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Our Arbonne story is all about our journey of faith. Finding success

with Arbonne begins by making a decision and putting your faith

into taking a chance on a journey with so many possibilities. When

we decided to become members of the Arbonne family in June

2005, we knew where we wanted to end up, but we never knew

how far we would come.

I had been a hairdresser for almost eight years. My income was better

than average, but I worked 40–50 hours a week and it was all

on my feet. If I did not go to work, I did not get paid. I never got to

spend time with my husband or my three children, Breanna, 15,

Jacob, 13 and Savanna, 3. Family time often consisted of passing

my husband and children in the hall for a brief exchange. I always

felt a pressure, a knot in my stomach. There had to be something

more to life than this. There had to be a better way.

My husband, Bob, had been in the mortgage industry for a few

years. He was the epitome of an entrepreneur. He had owned many

businesses over the years and had been very successful with network-marketing

businesses in the past. He was a firm believer that

these types of businesses were the only way we could truly have the

potential to build income and have the time to enjoy it.

Thanks to the persistence of our sponsor, NVP Amme Weilert, we

made the decision to jump on board with Arbonne. Amme had

been talking to us about Arbonne every four weeks for a year and

b o b & m i c h e l l e s c h a f f e r

Independent Consultants, Regional Vice Presidents

Bob and Michelle Schaffer Region; Murrieta, CA

a half. She was one of my salon clients and great friends. Even

though I was a loyal Arbonne product user, I never saw myself

building a business with it. It had been the desire of my heart to

eventually work side-by-side with my husband, and I knew he would

never want to “sell lipstick.” So when I signed up to do Arbonne, the

plan was that it would be my little “hobby,” while he would continue

to do what he had been doing.

That plan quickly changed. God had closed many doors for us,

continued ...

Bob and Michelle with children, Breanna, Jake and Savanna. Bob and Michelle with their new Mercedes-Benz S500.

success strategy:

Have the faith and the courage

to evoke a change in your life.

when this Arbonne door swung wide open! We knew right away

this was the direction we should go. Our team grew rapidly, as the

Arbonne fever spread. We teamed up with wonderful people, all

looking for a better future. Arm in arm, we moved forward at full

speed and we have never looked back. We finally had the hope

that something better was possible. We remembered what our

dreams were.

You see, your life is about choices. Your attitude is a choice. What

you do with your time is a choice. Making changes is a choice. We

all have a sad story. We all have obstacles. But you cannot expect

to achieve a different outcome in your life if you never make changes.

A quote from our favorite book instructs us to put our faith in God’s

plan even when we are uncertain as to what that might be. We

started this journey on faith and on faith we have both retired from

our previous careers and now run our Arbonne business full time.

Our lives have completely changed and we are so grateful!

We want to thank God for all of the doors he closed, and especially

for the new ones that opened. We want to thank Him for all of the

trials we have been through, and we are so grateful for the journey.

We want to thank our amazing Arbonne family and team. The relationships

we have built with you are worth the most to us. We will

walk this road with each of you until you reach your goals.

To Chris and Amme Weilert: Thank you for pioneering the Believe

Inc. Nation. Your vision helped us believe it could be done. To AM

Christine Mapes and AMs Peter and Velma Hansen: You inspire us

and we love you. Thank you for your leadership. Your teams are

lucky to have you, and so are we. To AMs-in-qualification Dani Ross

and Jennifer Carlton: Thank you. It was with you this whole business

got started. We cannot wait to shop for Mercedes-Benzes with both

of you. To all of the DMs: Your freedom is right around the corner.

We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Bob and Michelle with AMs, Pete and Velma Hansen and EAM Christine Mapes.

Some of Michelle and Bob’s DMs.

To our children: Thank you for all of your help and patience.

Without your complete support, we would not have been able to do

this. The three of you are Why we do this.

To my husband, Bob: You showed me that true love is real. It is only

because of you, your knowledge and your complete support that we

are here. You are the best part of me. I am proud to finally be able

to work with you. You are a true leader and a true example to

everyone on our team. I love you with every fiber of my being.

To my wife, Michelle: There are no words to express what you mean

to us. Because of you, I am dreaming again. You have inspired me

to reach further than I have ever reached. Your amazing drive and

love for our family has changed me. I am so happy to be working

with you, and with Arbonne. I love you.

Our message to anyone who reads this is: First of all, you have the

power to evoke a change in your life. When you find the leadership

inside of yourself, you will also have the power to evoke a change

in others. Our advice is to take this “gift” right now. Opportunity

truly only comes into your life a few times. This could be one of those

times. Just remember, there are no lost opportunities because someone

will take the ones you miss. Do not miss out!


Some of the Schaffer Region.



Bob and Michelle with sponsor,

NVP Amme Weilert.


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