we need to focus on

all of the opportunities

throughout our entire

operation, not only

a selection of products

or locations.


Continuously striving for

SCA’s Global Leadership

• Ranked one of the world’s most ethical companies by Ethisphere Institute

for the past three years

• Highest rated paper company by the World Wildlife Fund for their last three


• Ranked in 2007 by The Independent in conjunction with Ethical Investment

Research Services as the 2nd Greenest company in the world, second only

to a wind turbine company

• Cira Centre headquarters building and Dispenser Innovation Center in

Philadelphia, PA are both LEED-CI certified

• A global leader of products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

From our global

operations to our regional

facilities, environmental

sustainability is at the root of

everything we do.


the smallest footprint

SCA Tissue

• Recycles 750,000 tons annually, of which over 400,000 tons

are post-consumer

• Largest North American sanitary paper manufacturer with

products certified by both EcoLogo CM and Green Seal TM

• Member of the U.S. Green Building Council

• Member of the Healthy Schools Campaign

• Converts nearly 100% of the waste from the de-inking

process into fiberclay used in concrete paving in Wisconsin

facility and uses reclaimed water in the process in Arizona


• Earned Energy Efficiency Award from the U.S. Department

of Energy in Wisconsin, Water Reuse Customer of the Year

Award in Arizona, and Pollution Prevention Achievement

Award in Alabama

• Offers innovative dispensing solutions that reduce

consumption and waste

• EPA SmartWay certified shipper

• Utilizing Service Excellence Center in Wisconsin to test new

sustainable technologies, including recycled glass walkways,

bio-filtration for storm water run-off, prairie restoration, and

renewable energy generation from solar panels and wind


For more information go to


80 years of deeply

rooted sustainability


• Started making

recycled paper


• Air Pollution Control

Award from American

Paper Institute/

National Forest



• Golden Earth

Award from


County Solid Waste

Management Board

• Recycling Award from

Wisconsin Department

of Natural Resources

and National Recycling

Coalition/Buy Recycled

Business Alliance

• Started Environmental

Data Reporting

• Worked with World Wildlife

Fund (WWF) and 95+ groups

to develop Forest Stewardship

Council (FSC)

• Pilot Environmental

Management Systems

• Company of the Year Award

from Fox Valley Chapter of

The Association for

Operations Management

• First Corporate

Environmental Report


2000 - 2004 2005

• Corporate Environmental


• Ranked #1 in

Innovest’s environmental

performance ranking

• Awarded Best

Environmental Report in

Europe from European

Sustainability Reporting


• CEO Eco-Manager

of the Year

• Barton mill won

Achievement Award

from Alabama

Department of


Management, Pollution

Prevention, Department of

Environmental Management

P2 Awards

• On Top List of Banco Swedish

Environmental Funds

• Awarded Best

Sustainability Report in


• EcoLogo CM certified


• Received the highest score

among paper companies from

the WWF

• Included in the Dow Jones

Sustainability Index (DJSI)

STOXX index

• Smart Fit Initiative


• Mill of Origin program

• Barton Pollution Prevention


• Flagstaff Governor’s Prize

for Water Management

• Folksam named SCA

Forest Products Sustainable

Company of the Year in



• Received the highest score

among paper companies from

the WWF for the 2nd time (and the

only company to show additional

major improvement over 2005)

• Rated “leading performer” for human

rights, environmental and business

behaviors by Vigeo

• Ethical Invesment Research and

Information Service (EIRIS) and Financial

Times and the London Stock Exchange

(FTSE) FTSE4Good market index

Americas (Cira Centre) LEED-CI Gold


• Member of the United States

Green Building Council (USGBC)

• Member of Healthy Schools


• Barton Waste Recycling


• Flagstaff National Water

Re-use Award

• Included in Dow Jones

Sustainability Index (DJSI



• Reduce water usage by 15% over 2005 levels by end of 2010

and CO 2 emissions by 20% by 2020

• Four wind turbines generate 100-125 megawatt-hours of

renewable energy

• Barton and Wisconsin facilities received ISO certification

(International Organization for Standardization)

