November - Stylist and Salon Newspapers

November - Stylist and Salon Newspapers

November - Stylist and Salon Newspapers


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Stack the Deck with Teens/Tweens to Increase Business Longevity


Business Buzz

Charlene Abretske

As a salon professional, one of the most

important aspects of your business is client


The more clients you retain, the less you

spend in advertising and marketing to attract

new clients that will cycle in and out of your


It is important to know the demographic

of your core clients, the ones who consistently

re-book, refer you new clients and really love

your services.

I recently had an experience with a salon

owner who had originally thought her core clientele

was 25- 40 in age, only to find out after

surveying her clients the age range was 40 -55,

a difference of 15 years off her target market.

Her survey also showed her salon had been

retaining 85 percent of their clients for well

over five years. Amazing numbers indeed and

they were definitely doing a lot right in the

customer service department to keep such a

large proportion of their clients.

The only disturbing fact was if this trend

continued, their clientele would “age out” of

their services. Now that they had mastered the

art of retention, they now have to master the

art of attracting a younger client in order to

stay in and grow their business.

As a business owner you will want to focus

on “dealing yourself a good hand” of clients

with several age ranges to increase your businesses


Targeting your core clients to include

substantial numbers of loyal patrons will keep

your business growing for the next five, 10, 15

years and beyond. Your clients have referrals

they can send you to help include other age

ranges in your business.

The simplest group to capture is teens and

tweens. These two groups will be referred by

their parents who are patrons of your salon or

spa. Their parents will most likely assist them

in the cost of services and take them to their

appointments. This is a great opportunity for

you to begin really targeting a younger market.

These clients are really in tune to having an

experience at your salon or spa; what can you do

to provide them with one? Teens and tweens

don’t just think it is nice when someone personalizes

their service, even at their young age

they have come to expect it.

In this day and age, we have become very

accustomed to businesses knowing our preferences

and giving us options, from our coffee,

cell phones, and online shopping to everything

in between. Your salon or spa is no different;

you will want to appeal to the younger crowd

while at the same time appealing to mom and

dad who hold the purse strings. Here are few

items to keep in mind:

Parents are busy and looking for

“Quality Time” – We all know what it is

like shuttling kids here and there and the

less stops you have to make the better. If you

know your clients have children ranging in age

from 11-18, ask where they get their services

performed. If they are not with you let them

know about your referral program and they

can book their appointments at the same time

to cut down on being a “taxi” mom or dad.

Teens and tweens are also great to refer to your

newer stylists for simpler cuts and less chemical

processing, to help build their skills.

Hot, Cool and On a Budget - One of

the largest trends the salon industry has seen in

some time was the recent explosion of feather

extensions. They are cost effective and easy to

apply, and hot, hot, hot, -- everyone is wearing

them. This is a simple service to get the tweens

and teens in the door. Keep on top of the next

hot trends as they start taking off. Parents often

are happy to oblige with allowing their children

to take part in the latest thing, especially if it

isn’t expensive. When you offer these services

make sure to take photos, and post them on

Facebook and your websites so you show up in

search engines as offering them. Keep your eye

open for the “next big thing.”

Be Event Ready- When is the last time

you were involved in a high school event?

Some that work well are: raffles; supplying your

services for theater productions and local beauty

pageants; offering a deserving student makeover

for graduation; partnering with local photographers

for pictures at homecoming and prom.

When you are at a function make sure you are

collecting email addresses of the students or

parents, if possible, so you can offer a special to

try your salon or spa services too.

Rich In Referrals – Teens and tweens

can become some of your best referral clients

not only by referring the traditional way but

through Facebook and Twitter. There is no

learning curve in technology for them and

you can capitalize on this by being up-to-date

on your digital media pages. When you target

a special for this market they will flock to it,

allowing you to capitalize on their ability to be

social media butterflies.

Your business will always need new clients,

start by making the most of the connections

you haven’t capitalized on and you can really

work toward a life long business and clients.

Charlene Abretske is an independent business advisor. To reach her email

charleneabretske@gmail.com or call (760)453-1882.

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In this issue...




Beauty Business Buzz

As a business owner you will

want to focus on “dealing

yourself a good hand” of

clients with several age ranges

to increase your businesses


The Mane Objective

Clients’ aging hair is your best

color asset. Gray hair cannot only

be remedied; it can actually be

one of the biggest assets in your

client base and business.

The Nail Extension

I am not getting any younger,

nor are my clients. My clients

expect me to be their manicurist

until they no longer need my

services. Likewise, I expect them

to be my clients for as long as


Beauty Business Buzz . . . . . . . . . . 3

Blue Highways . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

The Mane Objective. . . . . . . . . . . 6

Service/Treatment for Hair Loss . . . 6

Esthetic Endeavors . . . . . . . . . . . 7

The Nail Extension . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Strictly for Students . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Ohio Cosmetology News. . . . . . . 10

Better Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-13

NAHA Awards. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

America’s Beauty Show. . . . . . . . 14

Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

What’s New in the Market . . . . . . 15

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Assuring Continual Growth

Through Market Diversity

Blue Highways

Jerry Tyler

With our economic outlook forever

changing, many are now looking at ways

to increase revenue potential in this shifted


First, take a step back and look at your

individual and collective business brands to

identify the components that make up your

brand profile.

Next, see what you are now creating

in today’s business reality, if you are being

perceived as the brand you wanted. One

question to ask: “Is our desired brand profile

in alignment with today’s market demands?”

Many businesses following old business

principals and paradigms are finding their

market share and profits declining because

they are now out of sync with a changed market

and the requirements it demands.

The link between what the market

demands, in addition to what and how the

target market is serviced is paramount, as this

dynamic is constantly shifting and evolving.

Continually identifying what motivates

the target market allows you to not only meet

the challenge of satisfying them, but hopefully

exceeding their expectations. This almost

always guarantees client loyalty by extending

yourselves beyond your perceived value.

While many successful business models

were created to meet the needs of one part of

the overall market, or a certain demographic,

that has changed. Due to market saturation or

a shift in what that market area demands, they

are seeing very little growth in that area now

or possibly even a decline.

The key here is twofold. First, to bring

the brand into alignment with what now

motivates that demographic; next, to ascertain

where they are now in today’s present reality.

In some cases the once new area of the

market place that was wide open may have

reached maximum penetration creating market


To meet this challenge many brands are

diversifying by adding new or overlooked

market demographics to their intended client

pursuits. As some demographics needs and

attentions have shifted so have the potential

service and product offerings targeted to that

demographic’s desires and needs. The brands

recognizing this new potential are actually

expanding their spheres of influence therefore

growing the size and scope of their brands.

Having a strong and well identifiable brand

profile is a strong first step in reaching multiple

markets with varying demographics. What is elemental

here is to be understood in the market

as having integrity in languages each demographic

understands and can relate to.

One example is the marketing of hair loss

services and products. This challenge affects

millions of people across all lines of age,

gender and ethnicity, while the challenges and

potential solutions to hair loss with a brand

could be the same for various markets.

To reach the various areas of this market

and connect them requires the brand

to identify what that area is looking for and

then present it in a way that demographic can

embrace it to being the “go to” solution for

their challenge.

While the hair loss challenge to a generation

“X” or “Y’ potential client might be

based on “hair loss prevention”, the target

to the “Baby Boomer” client with hair loss

may be “salvation of existing hair” or “hair

replacement”. Same challenge but different

approaches from different market


If all challenges are met in the different

markets, you have created multi-market penetration,

expanding the influence of the brand.

By exceeding the perceived value as to the

needs and desires of our existing markets, and

diversifying into new and emerging potential

service/product sectors, we are assured

continual growth as an industry in any type of

economic climate.

Jerry Tyler’s column Blue Highways is his “Road Less Traveled” perspective

on the solutions and challenges facing the beauty industry. Jerry Tyler has

been a stylist since 1975 serving as the former artistic director for Vidal

Sassoon Academy and currently as Director of Industry Relations for Carlton

Hair salons. He is also a licensed cosmetology instructor and has served as

President of the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.


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Contributing Writers:

Judy Culp, Jerry Tyler, Charlene Abretske,

Neil Ducoff, Jaime Schrabeck, Marco Pelusi,

Steve Sleeper, LeAnne Velona, Jenny Hogan

Ohio State Board of Cosmetology

Jim Trakas, Executive Director

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Join the Ranks

of the Industry’s

Most Talented


Hair by 2011 NAHA Winner Giovanna Simington


NAHA 2012


FEBRUARY 9, 2012


stylist_ad_naha.indd 1

10/10/11 1:14 PM

Gray, Gray, Go Away? No Way!

The Mane Objective

Marco Pelusi

Clients’ aging hair is your best color asset.

As time keeps moving forward, so does the

aging process of our clients’ hair.

As our clients age, we know they lose the

color pigment in both their skin and their

hair. As hairdressers and salon owners, one of

the most important things we do for our clients

is to compensate for this loss of pigment

in their hair care regimen.

Sure, gray hair is hair without pigment,

yet, it often is a drastically different texture

than natural hair. Gray hair is coarser, more

resistant and requires special attention. Gray

hair is consistent. Once our clients have it,

it is there to stay -- with more on the way.

Therefore, clients require special, constant

care for their aging or color treated hair

which can be one of the most rewarding --

both personal and financial -- assets to our

client base and salon business.

Our aging, graying, baby boomers are still

the biggest money makers and still perhaps the

biggest and most important portion of our

client base. Now, there is even a younger client

base that is aging, but does not want their

gray hair exposed.

This is where we as hair professionals step

into play and work our color magic. This is

where we solve our clients’ problems, help

to stop the effects of the aging process, make

clients feel good about themselves -- all while

building a strong, continuous client base

within our community. This is precisely why

haircolor is still the fastest growing and most

needed category of hair services that we offer.

The demi-color category offers a gray

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Community Insurance Company.

Independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ®ANTHEM is a registered

trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and

symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

blending service for that newer, younger

clientele. Demi-color superbly blends away a

small percentage of gray for those clients that

do not necessarily require permanent haircolor

just yet. Then, you can easily transition

them into a permanent haircolor solution.

If you are not already good with haircolor,

get good and fast. The education is out there,

and so are the potential clients. I welcome clients

with gray hair into my studio and know

that once I get them in for their first color appointment

they will become lifetime clients.

Covering gray successfully through

coloring is very important to both our clients

and our business. It is a gratifying challenge,

especially since gray hair is usually not the

same texture as other hair, let alone the same

color. Equally as important, if not more so,

is to maintain the quality and the integrity

of our aging client’s hair while coloring and

after coloring.

Now, we must think about fighting the

aging or fading of the applied color itself

in-between appointments. We know that it is

all about products. Let your clients know that

in order for you to back-up your color work,

they really need to take home a high quality

wet line product system that prevents haircolor

fading and aging of processed color, as

well as maintains a luxurious feel to the hair.

Go ahead -- let the clock tick. Let the gray

grow. Gray hair cannot only be remedied; it

can actually be one of the biggest assets in

your client base and business. Gray, gray --

please come and stay!

Marco Pelusi is globally recognized as a haircolor trainer and platform artist.

Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc. was named Best Hair Color in Los Angeles 2009

by KTTV Fox11’s “myfoxla Hot List” competition. Pelusi created the Marco Collagen

Color Guard HairCare System, the collagen system developed for color and

chemically treated hair. For more information, visit www.marcopelusi.com.

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Services for Early Detection and

Treatment of Hair Loss

by Jenny Hogan

Today, hair loss and hair thinning affect

an estimated 75 percent of all men and 20

percent of healthy women.

The hair loss industry in the U.S. is

worth billions of dollars each year, with many

products and services offering solutions for

men and women suffering from hair thinning,

shedding and breakage.

Beauty professionals working in salons

and spas can benefit from providing services

for clientèle for early detection and treatment

of hair loss, creating better results for your

clients, while also helping you to advance

your career and grow your business.

Educate yourself so you can better understand

what your clients are experiencing.

Divi International’s National Sales and

Education director Richard Gundry is a

hair loss expert who learned about these

special services over 30 years as a successful

hairstylist, salon owner and educator. Gundry

first became interested in hair loss services

through a client who was a hair restoration

surgeon and then began to educate himself

on hair loss.

He began carrying products to address

thinning hair and breakage in his salon. As

Gundry noted, “I believe all hairstylists and

beauty professionals should have this type of

knowledge. Once my clients realized what I

knew about hair loss, it opened the door to

talk about the types of problems they were

having. Most clients will speak to their hairstylist

about hair loss before they ever speak

to a medical professional.”

Learning some basics about hair loss will

enable you to have a meaningful conversation

with clients and give them some options

for services or products that address their

condition. Of course, clients should be advised

to check with their physician to ensure

there is not a medical condition that could be

contributing to their hair loss.

Explore continuing educational opportunities

on hair loss through your product

line manufacturers, trade shows, cosmetology

schools. Go online to educational

resources such as www.WebMD.com, or

www.ISHRS.org, to learn more about the

process of thinning hair. Look into product

lines formulated specifically for thinning or

damaged hair and treatment options such as

laser or L.E.D. light treatments, hair extensions

or other hairpiece options.

Educate your clients on the basics of hair

loss. Many people still believe hair loss comes

from the mother’s side of the family, while

the facts are that the gene for hair loss can

come from either side.

Another misconception is that balding

hair actually falls out, when the balding process

really involves the diameter of the hair

shaft becoming smaller with each four-year

hair growth cycle, eventually disappearing

entirely. A normal hair is approximately 70

microns in diameter, but in areas of balding,

the hair diameter will progressively miniaturize

to 25 microns or less.

Hair shedding is a natural process that

occurs on an on-going basis. There are approximately

100,000 strands on an average

head of hair. Hair grows in three different

phases and at any given time will be in one

of the separate phases. The first phase is the

anagen phase, which lasts from four to six

years and consists of active hair growth. The

second phase is the catagen phase, a resting

phase in which the hair follicle actually regresses.

The third phase is the telogen phase,

in which hair sheds.

About 90 percent of the hairs on a human

head are normally in the anagen phase at

any given time. The average head will shed

about 50 to 60 hairs per day and normal hair

growth rates are about one half inch per

month. Hair growth rates and natural hair

phases can be disrupted by many medical

and environmental factors, such as medications,

genetics, diet, autoimmune disorders,

pregnancy and stress.

Hair loss treatments for balding are rarely

suggested to consumers until the hair is

visibly thinner, but by that time, as much as

50 percent of the hair in the thinning areas is

already gone. You can detect early hair thinning

10 to 15 years before it is visible to the

naked eye by using a cross-section trichometer

device that measures both the number of

hairs per square cm of scalp and the diameter

of those hairs.

Mike Vidal, CEO of Divi International,

offers the HairCheck measurement system

that he developed along with renowned hair

restoration surgeon Dr. Bernard Cohen.