• Publishes the Tork Report with hygiene and sustainability

insights for businesses

• Ranked one of the most ethical companies by Ethisphere

Institute for third time

2007 2009


• Named 2nd Greenest

Company in the World

• Received the highest

score among paper

companies from the WWF

for the 3rd time

• Is only paper

company honored by

National Worker’s Rights


• Menasha won three

awards - Department of

Energy, Focus on Energy,

and the Governor’s Award

for reducing energy


• Sustainability report

received top WWF ranking

• Neenah Service

Excellence Center began

generating solar power from


• Cira Centre earned Livable Buildings


• Became Ally member of Green Hotel


• Became member of Hotel

Association of Canada

• Ranked one of the most ethical

companies by Ethisphere Institute

• Environmental

Evaluator launched

• Added Green Seal TM

certified products

• Dispenser Innovation Center

LEED-CI certified

• Ranked one of the most ethical

companies by Ethisphere Institute for

the second time

• Barton won People Against a Littered

State (PALS) award

• Introduced the Tork Green Hygiene


• Awarded $25,000 in environmental

grants to local schools

• Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

SmartWay certified shipper

• Began process of ISO 14001

certification at all sites

• State-of-the-art drum pulper

started up in Menasha

• Prairie restoration project

• Storm water filtration project with

Department of Natural Resources

(DNR) and US Geological Survey

• Permeable recycled glass

walkway pilot program


Our holistic and susta

Throughout the product life

cycle, SCA focuses on


Recycles over 750,000 tons of paper annually,

of which 400,000 tons are post-consumer.

Recycled Raw Materials

Manufactures paper from 100%

recycled fiber.

• Saves enough water every

year to fill the Empire State

Building over 18 times!


Cases, cores, wraps,

etc. are recycled to

start the process

over again.


Innovative systems offer one-at-atime

controlled dispensing, reducing

consumption and waste at the

source – with the user.

“The whol

sum o


Cost Savings



facilities mean fewer

miles shipped



inable process

Efficient Manufacturing

Recycling programs for paper, pallets,

banding and batteries.

• Paper trim from the converting

process is returned to the paper

mill for re-use.

Product cases, cores and wraps

contain recycled content as well

as being printed with vegetableand

soy-based inks.

e is more than the

f its parts.” Aristotle

EcoLogo CM certifies that SCA

Tissue’s products are made with

minimal environmental impacts.

• Energy Consumption

• Effluent Discharge

• Net Solid Waste

• Raw Material Sourcing

Green Seal TM certifies

our products are:

• 100% recycled

• Above EPA guidelines for

post-consumer content

• 100% recycled cores

• Free of inks, dyes, perfumes

• No toxins or heavy metals

in inks

By utilizing nearly 10.2 million

cubic feet of previously unused

trailer space through Smart Fit, each year

SCA Tissue:

• Eliminates over 3,200 trucks from the road

• Saves over 280,000 gallons of diesel fuel

• Reduces travel by 1.6 million miles

That’s enough to drive

around the world 64 times!

Smart Fit Initiatives

Smart Fit initiatives provide efficient

cases that optimize shipping units,

significantly reducing fuel usage and

warehouse storage.

We fit an additional 3.9 million

cases on SCA trucks with Smart Fit!


Understand what recycling really means

Pre-consumer: by-products generated after the manufacturing

process that are reconstituted into pre-consumer recycled content.

Post-consumer: material that has completed its life cycle

and is reconstituted into post-consumer recycled fiber.

What does it mean if it’s not

100% recycled?

Some companies focus solely on

post-consumer fiber. Be sure to

ask what makes up the balance.


post-consumer recycled



What happens to

pre-consumer and

post-consumer waste

that isn’t recycled?

It all goes to

the landfill!


By recycling, here’s what SCA saves annually!

750,000 tons of

recycled paper


750,000 bales of wastepaper, which can cover 234

football fields three feet high, including end zones

12.75 million trees

285 million gallons of oil

2.25 million cubic yards

of landfill space

3.0 billion kilowatts

5.25 billion gallons

of water

= filtering 612 million pounds of CO and releasing


enough O 2

into the air for 25.2 million people each year



saving 129 million gallons of gas; 59 million gallons of diesel and home

heating oil; 26 million gallons of jet fuel; 73 million gallons of other

products such as kerosene and lubricants

the same volume of concrete that would build 31 Sears Towers

= the amount of energy it takes to power

300,000 homes in California


the amount of water in 52,500 Olympic size swimming pools


Sources: / / / / / /

An industry first . . .

the Tork ® Green Hygiene Council TM

SCA understands that true sustainability goes beyond green. It is a convergence of both green and hygiene. As

these issues are approached holistically, it becomes apparent that we cannot focus on environmental health without

also focusing on human health.

We recently introduced the Tork Green Hygiene Council, a group of thirdparty

experts in both hygiene and environment who agree with SCA’s holistic

sustainability mission and purpose. We’ve created the Council to help us

improve our practices and evangelize to businesses and consumers across the


This way of thinking will help us better understand the implications of

sustainability to SCA, our customers’ businesses and bottom lines, and society

as a whole.

SCA presents:

The Tork Report:

Healthy People, Healthy Planet


to learn more.

Dr. Allison Aiello

Assistant professor

of epidemiology,

University of


Josh Radoff

Co-founder and

principal, YRG



Donna Duberg

Assistant professor

of clinical laboratory

science, St. Louis


TGHC Mission Statement

The Tork Green Hygiene Council (TGHC) was created to assist in Tork’s ongoing commitment to providing

environmentally preferable and hygienic away-from-home washroom solutions.

Comprised of top professional and academic authorities from across the country on green building, corporate

sustainability, hygiene and germ prevention, the TGHC is a council of four experts that offer holistic and trusted

perspectives on how businesses can create sustainable and healthy work and home environments.

TGHC members provide independent feedback and advice on Tork’s environmental and hygiene initiatives, serve as

valued professional resources to Tork’s partners and customers, and provide expertise and industry insight.

The TGHC exists to enhance global awareness of proper sustainability practices to make the world a greener, safer

and cleaner place to live and work.


Independent third-party

certified products

SCA Tissue offers a range of Tork products certified by EcoLogo CM and Green Seal . The EcoLogo

program is North America’s largest eco-labeling program offering the most comprehensive and

stringent criteria for green certification. Green Seal is an independent non-profit organization

dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the

manufacture, purchase and use of environmentally responsible products and services.


You wouldn’t trust a non-certified individual to inspect your

home or car before buying – why should purchasing paper

products be any different? Third-party certification provides

objective assurance that our facilities and processes meet

or exceed criteria for environmental standards.

Resource Use

Recycled Content Addressed

Minimum Post-Consumer Content

Certified Sustainable Forestry

Non-Fibrous Resource Use





Green Seal EcoLogo Tork


Water Quality

Elemental Chlorine Free

Process Chlorine Free

Effluent Content Restrictions

Waste Reduction

Solid Waste

Air Quality

Energy Consumption

Air Emissions

Other Product Requirements

Packaging Requirements

Restrictions on Pigments, Dyes and




*Comprehensive Procurement Guideline Program ** Select products meet EPA Minimums by region


SCA is the first AFH paper manufacturer to attain

Biodegradable Products Institute TM (BPI)

certification for its napkins, enabling your business to

improve its environmental footprint.

• All Tork Universal and Advanced

napkins, including custom print, are

now certified compostable

• Compostable certification approval

based on testing in a BPI-approved,

independent lab and are third-party


• Confirms napkins can be safely

disposed of and are quickly

biodegradable in municipal and

commercial composting facilities

• Along with the EcoLogo TM and Green

Seal TM certifications, provides an

even higher standard of cost-effective

sustainable product solutions

• Valuable to any business incorporating

a composting program – particularly

in the foodservice and food-related


About BPI

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)

is a not-for-profit professional association of

key individuals and groups from government,

industry and academia, which promotes the

use, and recycling of biodegradable polymeric

materials (via composting). Visit BPI at:

To find a composting resource in the US or

Canada, please visit:

Compostable Tork ® napkins help lessen impact on landfills.


Be green.

Save green.

Saving the environment can also save you money. Calculate the

savings by using Tork products.