HairCheck has the ability to measure hair

thinning, shedding, breakage and re-growth.

Vidal explained, “By detecting balding

years before it is visible, there is a much

greater opportunity for earlier treatment and

more likely re-growth.”

Focus your message on early prevention

and treatment, and then educate your clients

on what hair loss really is and how it works.

Providing valuable hair thinning services and

products in your salon or spa will not only

offer added value to your existing haircare

services, it will provide the best results for

your clientèle.

For more information on HairCheck or the full line of Divi International

products call 800-233-7453 or visit www.HairCheck.com.


Appealing to a Diverse Market

Esthetic Endeavors

Judith Culp

While we can’t be everything to everybody

we may be able to create an annual

marketing plan that focuses on more than one

group to keep us busy year-around.

One of the challenges I have always faced

as an esthetician is the necessity to appeal to a

diverse market.

Especially in slower economic times or off

season we cannot afford to have our market so

narrow as to dissuade business.

In large population centers where there

are many people in each demographic area

it is easy to pick a small niche market and

strictly cater to it. This isn’t as easy if you are

in a smaller town where if you isolate yourself

to one group you may find your profit

margin unsustainable. So what to do?

First examine your market options.

Define the groups out there seeking esthetic

services. Not too difficult. Aging clients

spring to mind, with problem skins a close

second. But there is also the male market and

what about teens? Young girls are seeing all

the time in magazines about teen parties and

girl gatherings. This is a previously untapped


Those with strong makeup skills focus on

brides, proms and special events to keep them

busy. This is super in the spring and summer

season but can be slower when the wedding

frenzy slows down.

Next evaluate your equipment and

product offerings. What do you have that is

specific to one of these groups or that could

meet the needs of multiple sections of your

target market. When looking at a new device

or product give it careful consideration as to

how this will fit in and how cost effective it

will be if it only treats a small portion of your

client base.

When creating an annual plan remember

that we must market to our desired group

weeks to months prior to when we expect

them to use our services. Makeup season

can start early April and continue through

the summer with proms, brides and graduation

photos for the following year’s group of


Often the bridal shows are six months in

advance of this. We may want to participate

in the bridal show and then come back with

internet or other media marketing two to

three months prior to when we would expect

the visits.

Want to market to men? Pick one evening

and make it a men’s night. Men are more

comfortable with other men around and appreciate

a more masculine atmosphere. For

this evening put away anything frou-frou and

make it more clinical.

Don’t ignore the girls. Those young teens

are looking for entertainment and pampering.

Give them their own evening or weekend

time. Put together teen or pre-teen parties

and start locking in to your future regular clients.

Keep treatments short and fun. Throw

in tidbits of education and include a starter

kit for them to try at home. Linking with a

hairstylist or nail technician can make this an

all around experience and start a technicianclient

bond that could last for years.

For maturing clients what about marketing

to them on a full-year basis? Offer them

a “preferred member club.” Let them buy

a package of six or 12 services to be used in

six or 12 months that includes a gift, bonus

service or other add-on to reward them for

taking care of their skin.

Reward them for their loyalty. These clients

often have the time to be pampered and

it may be more difficult for them to do or see

to do some things for themselves. Offer free

spot checks. Make a complimentary routine

check for any signs of the ABCD’s. If you see

anything different you can suggest they check

with their doctor. If your client no longer has

a spouse to assist them with this, it is a much

appreciated service.

One very simple marketing technique

that works well to all groups is remembering

their birthdays. Send them a card that offers

a discount off of a service or purchases. It

may be a dollars-off or percent-off coupon.

It may be good for one purchase or good for

the month.

Every one of us has our own approach

and technique that works. “Are you a rewards

member?” This is a question we get asked

almost every time we go into a store. What is

the answer for your establishment? Do you

offer them? Have you thought about how

you think they should be designed?

Member packages actually work equally

well for men and women. Focus on your

client base and offer a diversity of packages

catering to their individual needs will ensure

they return.

The next time you have a slow day look at

it as an opportunity not a calamity. Use it as

a creative day to begin your own program of

diverse marketing.

Judith Culp, a CIDESCO Diplomat has been in the esthetics industry since 1980.

A CPCP permanent makeup technician for over 20 years she served a 4-year

term as a Director for the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, two

years as their president. She is president of Culp Enterprises Inc. and CEO of NW

Institute of Esthetics. Judy Culp is available for consulting. For more information

visit www.estheticsnw.com.


View this article and more at www.stylistnewspapers.com



Ultrasound for Eyes & Lips, Face, Neck &

Body, including a Hot and Cold Hammer



Red Light/Lymphatic Drainage


11 IN 1 UNIT

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Honoring Older Clients While

Getting Better With Age

The Nail Extension

Jaime Schrabeck

I am not getting any younger, nor are my

clients. As we grow older together, my clients

expect me to be their manicurist until they

no longer need my services (note: I do not

do mortuary manicures). Likewise, I expect

them to be my clients for as long as possible.

We are invested in each other and I appreciate

their continued support of my business.

My clients know that I have no plans to

retire because I truly love what I do. My passion

for nails has not diminished with time.

In fact, whether providing services, managing

my salon, teaching classes at beauty shows

or consulting with manufacturers, I’m more

excited and optimistic about the future of

the nail industry than I was when I attended

beauty school 20 years ago. I could not have

predicted what I would be doing at this age,

but I am more satisfied than I could have

hoped. Why would I retire?

I intend to work many more years, but

not necessarily in the same way that I have

in the past. There are two reasons why I do

not work alone 10 to 12 hours a day, six days

a week anymore. I do not want to work that

hard and I do not have to.

It’s no revelation that manicuring

demands a great deal physically, including

manual dexterity, hand /eye coordination,

proper body mechanics, strength, visual

acuity and stamina. None of these things

improve with age, but I have been fortunate.

I have never had issues with my joints, like

carpal tunnel syndrome, and still do not need

glasses, although I know my eyes cannot defy

my age much longer.

Besides the physicality of the work, there

are also considerable emotional and psychological

demands. Manicurists have no training

as therapists, yet interactions with clients can

be intensely personal. I do not expect my

clients to have perfect lives, but I do not allow

them to burden me with their problems

either. For my own peace of mind, I respect

their privacy, limit my personal involvement

and direct them to other resources when


As much as I like to work, I would have

burned out long ago if I had continued working

60 plus hours per week. Working that

hard does not make sense if it is not sustainable.

At a certain point, I would have compromised

either my health or the quality of the

services, neither of which is acceptable. That

is why my salon employs other manicurists;

we share the work so that we can do what is

best for our clients and ourselves. My employees

and I are invested in each other, and I

expect them to grow older with me also.

To make our work less demanding, the

salon is designed for better ergonomics,

easier maintenance and greater accessibility.

Accessibility is of particular interest to clients

because mobility often decreases as we age.

By minimizing physical barriers, or eliminating

them altogether, it is more convenient for

everyone, and we can accommodate clients

who use canes/walkers/wheelchairs.

Despite our efforts to make the salon

accessible, we have clients who are physically

incapable of visiting us. Their limitations may

be temporary, like recovering from surgery,

or permanent, like being unable to drive or

having a terminal illness. For these clients,

I make an exception and provide services in

their homes.

Let me emphasize that these appointments

are not home spa parties; these clients

have legitimate reasons why they cannot visit

the salon, otherwise I would not be able to

work on them legally. (Before offering services

outside your licensed salon, check with

your state board and insurance provider to

make sure you are compliant.)

Being mobile does take some planning.

I schedule these visits only on Fridays, a day

I do not normally work at the salon. When

reserving an appointment, I allow for travel

time. (It is appropriate to add a travel fee; just

let the client know in advance).

I pack my equipment and supplies in

preparation, as the only thing I expect the client

to provide is an electrical outlet. Because

it is not feasible to bring the entire salon

experience, it is necessary to revise service

procedures and pricing.

For example, I do not travel with a towel

warmer or paraffin warmer so those are not

part of home service. My comfort is not

nearly as important as my client’s is, and I

often have to adjust by standing alongside a

hospital bed, sitting on the floor, etc., while

providing services. The inconveniences are

minor and I am happy these clients still want

to maintain their nails. Even our salon clients

appreciate that home visits will be available to

them should the need arise.

Providing another 20 years of professional

nail care will require that I continue to

prioritize my own health and wellness, while

adapting to changes in my clients’ circumstances.

Older clients enrich my life, and they

demonstrate every day that age is more than a

number; it can be a source of inspiration.

Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. owns Precision Nails, an exclusive nails-only salon

in Carmel, California. She can be reached at info@precisionnails.com.


Tapping into the Teen Market

Strictly for Students

LeAnne Velona

Building a steady client base is crucial for

a successful career.

Understanding what potential customers

want is an important business strategy, and

one great way to build and expand your client

base is by focusing your efforts on the lucrative

teen market.

The teen market is profitable for many

reasons. Teens have disposable incomes,

which they are happy to spend on treatments

or products that will make them look and feel

their best.

They are also enthusiastic about beauty

treatments and enjoy experimenting with

different looks and styles as a way to discover

their identity.

Keep in mind that teens’ spending power

is greater than their income. Parents and

other family members are willing to spend

money on their children. While teens cannot

splurge on big-ticket items like a new

car, they are empowered with the ability

to purchase items and services to pamper


Teens are interested in a variety of beauty

treatments that will help them feel confident

and look their best, including highlights,

manicures and pedicures.

Facial treatments are also popular because

rising hormone levels and rapid changes

in the body can cause skin to react with

breakouts, shiny complexions or severe acne.

Eyebrow waxing is also favored by teens that

want to keep their brows groomed.

Prom season starts around April and is

a great time for introductions to the local

teen market. Every teenage girl wants to feel

pretty, special and confident on prom night

and most are willing to purchase a variety

of treatments to get the right look for the


Offer a special prom package to teens to

meet all of their beauty needs. For example,

a package can include a hair style, manicure,

pedicure, and makeup session. Take the

time to build great relationships with teens

during prom season and then maintain the

relationship as they turn into adults. Even if

teens booking prom services do not turn into

regular customers, this is still a great way to

increase short-term sales and bring in extra


The truth is that teens want to look and

feel their best all year round. There is always

an occasion that demands pampering like

homecoming, graduation, birthday parties

and special events.

Given this, it is wise to offer timely,

teen-focused beauty packages throughout the

year. These packages are especially useful in

bringing in revenue during traditionally slow

business periods.

Make the packages affordable to attract

teens. These packages will sell well and help

you bring in money you may not have generated

otherwise. Teens are always looking for

new and cool trends so update your packages


Promote teen packages to your adult

clients too so they can buy them as gifts for

the teens in their life. In fact, these packages

make great holiday gifts.

Spa Parties

Teens are very social and love to spend

time with their friends so you may want to

consider offering a teen party package with

a half-day full of services targeting teens and

their friends. The parties tend to be popular

with high school students and are a good

source of income for stylists.

Social Media

Once you create a special teen package,

treatment or event, how do you get the

word out? Turn to technology to reach teens.

Social media is a perfect tool since teens are

technologically savvy and comfortable using

Facebook and Twitter. Create a Facebook fan

page or a Twitter account to highlight the

teen services you offer. Just be careful that in

addition to promoting specials, you are also

sharing frequent updates about beauty trends

and other topics that are interesting to teens.

If you need inspiration, read a teen magazine

to learn about popular trends or ask a teenager

in your life.

Eco-Teen Beauty

Today’s teenagers are conscious about

organic products and being environmentally

responsible. Make sure you are able to

recommend products and procedures that are

all natural, organic and have not been tested

on animals.

When marketing to teens, just remember

that it is hard to be a teenager. Teens face a lot

of pressure at school and at home, and they

deserve to be pampered from time to time.

By reaching out to this special group, you can

help them feel their best and comfortable in

their own skin, while also bringing in extra

business. It is a win-win situation.

LeAnne Velona, Director of Esthetics & Massage Therapy Education for Marinello

Schools of Beauty has been a Certified Licensed Esthetician for over 18

years. She is also a Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner. For more information

about Marinello Schools of Beauty, please visit www.marinello.com.


View this article and more at www.stylistnewspapers.com

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Fall Brings Change to Board

Policies and Much More!

by Jim Trakas, Executive Director

In an attempt to continue to update its

policies and bring them more in line with the

realities of modern day commerce, The Ohio

State Board of Cosmetology voted at its October

Board Meeting to do away with several

forms that had been a requirement that salons

were required to post in prominent places.

The Board approved the elimination of the

following forms:

• Service Listing Form (OAC 4713-11-10)

• Pedicure Unit Cleaning Schedule (OAC


• Equipment Cleaning Schedule (OAC


So, officially affective near the end of the

year, but practically affective now, OSBC will

no longer require these forms to be filled out

and posted in salons. The change only affects

the posting of forms, not the actual cleansing

of equipment, and that remains the same. You

must continue to clean and sanitize equipment,

but you do not have to log the dates,

times, etc. for inspection.

Our Inspectors felt that the forms were

no longer valuable, nor did they advance any

particular goal of public safety, while being

an inconvenience to you. With respect to


cleanliness, the condition of a salon informs

the public and Inspectors more than a piece of

paper as to how frequently your equipment or

pedicure unit is cleaned.

The Board recommendations now are

filed with the State of Ohio Joint Committee

on Agency Rule Review (JCARR). JCARR

has a process that includes a public hearing to

receive your feedback about these rules. After a

few months, the rules will be filed publicly and

will be available for all to see on our website

at www.cos.ohio.gov. But, it is our policy in

this instance to immediately not enforce these

rules since they were not particularly valuable

to the consuming public.

Of course, the whole reason that OSBC

required this information is to assure that

Licensed Salons are adhering to rules to assure

the safety of the public and your customers.

It remains the law to clean and sanitize your

equipment and pedicure units after each usage;

you just do not have to write it down. This

is very important for you so that you know

and understand the law. Sanitation and safety

are an important part of the law to protect

the consuming public, and it is your job to

understand and adhere to the law, and ours to

enforce it, in the interest of all.

State Senator Shirley Smith and

Constituents Address Board

At the October Meeting of the Board, State Senator Shirley Smith (D-21) of Cleveland

brought several constituents to the meeting and addressed The Board, offering ideas to

improve what she and the several speakers believed were deficiencies in the laws surrounding


Flanking by a number of passionate constituents from Greater Cleveland, Sen. Smith said

that she would pursue legislation and ask The Board to look into these general areas: Educational

Requirements, Raising the standards for Educators, overall improvement in appearances

for those that practice in our Industry, examining our Continuing Education requirements,

and a number of specific issues. The Board was pleased that one of Ohio’s Legislators had

taken such an interest in our industry, and should legislation be promulgated, would like to

work with The Senator and her constituents on points of mutual concern.