Competitor SCA Tissue

Units per Case 120 towels 6 Rolls

Total Case Count 1,920 towels 4,200 feet

Usage per Hand Dry 2 towels 19 inches

Hand-dries/Case 1,200 2,653

Hand-dries/Year 120,000 120,000

Case Price $23.00 $40.00

Cost/Thousand Hand-dries $19.17 $15.08

33% savings

with SCA

totals $923/yr

Cases/Year 100 45

Paper Cost/Year $2,300 $1,810

Hourly Labor Rate $15 $15

Loading Minutes/Case 20 6

Labor Cost $500 $68

Total Cost/Year $2,800 $1,877

Example based on purchasing 45

cases of TorkSelect Hardwound Towel

290089 versus 100% virgin competitive

folded towel.

Number of Tork Cases Purchased 45

Pounds of Recycled Waste Paper Used 1,582

Gallons of Water Saved 5,537

Cubic Yards of Landfill Space Saved 2.37

Kilowatts of Energy Saved 3,243

Energy (000 BTUs) Saved 2,435

Gallons of Oil Saved 1.58

Pounds of Air Pollution Prevented 47

Number of Trees Saved 13.4

SCA guarantees savings when switching to Tork dispensers and products.

25% Tork Xpressnap 10%

TorkSelect Hardwound


Tork Disposable

Roll Towels



See for more details.

We support industry leaders for

a greener, healthier world

LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance

(Version 3)

The USGBC’s LEED: EB&OM helps building owners and operators measure operations, improvements

and maintenance on a consistent scale, with the goal of maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing

environmental impacts. It addresses whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues, recycling programs, exterior

maintenance programs, and systems upgrades.

Tork products can aid in meeting prerequisites and earning LEED credits for your building, such

as using EcoLogo or Green Seal certified towels and tissue in your washrooms. We recommend

working with your LEED Accredited Professional to determine how Tork products contribute

toward earning your LEED certification.

Green Seal Environmental Standard for Restaurants

and Food Services - GS-46

The standard is based on life cycle research and focuses on leadership environmental improvement

in the key impact areas — food, waste, and energy. Metrics, performance, and practices are

combined in this standard to help operations make meaningful environmental improvement. In addition,

organizational commitment is included to ensure the environmental efforts are long lasting.

Tork products can support your foodservice operation in attaining this certification. Our Green

Seal and EcoLogo certified products meet the environmentally preferable designation for all

paper products. SCA Tissue’s Code of Conduct assures we meet the Environmental and

Socially Sensitive Purchasing Policy and vendor code of conduct required by Green Seal for


The Healthy Schools Campaign

Healthy Schools Campaign, an independent not-for-profit organization, is the leading authority on

healthy school environments and a voice for people who care about our environment, our children,

and education.

Their mission is to advocate for policies and practices that allow all students, teachers and staff

to learn and work in a healthy school environment by addressing issues of environmental health

and wellness in schools.

We are proud to be a Green Team Leader with the Healthy Schools Campaign and to support

The Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools.


The “Green” Hotels Association and the Hotel

Association of Canada

We are an Ally Member and approved vendor of the Green Hotels Association, which empowers

lodgers to institute ways they can protect the environment while saving

themselves money.

We are an Allied Member of the Hotel Association of Canada, a group that works to support,

protect, and promote their members so they can excel in today’s challenging business

world with their unique program to recognize and reward environmentally preferable lodging

accommodations in Canada, called the Green Keys Program.


What aspect of “green” is

most important to you?

• I want to partner with a holistic company . . . pages 3-4

• I want to partner with a company with a long track record . . . pages 5-6

• I need to meet a purchasing requirement for recycled paper products . . . pages 9-10

• I want third-party certified products . . . page 11

• I want to be green and save green . . . pages 12-13

• I need products that support my operation’s certification effort . . . page 14


P.O. Box 2400, Neenah, Wisconsin 54957

1-866-SCA-TORK (1-866-722-8675)

© 2011 SCA Tissue North America LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Tork is a registered trademark of SCA Tissue North America LLC

or its affiliates.

Commercially Printed on

New Page 80 lb. Productolith

Matte Cover paper which is

an FSC ® Certified product.


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