Board Clarifies Policy on Out of State Reciprocity

For some time, The Board has dealt with

issues related to out of state licensure, and

sadly, some people who have attempted to gain

licensure in Ohio seeking reciprocity from

other states who presented false credentials in

an attempt to gain an Ohio license.

The Board put into place enforcement of

The Ohio Administrative Code with respect to

out of state reciprocity including these rules:

1. Any person seeking licensure in Ohio

for any branch of Cosmetology must sit for a

practical and theoretical examination after presenting

their verified educational attainment

from another state.

2. If an applicant fails to pass the Ohio examination

after three attempts, they will not be

eligible to sit again for our examination until

they have completed coursework in an Ohio

school (see below)

3. Someone who holds an Ohio license,

and came from another state, cannot transfer

that license to any other state within a one year

period of gaining their Ohio license.

4. All applicants will be photographed,

fingerprinted, and their personal information

and records kept on file with The Board in

a sophisticated system that assures the legal

identity of each applicant, and cannot be


5. OAC Section 4713—7-08 is outlined as


4713-7-08 Failure of applicants.

Applicants failing to pass their first or

second examination may receive a rescheduled

examination date no sooner than two

weeks following that examination, and shall

retake the written and/or practical on which

they received a score of less than seventy five.

Except those failing a manager’s examination,

all applicants failing to pass a third examination

shall not be rescheduled to take a fourth

examination until completion of additional

instruction in a licensed school as outlined below.

Applicants failing to pass the examination

shall pay an examination fee for each succeeding


(A) Manicurists who fail the test for the

third time will be required to return to school

for additional education. Should a student fail

the written examination 3 times they would

be required to complete 10 hours related to

theory. Should a student fail the practical 3

times they would need to complete 10 hours

related to clinical practices. Should a student fail

both portions of the exam they would need to

complete a total of 20 hours. take 10 hours additional

instruction in theory, rules, sanitation,

etc. If they fail the written section and 10 hours

in manicuring clinic if they failed the practical.

These hours shall be met through a cosmetology

school licensed by the state of Ohio.

(B) Estheticians who fail the test for the

third time will be required to return to school

for additional education. Should a student fail

the written examination 3 times they would be

required to complete 30 hours related to theory.

Should a student fail the practical 3 times they

would need to complete 30 hours related to

clinical practices. Should a student fail both portions

of the exam they would need to complete

a total of 60 hours. take 30 hours additional

instruction in theory, rules, sanitation, etc. If

they fail the written section and 30 hours in

esthetics clinic if they failed the practical. These

hours shall be met through cosmetology school

licensed by the state of Ohio.

(C) Natural hair stylists who fail the test

for the third time will be required to return

to school for additional education. Should a

student fail the written examination 3 times

they would be required to complete 22.5 hours

related to theory. Should a student fail the

practical 3 times they would need to complete

22.5 hours related to clinical practices. Should

a student fail both portions of the exam they

would need to complete a total of 45 hours.

take twenty-two and a half hours additional

instruction in theory, rules, sanitation, etc. If

they fail the written section and twenty-two

and a half hours in hair braiding clinic if they

failed the practical. These hours shall be met

through cosmetology school licensed by the

state of Ohio.

(D) Hair designers who fail the test for the

third time will be required to return to school

for additional education. Should a student fail

the written examination 3 times they would be

required to complete 60 hours related to theory.

Should a student fail the practical 3 times they

would need to complete 60 hours related to

clinical practices. Should a student fail both portions

of the exam they would need to complete

a total of 120 hours. take 60 hours additional

instruction in theory, rules, sanitation, etc. If

they fail the written section and 60 hours in hair

design clinic if they failed the practical. These

hours shall be met through a cosmetology

school licensed by the state of Ohio.

(E) Cosmetologists who fail the test for the

third time will be required to return to school

for additional education. Should a student fail

the written examination 3 times they would

be required to complete 75 hours related to

theory. Should a student fail the practical 3

times they would need to complete 75 hours

related to clinical practices. Should a student

fail both portions of the exam they would need

to complete a total of 150 hours. take seventyfive

hours additional instruction in theory,

rules, sanitation, etc. If they fail the written

section and seventy-five hours in cosmetology

clinic if they failed the practical. These hours

shall be met through a cosmetology school

licensed by the state of Ohio.

R.C.119.032 review dates: 08/29/05 and 03/31/10

Promulgated Under: 119.03

Statutory Authority: RC 4713.08(A)(3)

We are confident that our state has both fair

and high standards for licensure, and know that the

above policy will protect the integrity of our license and


Compete on Extraordinary Value

Better Business

Neil Ducoff

There are buyers who are not happy unless

they beat you down on price. However,

there are buyers who are willing to pay a

premium price to experience the best their

money can buy.

There is something special about extraordinary

value that supersedes price. So why is it

that so many leaders are quick to whip out their

machetes and slash prices? Does slashing prices

make you stand out from the competition? If

you believe it does, what is the hang time on

that differentiation? Yes, for that nanosecond,

you have the spotlight -- until your competitor

trumps you with a better price.

Competing on price is an ugly game.

Because profit margins are squeezed tight,

competing on price forces your company to

focus on volume sales. It gives your company

permission to dial down its commitment to

delivering extraordinary value. There is nothing

more exasperating than a company that is

busy, but not making money. It is even worse

when efforts to compete on price do little or

nothing to increase sales. The fact is, competing

on price means working harder for less.

Here are some no-compromise strategies

to compete on extraordinary value:

Delivering average is easy; competing on

price is easy. Competing on a platform of extraordinary

value is going to require work.

Value comes from paying attention to

details. It does not matter if you are building a

product or delivering a service, delivering average

does not wow anyone. As a leader, it is your

responsibility to set the value bar and keep it

there. Delivering value must begin with you.

Make price irrelevant. What would happen

if you established a company mandate that

all strategies that involve price be centered on

adding value? Take competing on price off the

table and lead your team to apply their innovative

thinking to delivering extraordinary value.

There are five strategies your company

can implement right now that would lay

the foundation for making price irrelevant.

Lifetime guarantees, faster or free shipping,

after-purchase follow-ups, thank you gifts or

even a warm smile can shift attention away

from price. Making price irrelevant takes work

and thinking outside your box.

Check your audience. If you have been

getting beat up on price, you may be selling

to the wrong audience. Companies, products,

services and markets evolve over time.

Whether by need or design, business models

change. If your company built its business on

price and that strategy is no longer working for

you, it is time to find a new audience that is in

harmony with your new business model.

It is all about profit margin. Competing

on price cannibalizes your profit margins.

If you shave your profit margins too thin,

you have opened the door to a self-inflicted

cash-flow crisis. It does not matter if you are in

a service business or make or sell products, delivering

extraordinary value is the best strategy

to protect your profit margins. Pay attention to

and protect your profit margins and you will

quickly shift your strategy from competing on

price to delivering extraordinary value.

Be bold. Competing on price is exhausting.

Competing on extraordinary value is bold

and empowering. It is a commitment to be

best in class -- to stand out in a crowded marketplace

where “average” has become an expectation.

What is the worst that could happen

if you competed on delivering extraordinary

value? What would happen if the next time

you were tempted to discount or compromise

on price to make a sale, you shifted to adding

value instead? Would it be the end of the world

if you walked away from a deal because you

would not cave in on price?

Neil Ducoff is the founder and CEO of Strategies, a business training and coaching

salon specializing in the salon and spa industry. His book, No-Compromise

Leadership, won the 2010 IPPY Award for Leadership. For more information

www.strategies.com email neil@strategies.com.

Ohio Cosmetology Board News continued...

Inspector’s Corner... Feathers, Feathers, Feathers!

by Meg LaMantia

The latest and very popular craze is feathers in your hair. They are everywhere and

everyone is wearing them. All shapes, colors and sizes. The Board of Cosmetology does

regulate all hair services. Feathers need to be put in the hair in a licensed beauty salon. All

hair services need to be preformed by a licensed cosmetologist. If a salon would like to offer

services outside the salon at a special event a “Temporary Special Event Application” can be

obtained from the board’s website www.cos.ohio.gov under forms and applications. There

is no fee for the permit and it is valid for 48 hours. Also, don’t forget that the Board is on

Facebook at Ohio State Bard of Cosmetology. There are many useful and informative comments

posted daily, so “friend” us and enjoy the useful information and back and forth with

your fellow industry leaders.

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Beauty Distributor Says Farewell

Editor’s Note: This letter was emailed to me by Connie Lang, owner of Paul Mitchell Ohio and

Southeastern Salon Supplies in response to their recent acquisition by Beauty Systems Group/Cosmoprof.

Right Page

Dear Editor,

It’s hard to put into words what a

wonderful honor it has been for the past

31 years to be the John Paul Mitchell Distributor

for Ohio and West Virginia. What a


to the Editor

beautiful life I have lived being able to serve and educate the many thousands of professional

salon owners, stylists and future professionals in these two great states.

As a small town, third generation hairstylist, professional haircutter and salon owner for

20 years who patterned my entire career after the philosophies of the late and magnificent

Paul Mitchell, it was the thrill and challenge of a lifetime to have the opportunity to do what

I did for the past three decades and be a part of such a great happening.

Being a part of JPMS from the beginning, working with Paul and getting to hear his

dreams and hopes for this great industry was like being a part of a Devine Plan. Learning

business from John Paul and being mentored by him has been a most incredible life experience

that still continues. I thank God daily that I was smart enough to open the door when

opportunity knocked!

What a great ride! What an honor being a part of this rich experience. I am so happy

to have been of service to all of you for so long. I hope you all have good memories of my

company and all of the wonderful people who made our overnight service and world class

education possible.

I thank Left my Page husband Mike for his savvy in technology and in keeping us on the leading

edge of it, to the dedicated, talented, hardworking and caring staff that has served you all so

well over the years and the amazing and talented educators who have kept Ohio and West

Virginia extremely knowledgeable in business and art and the best group of salon service

professional in the world for making Ohio and West Virginia the best. We broke all records

from having the most Focus Salons, best per capita coverage best education and best service

that the professional haircare industry has ever known.

Life has its way....it was my time and I wanted to go out on top. We had a 15% increase

for the past three years despite the economy, we were opening on average 50 new accounts a

month, we ruined the myth that you can’t make it being single line, we broke every record

and I am proud! I hope for all of you to do something great fun and amazing, follow your

heart, make a difference and have fun doing it!

Love, respect and wishes for great success, Connie Lang


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PROGRAM 8 CEU hours ~ Monday, Dec. 5,

2011. Reflexology Certification begins on February

27, 2012. Call for details and registration

440-774-1051 ex. 2254

Also Available in:

Spanish, French,


& german




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Who Will Be the First

NAHA Newcomer Stylist of the Year?

NAHA Entry Deadline is Feb. 9, 2012

The North American Hairstyling Awards

(NAHA) has added a new category for 2012.

The NAHA Newcomer Stylist of the Year

award seeks to recognize a rising talent in

the professional hairstyling industry and is

meant to bridge the gap between Student

Hairstylist of the Year and Hairstylist of the

Year. To qualify to enter, the entrant must be

a licensed cosmetologist with less than three

years of professional experience. A photo collection

of three high resolution images must

also be submitted for judging. Judging will be

performed by the same level of internationally

renowned hairstylists that currently judge

all NAHA categories.

“I highly encourage stylists just starting

out to enter NAHA and especially the Newcomer

Stylist of the Year category. Winning a

NAHA helps elevate your career immensely

and puts you in front of top manufacturers

and media outlets for education and editorial

work,” said Charlie Price, 2002 and 2008

NAHA Hairstylist of the Year.

As the most celebrated and prestigious


photographic beauty competition in North

America, the Professional Beauty Association

(PBA), the producers of NAHA, encourages

stylists to start the planning process

early. With 13 categories to enter, ranging

from Avant Garde to Salon Design, winning

a NAHA is truly a career changing event!

NAHA is open to all licensed cosmetologists

and cosmetology students from the U.S.,

Canada, and Mexico. The entry deadline for

all NAHA categories is February 9, 2012.

Applicants can submit their entries online

(preferred method) or through the mail. All

entries must be received by February 9, 2012.

Helpful tools and tips on how to create a

successful NAHA entry along with complete

entry details and pricing can be found at


NAHA is part of PBA Beauty Week,

North America’s largest, most inclusive

beauty event, which is hosted by Cosmoprof

North America. The 2012 NAHA Award

Ceremony will be held on July 22, 2012 at the

Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more information about NAHA, please

visit probeauty.org/naha.

Celebrate Cosmetologists Chicago’s 100

Years of Beauty at America’s Beauty Show

March 3-5, 2012 at McCormick Place in downtown Chicago

Cosmetologists Chicago invites all salon professionals to celebrate its 100th anniversary

at America’s Beauty Show, March 3-5, 2012, McCormick Place in downtown

Chicago. CC’s creative and business leaders of the local Chicago salon industry want to

share with thousands of salon professional attendees what’s new, what’s important and

what’s ahead in beauty.

“America’s Beauty Show,” says Cosmetologists Chicago President Frank Gironda of

Frank Gironda Salon & Spa, Naperville, IL, “is the event that helped shape the leaders in

our area as they built their careers and businesses. For 87-years, America’s Beauty Show

has been “The Midwest Beauty Show” and the tradition will continue for many, many

years. Our generation of salon owners will build on that legacy for future CC members.”

CC’s 100th Anniversary Celebration & Gala on March 3, 2012, will honor the people,

talent and give-back attitude that has been the hallmark of Cosmetologists Chicago for

100 years. The Gala will bring everyone in the salon industry together for a night of stars

and celebration, benefiting the Cosmetologists Chicago Scholarship Fund. The Fund

awards advanced education scholarships to members each year.

Talent and creativity will rule on the ABS Runway. Inspiration will abound from industry

icons at ABS showcasing hot, hot, hot looks for the season ahead, previews of color

trends, and fashion-forward styling.

ABS Master Classes from industry leaders will reveal the latest trends and techniques

in and up-close-and-personal setting while the ABS Exhibit Floor will showcase hundreds

of manufacturers and distributors offering the newest products, tools and equipment for

hair, skin and nail care to make a salon business successful.

The International Nail Technicians Association (INTA) Conference is a must-do

event for every nail technician and nail salon owner in the area.

Visit www.AmericasBeautyShow.com for more information and to register or call

1(800) 883-7808 or (312) 321-6809.



8: Lisa Vann & Friends presents Antoinette Beenders, Allen Ruiz

& Bruno Elorriorz, Seattle, WA 206-441-5511


8-9: The Institute of Salon Business Management Program

Reading, PA raylon.com


8-10: Beauty Expo USA, Las Vegas www.beautyexpousa.com


13-15: Winnipeg Wellness Expo, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



15: Masters of Beauty Classic Hairdressing Techniques,

Chicago, IL mastersofbeauty.com


15-22: Nail Those Profits at Sea Cruise 2012 - vickipeters.com


22: Masters of Beauty with Nick Arrojo, Phoenix, AZ



23-23: Escape To Spa Marketplace In Hawaii - Second Annual

Spa Event For Salon and Spa Owners, Managers & Professionals,

Honolulu, HI www.the-spamarketplace.com


28-30: Long Beach International Salon & Spa Expo, Long Beach

Convention Center probeauty.org/ISSE


29: Ed Wyse Proudly Presents The TONI&GUY London*/ label.m

International Artistic Team 2012 Collection Hair Show, Seattle, WA




16-17: AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) Massage

Therapy Schools Summit, Chicago, IL amtamassage.org


19: Masters of Beauty - Styling the Red Carpet Way, Louisville,

KY mastersofbeauty.com


19-21: Cash Flow Camp Dallas, TX inspiringchampions.com


20-22: Beauty Asia 2012 Singapore Suntec Singapore beautyasia.com.sg


20-23: Beauty & Wellness Exchange, Laguna Beach, CA



26: Beauty School Forum, Kissimmee, FL barristar.com


26-27: Esthetique Spa Intl, Vancouver, Canada spa-show.com

MARCH 2012


3-5: America’s Beauty Show, Chicago, IL 800.883.7808



3-5: Face & Body Midwest Spa & Conference & Expo Chicago,

IL faceandbody.com/midwest


4-5: The Intl Congress of Esthetics and Spa, Miami, FL 1-800-

471-0229 www.LNEONLINE.com


4-5: Prof. Beauty London, www.professionalbeauty.co.uk/london


4-5: European Spa Conv. London, www.professionalbeauty.co.uk


9-12: Cosmoprof Bologna, Italy www.cosmoprof.com


11-12: ABA Canada, Montreal, Quebec www.abacanada.com


14-17: Spatec Spring NA, Grande Lakes, FL spatecna.com


17-18: The Makeup Show Los Angeles, CA themakeupshow.com



Lorain County JVS Adult Career Center presents Massage

Certification Program - 8 CEU hours - beginning Monday, Dec. 5,

2011. Reflexology Certification begins on February 27, 2012. Call

for details and registration 440-774-1051 ex. 2254


14: Cosmoprof Beauty presents China Glaze Nail Art, Lancaster,

North Olmstead, OH www.cosmoprofbeauty.com


14: Cosmoprof Beauty presents OPI Art Express, Hamilton,

Portsmouth, OH www.cosmoprofbeauty.com


14: Cosmoprof Beauty presents Wella Advanced Color Correction,

Grove City, OH www.cosmoprofbeauty.com


20: Birna’ Ltd. presents Microdermabrasion Certification / CE,

Seville, OH (330)769-3123 elisana2000@aol.com


21: Cosmoprof Beauty presents OPI Amazing Mani’s, Steubenville,

OH www.cosmoprofbeauty.com


21: Cosmoprof Beauty presents Satin Smooth Facial Waxing,

Akron, OH www.cosmoprofbeauty.com


21: Birna’ Ltd. presents Microdermabrasion Certification/ CE,

Seville, Ohio (330) 769-3123 elisana2000@aol.com


21: Cosmoprof Beauty presents Tigi Cutting, Mansfield, OH www.



21: Cosmoprof Beauty presents Wella Advanced Color Correction,

Cincinnati, OH www.cosmoprofbeauty.com


21: Brazilian Keratin Straightener Certification (4 CEU’S),

Cincinnati, OH info@attitudeforhair.com or call 513-533-0109


21: Review for Successful Salon management testing (8 CEU’s);

How Money Works or Show Me the Money(4 CEU’s) presented by

Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091


18: Beauty School Forum, Phoenix, AZ barristar.com


18-19: Spectrum International Beauty Expo, Los Angeles, CA

(310) 680-7367 http://sibe.us


18-19: Galveston Fashion Focus Galveston, TX fashion-focus.net


18-20: Champ Camp, Orlando, FL inspiringchampions.com


25-26: Nashville Fashion Focus Nashville, TN fashion-focus.net

APRIL 2012


1-2: ABA Canada, Toronto www.abacanada.com


14-15: Peel’s Spring Show, Council Bluffs, IA www.peels.com


15-16: Beauty School Forum, Anaheim, CA barristar.com


15-16: ABA Canada, Vancouver www.abacanada.com


15-16: Esthetique Spa Intl Las Vegas, NV spa-show.com


15-17: International SalonSpa Business Network ISBN 2012

Conference, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA , www.salonspanetwork.org/


18-21: Spatec Europe Marbella, Spain spatecna.com


21-22: International Makeup Artist Trades Show (IMATS) New

York City, NY imats.net


21-23: AACS-American Association of Cosmetology Schools

Las Vegas, NV beautyschools.org


22: Masters of Beauty with Nick Arrojo, Louisville, KY



22-23: Cleveland Color Evolve Sandusky, OH cosmoprofbeauty.com


22-24: IBS New York, Jacob Javits Center www.ibsnewyork.com


22-24: International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference

IECSC New York, www.iecsc.com


22-23: Cosmoprof’s 65th Annual Spring Style Show, San Jose,


CA www.springstyleshow.net


22-23: ABA Canada, Winnepeg www.abacanada.com


29-30: Bellevue Fashion Focus, Bellevue, WA



29-30: ABA Canada, Edmonton www.abacanada.com

MAY 2012


6: Beauty School Forum, Minneapolis, MN barristar.com


6-7: The Intl Congress of Esthetics and Spa, Dallas, TX 1-800-

471-0229 www.LNEONLINE.com


6-7: Baltimore Fashion Focus, Baltimore, MD fashion-focus.net


6-7: Miami Beauty Show, Miami Beach, FL ibeautyshow.com


13-14: The Makeup Show New York themakeupshow.com


20-21: Int’l Hair & Beauty Show, Secaucus, NJ ihshow.com


20-21: Future Professional Expo Hershey, PA futureproexpo.com

JUNE 2012


3-4: Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event & Premiere

DAYSPA conference, Orlando, FL www.premiereshows.com


4-6: Global Spa Summit Aspen, CO globalspasummit.org


9-11: IBS Las Vegas, www.ibslasvegas.com


26: Birna’ Ltd. presents Microdermabrasion Certification / CE,

Seville, OH (330)769-3123 elisana2000@aol.com


28: Review for Successful Salon management testing (8 CEU’s);

How Money Works or Show Me the Money(4 CEU’s) presented by

Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-50912: Introduction to Swedish

Relaxation Massage , Middleburg Heights, OH (330)273-3707


28: Cosmoprof Beauty presents Aquage Making the Cut, Boardman,

OH www.cosmoprofbeauty.com


28: Cosmoprof Beauty presents Ardell Luxurious Lashes, Akron,

OH www.cosmoprofbeauty.com



4: Introduction to Swedish Relaxation Massage , Middleburg

Heights, OH (330)273-3707


4-5: : Cinderella Hair Extensions Two Day Classic Bonding Class,

Columbus, OH, TX 1-800-332-9246 www.cinderellahair.com


5: Review for Successful Salon management testing (8 CEU’s);

How Money Works or Show Me the Money(4 CEU’s) presented by

Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091


5: Brazilian Keratin Straightener Certification (4 CEU’S), Cincinnati,

OH info@attitudeforhair.com or call 513-533-0109


6: Cinderella Hair Extensions T Clip Hair Class, Columbus, OH

1-800-332-9246 www.cinderellahair.com


8: Cosmoprof Beauty presents GHD Urban Angel Experience,

Toledo, OH www.cosmoprofbeauty.com


12: Review for Successful Salon management testing (8 CEU’s);

How Money Works or Show Me the Money(4 CEU’s) presented by

Joyce Provens, Columbus, OH (614)353-5091

Educational events are listed free as space allows. To have your event listed, please email

to lisa@stylistnewspapers.com or mail to Stylist Newspapers, 1750 SW Skyline Blvd. #24,

Portland, OR 97221. For more information call (503) 297-7010 x204.


1. Sensual, Empowering, Healthy

Atzen, the skin care that has revolutionized the way spas, estheticians and doctors have viewed skin

care, incorporates new technology called boosters to enhance its formulas by making the ingredients more

active and work deeper in the layers of the skin.

Atzen products are paraben free, pharmaceutical grade antioxidant formulation, natural emulsifiers

from olives, scientifically advanced active ingredients (organic when available) derived from sustainable

and renewable sources.

Atzen introduces a new experience to enjoy younger and radiant skin forever with five product lines

to address different skincare needs: Balance Age Reverse Safely for sensitive and allergic skin; Renew

Exfoliate and Brighten for sun damaged and congested skin; Purify Calm and Clear for sensitized, oily and

acneic skin; In-Shape Slim and Sensual for sun damaged and dehydrated skin; Protect Enjoy the Sun Safely

for ultra-sensitive and allergic skin. For more information call 1-800-468-4362 or visit www.atzen.com.

2. Say no!no! to Unwanted Hair

Remove hair easily and painlessly with no!no! Hair from Radiancy, a hair removal treatment that

reduces the rate of hair regrowth. Universally safe and effective for everyone, the slim design and cord-free

operation makes it easy to hold and manipulate for hard to reach areas like the bikini line, curved areas and

facial hair. no!no! Hair ensures that hair will grow back at a slower rate than shaving and waxing.

The no!no! Hair is built with Thermicon, an innovative technology developed by Radiancy – market

leaders in professional phototherapy devices used by dermatologists and estheticians around the world.

The no!no! is safe for everyone, no matter the skin type or hair color.

Keep skin feeling silky smooth with no!no! Smooth, a moisturizing cream enriched with Capislow to

slow down hair regrowth. Peptides, Green Tea Extract, Glycerin and other essential nutrients deliver the

final touch, creating a luxurious sensation for the skin.

For more information about the no!no! Hair from Radiancy visit www.trynono.com.

3. Let Her Curls and Waves Take Center Stage

You love your curly-headed clients but sometimes you feel like their hair is spiraling out of your control.

Tapping into two of the world’s most precious and nourishing oils, Macadamia Natural Oil’s Reviving

Curl Cream is your dream come to life.

Instead of fighting nature, Reviving Curl Cream’s rich infusion of macadamia and argan oils embrace

it. The power of macadamia provides a structure so similar to the body’s own that it’s as light as air on

curly hair and absorbed just as easily. The moisture-rich surface that results from Reviving Curl Cream’s

use seals in softness and locks out the humidity that causes curls and waves to fall and frizz. Meanwhile,

the addition of argan oil provides UV protection, extending the life of coloring and texturing services, and

an innovative blend of proteins and botanicals strengthens and nourishes every strand, so curly hair is softy

defined, oh-so flexible and infinitely healthier.

For more information visit MacadamiaHair.com or call 800-807-3950.

4. One Shining Moment

Orofluido products, which were inspired by the beauty rituals of ancient Morocco, Egypt and Phoenicia,

contain an exquisite mixture of not one, but three organic oils – Argan, Cyperus and Linseed – to

impart incredible silkiness, lightness and shine on all hair types.

Now, women can tame their manes with Orofluido’s simple, and affordable, beauty ritual. Orofluido’s

new Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Shine Spray provide daily cleansing and care that delivers remarkable

results, even after just one use. “Orofluido built its success on being a light-weight, non-greasy Hair

Elixir with an irresistible, exotic scent,” said Kristie Chamberlain, Marketing Manager, Colomer Beauty

Brands, a division of The Colomer Group that owns Orofluido. “We’re excited to boost the brand with

four more outstanding products that create softer, smoother and of course, shinier hair.”

For more information, visit www.orofluido.com or call 800.598.2739.

5. Experience Nature’s Extracted Remedies

Uriélle luxury hair care has searched the globe to discover nature’s exotic elements, blending them

with cutting edge technology for an outstanding line of high performance hair care products.

The first in a new line of upscale hair care, Uriélle is pleased to unveil Revitál-Treatment - a restorative

and conditioning styling treatment with many uses. An ultra-luxurious leave-in treatment that absorbs

instantly into hair, Uriélle Revitál-Treatment is a weightless formula infused with natural restorative extracts

from around the world. Enriched with vital nutrients and rejuvenating vitamins, it seals in moisture,

softens and conditions all hair types, while leaving no residue or weighing hair down.

Uriélle Revitál-Treatment can be used on all hair types including color, chemical, and keratin treated

hair. Even healthy hair shows noticeable improvement. Free from parabens, sulfates, propylene, glycol,

DEA, TEA or synthetic color or dyes Uriélle Revitál-Treatment is never tested on animals.

For more information on the Uriélle luxury hair care line call 347-525-1413 or visit www.urielle.com.

Have your product considered for the Stylist & Salon’s What’s New section. Send press releases with a photo to Managing Editor Lisa Kind

at editor@stylistnewspapers.com or mail to Stylist & Salon Newspapers, 1750 SW Skyline Blvd., Suite 24, Portland, OR 97221.

1 2










Paraffin/mineral oils


Formaldehyde derivatives


100% Performance

• Up to 100% white coverage

• Up to 4 levels of lift

• Stabilizes the hair structure during

the colouring process

• Protects against external in fluences





Maybe it was at the last hair show you attended or your best friend’s salon. However, you HAVE NOT met me at the drugstore!

If it was a hair show, you know I bring it. From my clipper cutting education to the amazing deals on quality products for

men, I’m sure I’ve made an impression on you…! Is your men’s retail center booming? Ours is….remember that guys are

practical and don’t want to spend a lot on their hair care so offer an authentic men’s line that’s affordable at your place of

business. The Premiere Beauty Classic was such a success I am offering Johnny B essentials for you to try so call today and

mention this AD and receive an early Christmas present from Johnny B.



Johnny B. ORIGINAL Pomade was the first Johnny B. product made. It’s become a classic! A small

amount gives light control with heavy shine. Made from high grade petroleum so it is easy to

dissolve. Try it after blow drying to define and separate.


Johnny B. XTRA HOLD Pomade is a hard brilliantine that contains beeswax to give superior hold

and moisture to all hair types. Made to groom short, tight buzz cuts. A real control freak...


Johnny B. MOLDING PASTE has a heavy duty hold for serious users. Its low shine gives a clean

classy look. Use the amount your in the mood for, a small quantity for a light hold and a generous

amount will give you a strong defined hold.


Johnny B. STREET CREAM is a pliable texture cream, designed to add thickness and

fullness to hair. Its natural shine finish is sure to give you a classic look.




Purchase 1 of Each Pomade 1oz

(Original, Xtra Hold, Molding Paste & Street Cream)

Receive 1 Johnny B.

FADE Comb & Shelf Talker


All For Only














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$34 99



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$79 99






T: 323-346-0560

TOLL FREE: 888-828-5278


1144 W. FULTON STREET, #120


T: 312-496-3067




Educational Classes Available. Contact Us For More Information.

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